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PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2004 3:54 am    Post subject: Coming Soon....

I'm gettin a story togetha. Yall look out for it Wink

I Am What I Am--If You Don't Like It, Kill Yo Self
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Joined: Nov 25, 2003
Posts: 1422
Location: Derrty South

PostPosted: Sat Dec 18, 2004 8:03 pm    Post subject:

This is a new story I've been workin on..i'm new at this so i hope yall like it!

The characters are:
Toya-Main character/17years old
Keisha-Toya's best friend 17years old
Shay-Toya's friend/17years old
Antonio aka toni-Toya's boyfriend
Jay-Antonio's cousin
(there are more but these are the more important ones)

Toya seemed to have the perfect life. She was a normal teenager: beautiful, smart, wonderful b/f, loving family, and great friends. She was a star on the basketball team and, along with her best friend keisha, the most popular gurl in school.

Toya is asleep when...
RING RING!!...She's thinkin "who da hell callin me this early"
She answers the phone
Toya -What!

Antonio -Damn baby, what's wrong?

T -Oh i'm sorry Boo. Nothing's wrong. wassup?

A -Nothing really. Just callin to see what you was up to and what u was gon be doing today.

T -Nothing really. I got practice at 10 and my parents goin out of town for a few weeks.

Antonio gets all happy and s***
A -Oh word?!?! It's iight if i come ova dere?

T -Yea it's cool. I'ma come get u afta practice.

A -Iight Babygirl, I'll be ready.

T -okay. love you.

A -love you too bye

Toya hangs up the phone and manages to get out of bed. She goes into the bathroom and showers and gets dressed for practice. When she comes out, she see's that her parents are getting ready to leave for their trip.

Mom -You sure u gon be ok her by urself?

T -mom i'm 17, i think i can handle myself. besides, ke ke gon be here wit me.

M -oh okay

Dad -yall betta not be havin to mouch fun w/ dem lil boys. i don't wanna have to hurt nobody.

T -*lol* okay daddy. ya'll have fun. luv ya!


next part...

On the way to practice, Toya was bumpin the new T.I. cd so she didn't hear how every1 was blowin up her cell. When she stopped at the red light she heard sirens and saw flashing lights heading toward tha gym. When she pulled into the parking lot every1 was outside.
She walks up....

T -Hey ya'll! what happened? where Shavone at Ke Ke?

B4 she could answer, Toya turned and saw Shavone being put onto the stretcher and taken to the hospital.

T -Ke ke wat's wrong wit Shay?

K -She....she was shot.

T -By who?

K -I think it was Dre. U know he been jealous eva since her and Josh hooked up. I neva thought it would come to this...i mean i knew he was crazy but he aint have to take it this far.

T -Yea i know, i hope she's okay. c'mon we gotta go see bout her.

On the way to the hospital, Toya called Antonio and told him wat happened.

A -Damn that's fucked up. But when u find out who did it let me know...i got somethin 4 they ass.

T -Okay. But i know u betta not do nothin stupid and get yo self in trouble.

A -Yea iight..but i'ma meet yall at the hospital iight.

T -iight bye.

Right after Toya hung up wit Antonio, her phone was ringin again...

T -Damn. Ke ke get dat for me..

K -iight.....Hello?...who is this?

? -Ur worst nightmare...

K -Yo whoeva playin on da phone needta quit

? -Oh naw..this ain't no game. It's serious and that's why ol gurl in da hospital now. And u and ya friend can play crazy if u want too...yall gon be jus like her...maybe worse.

K -Who da f*** is dis?!?

? -*click*

T -Gurl what was dat all about?

K -That was somebody talkin bout they our worse nightmare and that if we play crazy that we gon end up jus like Shay, or maybe even worse.

T -The f***!!?!? They can talk s*** if they want to..i got niggaz that can put them thangs on 'em'mean? besides, that was prolly jus some ass hole playin on phone.

K -Yea maybe so...

When they got to the hospital, Shavone had already been admitted to intensive care. They asked to see her but they were only allowing family members to go in.
When Antonio got dere, Toya and Ke Ke told him bout the "mysterious phone call"

A -Oh HELL naw..somebody gotta die

T -Baby it ain't that serious.

A -Yea it is..they fuckin wit my gurl and her friends so they fuckin wit me. But don't worry ma i'ma handle dis s***.

T -okay baby, whateva u say . I'm bout to drop Keisha off at home. Here's the key to the house. U can go ahead ova dere and i'll see u when i get there.

A -iight *kiss*


Toya dropped Keisha off at home. She was still thinking about all the s*** that had gone down that day....the shooting, the phone call, etc. She wanted to believe it was just some dummy playin tricks on the phone but in the back of her mind she thought it may b something more serious. Then right in the middle of her thoughts.......


Her cell was ringing again. She looked at the C.I.D but she didn't recognize the number. She decided not to answer.
Then she noticed she had a voicemail. She listenind to it...

VoiceMail -I don't know y u trynna ignore these calls. We gon get u 1 way or anotha. Believe that! And tell ya lil boyfriend he betta stay out this. East side biatch!

Toya couldn't believe what she was hearing. When she got home she let Antonio listen to it.

A - Oh HELL naw...they don fucked up now!

T -Y baby u know who it is??

A -Yea, the "west side biatch" gave it away..u KNOW that ain't nobody but Dre ol bitch ass. He jus mad cuz that gurl don't want him no more. He gon get wats comin to him tho...he gon get it right in his damn head

T -Hold up. Don't do all that yet..jus f*** him up..torture him..let him see how it feel..but B4 dat we gotta atleast make sure it's him.

