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Im writting a story....Come in here

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PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2008 9:39 pm    Post subject: Im writting a story....Come in here

Hey people, I decided to write a story about my fantasy on the answer. I want it to be really more about the 90s like 1996 with jay-z, foxy brown when allen started but its in the 2000s. Its gon be Allen as Allen Iverson:he's a manager under Dr.Dre's label seo he's the under boss but he still got skills with b-ballin but he's not the professional that we all know.
Beyonce as Beyonce Knowles: She's a mix of Aaliyah so she's laid back, Jennifer Lopez, because she's a businesswoman, Mary J. blige(early days) she suffered a lot you can feel her pain and Mariah Carey because you know She the Diva. Its all about the music though(that Im mixing these talented artist altogetha) but most importantly and it is based on Beyonce's real life (DC3, fame, jealousy) oh wait I forgot, she's Dre's daughter.
Dr.Dre: He's not really a retired rapper but he produces a lot. He started out with the N.W.A around 1985(fiction) he had Beyonce at the age of 16 the same year. He started out rough but he was an ambitious producer and he was very protective of beyonce. He owns Aftermath.
Tina Johnson: Beyonce's mother. She's a choreographer(sorry for the mispelling) and she choreographed Mary's video and she met Dre at high school and had beyonce at the age of 16 too. She never married Dre and they fall apart during Death Row.
Danae; A character that is beyonce best friend and cousin on her mother side. I took her from Carmen Bryan's book of '' It's no secret''(she Nas baby mama and she had sex with allen in 1996 for real though check on google if you guys donT' believe me)
Kelly Rowland: You know beyonce's friend and part of destiny's
Michelle Williams: As for Kelly too they don't have big roles in my story though but they're here as well.
Marlon: Beyonce dancer and Allen's right hand.

Let me tell first language is not english its french so if inmy text though i have mistakes and all, dont laugh. Im keepin it real. It is widely based on Carmen's 2006 book and beyonce's real life(fame)even though i don't really know it.
Of course its gon be Da Brat, Foxy Brown, cheating, fame, trust, unconditional love and family.
Love Is Life And Life Is Free
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