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New AI story

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PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2008 10:04 pm    Post subject: New AI story

plz leave comments you know imma twist out my story becuz i have many different versions

Ok now Beyonce is the girl coming from LA and her father is still Dr.Dre but she lives wit her mama, Tina whos a hair stylist.

enters the kitchen
B- hey mama, i didn't know you were here
T-yea i got home early because i needed to make necessary phone calls
b- for what?
t-Baby,(taking a pause) i dont know if it is the right thing to do but i want to go and live back in virginia
b- Why???
t-i really want to open my own hair salon there
b-why not here??? All my friends are here and Larry too
t-u can make other friends in virginia plus Danae is going to be there
b-Listen i know Danae and I are close, WE COUSINS i know i can make friends out there and if i dont it doesn't bother at all...i mean i like it here, my friends, my school, MY BOYFRIEND
t-is going to be hard but you know what, im the parent in here and i decided that
b-or i'll go live with dad
t-the hell you ain't(real ghetto)
b-Yes i am
t-hes ont he road all time and is working everyday and i dont wnat to see you surrounded by his people
b-i know but i really feel like LA is the place to live and die
t- you going to be fine in VA, and Larry, he's just a...never mind
b-no say it
t-hes a man, theres a multiple of man out there and...i know it aint getting serious with Larry and all right
b-yes it is
t- how much it is
b-we love each other
t-girl what u now about love
b-i dont know...but i know it feels good with Larry
t-(looking surprise and all of sudden furious) BEYONCE
t-u didn't do it didn't you
t-u guys planned to
b-No bt we thought about
t-how come u dont talk to me about this first
b-(looking annoyed)ma, i am never going to disappoint u and if i think about doing it, i must take the pills i know you not going to do nothin stupid, u raised me right
t-(feelin relieved)well this is what i wanted to hear, VA is fine, its different but youll get used to it real fast im tellin u ok
b-(sadly)ight, when r we about to go
t- i thought in 2 weeks
b- why so fast
t- i already bought the place
b- wait a minute u already chose the place to live in without asking me about it
t- no no no, im talkin about the salon
b-hmm i guessed u saw it last week-end when you went there
t-it looks perfect and cleaned
b- where we about to live
t-well, there is this catalog with houses to sell in the nice suburb of Hampton
b-wheres this catalog i want ot see those houses...(walking away)

She was excited and sad at the same time for many different reasons. She loved her school and friends and by the age of 16, you feel like belonging to your ''hood''. At that was, the rich suburbs of LA with her father on week-ends and comfortable home in the upper-middle sid of Pasadena. B
ut she was hood too and was like any other girls of her age. And her man, whew, running back for the Pasadena HS, Mister Larry Alphonso Johnson. They have been dating for about 6 months and have been ups and downs everytime. But she ''loved'' him and he ''loved'' her too but they knew that the werent meant to be 4eva.
The last night that she was about to spend in LA, she decided to do it and they did it while her mom was out with her girls for a last ladies night in LA.Next thing, she left Larry with a passionate and desperate kiss and left with Tina on a plane straight to Atlanta and then bought a black jeep of the year and went ot VA.

Unpacking things from the truck that did 2,683 miles all the way to Virginia.
b-i can't believe that from a 10 hours ride, we get in here to unpack things.
t-what, u didn't do nothin during that 10 hours ride
b- i wanted to drive but u said no
t-(looking at bee like ''u know why'')mmmh mmmh
b-(imitating)mmmh mmmh, i offered help but u rejected it
t-yup and cope with this

tell me if its good people and c'mon. Dare. Dont just read and leave without leaving a simple mark. It would be really appreciated and that keeps people like that dare to do things.
Love Is Life And Life Is Free
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