A -Yea u right. That's a good idea. But enuff about that. We got a house to ourselves and we up in here talkin bout that bull s***...I'm hungry..go cook me somethin.

T -Boi what kinda weed u been smokin?? I ain't finna cook s***!

A -Neva hurts to ask...U wanna order a pizza or suttin?

T -Yea dat'll work

After they ate they jus chilled, and watched tv. They put it on the news and saw the story about the shooting. The reporter said they don't have any evidence on the suspects yet. ......
A lil later, Antonio was gettin in his lil freaky mode and feelin all on Toya. She tried to play it off like she ain't like it but she ain't such a good actor.

T -Stop it Tonio!

A -Why, u know it feel good.

T -So

A -Sooooo...

Antonio started to kiss Toya's neck. He knew what is was doin to her.

A -U still don't want it?

Toya gave him that look and walked into the bed room. Of course he followed.
He layed her on the bed and unbuttoned her shirt. They started kissin and she was undressin him as well. He put his "tool" in slowly and worked it for hours.
Then, eventually, they fell asleep in each others arms.


The next morning Toya woke up and decided to cook breakfast. Antonio was still asleep so she didn't bother him.

As soon as she had finished he walked into the kitchen.

He was halfway talkin to his self
A - Damn I must be dreamin this gurl in here cookin.

T - shut up:jump:

A - Aww baby u know i'm jus playin witcha *kiss* But I might need to go handle some business lata on. What was u gon be doin today?

T - Me and Keisha might go shopping or something since we ain't got practice today. What type of business u handlin??

A - Don't worry bout dat Baby Girl. Me and Jawon gotta go handle somethin.

T - Iight lil nigga don't do nothin stupid.

A - Iight boo. I'll call u lata. I'm bout to go ahead and go ova dere.

T - Okay love u.

A - Love you too *passionate kiss*

Toya went to pick up Keisha. They was on they way to the mall. They stopped to get some gas. Toya went in to pay while Keisha was at the pump. She saw a Caprice that kept circling around the gas station. She got a lil nervous. Then the people in the car slowed down next to her and rolled down the window. They jus stared until Toya came out of the store.

T - Who was dat?

K - Gurl I don't even know but they was lookin at me like they had a damn problem or somethin. U don't think it had anything to do wit Shay do u?

T - I don't know but I guess we should be careful and lay low for a while cuz somebody is trynna f*** wit us fa real doe.

K - Yea I see.

Jus then Toya's phone rung

T - Hello?

? - LaToya Denise Thomas

T - WHAT??

? - Born September 11, 1986

T -

? - Daughter of Timothy and LaTonya Thomas. Exact location: Pace Car gas station, pump number 3.

Toya hung up the phone. Come on Kiesha we gotta find Antonio..quick!


Toya and Keisha jumped into the car and sped off to look for Antonio.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Shay was doing a lot better and found out they would let her go home soon. She was so happy she decided to call Toya

T - Who is this?

S - Dang gurl. I'm fine how r u?

T - Shay!! Hey gurl I am so sorry but I been kinda paranoid bout answerin the phone lately. I don't know but something is goin on.

S - Something like what??

Toya proceeded to tell her about the crazy phonecalls and folkz starin at the gas station.

S - Dang gurl I aint no all dat s*** was happenin. But on tha real, I did have a feelin that it might be Dre. U know he jealous of me eva since we broke up. I knew that nigga was crazy.

T - Yep!! But me and Keisha lookin for Tonio right now. He was talkin bout him and J had to handle some business.

S - What type of business?

T - Gurl he had the audacity to tell me dont worry bout it. He been smokin some of that herb haha.

S - Yea seems that way. But it's time for my physical therapy so I'll holla atcha'll lata. Be safe okay.

T - Okay we will. Bye.

They pulled up to J's house. Antonio's car was there but when they knocked no 1 answered. Toya called his cell.

A - Hello?

T - Hey baby where u at?

A - Let me call u back i gotta go handle somethin. luv u.

Toya was starting to get worried about Antonio and what he was doing. She hoped and prayed that it wasn't anything dangerous although, she almost knew it was.
Keisha decided to stay over at Toya's house becuz she didn't want to be home alone. When they got there, they noticed a strange car parked a few houses down.

K - Toya who is that?

T - Iono but i got my piece under the seat if they wanna start some s***.

K - Iight cuz i got my razor jus incase a nigga wanna die.

As they pulled into the driveway, the car turned around and sped off. Keisha remembered the liscence plate which said: 2EZ2NV (too easy to envy for those that r a lil slow)

K - Toya didn't that tag look familiar? Seem like ive seen it at a party or something.

T - Yea u right. Remember that was the night Shay got into that arguement wit that girl from the west side. She was ova dere wit Dre and......
OMG we gotta find Antonio!


K - Please don't tell me that was the same night Tonio and Dre started fighting.

T - Yea! That's why i gotta find my baby and make sure he okay. cuz i heard that Dre started runnin wit Killah C and you know he ain't got that name for s***.

Toya and Keisha started to search everywhere for Antonio. Meanwhile...let's check in on him and J.

A - J! Bring yo ass on man. We gotta make sure we see them b4 they see us.

J - Damn nigga...i'm comin. Slow ya roll.

A - I can't help it cuz this s*** woulda neva happened if...
sshhh somebody coming.

KC=Killa C

KC - What the f*** yall doin in here?!?

