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Joined: Apr 03, 2008
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 8:17 pm    Post subject: On the Run

This Story is About Allen Iverson 26, he's a detective in this one. He has 1 child a 6 year old son, he's divorced from his wife Lisa becuase of domestic problems she has custody of their son. Then he meets Mya 21. Ya'll will find out more as you read.

Mya and her boyfriend Chris are outside arguing
M- You shouldna been lying Chris! That's all I ever asked was for you to be honest with me and what do you do? What do you do? You lie!
C- Baby it's not even like that.
M- Well f*** it then and f*** you! I'm tired of being cheated on and lied to.
C- Well if you hadna been on this virgin s***! I wouldnt have to cheat. You 21 and still a virgin damn Mya.
M- So what Chris and this is Why I'm leaving you, I told you at first, you know what forget it.
C- I Love you Mya. Don't do this s***!
M- Do what? Leave! After you continue to disrespect me by cheating and you lie so damn much!
(some detectives pull up)
C- Damn!
(they get out of the car)
A- We got a call about a domestic dispute from a neighbor.
C- It's just me and my grl Arguin, I didn't hit her, we just arguin! That's it.
A- Okay, Reggie, take him over there while I ask the young lady some questions.
(Reggie, walked Chris to his car)
A- What seems to be the problem beautiful lady.
M- It's Mya and Nothing, I'm just trying to leave. I don't wanna be with him anymore and he won't let me leave.
A- Did he hit you?
M- No he didnt. He jst kept pulling on my arm, beggin me not to leave, thats all.
A- So he didn't hit you?
M- No, he's never hit me. Look at this face. It's too fine for all of that.
A- Yea you are kinda fine.
she blushes
M- Well thanks, but I need to get to my place. And ya'll should be investigating some real crime. Det.-
A- Detective Allen.
M- Detective Allen. Well alright.
A- You need us to follow you home?
M- He's not crazy, he's not gonna follow me home.
A- Just to be safe.
M- Alright. If you wanna waste your time following me, then sure.
A- Alright. C'mon Reggie! Were gonna follow her home.
(he walks Mya to her car, walks over to Chris.)
A- Just go in the house man and calm down.
C- Yea.
(he walks away)
The detectives follow her home
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Joined: Apr 03, 2008
Posts: 7

PostPosted: Sat Apr 05, 2008 6:07 am    Post subject:

I mean ya'll can tell me if ya'll feeling the story or not. Cause I don't kno what ya'll think and I'm not addin on til I get atleast 5 tellin me what ya'll think.
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Sixth Man

Joined: Jul 07, 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 8:19 pm    Post subject: story

this is a great story keep going
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Joined: Jan 06, 2008
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Location: Montreal, Canada

PostPosted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 5:25 pm    Post subject: C'mon

Keep on writting this is good but just a start...i want some action...wassup are they gonna hook up or what...just keep on writting and youll get some feedback Smile
Love Is Life And Life Is Free
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Joined: Apr 03, 2008
Posts: 7

PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 1:47 am    Post subject:

So they followed her home
(they pull up beside her, she gets out of the car, he gets out)
M- Well alright I made it home safely.
A- You know you shouldnt drive so fast.
M- Oh I thought cops liked speed.
(he laughs)
A- I'm sorry my mind went some where else.
M- Oh, well thanks, I'm here I'm safe.
A- You want me to walk you to your door step?
M- No, I'm alright.
A- He might be inside waiting for you.
M- He doesnt have a key.
A- There are other ways that he can get in.
M- Look Detective, you know what come on, walk me to my door but don't think that you're walking inside of my place to look around.
(he smiles, he follows her up, watching her behind the entire time, she gets to her apartment)
M- Here it is. Apartment 2B. Thank you for making sure that I got here safely.
A- May I come in? I'm just joking with you.
M- Yea you better be.
A- So Ms. Mya, can I call you sometimes?
M- Listen I just broke up with my boyfriend, I just might be stupid and take him back.
A- Well, here.
(he pulls out a card with his number on it, and gives it to her, she takes it and reads it)
M- Detective Iverson.
A- Will you be calling me Ms. Mya__
M- Williamson and Probably not.
A- That doesnt sound nice at all.
M- But it's the truth. Well I have class 2morrow, so I need to get my rest.
A- Alright sweetie. Ms Mya Williamson.
M- Bye.
(he leaves and gets in the car)
R- You get her number?
A- Nope but I got everything else. Mya Williamson, 1330 S. Pulaski Apt. 2B
R- So what you gave her yo number?
A- Yea.
R- Man she not gon call yo ass.
A- Yes she will and I'm sure of that.

