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Sixth Man

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2005 7:09 pm    Post subject: Glitz and Glamour

“Good afternoon, Glitz and Glamour Enterprises. Tawanna Turner speaking, how may I help you?”
“Whatchu doing?”

Tawanna giggled. She could recognize that deep, Southern voice from anywhere.

“Working. What are you doing?”
“Waiting for my lady to get off of work so I can lick her from her ass to her toes.”
“What? What about from my head to my toes?”
“I have a feeling your head might be too busy bopping up and down between these legs.”
“You are so nasty! Where are you?”
“Take a wild guess.”

There was a knock on her office door. An ounce of excitement grew within her. She jumped out of her seat and jogged to her door with her bare feet and answered the door. Her smile turned upside down when she saw a short, Korean dude standing on the other side. He handed her the bouquet of blue-dyed roses that was in his arms. He showed her clip board and responded with his best attempt at correct English.

“Sign here.”

Tawanna signed the clipboard and left the door open. She turned and smelled the flowers. This was the perfect moment for blue flowers since she began to feel blue. Her boo always played games like this. The blue and sadness within her turned red. If he only how she felt right now.

“Thought you got hoodwinked, right?”

She turned and saw that killer smile he always flashed. She took her time and set the bouquet on her desk.

“Why’d you do that?”
“It was a test.”
“A test?”
“A test of trust.”
“You’re testing me on trust? That’s funny.”
“I’m testing to see how much trust you have in me. I already told you I’m a changed man, Tweety.”
“I know that. And I do trust you. Now, enough with the games, okay?”

She wrapped her hands around his neck and let her tongue explore deep down his cave of juicy taste buds.

“I know you didn’t come all the way down here for some test.”
“No, I didn’t. I came to take you out.”
“Angelina’s, I hope.”
“You know it.”

Tawanna squealed. Angelina’s was an Italian restaurant up on Mercer Street. Kinda uppity for his tastes, but he didn’t mind. Whatever his Tweety wanted, he wanted.

“The hell with work, let’s go!”
“Nah, it’s aight, Tweet. I don’t mind waiting ‘til you clock out. I don’t want you in any kinda trouble.”
“Trouble? Baby, have you forgotten that I’m the HBIC in this motherfucker? I make my own schedule.”
“Aight, I get it. When did you learn that word?”
“What word?”
“Boy, please.”
“Need to stop watching Rap City, before you getcha self in trouble on the streets. Ain’t even say the word right.”
“Shut up! Let’s go.”

Tawanna picked up her overcoat from her chair and left her suitcase there with the door open. She had a tight security system in her office that dared anybody to invite themselves in without notice. The couple walked past the secretary, Gina.

“Leaving so soon, Ms. Turner?” Gina smiled.
“Mmm hmm, I’ll see you tomorrow.”
Gina knew what that meant, Tawanna was surely getting some tonight. “Bye, Mr. Iverson.”
“Please, call me Jewelz.”
“Okay, bye Jewelz.” Gina cooed.

Tawanna rode the elevator 15 floors down to the basement with her man. She walked ahead of him, figuring he parked the Benz in the same spot he usually does. She wore an expression of confusion when she saw that the parking space was empty.

“Where’s the car?”
“I didn’t bring it.”

He walked over to a flaming red 2006 Chrysler 300 Touring. Tawanna couldn’t help but smile.

“This new?”
“Hell yeah.”

She soon realized that they were both standing there for more than 30 seconds.

“Well what?”
“Aren’t you gonna get in?”
“If I do, then I would be breaking in.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean this ain’t mine.”
“Then whose is it?”

He dug in his pocket and threw a key at her. Being the lousy catcher that she was, the key landed next to her foot and she picked it up.

“For me?!”
“Yep, it’s all yours, baby.”

She squealed and jumped for joy. Tawanna had bank, but she started weening her habit of buying lavish things. But turning down a big, expensive gift was something she never learned nor knew anything about. She raced to the driver’s seat and opened the door for her man.

“Oh my God, boo. Thank you so much!”
“Oh, you haven’t even began to thank me yet.”

She smiled, she knew exactly what that meant. They cruised down Park Avenue, with the windows down, in the cool New York breeze. All that was missing was a pair of shades cause Tweet felt cool, felt like a diva, like all was bliss and there was no care for the world. They made it to Angelina’s in 10 minutes tops. The hostess didn’t said a word to them, she just smiled and escorted them to their regular seat by the window. He noticed that Tawanna was wearing a big smile.

“Whatchu smiling for?”
“Nothing! I’m just happy.”
“You happy now? Wait ‘til the day is over.”
“You got something in store for me? What is it?”
“It’s a secret.”
“You tease.” She scoffed.

They ordered their usual meals, grilled fillet of seabass with zucchini for her and shell-shaped pasta stuffed with mozzarella cheese and sweet sausage for him. Whenever they bowed their heads to stuff their mouths with forks full of food, they’d sneak naughty glances at one another. The couple was so dangerously in love with each other, a major difference from their relationship two years ago. For dessert, they shared a whole pie of strawberry cream cheese. He picked a certain strawberry that rested on his side of the cake from the rest of the strawberries, and motioned it towards her lips. She placed the whole strawberry in her mouth, minus the stem, and coughed.

“You okay?”

She put her fingers in her mouth and found a 14-carat white gold pearl and diamond ring. Her eyes widened in shock and looked up at him.

“I know we started out rough, but we it made it. We made it through two years of lying and bullshit. And Imma make sure the next two years are ten times better. This may sound cliché, but when I first laid eyes on you, I knew you’d be the one. Glamour was nothing but a small company, but you made it into a huge success. I saw it in your ambitious eyes. That’s when I made it my ambition to make you mine. You were a tough piece of work, but I gotchu. Now, I wanna make it official. Tawanna Nicole Turner, will you marry me?”

At this point, her face was blotted with black tears of mascara. The two had everyone’s attention. The reply, “yes,” was caught in the back of her throat. She smiled while wiping the draining of mascara and dripping mucous from her upper lip. Ever since she was a little girl playing with Barbie and Ken, Tawanna knew she wanted to get married one day. Now that the situation was here, she didn’t know what to do. She felt like Halle at the Oscars. All she could do was cry. One of the waitresses handed her a tissue.

“Please say yes.”

She looked up at him and laughed.


They both stood up from their seats and shared a passionate kiss. Their ears rung with the repeating cadence of clapping hands in the restaurant. Tawanna soon heard wedding bells ringing. Her joy couldn’t be described with words. If she knew three years ago what she knew now, that the soda delivery boy turned rapper that worked in her office would be her new groom.
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2005 8:38 pm    Post subject: ur story girl

that was pretty good styll i was all shocked wen she said mr.iverson though. anyways like the story hope theres more comin soon, good stuff
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2005 10:19 pm    Post subject:

dat was good.. even tho she took mah name (Tweety)

I Am What I Am--If You Don't Like It, Kill Yo Self
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 2005 12:02 pm    Post subject:

hmm i already like dis one update soon aight.
im leaving and im seriously not coming back =]
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Sixth Man

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 1:12 am    Post subject:

“Good morning, Glamour Fashions. Tawanna Reid speaking, how may I help you?”
“Tawanna, darling. Thank heavens you’re there! I need you to do me a favor and open up Glitz for me. It seems that I’m in deep traffic, and it’ll take an eternity to get to Avenue of the Americas.”
“Right now?”
“Why, of course.”
“But, I have customers. I can’t leave. Maybe Mi—”
“Thanks, darling. I sincerely appreciated.”

Iris hung up on her. Tawanna growled out in frustration. She was sick and tired of people bossing her around, especially her wicked stepmother Iris. So what if she was technically Tawanna’s boss, since Glamour Fashions was signed under Glitz Products Inc. She’s a grown woman and her father’s funeral confirmed that Iris is her stepmother no longer.

Where in the hell was Miracle? Tawanna thought.

Miracle was Iris’ spoiled daughter. Everything Miracle got was connected through her parents; from her Harvard degree to her VP position at Glitz. Whoever named her Miracle must’ve been out of their minds; she nowhere near a miracle, at least not for Tawanna.

She took the elevator one floor up to Glitz headquarters. She did the routine: cut on all the lights, computers and opened Iris’ office. In hung family portraits of Miracle, Iris and Lawrence, Tawanna’s father. Yet, there was no picture of her in sight. Tawanna felt like running the hell out of there. It was like they were throwing it in her face how their side of the family seemed so perfect compared to when her parents were together. She was relieved when they divorced after hearing them argue every night. Yet, she wished they would’ve tried counseling or something, anything to make them as perfect as Iris’ family. She went into Iris’ private restroom for some tissue to dry her tears.