Back at the hospital, Shay was doing a lot better and was told she could go home. When she got there, all kinds of messages were on her answering machine.

msg1 - We ain't thru wit u or ya lil friends
msg2 - Watch ya back bitch
msg3 - Next time ain't gon be a need for a hostpital...maybe a hearse!

Shay couldn't believe what was happening. She tried to call Toya but it said the call couldn't be completed. She started to get a lil worried about her and Keisha.

Keisha and Toya were still out looking for Tonio and J. They had no luck so they went back to Toya's house and tried calling again. After a couple times Toya heard him pick up, then 3 gunshots , and.............silence

I wonder who, if anyone, was shot???
Yall come back now ya hear?

I Am What I Am--If You Don't Like It, Kill Yo Self
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 23, 2005 8:26 pm    Post subject:

T - OMG! Keisha I heard gunshots but then the phone went dead! We gotta find them and make sure they're okay. If somethin happened to them i dont know what ima do....

K - Calm down gurl..if any1 was shooting it was prolly Tonio..

T - Yea u right but what if u wrong...

K - Let's jus call around and see if any1 has seem them or know where dey at.

They had been calling every friend they thought might know where they were. Then they heard some1 knock on the door. They were so paranoid they jus sat there
Then the person knocked again...Then the phone rang

Person - R u gon open the door?

T - Who is this?

Per. - It's J who u think it is??

T - This don't sound like J

Per. - Open the door gurl

Toya and Keisha grabbed they nine and a knife and went to the door. When they opened it they were relieved to see it really was J

T - Jay! I'm sooo glad to see u But where Tonio??

J - That's what i came ova here to talk to u about....

I Am What I Am--If You Don't Like It, Kill Yo Self
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 24, 2005 3:55 pm    Post subject:

We have a soap opera here which i like but i would like 2 no what happened to ol boy. keep it up Laughing
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2005 1:42 am    Post subject:

J had a look on his face that Toya had neva seen before. She couldn't take the suspense any longer.

T - J! What happened..where is Tonio?!?!

J - See, we went out to the west side to find Dre and all them so we could show them wat we bout. na'mean. but Killah caught us sneekin in. Tonio had already told me that if 1 of us get caught, the other had to go on and save theirself. That's y i'm here. Tonio is still there. But i aint lettin my boi go out like dat, i jus need to make sum phone calls.

T - I hope he's okay.

K - Me too gurl...

J was hangin up from the numerous calls he had just made. He was headed for the door.

T - Wait! is there anything we can do?

J - Na cuz if i got u involved in whats bout to go down, and somethin happened to you, i could neva forgive myself and neither could Tonio. U stay here and look out for any phone calls. Me, Boo, Ty, and some otha folkz bout to handle this. Dont worry baby gurl. Be Safe

T - U be safe too.

Back at the place...Killah had tied Tonio up. Then searched him lookin for any weapons he may have had on him..He found them all (at least he thought he did)
Killah went up stairs and he came back down with dre and a couple other dudes.

D - So what brings u to these parts Antonio?

A -

KC - Dre put dese cuffs on him. he aint goin no where, we gon play wit him for a while

A -

Tonio was thinkin of a way to get out, but still do what he came there to do. He has a great imagination with things like this....

D - Ay we can do dat lata...right now we gotta go take care of more serious business cuz them gurls we been messin wit, i think they a lil to smart for they own good.

A - *thinkin to hisself* i know they betta not think they bout to f*** wit my baby gurl..they gotta anotha thing commin fa sho

KC - Come on let's go. from the looks of it he aint goin no where no time soon. *evil laugh*

D - Jus to make sure.... Evil or Very Mad

Dre punched Tonio until he supposedly passed out
Then they left.
Tonio must be a good actor becuz when they got back...he was no where to be found!

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 26, 2005 10:37 pm    Post subject:

Antonio is a smart young man. As soon as he came out he ran straight to a get away car..and yep..u guessed it...J was driving. They had Boo, Ty, and the WHOLE crew in tha 'Burban wit 'em. They circled the back of the building and hid out til they saw Killah C and Dre pull back up. Who knew they already had a plan...check it out.

KC walks into the building.

KC - WTF?!?!? Now where that nigga go!!!

He started to look around. Then he went back out to tell Dre he couldnt find him. But from the looks of it Dre already knew. When Killah walked back out. Tonio had Dre in a death lock, Rakim, Shawty, and Jamal was beatin his ass, and Boo, J, and Ty had all cocked back and aimed straight for Killah's throat..........................

Meanwhile, Toya and Ke Ke were still worried about tonio and the rest of them.
All kinds of thoughts had crossed their minds. They didnt know if they should call the police or jus chill out.. They decided to jus wait it out and hope for the best.

T - I wonder where they at.

K - Me too gurl. I'm kinda scared too cuz the s*** that's been goin on lately been CRAZY!

T - Fa damn sho. I'm so stressed i dont know wat to do.

K - Well all we can do now is jus wait.

Before they knew it they had fallen asleep. They woke up to a phone call. somebody had been blowin up Toya's cell but it was on vibrate so no 1 heard it.
Toya answered and it was J...

J - Wassup...i need yall to meet us at the warehouse on the corner of 106th and Park (lol)

T - Is somethin wrong?? where tonio??