Next Morning
(she hears knocks at the door, she walks looks through the peep hole)
D- Its the delivery guy.
M- Alright.
(she opens the door)
D- Ms. Williamson?
M- Yes?
D- Would you sign for these flowers please?
M- Now I don't know why Chris would send me flowers were not getting back together.
D- These flowers are from an Allen Iverson.
M- Oh. Well I'm shame. Bring em in.
(The Two men sat them in the kitchen)
D- We'll be up with the rest.
M- With the rest?
D- Yes. There's a half of a truck full.
M- I know he didn't he not about to have my house filled with flowers.
(she went into the room, got his card, and dialed his number, it rang twice then he answered)
A- I'm guessing you liked the flowers?
M- Yea but I don't want an entire living room filled with them.
A- So what do you say I pick you up and take you out tonight?
M- I don't know.
A- You need more convincing? Okay well I'll have a full truck load for you 2morrow.
M- Okay wait. I'll think about it.
A- That's what I wanna hear.
M- Alright.

I got the action I just gotta warm ya'll up first.
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Sixth Man

Joined: Jul 07, 2006
Posts: 65

PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 3:23 am    Post subject:

girl this is good keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppp going
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Joined: Jan 06, 2008
Posts: 18
Location: Montreal, Canada

PostPosted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 1:16 am    Post subject:

keep on writing and give us some mo' next time ight!!!A.I. look like a stalker but anywayz i never thought thath he would go like that.peace Very Happy
Love Is Life And Life Is Free
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Joined: Apr 03, 2008
Posts: 7

PostPosted: Sun Apr 20, 2008 5:39 am    Post subject:

After the delivery guy, finishes his job, she hops in the shower, goes to school, sees her grls Tony and Nikki.
M- Grl, I got some news for ya'll.
N- Whts up?
M- You know last night I broke up with Chris.
T- Again?
M- Yea again, so we were outside arguing and somebody called the cops grl, so these two fine ass detectives pull
up. One name was Allen, so he asked me a few questions, they followed me home, he walked me to my door step
gave me his number. Why this man sends me flowers and now I have an entire room in my house filled with flowers.
T- Grl?
N- Damn u leave one nigga then you get anotha one jst like that.
M- Yea but he wanna take me out tonight.
N- So?
M- But it's a school night.
(they laugh at her)
T- Grl you are pathetic. You are a grown ass woman, talkin about a school night?
N- Don't do her like that. Grl, look jst go. Just go. You gon be safe he the damn police.
M- But I'm kinda scared.
T- Scared of what?
N- Listen jst give us his name and number so that way if you come up missing Laughing We'll at least know who
you were last with.
M- Whatever so you all think I should go?
T- Yes. Go and tease him with yo lil body.
N- Yea grl, let him take you out.
M- Alright then. I'll call him after my last class.

Her last class
(she calls)
A- What's up?
M- I made up my mind. So yea.
A- Alright I'll pick you up around 8 tonight.
M- Where are we goin?
A- Just out to dinner.
M- Well alright.
A- I'll see you later beautiful.
M- Alrite.