Opposite the sink was a vanity that held every Glitz product made. Glitz Products’ been a successful business for eight years and still going strong, better than MAC, Luster’s Pink, and Cover Girl combined. Glitz made everything from lip gloss to shampoo to massage oils for African American women. Iris’ upcoming project for Glitz were to propose Eva Longoria and Lucy Lui as the upcoming spokesmodels to reach out to Hispanics and Asians.

Tawanna could only wish Glamour was as successful as Glitz. She started Glamour nine years ago. Glitz was competing against the big dogs: Baby Phat, J.Lo, Apple Bottoms, yet still struggling against Glitz. She took a stick of Glitz lip gloss and a bottle of Glitz hair spray. Maybe Iris will think again before bossing her around.

“I see you love my momma’s stuff to steal from her.”

Tawanna jumped and dropped the hair spray.

“That’ll be $3.50.”
“Miracle, what are you doing here?”
“I work here, remember?”
“Iris called me to open up the office. She could’ve called you.”
“That’s because she loves to see you cater to her hand and foot, Cinderella.” She laughed.
“Ha ha. So corny.”
“Whatever. Shouldn’t you be downstairs working for Glum?”
“It’s Glamour.”
“Really? I wouldn’t know. I mean, your success has been kind of…glum. Don’t you think?”
“I’m just going to leave.”
“You do that.”

As tawanna stepped out of the restroom, Miracle stuck her foot out and made her trip.

“Oops. You should learn to watch where you’re going.”

Tawanna wanted to slap Miracle silly, if only they weren’t at work. She took the elevator back down to Glitz headquarters. She headed down towards the soda machine to get to her office. Behind the machine door was that annoying delivery boy who always bopped his head with his humongous head phones. She removed the head phones off of his head and kept moving.

“No head phones in the office.”
“I don’t work here!”
“You drop off sodas here, therefore, you work here.”

He slipped the head phones back on.

Dumb Pepsi boy, she thought. She walked over to her desk and saw the unfinished project she started yesterday. She drew a male model wearing a sewn leather coat and pants. Tawanna’s been wanting to design men’s clothes for a while, but was skeptical as to whether men would buy anything with the word ‘Glamour’ on it. A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts. It was Rosalinda, her best friend and VP of Glamour.

“Hey, Linda.”
“Hey, chica. Tell me why that soda delivery guy bumrushed me just now.”
“Don’t pay him any mind. He’s just some lowlife hoodrat.”
“Anyway, you were talking to me about an upcoming project yesterday.”
“Yea,” she showed Linda her picture. “What do you think?”
“How beautiful! ¡Lo amo! I love it! When did you decide to do men’s clothes? This gonna be a part of Glamour?”
“I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but I don’t know if it should be a part of Glamour. Do you think men would buy it?”
“¡Por supuesto! Of course! Men are not as complex as you think they are. They’ll buy anything as long as it’s expensive and it has a brand name on it.”

They both shared a laugh.

“You really think so.”
“Por supuesto, Queen Midas. Everything you touch turns to gold.”

Tawanna gave her a nervous smile. She wished she as much confidence in herself as Linda has.

“Now, all we need is a male model. How about Tyson Beckford?”
“No, too cliché. His face is seen everywhere. I want a new, fresh, handsome face.”
“What about Antonio Banderas?”
“Okay, Frankie J?”
“Hmm, possibly.”
“Ooh, Jesse Metcalfe.”
“Who’s that?”
“¡Oh, mi Dios! ¿Tu no sabes? That hottie on Desperate Housewives.”
“The one who plays Gabrielle’s lover?”
“Hmm…he’s an option.”
“Ugh! You’re so picky!”
“I have to be,” she smiled.
“Ooh, what about Juanes?!”
“You know, the singer.”

Tawanna wore a confused look.

“He won a Grammy.”
“I don’t know who he is.”
“Mi Dios, I swear. I need to start giving you pop quizzes on Latino folk.”
“Whatever, we don’t have to decide now. In fact, we can have a meeting tomorrow discussing it with the rest of the staff.”
“Suit yourself.”

Tawanna took out her purse and went outside her office, over to the soda machine. She inserted her dollar, but a soda never came out. She banged on the machine and cursed in frustration.

“Stupid Pepsi Boy!”

Chuck thought she was cute. A little too Plain Jane, but he could work with that. But that attitude of hers turned him off big time. Yet, in a way, it made him want her more. It was time for a big change, that’s why he moved from VA to the Big Apple. When one of his close friends was shot during a drive-by, he decided that now was the time to stop gambling his life with the drug game and go legit. A family member on his father’s side hooked him up with the delivery job. He was skeptical at taking the job, but figured that anything was better than nothing. He took an early lunch and went to a recording studio uptown, where he frequented off hours. Allen’s been working on his music career for a while, ever since his friends introduced him to the rap game. All he needs is a record label to listen to his demos, although he’s learned that’s easier said than done. His producer’s working on the stereo master recorder. When Chuck entered the studio, he heard a beat playing that he liked.

“Yo, that beat’s tight! Let me cop that!”
“For ‘sho! Guess what?”
“P. Diddy gon be dropping by tomorrow.”
“Word?! What time?”
“About same time tomorrow.”
“What he coming in for?”
“Him and Black Rob coming to do a few tracks. Plus, a dropped a word in for you and a coupla rappers.”
“Yeah, so you betta be here on time. And bring your a-game wiitchu.”
“Man, you know I never go nowhere without my a-game,dirrty.”

Chuck sat back cheesing with his arms behind his head. Tomorrow would be the turning point in his life. This would be the beginning of a whole new world for him. No need for nightly prayers and crossed fingers any longer. Tomorrow he’ll get a record deal, make a gang of money, and hopefully never have to step another foot in Pepsi Inc. again.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 7:06 am    Post subject:

Applause That was good. I can't wait for you to update it. This going to be a great story.
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Sixth Man

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 3:56 pm    Post subject:

AIsPeach wrote:
Applause That was good. I can't wait for you to update it. This going to be a great story.

Thank you, thank all of you! I hope you add on to yours too! Laughing Very Happy Cool
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 4:03 pm    Post subject:

i like dis right here a lot n i already kno ima hate iris n miracle.........but yea update dis soon aight.
im leaving and im seriously not coming back =]
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 10:08 pm    Post subject: glitz and glamour

nice stuff, excited for the res of this,, come back soon!
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 11:53 pm    Post subject:

that's hot add soon mami

I Am What I Am--If You Don't Like It, Kill Yo Self
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Sixth Man

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2005 1:26 am    Post subject:

She stood in the balcony of the Ritz-Carlton hotel with a glass of Sex on the Beach, viewing the New York skyline in the September breeze, with Central Park underneath her eyes. Darnell laid on the enormous water bed with his arms behind his back.
“So, Darnell, how was your day?”
“I’m glad you asked, Mir. I sold a $4 million house today.”
“That’s wonderful. So, that means you made $240,000 in one day?”

He grinned.

“You’re quick with your math.”
“I have to in my profession.”
“I got one for you. Miracle came 3 times each hour for 5 hours. How many times did she cum?”

She turned to face him and smiled.

“Enough to wear me out. Now—”

She sat her glass on the side table.

“Why don’t you put your foot where your mouth is and make that dream come true.”
“Better yet, why don’t I put my mouth where your pussy is?”

She purred and sashayed over to the edge of the bed like a fox.
“I love it when you use vulgar language. Talk dirty to me again!”
“Don’t tell me what to do, slut!”
“Oooooh, call me a slut again!”
“Get your fat ass over here and give me my pussy, bitch!”

She cackled.

“You got me dripping wet, daddy. Now make me cum!”
“No, you do what I say, not the other way around! Now, get on top of my face so I can make you cum, heifer!”

With no hesitation, she climbed on top of the bed, motioned over and sat her pussy on his face.

“Oh, YES!!! That’s how you work it, Daddy!”

She archs her back until she lands on her hands. Her mouth ends up just on the head of Darnell’s dick. When she feels comfortable in her position, Miracle moves her head and body up and down until she completely sucks Darnell’s long shaft in a rhythmic motion.

Those high school gymnastics classes finally paid off, she thought.

The pleasure Miracle received from Darnell’s flickering tongue did enough to make her hum. The humming caused a vibrating sensation on his dick, make his climax come even faster.

