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Im writting a story called Keep waiting for U

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Joined: Jan 06, 2008
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Location: Montreal, Canada

PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2008 9:41 pm    Post subject: Im writting a story called Keep waiting for U

Hey people, I decided to write a story about my fantasy on the answer. I want it to be really more about the 90s like 1996 with jay-z, foxy brown when allen started but its in the 2000s. Its gon be Allen as Allen Iverson:he's a manager under Dr.Dre's label seo he's the under boss but he still got skills with b-ballin but he's not the professional that we all know.
Beyonce as Beyonce Knowles: She's a mix of Aaliyah so she's laid back, Jennifer Lopez, because she's a businesswoman, Mary J. blige(early days) she suffered a lot you can feel her pain and Mariah Carey because you know She the Diva. Its all about the music though(that Im mixing these talented artist altogetha) but most importantly and it is based on Beyonce's real life (DC3, fame, jealousy) oh wait I forgot, she's Dre's daughter.
Dr.Dre: He's not really a retired rapper but he produces a lot. He started out with the N.W.A around 1985(fiction) he had Beyonce at the age of 16 the same year. He started out rough but he was an ambitious producer and he was very protective of beyonce. He owns Aftermath.
Tina Johnson: Beyonce's mother. She's a choreographer(sorry for the mispelling) and she choreographed Mary's video and she met Dre at high school and had beyonce at the age of 16 too. She never married Dre and they fall apart during Death Row.
Danae; A character that is beyonce best friend and cousin on her mother side. I took her from Carmen Bryan's book of '' It's no secret''(she Nas baby mama and she had sex with allen in 1996 for real though check on google if you guys donT' believe me)
Kelly Rowland: You know beyonce's friend and part of destiny's
Michelle Williams: As for Kelly too they don't have big roles in my story though but they're here as well.
Marlon: Beyonce dancer and Allen's right hand.

Let me tell first language is not english its french so if inmy text though i have mistakes and all, dont laugh. Im keepin it real. It is widely based on Carmen's 2006 book and beyonce's real life(fame)even though i don't really know it.
Of course its gon be Da Brat, Foxy Brown, cheating, fame, trust, unconditional love and family.
Love Is Life And Life Is Free
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Joined: May 13, 2008
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PostPosted: Wed May 14, 2008 1:02 am    Post subject:

sounds good so far.. hurry up n add on!!
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Joined: Jan 06, 2008
Posts: 18
Location: Montreal, Canada

PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2008 1:20 am    Post subject:

Dre knocks on beyonce's door and he enters.

beyonce-oh hey dad i didn't know you were home.

dre-yea,I just got in Los Angeles for about 2 hours ago but i really need to talk to you about some serious things

beyonce-ah dad, look, i really thought about it. And I spoke to mom and me and the girls are really ready to become singers. C’mon dad, you know ever since I was little that i worked my ass off to get better and better in singing and dancing and you told me that I could do anything in life to be successful as long as I put god first, and keep persevering through dirt and all.And you said that you trusted me and always will so why you cannot trust me now and let me be a big girl now?im 16, im grown!

dre-look i totally trust you...but i dont trust u the game has changed now. People of the industry are just some phonies with no talent and all that they want is the money. I can’t just let you girls out like that without no protection. People gon think things that I don,t want to hear first can you understand what a father could feel seeing his daughteri all surrounded from no good people like that.

(rolling her eyes)look, i don't get influenced easy and you know that. I am never going to disappoint you or mom.

dre-usually women that get in the industry fall in all kind of stuf like drugs, men...

beyonce-(acting tired) and sex....

dre-look i didn't say that

beyonce- ahhh dad how many times do i have to tell you that i will never be a sleazy girl, you raised me right. In matter of fact you will be there because you're gon be or manager

dre- Wait bee...i don't get into that anymore, didn't tell you that im tryin to get semi-retired.

beyonce- (pleasin) Daddy!!! do it for me

dre- hell no but i have somebody on mind that can get you girls to the top. But now i got to go i'm leavin in about 3 day and i need to get some rest so, goodnight slepping beauty

beyonce- alright
Love Is Life And Life Is Free
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Joined: Jan 06, 2008
Posts: 18
Location: Montreal, Canada

PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2008 3:05 am    Post subject:

The same night...

Dre-(calling)I need you to come directly ti my office right now, can you do that.

Allen- No problem

Dre- it is really important

Allen- Alright i be there in a minute

Dre- ight( he hungs)

Allen is dressin real fast

girl-(in an exhausted and sleppin voice)you goin, already??

allen- yeah, u knew that one day i be gone and that was probably supposed to be while you sleepin im out

girl- but wait

allen knocks the door and gets out of the hotel room just like nothin has just happened. he didn't care about that whore he only got what he wanted and whats done is done.NEEXXTTT!!!He gets to dre's office in about 15 minutes

allen-im here

dre- yeah, u know when i told you tht it was time that you make your pals out of this world right

dre- well i need you to use that potential and drive my girl's group right to the top
allen- your girl's???
dre- yeah my daughter and her childhood friends have been singin together by the age of 10 but as for my daughter, 3 years old as for dancin. So i know that she has and the girls have talent and strenghth in themselfs and now it's time to take it to another level. And their names supposed to mean everything. Destiny's child. They were and are meant for fame

allen- the thing taht i just don't understand is what do you want me to do with them

dre- Manage them, take control of them

allen- why me not you 'cause this, is YOUR daughter's group

dre- i will not fit into that picture because i know that i will hurt my daughter by forbidden everything and ways. i don't want to lose her as my daughter

allen-sooo, the thing is that all under your label, you want me to be manage destiny's child to fame...and to protect them as their big brother

dre- i knew that you'll get it

allen- and what do i get in return

dre- 15% plus privileges and more

allen- Let me think about that

dre- nah man, the time is now or never

allen- iight

dre- then you start tomorrow, imma be setting a meet up at the studio with Timbaland to start the production and record the girls voice so you can make the arrangements and the changes. I trust you 'cause i took you since you were 14 and now your 21, you're an adult now and be it.

Allen walks out with a big smile on his face of proudness, it was time for a change, thats what he thought for a long time ago. but he wasn't sure that destiny's child was the right step as a first move for him. He wants that move to be a real big move for hip hop like pac and big. he wasn't so sure about a female group to fill that title.

so tell me what yall think
Love Is Life And Life Is Free
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