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Allen Iverson = Charles Barkley FIRE SNIDER NOW!!!

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 12, 2006 7:30 am    Post subject: Allen Iverson = Charles Barkley FIRE SNIDER NOW!!!

There are so many similarities between the Sixers of the Barkley era and now it's sickening. Ultimately, the reason both exceptional players demanded a route out of Philly is because of the poor stewardship of the organization. Cheeks has a pathetic track record which no one wants to talk about...yet, Billy King has a horrible track record which everyone is pretty clear about, and Ed Snider is a guy with "Tough Guy" attitude which doesn't produce results in either organization he's other words he's a LOSER blowing out a lot of hot air. I like Allen Iverson, but I don't cringe at the thought of him being traded, but the reality is that he has legitimate beef as far as how the organization operates and where he fits into that program. Once he's traded and the Sixer's are mediocre for another decade I guess then Comcast will figure out what the REAL PROBLEM is.
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