Mya gets home
(she's trying to figure out what she's going to wear. When her cell rings, she answers)
M- Hello?
C- Hey baby.
M- Chris what do you want?
C- Baby listen to me. I'm sorry about everything alright?
M- Chris I don't really care anymore.
C- Baby listen c'mon now. I love you grl.
M- Whatever Chris. I have a date tonight.
C- Who the f*** you goin out with?
M- The detective from last night.
C- Oh so you fuckin with the police now?
M- Yea. I'm doing jst that.
C- You know what f*** You Mya.
(he hangs up)
M- Now I can call his ass back and curse his ass out but chances are he wont answer or I can just leave it the
f*** alone cause I don't give a f***.
(she throws her cell on the bed)
At 7
(she hops in the shower, freshens up, gets out)
M- Should I wear jeans or a dress, I'll wear a dress.
(her cell rings)
M- Hello?
C- Baby I'm sorry, I jst got upset.
M- Listen Chris, I'm gonna have to talk to you another time. I'm gettin ready.
C- Well alright baby I love you.
M- Bye Chris.
(she hangs up, her cell rings, she answers)
M- Chris I told you I'm gettin ready to go out! What the f*** do you want now?
A- Hey Mya.
M- Oh, I'm sorry.
A- No problem I'm on my way.
M- Alright.
(she puts her dress and her shoes on, she pins her hair up, she hears a knock at the door, she walks to it, opens
it, Allen standing there looking fine as ever in his black dress shirt and black pants with his dress shoes)
M- Come in for a second and have a seat.
A- You look very sexy.
M- Thanks. You see all the flowers?
(she goes into the back room, gets her lil purse)
A- Yea I see, it looks nice.
M- Yea but they are too much.
(she walks back out, he jst stands there)
M- What?
A- You look so beautiful.
M- Thanks and you look very handsome.

So they talked in the car, learned more about eachother, he talked about his son, and everything all of that good
stuff. The date over with. He had to take her home early because of a call from a case that they were working on.

In the Car
A-Sorry Bout this I'll make it up to you.
M-Don't worry about it you have a job to do.
A-But I'm gonna make it up to you. I promise.
(he pulls up in front of the house, she takes her keys out of her purse, she's reaches for the handle to get out,
he grabs her arm)
A- You forgettin somethin.
M- Oh, Thank You. I had a nice time.
A- Nah, somethin else.
M- What?
(he leans in to kiss her, she turns her head)
A- Nah, where my kiss at?
(she gives him a peck on the cheek)
M- There it is.
A- Sorry I can't walk you up.
M- It's alright, I'll be safe. You be safe.
A- Aww. You making me blush. I'll watch you in the building
(she walks into the building, turns the corner, of her hall to see Chris standing there, half-way drunk)
M- Chris what are you doing here?
C- I need to talk to you.
M- Chris look, we don't have nothin to talk about!
C- Why is you yellin at me?
M- Cause Chris.
(he starts walkin up on her)
C- Look at you lookin sexy as hell.
M- Chris.
(she starts walking towards her door, he grabs her)
C- I'm tryna talk to you.
M- I don't wanna talk right now.
C- Oh you wanna go out with that nigga? We jst broke up!
M- Now look you need to calm down.
C- You suck his dick?
(she walks by him)
M- Chris go home before I call the fucking police!
C- Oh you mad now? So you sucked his dick? Did you swallow or spit?
M- Chris you are drunk! Go home!
(he snatches her keys)
M- Chris give me my keys. What is wrong with you?
(she notices she left her purse with her mace in it and everything else)
C- I just wanna talk to you jst for a minute baby please.
M- A minute?
C- Yes a minute.
M- Give me my keys.
(he gives her the keys, they walk into the apartment, she closes the door)
C- Where all these damn flowers come from?
M- Talk Chris please! Come on!
C- That nigga
(he looks at her)
C- Baby Come here.
M- I'm right here Chris.
C- Come here.
she walks up to him
M- What?
C- You look nice.
M- Thank you Chris.
C- Come here.
(he pulls her to him, grippin on her booty, she pushes him)
C- What's wrong?
M- Chris leave.
C- Hell na, I'm in here now.
M- Chris leave!
(he grabs her pushes her up against the wall)
M- Chris Stop!
C- Nah, we been together a year, you gon give me some before I leave.
M- Chris Stop!
C- Nah.
(he rips her entire dress off, pinning her arms up, she starts crying and screaming)
M- Help!
C- Who you callin for? Shut up!
M- Chris please Chris please!

