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tell me about your time... if any with allen

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Sixth Man

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 20, 2002 12:39 am    Post subject: tell me about your time... if any with allen

when i went to a bulls game this past season i saw Allen and the team doin warm ups... i get the hook up where i can get in during that time(in chicago nobody comes so sometimes they let you in whenever)
so anyway... i took pictures of them practicing and i yelled for allen to smile... but instead to my surrise he was walking to the bench... i screamed a little and yelled out how much i loved him and watched him since college and yah yah yah( you know how it goes) he simply told me thank you and he loves me too and went back to his team... when the team was leaving to the locker rooms for 1/2 time... i reached out for a handshake and i got the handshake and his wrist band that reads the Answer. that is ad exierience i will never forget.. it's seems long but it was only seconds that felt like a lifetime.
so have you ever had an expiereice with Allen? if so tell me about it.
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