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basket ball

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2005 3:29 am    Post subject: basket ball

one day in atllta on the day of the draft scott and allen iverson were wating for the draft to start as eric snow came to them and said wow from nothing to this mate
at the end of the draft all 4 of them got drafted to the 76ers wow these are our rookies to work on for 5 years. So they went to see what snow's dad had for them sorry mates i only have rolls with butter thats finethey all said
so they ate rolls then they walked home. At home they watched TV untill hamitan's mum said time for bed men okay they all said . The next morning they had training which was good for them. Before it started richard hamiltan said so wassup and the coach said nothing much time for training. So at traing they did things they never did at collage like three-man weeves and 3-2 press and they had a mini game their team won 100-67. So after training they all said thanks coach. So afterwards eric snow said this is the best
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