Bam at the Door
A- It's the Police Open up!
C- Go tell em everything alright!
M- I need my robe.
(he grabs the towel, she wraps it around, she goes to the door, she opens it, it's Allen, he has his gun in his hand, he walks in, walks up to Chris and hits him with it twice)
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, 2008 9:01 pm    Post subject:

Love Is Life And Life Is Free
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Joined: Jan 06, 2008
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PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2008 11:25 pm    Post subject: Get back

Girl you should know that we are representing only 50% of active users in here and people come and go checking on the fan stories post to read some good stories that just keep on going...your story is the s*** right now and we all love it sooooo pleaz don't until 5 people come and write down their comments becuz they are not going to but they will read it. This is how it works here come on.... Crying or Very sad now allen is whoopin that mutherfucka with his gun...goddamn this is so sexy Twisted Evil
Love Is Life And Life Is Free
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PostPosted: Sat May 10, 2008 8:28 am    Post subject:

Okay grl!

C- I'm sorry man!
A- This my woman now!
M- Stop! You gon kill him!
A- Get the f*** out before I kill yo pussy ass!
(Chris gets up bloody, Allen hits him again)
A- Hurry the f*** up!
(he kicks him, Chris walks out, he slams the door behind him and locks it)
A- You left yo purse in my car.
(he hands it to her)
M- Thanx.
(she hugs him, he hugs her)
A- You scared?
(he puts his gun down)
M- Yea.
(she starts crying again)
A- Let me go get his ass, I need to lock his ass up.
(he starts walking, she grabs his arm)
M- No I'm alright.
A- Nah you still shakin up!
M- I'm alright. I'm alright, I'm just glad that you came. I thought you had an emergency call.
A- Yea but my partner got it for me.
(he holds her)
M- Ive never been so glad to see anybdy in my entire life-time.
(he kissed her forehead)
A- Nothing to worry about now. I'm here.
(they sit down on the couch)
M- I don't know what got into him. He's never been violent with me before. He's never even pressured me into having sex with him.
A- He knew he was about to lose you and now he's lost you for sure.
M- He sure has.
(so they talked and dosed off for a minute, he woke up, about to get off of the couch, when Mya grabbed him)
M- Where are you goin?
A- I gotta go home lil lady.
M- Could you do me a favor?
A- What's that?
M- Stay with me for tonite. Please.
A- You want me to stay with you? I tell you what. Lisa is bringing my son over in about a half hour. So I gotta meet her. So you can jst
come with me to my house, and after I get done dropping him off at school, I can bring you back here.
M- Alright that'll work. Let me go put some clothes on.
(She walks into the bedroom comes out within seconds with her pajama pants on and a tank-top, he smiles at her, she grabs her tooth brush
and her purse)

At his house
(they pull up in the garage)
M- This is your house?
A- Yea.
M- Wow it's so big.
A- Yea. Nothing special.
M- Please. I can't wait to see the inside.
(they both get out of the car, walks to the door, he pulls his keys out, opens the door)
M- Wow you live in a mansion.
A- C'mon now it's not that big.
(he leads her in)
A- Make yourself at home.
M- Alright.
(So he turns on the tv, they both sit down, and start to watch it, she falls asleep, like a couple hours later, his cell rings)
A- Speak!
L- I'm at the front door with our son.
(he gets up, walks to the door, there Lisa is standing with lil Al in her arms)
L- I left his stuff in the car.
(she hands him over, Allen walks in the house, takes him to his room, Lisa gets his things from the car and walks in the house, she
notices, Mya on the couch. She goes up to Al's room)
L- Who is that young grl on the couch?
A- Don't ever question me. Drop his s*** and get the f*** out woman.
L- So you gon abuse her next huh?
A- Lisa you better leave.
(So they walk down stairs, as they are walking Mya is walking out of the bathroom, drying her hands)
M- Hello.
L- Hi. I'm Lisa and you are?
M- Mya?
A- This is my ex-wife.
L- I saw you on the couch when I first walked in.
M- Yea, I had a long night.
L- Well be very careful, you are a very pretty young woman
A- Time to go.
(he practically dragged her out of the house, he locked the door behind her)
A- You wanna go upstairs to my room?
M- Yea.
(they walked upstairs)
A- You'll see my son in about a couple of hours.

