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List of available content in Tattoos: The meaning behind Allen Iverson's tattoos.
· Tattoos (An Introduction and Background)
· Left Arm From Top To Bottom
· Right Arm From Top To Bottom
· Neck
· Chest
· Legs

Left Arm From Top To Bottom

Left Arm From Top To Bottom

1. "Only The Strong Survive"

If you've read (click here to read his biography) what Allen Iverson has been through his whole life, you'll understand why he has this tattoo. Growing up in the Projects, you had to be strong, or you wouldn't make it. This tattoo features a cross of two taggers knitted together with the writing "strong" in the middle of it.

2. "The Answer" & Bulldog

This was the first tattoo Iverson had. He got it while playing for the Georgetown Hoyas at college. "The Answer" is Allen's nickname while the Bulldog is the logo for the Georgetown Hoyas. It has been suggested, however, the bulldog actually is more a representation of the spirit of Bulldogs.

3. "Cru Thik"

Cru Thik is the name of Allen Iverson's record company. This is the one of Cru Thik tattoos.

4. "Dynasty Radaz"

"Dynasty Raiders" is what Allen and his friends called themselves growing up. This tattoo is located on the backside of his left forearm.

5. "Fear No One"

Self explanatory. If you've seen Iverson's game, you know that he plays fearlessly. He would challenge anybody regardless of how big there are. This tattoo also describes his character very well. He corresponds well to his attitude in life.

6. "Strength"

Illegible to the normal person, this tattoo is actually written in Tibetian/Sanskrit, an old Indian (Asian) language and it means "Strength." It has also been suggested it means "looking up" or optimism. This tattoo is located on his left bicep.

7. "NBN"

This tattoo features the text "NBN" which could be an acronym for several things: 1.) Newport Bad Newz, Iverson's hometown Newport News. 2.) Naughty By Nature, the name of a rap group. 3.) Nothin' But Net, a basketball phrase. 4.) Never Be Nothin', reminding himself you have to keep working to be something. It is located on the backside of his left forearm.

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Published on: 2005-11-09 (105866 reads)

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