“Oh, s***! I’m about to cum, Mir!”
“Hmmmm, what did you say?”
“I said I’m about to cum bitch!”
“Oooh, you’re making me cum, Daddy. Call me a bitch again!”
“Oh, s***!!”

Darnell came all over her mouth. Cum dripped down from the creases of her lips to the lump on her neck. The cum tickled her neck and made her instantly cum. Her body jerked and her limbs trembled. She sat up forward.

“Sit up on your knees. This bitch learned a new trick for you.”

He obeyed while she moved behind him. She slipped his limp, yet long dick inside of her pussy.

“Now get down on your hands.”
“Uh uh, bitch. I don’t do that homo s***!”
“Relax, Daddy. No one’s going to turn you out. Just get down on your hands, relax and enjoy.”

He reluctantly got down on his knees while Miracle rode him doggy style, with his dick between his legs and behind his ass. Miracle felt so manly being the one hitting it from the back, yet it felt so damn good. She rode him faster and faster until they came at the same time. They pleasured each other another eight times, then rested for two hours.

Tawanna walked past the secretary.

“Gina, remind me to call Pepsi tomorrow morning.”
“Okay, Mrs. Reid.”

She and her girl entered the elevator.

“You cooking tonight?”
“Yea, I don’t feel like going out to eat. Why, you and Jésus wanna come over?”
“Nah, we’re planning on eating at that new Spanish restaurant tonight.”
“You and your Spanish food.”
“Yes, me and my Spanish food! And I love it!”
“Don’t say nothing when you have to buy a size 12 pants at Old Navy for eating so much plantain.”
“Chica, my ass can’t get any fatter, no matter how much I eat. And besides, there’s no such thing as eating too much plantain!”
“Whatever. I’ll see you tomorrow, Lin.”
“Adios, chica!”

The two lovely ladies both stepped off the elevator on the garage floor. Tawanna pulled out her cell phone from her purse and called her husband.

Miracle woke up from the sound of Darnell’s phone.

“Darnell, get that damn phone.”
“Shut up, bitch! I’ll get it when I feel like it.”

This was strange. He didn’t tell her that he was having a meeting or anything. Otherwise, he’d pick up on the second ring. Clueless to what was going on, Tawanna placed the phone back in her purse and drove home.

“Did you even look to see who it was?”
“Does it matter?”
“Fool! Never change your behavior. Remain normal, so the wife never grows suspicious!”

He chuckled.

“You sound like an expert at being the other woman.”
“That’s my personal business.”
“Personal business that I don’t care about. Look, let me deal with my wife, okay?”
“Anyway, did you go with the plan?”
“I’m asking her tonight.”
“Good, let me know after she responds.”
“I’ll let you know tomorrow! I’m not sneaking around the house just to call you.”
“I thought you said you could handle your wife.”

Darnell looked at her. Miracle kept her eyes down to avoid contact.

“Anyway, you said that if she agrees to it, to suggest to hand the business over to the vice president. Umm…umm…”
“Rosalinda Ramirez. Your wife’s best friend!”
“Right, Lin.”

Miracle buttoned her blouse.

“If this plan is going to work, you really need to keep up with me.”
“I got this!”

Darnell stepped into the restroom and took a long shower. He yelled from the restroom.

“Whatchu gonna do about Lin?!”
“Don’t worry about her! I’m going to take care of that hot tamale myself.”

Tawanna got home and made macaroni and cheese and meatloaf. Her husband called her afterwards, letting her know that he was on his way home. He arrived thirty minutes later and greeted her with a kiss while she sat in the family room watching TV.

“How was your day?”
“Okay, and yours?”
“Great. I sold a $4 million dollar house.”
“That’s great! I’m so proud of you.”
“Thanks, baby. I gotta talk to you about something.”
“Maybe later, dinner will get cold in any minute. Let’s go eat.”

They both go into the dining room. Tawanna brings the food out while Darnell waits with a fork and knife in his hands. He digs into the meatloaf before Tawanna can pass him the mac and cheese.

“Boy, aren’t you hungry! Did you eat anything at all today?”
“Umm…yeah. It’s just umm…I hung out at the gym today. I worked out a lot today.”
“I didn’t know you worked out. When did you start going to the gym?”
“Just today. An employee told me about this great gym near the office. They got weights, a stairmaster, everything.”
“Oh, well, that’s great.”

Darnell nervously smiled at her. She smiled back, despite the fact that she noticed him scratching the back of his neck, an instinct he makes whenever he lies, three times in the past two minutes. She decided not to bring it up and ruin a good evening by throwing it in the back of her mind.

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something.”
“I know you think I don’t notice you working hard everyday at the office, but I do.”
“When did I say you didn’t notice me working?”
“And I’ve been working hard to, which is why I think we should go on a long vacation.”
“Really, when?”

Darnell pulled out a few brochures from his breast pocket.

“I’ve been thinking of this place called the Amangani Resort in Wyoming or the Babington House in England.”
“Wow, I’m impressed.”
“So, how about it?”
“Yeah! So when are we going?”
“I’m thinking ASAP.”

Tawanna looked up.

“And how soon is ASAP?”
“I don’t know, next month, this weekend, tomorrow.”

He chuckled. She looked up at him.

“That was a joke.”

Tawanna sat the brochures outside.

“So, how about it?”
“I’ll think about it. So, how long do you think we should vacate?”
“Oh…about a year?”

Tawanna choked on her meatloaf.

“A year?! Are you insane? Do you think I have that kind of time—a year—to go off into the desert and play in the sand?! I have a business to run!”
“I know that! But you’ve worked so hard just to compete with Glitz.”

Tawanna felt offended.

“How does this have anything to do with Glitz?! And, excuse me, but I think Glamour has done just fine!”
“You know what, forget I even brought up Glitz.”
“I’ll do you one better. Why don’t we forget this whole conversation period?! Because there is no way I’m going away for a YEAR!!”

She stormed off upstairs. Darnell slammed his fist on the table.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2005 4:12 am    Post subject:

who da hell is alvin....i thought allen was he work for pepsi?
is tha story goin backwards? Confused

I Am What I Am--If You Don't Like It, Kill Yo Self
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Sixth Man

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2005 1:42 am    Post subject:

Yes, the story is going backwards. I changed Alvin to Darnell,who is Tawanna's husband. Sorry for the confusion.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2005 3:49 am    Post subject:

oh, thanx grl i thought i was goin crazi and had missed sumthin

I Am What I Am--If You Don't Like It, Kill Yo Self
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2005 8:52 pm    Post subject:

that was good stuff..lmao jks Wink
buh keep it coming this is getting good!
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Sixth Man

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2005 3:26 pm    Post subject:

The next morning, Miracle invited herself into Rosalinda’s office.
“Morning, Ramirez.”
“Miracle, there is such thing as a door. It’s used to assure privacy. You need to try and respect that by knocking!”
“I’ve been meaning to talk to you.”
“Really? And what do I owe this pleasure, royal highness.”
“I’ve been meaning to talk about you and your stay here at Glamour Fashions.”
“Oh, no pun intended! As a matter of fact, I’m here to give you an offer.”
“Miracle Turner, giving me an offer? Yeah, right!”

Miracle sat her ass on the edge of Linda’s desk. She gave Miracle the once-over.

“It’s true! You know, as vice presidents of successful businesses, we actually have a lot in common.”
“!¿Qué está tu hablando?!”
“You’re lucky I can understand a bit of Spanish myself. Anyway, I mean, as vice presidents, we’re one of the most powerful people in our firms. However, we’re a far step below the HBICs.”
“The Head Bitches in Charge! Excuse my French. We may have our own offices, but whatever we decide, we have to gain permission from The President. It’s like the legislative—”
“I hope you didn’t come here to give me a history lesson! What the hell is your point?”
“The point is we need to take that big step above and knock The Man down, or The Woman in this case.”

Linda looked around in sarcastic curiosity.

“Hmmm, and how do you suggest we do that?”
“I’ll let you know, soon as you let me know that you agree to what I just proposed.”
“You didn’t propose anything!”
“A bientôt!”

Miracle made her grand exit and walked towards the elevator. Tawanna got off the elevator while she got on.

“Morning, Tawanna!”
“Go to Hell!”

Miracle was shocked, but the elevators closed in front of her before she could say a word. Since the conversation between her and Darnell the previous night, Tawanna was in a bad ass mood. She went into her office and slammed her door. Her secretary, Gina, buzzed in on line one.

“Mrs. Reid.”
“You have a memo: Call Pepsi Inc. this morning.”
“Thank you, Gina.”