J - Hurry up okay...*click*

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2005 9:30 pm    Post subject:

ILike...I really like... keep it up!!!!!
Yall know me, i just keep it real!!!!
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2005 4:33 am    Post subject:

*~*U CANT f*** WIT ME

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 07, 2005 2:11 am    Post subject:

ight gurl...i aint been feeling like typin lately lmao...but fa real tho. i get tired of typin and i been kinda busy lately so i aint came up wit the next part yet.. but best believe ya gurl comin back and it's gon be fire ight...~1~

I Am What I Am--If You Don't Like It, Kill Yo Self
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2005 3:49 am    Post subject:

T - Damn.....Let's go gurl.

K - Ight, where we goin??

T - J told is to meet him. We gotta hurry, iono wat dese niggaz doin.

K - Ight then. Get ya s***, we might have to buss some.

Toya and Keisha was speedin down the highway. When they got to the west side they slowed down a lil. Toya wasnt exactly sure she knew where to go but when she called J all she got was the voicemail.

T - Damn dere it go, we been drivin past it tha whole time. I hope we aint to late

They pulled over at the corner as they were instructed. The toya got a text message to unlock da doors. Then suddenly they heard a lot of gunshots and saw a group of guys runnin towards them. Toya was bout to lock the door back til she saw Tonio runnin towards the car.
They jumped in.

Tonio - Go baby!!! Hurry up 'fore the po po's come!!!!!

Toya drove as fast as she could. She wanted to ask for an explanation but decided to wait til they were safe in dey own house.
They took Rakim and Shawty to Jamal house. Boo and Ty had stayed back so if the police followed somebody they could get some of the heat of them. They had they car too so they got away.

When they got back on the interstate they heard sirens.

T - OH s***!!!


Turns out the abulance was going the other way.. Maybe they had heard the gunshots
When they got to the house Tonio began to tell Toya and Ke Ke about everything that had happened.

A - They was messin wit u and i jus had to do somethin about it.. i wasnt bout to stand back and see u get hurt. We went ova there to tha warehouse to get dem niggaz. But KC ended up catchin us. They handcuffed us or wateva and they started beatin me til they THOUGHT i was unconcience but they left me there and thats how i got out.

T - Baby i'm so happy u got away safe.

A - Me too

Then they turned on the t.v. and decided to catch the news.

REP = Reporter

REP = There were numerous gunshots reportedly heard today around 8 p.m. They were allegedly fired at or near the old warehouse located on 106th and Park.

T - OMG!

REP = There have been no arrests made but if you know anything about this crime please notify the police immediately.


2 months went by and there was still no progress wit wat had happened. KC and Dre had mysteriously disappeared but other than that everything was back to normal.

Toya's parents were back in town. Toya and Ke Ke had been ballin hard. Shay hadnt returned to the team but she was doing okay. Antonio was had started runnin in the streets a lot more. Toya didnt know wat was up wit him but things had changed.

One day after school Toya called Antonio and was trying to see wat was up.

answering the phone
A - Talk to me
T - Hey baby
A - Wassup
T - That's wat im callin for.. where u been lately.. why u aint been coming to school??
A - Why u askin me so many questions?
T - Well excuse me for caring then.. How bout i talk to u lata since u wanna get a damn attitude
A - Yea wateva

Toya couldnt believe wat had just happened. Everything they had been thru in the last 3 and 1/2 years, now he want to start trippin.
She decided not to let it get her too upset but she knew something wasnt right and she was going to find out wat it was.

Meanwhile Ke Ke and Jay had been talkin a lot lately. They were going to the mall. Keisha was jus lookin around at some clothes when she thought she saw Antonio talkin to a gurl. She didnt think twice about it and just figured it wasnt him. They were headin in the other direction so she jus didnt worry about it

Antonio was in Footlocker lookin at the new Jerseys that just came in. A gurl named Felicia walked up to him.
F - Hey wats poppin
A - Oh nothin wassup
He glanced up at her then back at the jerseys.. he wasnt really payin her no attention.
Felicia was wearing


Lets just say she was built and Antonio started staring harder and harder after he noticed. It wasnt long before they was switching numbers and makin plans to meet up later. Antonio knew wat he was doing was wrong but he was doing it anyway....

Toya was bout to get Ke ke and do some undercover work. Keisha told her wat she thought she saw but she wasnt sure. They headed ova to Antonio's cuz there was no way he was bout to be at home on a Friday night.. They knew somethin was up.

Later that night Antonio was getting ready to go see Felicia. He changed his mind about 4 times before he left to see her. Toya and ke ke was pulling up just as he was leaving. He didnt see them so they decided to follow him. They saw him pull up at Felicia's house but he just sat there.........


T - Where is dat bat...i kno i put it sumwhere in here

K - Gurl he jus sittin there like a ass so slow ya roll.. maybe he aint stupid after all

Antonio thinkin*what is wrong wit me.. let me go handle mines*
He gets out of the car

K - Oh s***..spoke to soon!

T - Oh there it go.. neva leave da crib w/o it!! U know wat i cant believe dis nigga. How bout u hold her while i beat his ass then ima be hers..Deal??

K - Bet dat.. let me get my cro bar....

Antonio knocks on the door

F - *opening the door* come on in baby

A - *thinkin damn*... wassup ma

Felicia is wearing

F - Oh we gon see bout that

She leads him to her bedroom and u know.. they do the grown folk (lol)

Meanwhile Toya and Ke Ke chillin out.. trynna wait til they get into it.. They takin off they jewelry.. gettin tha vasaline.. these gurls serrious..
They walk up to the house... come to find out this dumb bytch didnt lock the door..

T - Shh gurl be quiet.. we gotta catch them in the act..

K - Ight..

