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Joined: Oct 28, 2004
Posts: 1

PostPosted: Thu Oct 28, 2004 7:16 am    Post subject: Tattoo

Guys, Im thinkin bout gettin a tattoo on my left shoulder, any suggestion?

just letters would be fine, no colors, maybe ai's Only the strong survive.

if you got some great tattoo pictures please send 'em to me~

much obliged, my Email:
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Joined: Nov 6, 2004
Posts: 6
Location: North Carolina

PostPosted: Mon Nov 08, 2004 7:43 pm    Post subject:

you better not copy ai's tattoo "only the strong survive" you would be a jock!!!!!!!
Holla At Cha Gurl!!!!!!!!
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Joined: Nov 10, 2004
Posts: 34

PostPosted: Tue Nov 16, 2004 3:38 pm    Post subject:

i was thinking of getting a tatoo also , i already got my navel pierced going for the tongue and eyebrow lata but for my tatoo i was thinking of getting "derrty ent" written on my arm
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Sixth Man

Joined: Nov 08, 2004
Posts: 58
Location: New Orleans, La. *French Quarter

PostPosted: Thu Nov 18, 2004 8:46 pm    Post subject:

I have 3 name tats already, I haven't gotten my son's name yet, I looking for someone that can do this really special art I have in mind. But let me tell you, you get one tat you're hooked Very Happy ! I am frightened to get piercings though I saw a chick get her tongue pierced while I was gettin' my tat done now i'm scurred! I've been wanting to get my nose pierced for a stud, I don't know Embarassed .
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Joined: Jan 12, 2004
Posts: 25

PostPosted: Sat Nov 20, 2004 1:18 am    Post subject:

I want a tattoo also, I think I am going to get a rose on by back
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Joined: Jan 09, 2005
Posts: 7

PostPosted: Sun Jan 09, 2005 2:20 pm    Post subject:

why dont you get sumthing unique that just came out of ur mind and no 1 else has Razz
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