“Oh, Happy Day” played loud and proud in the background of the Pepsi garage. Allen wasn’t much of a fan of gospel, but he was feeling that song at the moment and was dancing to it. Today felt like a happy day, alright. Today was the day he was gonna get his record deal and sign with Bad Boy Records. There was nothing that could ruin today. His name was called on the loud speaker, announcing that he was to be in the manager’s office ASAP. He wondered why; he hadn’t done anything that could cause him trouble, at least not this week.

“I need you to drive over to Glamour Fashions.”
“But I was over there yesterday! They couldn’t have finished a hundred sodas in one day!”
“They didn’t! They’re complaining about the machine, said it’s malfunctioning.”
“And what that gotta do with me?”

His manager looked at him.

“You need to go over there and fix it!”
“I ain’t no mechanic!”
“I know, but Juan is out and Ray is took a sick day.”
“But why me?”
“Cause you’re their regular deliverer, you know how to get there.”
“Those other cats can get there, that office ain’t that hard to find. It’s right there on East 34th.”
“Chuck, I don’t wanna hear it, you’re going!”
“Man, I don’t even know how to fix the s***!”

The manager pulled out a booklet.

“Just look at this and figure it out.”

Chuck flipped through the booklet.

“I could, if I knew what the hell this is!”
“It’s a blueprint, genius!”
“How is a blueprint supposed to help me?!”
“Look, the malfunctions of vending machines can’t be easily diagnosed. All of our mechanics use blueprints to fix them.”
“So, shouldn’t this be the task of a real mechanic?”
“Like I said, they can’t make it. You’re all I got!”
“I’m not the only one who works here! Why can’t you get your ass up and do it?!”

The manager picked a tool box from a case stored with them.

“Look, you’re wasting time. Now get to it before you lose more than your cool, if you know what I mean.”

Chuck looked at him and exited the office. He was pissed off, but not too pissed off to f*** up his “happy day.” He still had an hour before Diddy got to the studio. He drove down to Glamour headquarters and took the elevator up. He got off and saw Tawanna standing beside the vending machine, tapping her foot.

“About time you got here!”
“What are you talking about? I always get here, same time as usual.”
“I called you at 8:10pm, your ass should’ve been here pronto.”
“Anyway, what seems to be the problem?”
“I put a dollar in there yesterday and nothing emerged.”
“Aight. Here we go.”

He unlocked the machine door and checked the coin collector.

“I said I put a dollar in there, not change.”

Chuck looked at her.

“Don’t you have anything else to do?”
“Look, you don’t need to worry about what I have to do! You need to worry about that vending machine and how to fix it!”

Chuck looked around and saw that all eyes were on them. He didn’t understand why this woman was giving her a hard time. Gina put the phone down.

“Mrs. Reid, you have a call on line three.”
“Who is it?”
“It’s Mr. Reid.”

Oh, God! What in the hell does he want?! She thought.

“Hurry up and fix that!”

She stormed into her office and picked up her phone.

“Baby, just listen to what I have to say.”
“You’re starting this mess again?!”
“Look, we’ll have a great time out of the country.”

Tawanna hung up. She heard enough. Going out of the country sounded tempting, but at the end of the day, she had to come back to reality. s*** can happen in one year. Her business could fall down the tubes in one year. Gina buzzed in.

“Yes, Gina?”
“Mrs. Reid, you have a call on line—”
“Yes. I know, I know.”

She reluctantly picked up the phone.

“What, Darnell?”
“T, just listen. Look, you won’t have to get up six o’clock in the morning everyday. You won’t have to stress out over your projects. And, we’ll get to see each other everyday, anytime we want. Now I know you want that!”

Tawanna couldn’t lie to herself. She loved her husband, yet she became even more busy and saw him less and less as years went by. She couldn’t even remember her and Darnell last time they had sex. She sighed.

“Just think about.”
“Okay, I’ll think about it. Look, I don’t know about going away for a whole year. But I would love for us to spend some alone time with one another.”
“That’s my girl. Now, you take all the time you need. There’s no rush. And if you say yes, you can pick the destination.”
“Okay, baby. I’ll see you tonight.”

Tawanna hung up with a smile on her face. She was completely content, but she felt better now than before. She went outside the office.

“Mrs. Reid, you have a reminder. The weekly staff meeting starts in 30 minutes.”
“Thank you, Gina. You know what, why don’t you take an early break. It’s my apology for my mood this morning.”
“Thank you, Mrs. Reid.”
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Tawanna took Gina’s seat and answered calls. Afterwards, she sat still and looked up at Allen and shook her head. It’s been 20 minutes, and he’s still working on the vending machine. He looked at his watch. He had five minutes if he wanted to get to the studio on time. He checked the lights, the coin and dollar insert assemblies, the plastic buttons and still couldn’t find the problem. He tried to cheer up by convincing himself that Diddy would probably be late to the studio himself.

“Did you check the sodas?”
“Did you check the sodas? To see if any of them were stuck?”

He gave Tawanna a mean look, since the suggestion seemed so obvious. He wanted to knock himself in the head for not thinking of it first. He looked at the soda spirals. One hundred soda cans. It would take forever to check each of them and see if one was stuck or preventing the other soda cans from emerging out of the machine. Tawanna got up and ready for her meeting. She went inside the conference room and was surprised to see Rosalinda seated before her.

“Hey, Lin. What are you doing here?”
“What do you mean? I come to all of the staff meetings.”
“Yes, but you’re never early. We usually have to wait on you.”
“Well, I decided it was time for a change.”
“Oh, okay.”

Truth be told, Rosalinda’s been thinking about the discussion she had earlier with Miracle. She thought her proposition was a good idea, although she’s never admit that to Miracle. She decided that she do it on her own terms. Now, was a time to step up her A-game. If she wanted to be President, she’d have to earn it. The meeting was boring, as usual. Everyone had ideas, however they were all mediocre.

“You know, I’ve had some ideas myself.”
“Really? Like what, Lin?”
“I think we should have an annual Glamour beauty pageant. For minorities, of course. And, I think we should have a scholarship competition. AND…”

She looked around and saw everyone look at awe. This is the most Rosalinda has spoken in any of the meetings. Other employees were skeptical as to how she got the VP job, nepotism they thought. But they were sleeping on her. Ms. Ramirez graduated summa cum laude from Cornell University with a bachelor’s in both Business Aministration/Management and Marketing. She was made to become the top bitch.

“We should broaden our audience.”
“How,” one of the employees asked.
“We’ve been making clothes for around-the-way chicas for years. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s good business, but we need to expand. We need to attract the the attention from every chica. From the classy business woman to the hoe standing around the corner. Don’t underestimate the hoes! They be getting moolah too!”

Tawanna thought about her ideas, and the thought of Rosalinda taking her place while she’s away with Darnell.

“That’s interesting.”
“And since we’re on the subject of broadening our audience, Mrs. Reid and I have talked about beginning a men’s clothing line for Glamour.”

The room was sprinkled with murmurs of agreement and discussion.

“Only, we haven’t come to a conclusion yet as to who will be our sponsor. Any ideas?”

It’s been two hours and Chuck still hasn’t gotten the job done. At this point, he’s ready to get the f*** out of there and go to the studio, figuring that fixing the machine was no emergency; he can figure it out on another day. He ran out of the office with the soda machine door open and drove past the speed limit over to the studio. He ran inside with sweat dripping down from his forehead.

“I’m here!”
“Good for you.”

Chuck looked around.

“Where’s Diddy?”
“He left.”
“What?! When?!”
“Fifteen minutes ago.”
“You didn’t stall?”
“For who? You? Yeah, right! If you really wanted to see him, you woulda been here.”

Chuck left the studio and walked past a soda machine and kicked it. It would’ve been a release of anger if it hadn’t hurt his big toe like hell. He took off his uniform shirt and stormed out, leaving it as a sign of today as his last day he’ll ever work as a blue-collar employee.

“So, what did she say?”
“She said she’ll think about it.”
“Good, that’s a start. How long do you think it’ll be before she finally decides?”
“I don’t know. I told her to take all the time that she needs.”
“What?! Are you out of your mind?! At this rate, it’ll be a leap year before she decides!”
“Calm down. I’ll continue to discuss it with her, encouraging her say yes and say it soon.”
“You better! Because I am not going to wait an eternity until I become President of Glamour.”
“It won’t take forever, I promise! Now, how much did you say I was getting out of this?”
“I already told you, $2.5 million.”
“I think we need to reconsider my share. How about $5 million?”
“Excuse me?!”
“I’m doing most of the work here! Plus, I’m the one who’s risking my marriage!”
“Sweetie, no one forced you to do this. This was your decision.”
“Well, it was hard to say no with your throat swallowing my dick!”