They dont know where the hell they goin but then they hear some noises...BINGO!

They run up on them like the G's they are.. Ke Ke grab tha hoe and Toya got her bat ready.. She go all upside Antonio head wit it.. she got him good too...

Ke Ke ova there halfway killin Felicia.... after they finished that they busted his windshields and slashed his tires.. u kno how they do......

Antonio runnin out the house behind Toya trynna apologize

A - Baby this aint wat it look like! wait..

T - What tha hell u mean it aint wat it look like?? U busted Tonio.. I caught the hoe slobbin down ya dick? That aint enuff proof? I aint got time fa ya ass no more.. Dont fuckin talk to me unless u wanna meet my little friend again (talkin bout her bat)

Antonio couldnt believe wat just happened. The 3 1/2 years they spent together is now ruined ova some shyt like dat.. *thinkin to hiself* and then that hoe got that tired ass pussy.. dis some s***.. i gotta get my gurl back

It was about 2 so Toya and Ke Ke went back to da crib and went to sleep.. They next night around 11 they decided to go hit da club. When they get there its gettin kinda hype. They gettin some drinks when some1 walks ova to Toya.

Al - Hey ma. How you doing?

T - Wassup. I'm good.

Al - You lookin good. Can I getcha name?

T - LaToya

Al - That's a beautiful name LaToya. I'm Allen.

T - Nice to meet u

Al - So you wanna dance or somethin?

T - Yea let's go.....I'ma hit u in a minute ight Ke?

K - Go head gurl.. i aint mad atcha!!

Toya and Allen all on each otha and they havin a real good time.

When everyone started leaving Toya found Ke Ke and they headed out. Allen walked them to the car and he switched numbaz wit Toya.

A - Okay, U gon be hearin from me real soon ight?

T - Yea I hope so.

A - U be safe mami

T - yea u too

he walks away

K - Uh oh look at lil Toya gettin her groove back...

T - Haha anywayz gurl.. u kno how i do it!!

K - Oh fa sho!!

When they get back to Toya house her parents are asleep. She looks at her phone and sees that Tonio been blowin her up...

T - Damn he jus wont give it up will he

Ke ke starts listenin to the messeges on the house phone...(she jus nosey like dat)

K - ooooh gurl he said he looooove u

T - *cough cough* bull s*** *cough cough*


Allen and Toya had been talkin a lot and chillin togetha ova tha past few weeks
1 morning, on a Saturday, Toya and Ke ke still knocked out when the phone starts ringin....

In a sleepy voice
T - Huh

Al - Oh my bad, dis Allen, did I wake u up?

T - Yea but u cool. Its goin on 2 i guess i need to get up wats up?

Al - I was wondering if maybe u wanted to chill today.. Thats if u aint busy

T - Yea that's fine. Wat u wanna do?

Al - Maybe go to the mall or suttin...

T - Heard dat!! I need some new stuff anyway.. U can come get me in bout an hour and a half ight?

Al - Ight ma

Toya woke Ke Ke up. After they both had taken a shower and got dressed Ke Ke said she was out. Her and J was supposed to be chillin today.

K - Dont do nothin I wouldnt do!... Hold up.. I mean dont do nothin i WOULD do.. Hell u know wat i mean.. Have fun

T - Shut yo dumb ass up lol.. Bye

Allen arrived right on time. He was lookin good too (as alwayz)

Toya opening the door
T - Hey

Al - Sup, You ready?

T - Yea let me get my cell

When they got to the mall Toya was all ova tha place. Allen was trynna buy her everything she wanted but Toya wouldnt let him.

They was headed to the food court when Toya heard a familiar voice calling her name so she turns around

T - Damn

Al - Wat, whos that?

T - My ex Antonio... he mus be jealous cuz i moved on

Antonio is walkin closer and closer to wear they sitting

Al - Oh shyt.. dont worry i got u ma

Antonio - Who the f*** is dis?

Toya and Allen ignore him

A - I know u hear me talkin to u Toya

Al - Yea she hear u but she aint ya child so u aint gon talk to her like 1

A - Look man aint no body ask u nothin... Toya get ya ass outside so we can talk

Toya lookin like no da hell u didnt
Allen bout ready to knock this nigga out but Toya jumped in front of him


A - look baby i'm sorry, jus give me anotha chance

T - *rolls her eyes at Tonio and grabs Allen's hand* C'mon Allen lets go

They walk away leaving Tonio lookin like a straight ass... a group of ppl had surrounded them when the arguing started.. they rollin

Crowd - Ooooh she got u homey..

On the ride home Toya told Allen everything that had went down wit her and Tonio. How he had cheated on her b4 but she was neva able to actually catch him but this time she did. Toya started to cry.

T - I jus dont know what i eva did to him to deserve to be treated that way but maybe it's somethin i dont see:cry:

Allen pulls ova and puts his arms around Toya

Al - Dont say that because you dont deserve to be treated that way. No one does. He jus has a problem and felt that he could take it out on u but now u got Allen in ya life and I aint gon let no 1 disrespect one of my friends in that way.. I got u babygurl

He kisses her on tha cheek then drives the rest of the way to her house. Her parents not there so she asked if he wanted to come in.

They chilled and watched tv for a while then decided to go up to Toya room and watch a movie (the dvd playa up there ) Toya is so scary. They was watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre and she kept jumpin all ova Allen. Yall kno he aint complainin 1 bit ...Afta tha movie Allen and Toya had a "moment" if ya kno wat i mean. They started kissin.
Allen then decided he would go ahead and leave before things got outta control.. (He's the perfect gentleman dont ya think??)