Around 7 A.M.
(Mya lying in his bed, she hears talking down-stairs, she brushes her teeth, and everything, she walks down, Reggie is down there and Allen's
son, lil Al's eating cereal. They all look at her, Allen frowns a little, Reggie smiles)
R- Hey Mya.
M- Hi.
La- Hey Mya!
M- Hi big boy.
La- She's really pretty dad.
A- Yea.
(he walks up to her)
A- Let me talk to you for a second.
(they walk back up the steps)
A- What the f*** is wrong with you?
M- What?
A- Walking down-stairs, I can see through your shirt.
M- Sorry! I thought
A- You thought wrong put a jacket on.
M- Alright. Sorry.
A- It's alright. Jst don't let it happen again.
(He kisses her forehead, they walk back down together)
R- I better get goin.
La- Bye Uncle Reggie.
R- Bye Pimpin.
A- See you in a few hours man!
R- Alright. Bye Mya.
M- Bye!
(he leaves)
A- I gotta drop my soldier off at school then I can take you home.
M- Alright.
A- You don't wanna stay?
M- No I have class today.
La- What school do you go to?
M- I go to a University.
La- My mom goes to a University.
M- Yea.She must be a very smart lady.
La- Yea she is.
(Mya smiled at him)

The first month of their relationship was amazing, he got her whatever she wanted, took her every where introduced her to family and every
thing. Every 1st Sunday they would go to his mothers' house his family would meet there. This was her second 1st Sunday.
(Allen Mya and Lil Al walked into the house together, Lil Al ran in)
La- Grandma!
An- Hey baby! All the kids are in the back. Hey Mya!
(she hugged her, and she hugged Allen)
An- My baby.
(Allen's little sister came down-stairs)
T- Hey big bro! Hey Mya!
M- Hey Tisha.
(she looked at her almost rolling her eyes, so Mya had a seat, in the front room, Ann left for the store 10 minutes later in walks Tisha
and her friend)
T- Why are you here?
M- Because Allen wanted me to come along.
T- You need to leave.
M- Tisha you are a young girl. Stay in a child's place.
T- I'll beat yo ass!
(Tisha's friend ran screaming)
H- Allen! Allen!
(when he came in they were standing face to face, he grabbed Mya)
A- What's goin on?
M- She hopped in my face.
A- This my lil sister.
M- I know but she was getting disrespectful.
T- Tell her she don't know me!
A- I got this Tisha!
(he grabbed Mya's hand they went into the kitchen)
A- Whas wrong with you?
M- Nothing is wrong with me. I'm fine.
A- Well what was that about?
M- Your sister hopped in my face.
A- You grown right?
M- Yea.
A- Well why was you in her face?
M- I'm not about to let nobody disrespect me!
A- Who you yellin at? Huh?
M- I'm jst sayin she was gettin disrespectful Allen.
A- Well next time you come get me. Don't try to put yo hands on my lil sister.
(she smacks her lips, he squints and looks at her. All of a sudden he:
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PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2008 9:12 pm    Post subject:

he what...ah come on girl get back!!! Sad
Love Is Life And Life Is Free
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PostPosted: Wed May 14, 2008 12:54 am    Post subject:

wonder what he ganna do?.. hurry up n add on!!!
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PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2008 3:32 am    Post subject:

whew girl see a lot of people have been reading your story about 1080 people, that means that your storys good.keep on going
Love Is Life And Life Is Free
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