Miracle slammed the phone down.

“Can you believe him?! He wants us to double his offer!”
“Call him back and tell him we’ll deal.”
“Mother, you can’t be serious!”
“Oh, darling. Relax! It’s not like we’re going to pay him anyway!”
“We’re not?”
“Of course not, my Dear! What can he do, sue us for not paying him to sabotage his wife’s business?”

Miracle smiled.

“Mother, you’re a genius!”
“Of course I am, darling! I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t!”
“Wait…but what if he does try to sue us?”
“Oh, suing us will be the least of his worries…when he finds the bit of information I have on him that will start a malpractice case.”
“Always stay two steps ahead of your associates, darling. You could learn a lot from me. I hope you’re taking notes.”

Miracle grinned.

“Now, how’s the plan going with Rosalinda?”
“Not as well as I thought it would. She acted like she didn’t want to hear what I had to say.”
“She’s bluffing, darling! Of course she wants to be President, only her friendship with Tawanna is interfering. But, trust me, she’ll come around.”
“You think so?”
“Darling, I know so. Now”

Iris went into her private bathroom and re-entered the office with a Glitz bottle.

“Let’s get back to real business. Everywhere I turn, I see teenagers with connect-the-dot faces. Acne everywhere! But, I have the solution. Miracle, meet the new Glitz acne therapy cleanser. It isn’t even on the market yet. Here, try some.”
“Mother, I don’t need to. My skin is flawless!”

Iris squinted at her daughter’s face.

“Actually, I think I see a pimple growing on your nose.”
“What?! Where?!”
“No worries, just put this on and it’ll vanish in 24 hours.”

Iris put a pea-size of the cleanser of Miracle’s “growing pimple.”

“There we go.”
“Oooh, it tingles!”
“Great, right?”

Miracle kept a bottle of the new cleanser, however neither of them knew that this new product would not only ruin Miracle’s face but the longevity of Glitz Products.
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that was crazy!
wanna see wat appens to miracles face, hope she gets wat she deserves.
good stuff keep it coming
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lol.... that was good add soon

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Tawanna walked to her office from the cafeteria and saw the door of the soda machine open. She waited for the Pepsi boy to move out of her way. Up stood a heavy, greasy looking Mexican man wiping the sweat glazed on the back of his neck with a dirty towel. She was confused, yet disgusted at the same time.

“Uh, who are you?”
“I’m Juan. The mechanic.”
“What happened to the guy that was here yesterday?”
“Who, Chuck? Oh, he quit.”

She felt bad, wondered if she was the reason he quit his job. She actually enjoyed seeing his handsome self. Yet, she could never see herself with a guy working a blue-collar job. Too much pride and drama would get involved. She called Rosalinda into her office.

“What’s going on, chica?”
“Nothing much. I brought you in here to talk to you. You know, you really impressed me yesterday at the meeting. You had so many ideas, usually you’re just sitting there with your CD player and filing your nails. How’d you come about with your ideas?”
“Well, uhh…Well, our conversation we had the other day about creating a men’s line for Glamour really inspired me. I wanna take Glamour to the next level. Beyond Baby Phat, beyond Rocawear, even beyond Gucci! Versace! I want everyone around the world with a Glamour label on their clothes. I can see us making it big, chica!”

Linda wiped the sweat off of her brow. Nice save, she said to herself. Since the meeting, she’s been fantasizing about becoming head of Glamour. Even been catalogue shopping for label stamps and a gold nameplate that read the words ‘RosaLinda Gisele Ramirez, President of Glamour Fashions.’

“I wish I had the hope you have. Anyway, you remember the talk I had with Darnell, right?”
“The one where he wanted you to go away for a year?! Chica, how could I forget! ¡Un qué idiota!”
“Actually, I’ve been thinking a lot about his proposal. And I think it would be great to do such, if I didn’t have a business to run and stress over. However, yesterday’s meeting had me thinking.”

Lin had her fingers crossed behind her back. She had a feeling she knew where the conversation was going.

“I think you can bring Glamour success beyond what I can bring. This might seem sudden but I can see it in your eyes. You have so much determination.”

The determination Tawanna saw was impending greed. No doubt, Linda had what it took, but there was an extremely thick line between President and Vice President.

“That’s why I was thinking of promoting you to President of Glamour Fashions.”

Lin had to take her dramatic pause and looked surprised.

“¡Mi Dios! ¡¿Are you serious?!”
“Yes, chica!”

Lin squealed.

“This is great!”
“Wait, only on one condition.”
“What’s that?”
“You give me a weekly update via email or cellphone. You tell me everything that’s going on: upcoming projects, new employees, the mail, everything. And when I mean weekly, I mean every week. Otherwise, I’ll have to assume that something’s gone wrong.”
“I promise will not let you down. Trust me, I will not miss a week. And there will be nothing for you stress over. The prestige of Glamour is going to remain fantastic. Beyond fantastic. ¡Magnífico!”

Tawanna laughed.

“I’ll hold you to it.”

“I am going to kill my mother.”

She pulled out her cellphone and dialed an already programme number.

“Yes, darling?”
“Mother, what in the hell is in this acne therapy crap?”
“Some secret ingredients your dear mother will never tell. Why?”
“This so-called pimple you claimed that was on my nose was not there yesterday. Not only is it here today, but it’s big, fat and full of pus!”
“Is that all?! Darling, calm down. It’s been 13 hours. I told you to wait 24 hours until it disappears.”
“Wow, you really expect me to believe it’ll go away in nine hours. What are you, some majestic queen?”
“Well, my Dear, anything can become once you believe.”

Oh, Please! Miracle thought.

“I’ll see you when you get in the office, darling!”

“I’m telling you, this track is tight. You gotta love it!”
“I’ll see for myself.”

The radio DJ held his hand out for the demo.

“If it’s nice, you’ll hear it on my two o’clock show.”
“How long is your show again?”
“It’s from two to five.”

It seemed like Chuck got over the Diddy situation overnight. He didn’t care. He knew that he was gonna make it in the biz, even if he had to make it on his own. He sent demos to every radio station, from Hot 97 to Power 105 to La Mega 97.9, a Spanish radio station in the Bronx. He headed back over to the studio.

“You know, you’ve been hanging out here today longer than usual. Dontchu gotta work?”
“Naw, I quit.”

The producer laughed.

“Waiting for Diddy to pop up again?”
“This ain’t about Diddy, this about me making it.”
“And you think you gonna make it in time to pay next month’s bills?”
“Don’t worry about all that. You just worry about getting Diddy back up here. Cause he ain’t seen nothing yet when he meets me.”
“Man, please! You ain’t nobody! You unknown just like everybody!”

Chuck smiled.

“Not for long.”

“Hey, baby.”
“Hey, T. How you doing?”
“Nothing much. I just need you to answer a question for me.”
“How do you feel about Zanzibar?”
“Zanzibar? What’s that?”
“It’s an island! Up north in Tanzania.”
“You mean Tanzania, in Africa?”
“You mean…”
“Yup, we’re going on vacation!”
“Aww, s***! Let me go home and pack my bags!”
“Uh uh, not so fast! We’re not leaving just yet! There’s some things I need to do before we leave.”
“How long is that gonna take?”
“I’m not sure, but whenever I’m done, we’re leaving afterwards.”
“Aight, I’ll see you tonight, babe.”
“Bye, love you!”

Darnell waited for the dial tone and dialed a number.

“She said yes.”
“Yes what?”
“We’re leaving.”
“Finally! When?”
“I don’t know.”
“What do you mean ‘you don’t know?’ You better find out quick!”
“Look, I got this! You just better have my $5 million when I get back! I’ll holla.”

Miracle slammed the phone down and patted the makeup sponge on her Glitz pressed powder and smeared it on her nose. Iris invited herself into her office.

“Mother, there is such thing as knocking!”
“Darling, I’m your mother. And your boss. I don’t need to knock on any door for permission. So, how are you doing?”
“Not so good.”
“Darling, why are you putting on so much makeup?! Your face is flawless!”
“It WAS flawless, until you gave me that faulty acne treatment!”
“Oh, please! My new acne therapy is a charm! Here.”

Iris snatched two tissues out of a tissue box on Miracle’s desk and wiped off the pressed powder.