Toya walked Allen to the door and gave him 1 last kiss
Al - U sure u gon be okay in this big house by ya self right??

T - Yea, u kno ima G

Al - Yea i kno but they way u was grabbin all on me durin tha movie i aint sure..

T - lol...ima be fine....keep ya cell on just in case tho

Al - Ight i got u

It was around 12 and Toya knew damn well she was scared. About 5 minutes lata she called Allen

Al - Yea Toya, U ight??

T - Um... no.. can u come back??

Al - lol.. I neva left. I'm outside.. I figured u would be callin me

T - Good come back in! Hurry up i think i heard somethin

Allen get to the door and Toya open it wit her bat ready..They go back up stairs and Toya falls asleep in the safety of Allens arms....


Allen woke up before Toya and made her breakfast

*coming out the bathroom* T - What tha hell is cookin.

When she gets downstairs she sees her Mom and Allen in the kitchen talking. Her mom is making breakfast

TM - Hey sweetie.. bout time ya lazy ass got up

Allen laughing

T - Oh, so i see u met my friend Allen (she confused as hell as why her mom is in here talkin to him instead of whoopin some ass fa a boi bein in the house)

TM - wats goin on between ya'll

A - We just friends, i dont wanna rush anything

TM - Damn i like him...u need to marry her and get her out my house

everyone laughing

T - Mommy where daddy

TM - Not here

Toya understood wat that meant..they got into a fight and he's not gon be home for a while

after breakfast Toya went with Allen to his place. Allen explained that just as he was letting his self out the door her mom pulled up so he acted like he was knocking on the door for her.. He used is best manners and she invited him in.


Allen and Toya had been spending a lot of time together but they were still "friends". One day Allen finally made a decision about their relationship. He called Toya and told her to meet him at the park.

When she got there Allen had set up a little pic nic for them

T - Awww this is so beautiful

Al - Yea it is...It could never be compared to ur beauty tho

They both laughed because they knew that was a corny line

T - So wat u wanted to talk to me about

Al - I wanna talk about us... I dont think....

T - U dont think wat?

Al - ... ...I dont think we should be friends anymore...

T - it something i did?

Al - No, just let me explain please...

T -

Al - The past few months that we have spent together were the best months of my life. You are the most special girl in my life. I have never cared about anyone else the way I care about you. And no, We shouldnt be friends, we should be BEST friends...We shouldnt just hang out a lil while every so often, we should be together every chance we get. Wat i'm trying to say is that I want you to be my girlfriend and hopefully more because I...I...Love You

T - I dont know wat to say. It hasnt been that long since me and Antonio broke up. That was all i had and they way he did me broke my heart...

Al - U dont have to tell me u love me now if ur not ready for that. Just know that I will never do you the way he did. I'm not Antonio, I'm Allen.. Just give me a chance and I'll promise it'll be worth it.

T -

Al - So will you?

T - Yes I will...

They engage in a passionate kiss and enjoy the rest of the pic nic.

Meanwhile Tonio is thinkin of a plan to try and get his girl back. He felt really sorry about wat he had done to her. She was truly the only girl he ever loved but he did her wrong and he understands why they broke up but he will do anything... YES ANYTHING... to get her back...


Toya's relationship had been going really good. She hadnt even thought twice about Tonio but the same couldnt be said about him. Tonio had come up with a plan to get Allen away from Toya.

Antonio was going to visit his old friend Big John. Big John is not a friend a normal person would have. He's a hit man.

BJ - Tonio. Aint seen yo ass in a while

A - Yea i know man. Wassup wit cha?

(shake hands)

BJ - You kno...same ol thang..

A - Yea I feel you. ... but look I need you to do me a favor..

BJ - How much, wats their name, where they live, got a picture? (as you can see he's a pro wit it)

A - dang man slow ya roll...

Meanwhile Toya and Allen are headed to O'Charleys for lunch

Toya was wearing



T - OMG i am starving

Al - Baby, that's why we going to go and eat..

T - U gon make me knock you out

Al -

T - Punk

Al -

T - awww.. c'mere gimme kiss

Al -

T - okay.. i love you too then damn

Al -

When they pull up to the resturant Toya actin like she mad at Allen for not talkin to her or kissin her...

Al - Awww im sorry i was just playin you know that baby...

T - Yea i know...

Al - I love you gurl

T - I love you too..

Al - Awww it's our first lil fight..

T - shut up boy u crazy

They talked and laughed the whole time they were at lunch. Soon enough they left and headed back to Allen's place. When they got there he was unlocking the door and noticed a note on it.. he saw that it said "you better watch your back and stay away from Toya".. Allen couldnt tell if Toya had seen it or not so he stuck it in his pocket, played it off, and jus opened the door.

They walked in and sat on the couch and talked. Toya decided to jus act normal.
In actually she really did see the note but he snatched it so fast she couldnt quite make out wat it said. She almost knew it wasnt from another gurl becuz Allen wouldnt do that.. would he???

Al - So, wat u wanna do tonite..

T - I was thinkin maybe we could ... (allen's mind began drifting away)

*wat he was thinking*Allen wasnt scared. Nothing was going to keep him away from Toya. He loved her with all his heart but he didnt want to tell her bout the note and have her scared and worried about him all the time. No one knew too much about Allen's past but let's just say that he's an OG (lol i couldnt think of anotha way to put it)
He's not a stranger to fights, guns, not even killing and he will do watever it takes to keep Toya by his side

T - allen...........Allen..........ALLEN!!

