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Understanding Tawanna (Turner) Iverson as a Child

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 09, 2006 5:12 pm    Post subject: Understanding Tawanna (Turner) Iverson as a Child

Basic Child Profile

Young Sagittarius
A fire sign with tremendous zeal for life, your little Sagittarius will radiate with delight to be alive. Represented by the centaur that has four feet firmly planted on the ground and the aim of a superior archer, these personalities know what they want and won't stop until they get it! Theirs is a vivacious and fun-loving sign.
There is a quality about Sagittarians that seems to discard troubles "like water off a duck's back." This sign can have a handful of lessons before and during the teenage years that chart the course for the rest of life's journey. Sagittarians are very quick at studying and they will not misfire twice in the same way. These "misfires" - be they troubles with friends or challenges at school - sink deep into the Sagittarian consciousness. Your young one may need some help gaining perspective after these perceived failures but once that's over, there is no looking back!
There is an outstanding amount of energy in this sign! Sagittarians may stand out from the rest of their peers because of their high energy. Look for athletic ability, passion for hobbies and keen intelligence. If you have other children, this may be the one whom you depend on to be the "easy" or "responsible" one. However, just when you think you can rely on your young Sagittarius to act one way, they will turn and shoot their arrow in a completely unsuspected direction - and hit the bull's eye!
The best way to support your Sagittarians is to explain clearly where you stand in your own life. Knowing where you are and how you feel about things will give them the balance they need to shoot their own arrows with a steady hand in the direction they wish to go.
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