“Let me get that for you.”
“Mother, stop!”
“Darling, sit still!”

Iris struggled with Miracle, holding her chin while wiping her face. Next, she pulled out the acne therapy cleanser.

“Mother, NO! That stuff is poison!”
“Nonsense! Now, if you would use my therapy cleanser more often you wouldn’t have those two ugly pimples on your nose!”
“No, Mother! It’s because of that stuff that I have these ugly pimples in the first place!”
“You’ll be eating your words after I put some on you!”
“You put that on me, I’ll be eating the millions out of your bank account.”
“Child, hush and hold still!”

Iris smudged some cleanser on Miracle’s face.

“There! That wasn’t so bad, now was it? Now, don’t you feel that tingle!”
“Child, you’re just overexaggerating! Now, let that dry off in 15 minutes and wash it off.”
“But, Mother! It really burns!”
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That was a good come back, DeeLiteFull. keep it up, girl. Very Happy Cool
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Danx, AIsPeach. Laughing

Rosalinda meets Tawanna and Darnell at the LaGuardia airport.

“Okay, girl. Remember. Call me every week for updates. And if there’s anything worng or if you just need advice or help, ANYTHING, you call me, okay?”
“Okay, okay, chica! I’ll call you! Now, you and your hubby go have a good time.”
“Okay, I’ll see you.”
“¡Adios, chica!”

Rosa kissed T and Darnell goodbye before they took their long plane ride to Zanzibar, Tanzania. They stayed in the Ocean Suite at the luxurious Ras Nungwi Hotel.

“Darnell, this is nice!”
“Yeah, it is.”

T looked out towards the balcony.

“Ooh, Darnell, look! They got an outdoor pool! I haven’t swum in a long time!”
“Well, why don’t you go change and take a swim?”
“What about you?”
“I’ll be there in a minute.”
“Okay! Ooh, I’m so excited! I’m glad we came here. I know we’re gonna have a good ol’ time!”

Tawanna took her luggage into the bedroom. Darnell laughed.

“For you, honey? Not for long.”

Darnell grabbed his cell phone and dialed a number.

“Hey, where you at?”
“In the little girls’ room, scrubbing this gook my Mother sprawled all over my face!”
“Well, drop whatever you’re doing and get over to Commerce Bank. Call me when you get there.”
“Don’t ask questions! Just do it!”

He put his cell phone back in his pocket, and rested his back on the large sofa in the living room. Soon, Tawanna came out and sashayed in front of him.

“How do you like?”

His eyes opened and bulged out.


T donned a gold metallic, double-strapped, bikini top and matching string side thong bottom.

“You joining me or not?”
“Give me two seconds!”

42nd Street was interrupted by the thunderous bass of his fresh, new single, “40 Bars.” He parked his rented Bentley Azure Convertible and stepped out in style with his dark shades and enormous ego. Everywhere he turned, he saw someone with a frustrated expression and their hands covering their ears. But, he didn’t care cause there was plenty more where that came from. He popped his trunk and there were demo CD’s galore. He grabbed a few in each hand and started his hustle.

“Yo, 40 Bars! 40 Bars! Go cop that!”

An old, white-haired man yelled at him.

“Turn that racket down!”

He turned down his stereo.

“Aight, now! You can get outta my face and move out the way!”

One customer approached him and bought a demo.

“If you don’t mind, may I walk to work in peace?” Asked the old man.
“Yo, you need to mind your bid’ness. Can I get a witness!”

A woman a couple feet to the right of him left a snide comment.

“So corny! You should not have quitted your day job!”
“And you shouldna quitted Neutrogena cause those polka dot pimples all over your face ain’t cute!”

He laughed while she hid her face with her coat and walked inside of Commerce Bank. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed a number.

“Okay, I’m here. Now what?”
“Go over to the checking machine, take out the card I gave you, and swipe it.”

She did as she was told.

“Now, it says to enter the password. What’s the password?”

He told her the password and she entered it.

“Now, what?”
“You’re supposed to be transferring money into our account.”
“I know that! Now, how do you do that?”
“Damn, you need me to baby-walk you through everything? Ain’t you supposed to be the Harvard graduate?”
“Just tell me what to do!”

He guided her through the money-transferring process.

“Aight, I gotta go. T’s looking for me.”
“When are you coming back to the States?”

He smiled.

“Damn, missing me already?”

She blurted a phony giggle.

“You know I am!”
“I’ll see you in about a week. And then, we’ll be on our way to Madrid for life, with T’s money. And your momma’s.”
“I’ll see you in a bit!”

She put on her Chanel shades and walked out of Commerce Bank, feeling mischievous, yet $620 million richer. On her way out, she walked over to the hustler, pulled out her business card and stuffed it in his collar.

“You call me when you want a real job. You can scrub the floors, or if you’re lucky, the toilets.”

He looked at her like she was crazy, throwing her card on the floor after she turned away.

Darnell began splashing water in her face.

“Darnell, stop! You’re gonna wet my hair!”
“That’s not the only thing that’s gonna get wet.”

She looked at him, giggled and escorted herself out of the pool.

“Where you going?!”
“I’ll be back.”

Darnell waited and she came back with a bottle of tequila, a salt shaker, and a bowl of lime slices.

“Feeling thristy?”
“f*** yeah!”

She laughed and sat down on the edge of the pool.

“How about a belly shot?”

She removed her top while he poured some tequila in her belly button, some salt under her right breast and squeezed a lime slice under her left breast. He licked the salt off with his tongue, slurped the tequila and sucked on the lime.

“How was it?”
“Damn good!”

He sat up.

“Take off your thong.”
“Wait, baby. Can we foreplay before we get to that?”
“I said, “take off your thong, bitch!””

Darnell looked up at her in regret. He suddenly realized that this wasn’t Miracle. He began to miss the submissiveness of his cute puppy dog and reminded himself to not waste enough so he can get back to her, or his other dog.

“My bad, baby. My mind just slipped…Uh…I’m feeling a little experimental. Just take off your thong. Can you do that for me, baby?”

T looked at him like he was crazy, yet she reluctantly removed her thong.

“Okay. Now, spread your legs real wide.”

She did as she was told. Darnell poured some tequila all over her pussy. He then licked her inner thighs so the salt would stick, and sprinkled the salt and lime on her inner thighs.

“Boy, what are you doing?”
“This what I call a ‘pussy shot.’”

He did this thing and repeated the routine, only this time he slurped the tequila last. He kept his mouth on her pussy. As he finished the tequila, he continued sucking and stuck his tongue in and out of her so he could get a taste of her pussy juice.

“Ohhh, Darnell!! Don’t stop!”

He rubbed her tongue up and down on her clit as she squirmed and arched her back. She began panting louder and louder as his sucking began make more squirting and slippery noises. His tongue circled her lips and flickered the crest of them. Tawanna let out a loud, passionate moan. He sucked, bit and chewed on her left vaginal lip.

“Oh, YES!!! Oh my God!! Darnell, I’m about…to…cum”

She came loudly and explosively as he kept eating her pussy and the sweet juice that excessively poured from her pulsating lips. She laid back in exhaustion. Soon, Darnell sat in front of her and rolled her over.

“Now, it’s my turn!”
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Laughing Darnell is stupid.
Love is not love until it is given away.
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this rocks
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The next day, Tawanna was up and dressed, in a tan suede vest and matching skirt, a tan Glamour tee and a pair of Timberland stilettos.

“Where are you going?!”
“To the safari tour. I told you about it the other day. You’re not going?”
“Hell no. I ain’t tryna get eaten with your Cheetah-Girl looking ass!”
“First of all, this is not cheetah, this is real leopard. And secondly, leopards are the predators, not the prey!”
“Whatever you say, baby.”

Darnell grabbed her by the waists and passionately kissed her.

“Ooh, Darnell. What was that for?”
“Just tryna say, “I love you.””
“Well, I love you too. But trust me, we’ll have plenty of time for some fun later on tonight, more fun than we had last night!.”

She grabbed her safari hat.

“See you when I get back!”

Darnell grabbed a cigar and lit it up.

“I don’t think so.”

After two hours of watching elephants, lions and monkeys, Tawanna came back to her and Darnell’s suite.

“Darnell? Baby, where are you?”

She searched for him in the bedroom, restroom and balcony, but he was nowhere to be found.

“Where in the hell could he be?”

She went into the closet to put her vest on a hanger and noticed that all of Darnell’s clothes were gone.

“What in the--”

she noticed that his luggage was gone too. She called his cell phone, but it went straight to voice mail.