Al - huh

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2005 3:49 am    Post subject:

T - U didnt hear anything i just said. What's wrong with you

Al - Oh... uh.. nothin

T - Naw dont lie to me. I can know when u lying so jus tell me wats goin on.

Al - Nothin i was just thinkin that's all

T - I hope u not thinkin bout the hoe that left the note on ya door.

Al - Tha note wasnt from a hoe

T - Oh so she more than that to u! I can't belive this!! All that s*** u was talkin bout how u would neva hurt me and...

Allen took out the note and handed it to Toya. As soon as she read it she apologized to Allen for jumping to conclusions and at the same time she wasnt sure wat to do. She didnt want him to get hurt and as of now she knew that when Tonio said he was gonna hurt somebody he was serious.

Al - I didnt want to show it to you because I didnt want you to worry. I was jus thinkin bout a way to handle tha situation but i do know that they cant keep me from being with you.

T - Baby Tonio is crazy. I dont know wat all he is capable of. Maybe we should jus chill for a lil while til this passes over.

Al - U know I cant believe wat i'm hearing you say right now! R u telling me that u breakin up wit me ova some lil punk ass bitch makin threats?? Our love gotta be deeper than that!!

This was the first time Toya had ever seen Allen like this. Breakin up wit him was tha last thing she wanted to do but she also couldnt bear to see him get hurt.

T - Baby i jus dont want to lose you Crying or Very sad

Al - I'm tellin u i'm not goin no where. That clown fuckin wit tha wrong nigga.

T - I've neva heard you say anything like this. Wat do u mean??

Al - Well when i moved here i wanted my past to be just wat it was.. the past.. I have done a lot of things in my life.. some good some bad.. and lets just say ya boi gon get messed up..

T - ..........

Al - Look i didnt tell u about it becuz i was scared u would think of me differently.. i love u so jus kno that i would NEVER do anything to hurt you

T - Okay i believe u i'm just shocked

Al - Why

T - No offense baby but u dont seem like the type to do anything like that

Al - Oh naw, ya boi a G

T - Is that right <_< ...*toya thinkin to her self "i think it's bout time i let him hit"*..well u know i was thinkin maybe u could show me just how much of a "G" u r Wink

Al - Oh fa real... u sure u ready fa all this hea baby???

Toya gets up and sits on Allen's lap facing him.. She kisses him....(yall know that leads to all that otha good stuff...iono be knowin if i should give details or not but anyway.......)

After they had gon a couple rounds they were both exhausted. Toya was jus falling asleep as she softly said "I love you Allen". He kissed her on her forehead and said "I love you too LaToya". Allen held Toya until she fell asleep in his arms. :pat:

Tonio bout to make a come back so yall watch out fa dat...

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PostPosted: Sat May 07, 2005 12:32 am    Post subject:

Toya got up first and went in the bathroom and did her biz. When she came out she tapped Allen. He didnt move..

T - Allen

Al - *still sleep* wat baby

T - Wake up

Al - No, you go back to sleep, u know u tired

Toya hits him

Al - what do u want.. dang nigga cant even rest afta grindin all nite

T - But i want you to wake up and talk to me, iont wanna be up by myself

He gets up and is headed to the bathroom

Al - U aint nothin but a baby

T - But i'm yo baby

Al - Oh fa sho

While Allen is in the bathroom his phone rings. Toya dont know whether she should answer it or not. It rung about 5 times then stopped.

Allen sticks his head out the bathroom, toothbrush still in his mouf...

Al - Dang u dont know a ringin phone when u hear 1

T - Shut up! I aint wanna be all up in urs.. dis aint my house.

Al - Mi casa es su casa

T - Yea sure..

When he comes out the bathroom he tells her to wait a sec cuz he got somethin for her.

While he is in the front the phone rings again.

Al - Get dat fa me since u sittin right by it...

T - Hello

? - Hey baby

T - Wat tha hell??

A - This Tonio, wat u doin at that faggot house? (no offense to any1)

T - Look bitch, dont f*** wit me. U already know I aint the 1..... (she gets cut off by Allen pickin up the otha phone)

Al - It's coo baby i got it...(Toya hangs up the phone and goes to where Allen is).. f*** nigga I aint got time fa ya games... Let me know when and where u wanna settle this

A - Ight...i guess u grew some balls.... dont worry bout when and where jus watch ya fuckin back...

Al - Okay, I'll see u when u get tha dick out ya ass and that's a bet.. *click*

Talkin to Toya
Al - Dont worry bout that boo, he gon get his...

He kisses her

T - Okay allen

Al - Say it again

T - Say wat again??

Al - My name, say it like u said it last nite..

T - Oh so u got jokes... i see u.. punk...

Al - Wat i tell u bout callin me that?

T - Who got high and said u was my daddy???...u betta chill wit dat shyt... but speakin of my daddy I need to go on home and check on my mom..

Al - Ight let me go change clothes real quick..

T - Hold up didnt u say u had somethin for me??

Al - Oh yea..

He reaches in his pocket and hands her a key chain wit some keys on it

T - Wat is all this??

Al - I think it look like keys

Toya gives him a look like "dont play wit me"

Al - That's a key to the house and to my 2 cars..

T - But it's four keys and I know u dont drive no Yukon

Al - I know I dont... u do


Al - Wouldnt lie to ya

She jumps on him and hugs and kisses him.. Then he changes clothes and they go outside. When Allen opens the garage door she sees.....


sittin on these

Toya jus about fainted when she saw it...They got in a headed to her mom's house.
When they walked in the door....

