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PostPosted: Tue Mar 16, 2004 7:45 pm    Post subject: JANET JACKSON LIKES IT ROUGH

JANET LIKES IT ROUGH: Upscale has the story.

(Mar. 16, 2004) *Do you wanna know what Janet Jackson thinks about sex? Sure ya do. How about how she feels about being in love and liking it rough?
Well, if that type of thing tickles your fancy then you should pick up the latest issue of Upscale Magazine.

The April edition hits newsstands tomorrow, Wednesday, March 17. Upscale tapped veteran celebrity biographer David Ritz to interview Jackson for their April cover story.

As you may know, her latest album is called "Damita Jo" and lots of people are curious about what Janet's thought process was when she was crafting this one.

She spoke candidly about her relationship with producer Jermaine Dupri and the sexually charged new album, which includes a song describing a female orgasm and introduces a "character" named Strawberry, who likes it rough.

"Beginning with the earlier albums, exploring -- and liberating -- my sexuality has been an ongoing discovery and theme. With 'Damita Jo' I push the envelope a little further ... A songwriter is like a novelist. You invent characters. Because they're born out of your brain, they reflect you. But good characters are independent of you and live lives of their own. I hope Strawberry is a good character. Sexually she's on fire. She doesn't mince words. She has to have it and doesn't care who knows it. 'RUFF' is her song. Ruff is her style ... her sexual adventures are exciting..."

Oh, and "Ruff" isn't just the name of a song, Janet likes it rough too ... well, sometimes.

"It's not an everyday indulgence. Not even every week. But every now and then I like playing around in that mode ... I call it role-playing with a twist."

Lo' hamercy! Sounds like Jermaine's in for some wild rides. Hang on tight, lil' fella!! Smile Anywho, you can read more of the wild things Janet had to say when Upscale's April issue hits newsstands.
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