“What in the world is going on?”

She picked her phone back up and dialed a number.

“Lin, I don’t know what the hell is going on. Darnell is gone, his stuff is gone. I left for two hours and now, I don’t know where the hell he is!”
“Chica, calm down. Now, start from the beginning.”

There was a knock on Rosalinda’s door.

“It’s open!”

Two policemen entered her office.

“Tawanna, hold for one minute.”

She looked up at them.

“May I help you?”

One of the policemen approached her and Lin stood up.

“Rosalinda Ramirez?”

He retrieved his handcuffs and slapped them on her wrists.

“You are under arrest for larceny of the profits of Glitz Products and Glamour Fashions.”
“What?! What are you talking about?! I’m the substitute president of Glamour Fashions, I’ve been working here for years!! Why in the hell would I steal anything from my best friend’s company?!!”
“Lin, you there? What’s going on?!”
“You are also under arrest for illegal immigration.”
“What are you talking about?! I have my green card!”

She began cussing in rapid Spanish while the police escorted her out of her office. The secretary, Gina, looked up in shock.

“Ms. Ramirez, what’s going on?!”
“Gina, call Tawanna for me, okay?”
“Will do!”

She picked up the phone and dialed a number.

“I did it! I have that hot tamale sent away. As I expect, she’ll be on the next plane to Colombia and never to be seen in the States again! Now, all you have to do is get on a plane, meet me at the JFK airport and we’ll turn Madrid upside-down!”
“Actually, I’m already on a plane!”
“What? Why didn’t you call me?”
“Because, there’s been a change of plans.”

She expected him to do something as underhanded as this. Although she had a pint of love and romance for him, she never trusted him. Now, she feels foolish for not suspecting any hidden moves sooner.

“What do you mean by, “there’s been a change of plans?””
“You see, I’m on the plan, only I’m not heading back to the States. And I’m not heading to Madrid either.”
“What the hell are you doing? You’re ruining our plan!”
“No, see, ‘my’ plan is going just fine! Except, there was never an ‘our’ in ‘my’ plan. But there was someone else involved.”

Darnell handed the phone over to the woman next to him.

“Hello, darling!”
“Mother! What in Sam Hill are you doing?!”
“Child, hush! Now that’s no way to talk to your mother!”
“How could you do this to me,” she cried.
“Suck up those tears, child! Now, Iris Elizabeth Turner did not raise a sitting duck!”
“You’re not my mother, you’re a monster! First, you ruin my pretty face, now this!”
“Hey! Everything you’ve ever received in life was hand-fed by me and your father! Now, this is just my way of you paying us back! Well, just paying me back.”
“Well, excuse me, but weren’t you the one who said that Father took you from poor Mississippi when you were just a peasant, paid your way through school, and helped you start Glitz Products.”

Iris sighed.

“Yes, your father helped me out of the poorhouse and all of the rest. But I earned my Business degree, and yes, he may have financially created Glitz, but I made it what it is today! Can you say at least a bit of the same for yourself?!”

She paused.

“Goodness! Now, you have my blood pressure so high, I need a drink. Uh, stewardness?! Pass me another glass of cognac!”

She wiped her eyes.

“Now, Miracle, I suggest you get back to work. You have tons of work to do, considering you won’t get a penny of that $620 million you stole from me and your sister’s company accounts.”

She gasped.

“What? You figured I wouldn’t find out? I told you, darling, to always stay two steps ahead of your associates. Darling, you are such a sap! I can see that you haven’t learned a thing from me! You were totally bamboozled throughout this whole ordeal. It’s too bad that I’m too busy helping you become bamboozled to help you get up off of your spoiled ass like I always do. But, don’t get me wrong, darling, I love you so much. Your whole life, you became a little version of me. And I was so proud. You looked like me, dressed like me, acted like me. one time, a woman approached while we were shopping and asked, “Are you two twins?” You giggled with such excitement! But, at that moment, I realized, that my daughter Miracle Anastacia Lawrence, would NEVER become me. And as you grew older and matured much faster, I began to make sure that you would always be pretty and successful, but never PRETTIER nor BETTER than me. Gee, why do you think I’ve been putting that fake acne mess on your gullible face? You knew that stuff wasn’t any good, yet you let me ruin you anyway. Destroying you wasn’t so difficult, because you made it so easy for me. You think you’re as strong as me, darling, but never that! You are a weak, submissive, hateful wannabe. And I hope you enjoyed the life of being me, well I should say ‘trying to be like’ me, because the ride is over.”

Miracle’s lips were trembling terribly as she struggled to hold in her tears.
“You know what, mother?”
“………f*** YOU!!!”
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Tawanna was on the first plane back to the States. Soon as she had received the call from Gina about Rosalinda’s arrest, she had been losing her damn mind. While on the plane, she called the company lawyer. It was when he revealed to her the reason why he hadn’t bailed Lin out already that Tawanna discovered that the Glamour account was empty. One conflict after another, Tawanna’s anxiety built to higher dimensions. She took a cab to the 24th Precinct to see Lin, yet she had to wait until Lin was finished with the registration process. After hours of impatient waiting, the police finally informed T that Lin wouldn’t be allowed any visitors, so at this point Tawanna was frustrated and pissed off. Later, Lin called her.

“Finally! Lin, what the hell is going on?”
“I don’t know. Some s*** about stealing money from Glitz and Glamour’s account and illegal immigration.”
“Tawanna, you are my best friend. In fact, not my friend, my sister. ¡Mi hermana! I would never steal anything from you!”
“I know that, girl. You’re my harmana too. I don’t know who stole that money, but I think I have an idea who’s involved.”
“What?! You can’t be serious like?!”
“Like sickle cell! I came back from my safari tour, and that bastard was GONE. I’m telling you, he and all of his s*** were gone!”
“I cannot believe this! ¡Este ser insano!”
“I’m so stupid. I should’ve suspected something fishy was going on from the beginning. That stupid, year-long vacation was a way to get me out of the way so he can take my money and be gone before I can even notice.”
“¡Que assh***!”
“Got that right!”
“Chica, I ain’t got much time. I’ll call you tomorrow.”
“Okay, and don’t worry about anything! I’ll get you out.”
“Okay. Adios.”

Tawanna took a cab home and surfed on her computer. She checked Darnell and Glamour’s credit account histroy online since she knew that Darnell mostly made payments through his credit cards. She discovered that Glamour’s profits were transferred to the account of a company called El Carim. She searched for the history of this company and discovered that there was no such thing. El carim wasn’t even a Spanish word.
“What in the hell is going on?”

Under Darnell’s history was a plane ticket to Somerset, UK.

“What a minute!”

She remembered reading something about Somerset, UK previously somewhere inside of her home. After a half of an hour of searching, she found one of the travel brochures Darnell gave her. Babington House, a hotel and spa located in Somerset overseas. She went back to her computer and bought a plane ticket to Somerset. She reverted back to her search of El Carim. An elective study course of code cracking Tawanna took in high school helped her find the solution. ELCARIM was MIRACLE spelled backwards! She picked up her phone and dialed a number.

“Hello, Miracle. Is there anything wrong?”
“No, nothing. Just putting on some makeup. Why?”
“I was just wondering if you were busy tommorrow?”
“…Not really. Why?”
“I was hoping to discuss some issues with you.”
“Tomorrow? But I thought you were in Zanzibar?”
“Well, I was, but — Wait, I never told you I went away. How did you know?”
“UH…um. Oh, well, I went down to your office the other day and Gina told me.”
“Oh. Well, what did you want to see me about?”
“Uh…Let’s see…I forget. Now, what’s this meeting about?”

After watching Miracle scheme her way out of her traps over the years, Tawanna picked up that Miracle lied whenever she tried to change the subject.

“I rather wait until tomorrow. So, what time will be perfect for you?”
“12 would be lovely.”
“Good, so I’ll meet you at Angelina’s for lunch at noon. Okay?”
“Okay. Ciao!”

T smirked. She always thought that having a spoiled, spiteful sly was always the worst thing in the world. Now she was the perfect enemy to get close with. The next day, she went to Angelina’s early and ordered a dish of grilled fillet of sea bass with zucchini. This was her and her father’s favorite place to dine, until Iris and Miracle began inviting themselves to their feasts. Now, she saw it as a neutral place, that way neither females’ office would be used to gain favor. Tawanna already gained the upper hand with her knowledge of Miracle’s theft and creation of her fictitious company, El Carim. She figured she had this battle in the bag. Miracle finally came.

“How are you, Miracle?”

She got comfortable and ordered her dish.

“So,” she smirked. “How was your vacation?”

Tawanna smirked back.

“Ha, you know, it’s funny that you mention that! Zanzibar was very…refreshing.”
“Why, yes! I was relieved of my day-to-day stress from work, my curiosity of what the outside world is like, and my husband.”

She wrinkled her eyebrows.

“Pardon me?”
“Oh, Darnell. He left me stranded in the middle of Africa while he took the money you stole from my account and took the next plane to England.”

She choked on her iced tea. England. So, that’s where that bastard and the Wicked Witch of the South are hiding, she thought.

“Excuse me?! What do you mean the money I stole? I would never steal anything from you, Tawanna. I mean, Gosh, you’re my sister!”
“BULL s***!!!”

At this point, Tawanna was on her feet and all attention was on her. She sat back down and regained her composure.

“I know you stole that money and made up some fake company. I know all about it and don’t you dare give me that look as if you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about! Tell me, Miracle. How do you say ‘El Camir’ in English?!”

Miracle’s face grew beet red.

“You know you hate me and you know how much I hate you too! Ever since your mother intruded in my family’s life, everything’s been downhill for me! My father leaves one summer to see his family in the South, then he comes back and says he wants a divorce from my mother. Says he found someone that really loved him. Oh, he found someone alright! She just didn’t love him for him. That golddiggin’, country ’Bama mother of yours smelled the money and brung her funky ass to New York by his side. Then, after he educates her, she has to nerve to act all uppity, as if she was better than me and my mother. Then you were born, the worst day of my life! You were just a clone of her, making my life miserable. First, you take my Daddy, my toys, my husband, and now my money! I thought a rat was the most disgusting creature on this earth. Only now, you’re worse than a rat. You’re a leech. And I wish you were never born.”

At this point, both Tawanna and Miracle were in tears.

“You know, I wish I was never born either! Yes, I made your life a living a hell, only because my mother made mines even worse! Everyday when I was younger, she used to spoil me so much. I would get everything I wanted and more. Whether it was toys, clothes, and food. Oh, the food was ridiculous. Everyday, Daddy would feed me, then she would feed me too. And she did this until I blew up like a balloon. Afterwards, there was name-calling and teasing. And that was just the kids from school! I thought my mother was when the devil when I heard her say such evil things to me, all because of something that SHE started. Then, she sent me to fat camp, which was the worst summer vacation I ever had! But then, when I came back home, and lost all of that weight. All of the teasing and name-calling were gone. She started telling me how beautiful I was, how I should become a model…From then on, she became my role model. Forget all of the clothes, toys and indulgences, that was the first time anyone had ever made me feel special. I became a mini-me version of her, did everything she did, dressed how she dressed, acted how she acted. Meanwhile, you were your own person. I always thought you were so much more prettier than me and smarter than me, all I could do was envy you. And as I became more and more like that woman, and began losing my dignity and self-identity. That’s when I started drinking, partying and smoking my problems away and began taking my pent-up animosity against my mother out on you.”

Tawanna was holding onto her every word, softening up and feeling more sympathetic towards her half-sister and her unstable life.

“You remember when we went to St. Joseph Academy and one time I was in big trouble and was expelled because I skipped school?”
“Yes, I remember. My friends thought you were cool for that, that’s when they started hanging out with you more.”

A big ball of guilt clogged Miracle’s throat.

“Well, I didn’t just skip school. A couple of friends of mine began talking to these older boys we would see around the hallway. That day, we all went up to one of the boys’ homes because he said his parents were at work and they stashed their drugs and alcohol in their rooms. So, we go there and start drinking and smoking in his room. Before that, I had experimented with herb, marijuana, speed, I could go down the list. But the drug they gave me made me block out for hours. When I woke up, I was in my room and I was sore ‘down there.’ It didn’t take a scientist to figure out what happened. Only, my mother didn’t show any sympathy whatsoever. She tore me down with her banting, saying that I embarrassed when the principal called her and told her that I wasn’t present during any of my classes that day, and that she had to do a lot of persuasion to get me back into the school. I told her about my soreness and she said, “Just go to bed, darling! It’ll wear off!” I remember her arguing with Daddy that night, saying that she didn’t want to send me to the emergency room because she didn’t want the doctors to suspect anything. Everything bolied down to her. Yet, I accepted her self-importance because, 1) I was just like her, and 2) she made who I was. She created me and helped me become attractive and popular. I felt like I owed her. But now, I hate her so much. I wish I never had any affiliation with Mrs. Iris Elaine Clampett Lawrence.”

“Yes, that was her maiden name.”
“Oh…hey, wasn’t that the surname of the Beverly Hillbillies?”
“Yes, which would make sense. I bet before she met Daddy, she was a country bumpkin, just like them!”

They both laughed. Afterwards, there was a long silence.

“Tawanna, I admit that I stole your money and transferred it to my account. Only now, it’s not in my hands any longer.”
“What do you mean?”
“Darnell flew away, only he wasn’t alone.”
“You mean, he didn’t plan to run away with you?”
“At first, but it wasn’t until he was on the plane that he was running away with my mother.”

Miracle jumped.

“So, not only has he been having sex with you, but Iris also?!”
“I’m afraid to say it.”
“Oh, GOD!! I feel like I’ve been committing incest! That’s repulsive! What does he see in her anyways?!”
”I don’t know, but whatever it is, I’m sure it isn’t real!”
“Ugh!!...So, how did you find out about him and your mother?”
“When I called him while rode the plane then put my mother on the phone.”
“What?!! No, they didn’t!”
“Yes, they did! And you couldn’t believe the hurtful things she said to me. I mean, I’ve heard her speak worse of me, but that moment just brought back flashbacks of all the times she or anyone has ever hurt me. That’s when I exploded and just shouted out, “f*** you,” over the phone and hung up.”

Tawanna laughed.

“Good for you!”
“So, now what?”
“I don’t know for sure, but I know it has to be something big and scandalous. Revenge for all of the egregious things Iris has ever done in the past!”
“Something like what?”
“I don’t know, I’m just saying that’s what it should be.”

The two sat and thought. Miracle grabbed her fork and tasted her first bite of food.

“Oh, my Goodness!”
“What’s wrong?”
“We’ve talked for so long that my food has gotten cold!”

Tawanna laughed as Miracle spit out her food.

“You know, I like this.”
“This. Us actually bonding.”
“I like it too.”

They both smiled and ordered the waiter to reheat their dishes.

“Yo, 40 Bars! 40 Bars! Go cop that!”
“You know that’s chump change you making.”

Chuck turned around and saw a dud leaning on his trunk, lighting a cigarette, decked out in black leather from head to toe.

“Whatchu say?”
“I said, “That’s chump change you making.””
“Yeah, whatever. I’m tryna make that paper. Get a record deal. I know that at least somebody who copped my demo gon send it to some big producer.”
“You got some high hopes.”
“I don’t hope, wish or think. I just know, bruh.”

The dude laughed.

“Is that right?”
“Hell yeah.”

He walked around the car and approached Chuck.

“Well, what if I told you that your chance at a record deal is standing right in front of you?”
“I’d say, “Who the f*** is you and how come I can’t recognize you from Jack or Jill?””

He laughed.

“That’s cause all my artists are some wankstas. Soon as they get a sample of that taste of fame, they start slacking. Then they go from fresh MC to one-hit-wonder.”
“And you say they your artists, right?”
“And who’s fault is it that your ALL your artists are slacking?”
“Hey, that’s what managers are for. But I digress. I see something in you that I normally see. You got that drive, you extra hungry. And if I was to feed you, I see you’d be hungry for more.”
“Ha. That whatchu say to all your artists?”
“Look, kid, this is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You can either chance it or keep standing on the corner selling your bootlegs from the back of your trunk until the wintertime, freezing your ass off for some measly $5 a wax.”

He pulled out his wallet.

“Here’s my card. You call me when you wanna stop bullshittin.”

Chuck grilled him. He wanted to scream, “SIGN ME! SIGN ME!!!” But he was too arrogant to take the offer while this unknown dude tried to knock his hustle. He knew he’d call him, only he’d drop this fool like a bad habit once he was done with him, then continue make a name for himself. He looked up at a billboard that was hanging up in the friendly skies. He pictured his debut album painted up there. He knew he wanted the gold, no, the double platinum! Only he knew a huge obstacle course would be ahead of him first.
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THat was amazing! definetly worth the wait...
nice touch keep it coming!
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