T - MOMMA!!!!

Al - Baby u coulda jus went and found her

T - mind urs..

Al - u is mine...

TM - Hey Toya, why the hell u yellin in my house??? Hey Allen
Toya's mom hugs Allen

T - Damn momma, no luv?? Okay i see yall

TM - Whateva lil girl.. So where yall been these past few days..

T - Yesterday we went to lunch and then I went back to his house and we chilled, watched tv and movies and stuff..

TM - *under her breath* and fucked...

T - Wat?

TM - haha nothin...

T - Momma you crazy.. u gon cook us some breakfast??

TM - I'm not Florence

The whole time Allen jus chillin watchin them go at it.. He bout to cry from laughin so hard.. He heard wat Toya Mom had said too..

A - U ate yet Momma??

TM - Nope

A - Ight i'll hook yall up

T - ight G (u know, the butler off Fresh Prince)

TM - Aha!! good 1..that's my baby

A - Ya'll aint right

TM - Aint left eitha...

The whole rest of the mornin goes like that.. they jus crackin on each otha..
later that day

T - ooooh momma i need to tell u bout wat Allen did!!

TM - uuuggghhh yall nasty

T - Not like that! C'mon lets go outside

Soon as they open the door Toya mom like uh oh..U doin it big aint it

A - haha somebody need to stop watchin BET

After they look around at the truck Toya builds up enuff courage to ask her mom would it be okay if she go live wit Allen.

TM - Weeeelll yall aint been together all that long. And school is about to start back Toya.

T - Yea I know. But I also know I love Allen.

Toya's mom looks at Allen like "and..."

Al - And I love her too. I promise to do everything I can to provide for her. I have a good paying job and I can support the both of us.

TM - Well alright.. It's bout time u get ya grown actin ass out my house fo i hurt u..

T - YAAAAY!!! (lol)

A - Ight thanx momma.. I'll be right back yall.. I think its the syrup..


When Allen walks out...

TM - Umm, u know how he said he got a good paying job...Exactly wat do that boy do??

T - .......uh........

TM - U dont know....didnt think so

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PostPosted: Sat May 21, 2005 12:45 am    Post subject:

T - Yea u right, I dont know. U ask him if u wanna kno.

TM - Naw im str8, long as nothin happens to him or my baby

T - Yea i be tellin him to be safe but i still would like to kno wat he do, maybe the less i kno the betta....

Toya and her mom had been talkin for a while and Allen had finished his business. He was standing around the corner listenin to every thing they said.

T - I jus dont want him to get hurt cuz if i lose him iono wat i would do. momma i have found true love, afta tonio i didnt think it would happen but wit him anything is possible.

After hearin that Allen knew he had to tell Toya the truth, the whole truth. It's not that he had been lying to her..she jus didnt kno the full story but it was time she found out.

Allen comes around the corner like he didnt hear a word they said

Al - Baby u ready to go?

T - Yea we can go...Ma i'll be back ova here soon to get all my stuff

TM - U got 5 days and then ima start sellin it

T - .......C'mon let's go

in the car...

Al - LaToya when we get home we need to talk okay

T - LaToya??? U aint never called me that. What i do?

Al - Na u aint do nothin. We jus need to do some serious conversating

When they got home Toya looks and Allen and he has this serious look on his face. They open the door and go in. They sit on the couch in the livin room

T - Ight so wassup. Everything ight??

Al - Yea...i mean no.....i mean......

Toya lookin at him like

Al - Okay listen baby. You know I love you and I would never do anything to hurt u or put u in any type of danger. But there is somethin I havent told u.

T - Um.. wat is it???

Al - Before I tell you this jus promise me u gonna have faith in me and kno im not going to hurt u.

T - *thinks for a minute* I promise.

Shay still been layin low afta everything that went down before. She didnt wanna go thru anything else like that but 1 day she decided she was gon get back to her old self. She called Ke ke to see wat she been missin...

on the phone...
K - Talk to me

S - Wass da happs ke ke!!!

K - nothin who dis???

S - Its me shay!!

K - Oh wassup girl aint heard from yo ass in a minute..

S - Yea u kno i been layin low lately..dont wanna cause no mo scenes

K - Yea i feel u...we got a lot to talk about!

S - I had that feelin. Ima come by yo house lata then we can get Toya and hit the mall..sound cool to u?

K - Bet dat

S - ight be out...

Shya got in her car and decided to go pick up some stuff from the store.
She was walkin mindin her own business when she accidently bumped into some1

S - *not lookin up* Oh im sorry

*** - Oh no problem

When Shya heard this sexy voice she looked up and found herself staring at (in her opinion) the sexiest creature on God's green earth

D - I'm LaDarius..u can call me Day-Day... can i get ur name?

S - I'm LaShay...*under her breath*u can call me anytime... call me shay

D - LaShay, that's a beautiful name for a more beautiful girl. How bout u take my number and call me sometimes..

S - bet

they exchange numbers and Shay heads over to Ke Ke house

Ke Ke open the door...her and shay hug

K - been a long ass time

S - yea too wats been happenin

K - Well u kno how i told u Allen and Toya was gettin close a while back..they finally hooked up.

Ke ke told shay bout all the romantic stuff allen had been doing

S - awww thats sweet. im glad she finally ova that trifilin nigga tonio...

Meanwhile tonio still schemin on a way to get toya back...nigga cant buy a damn clue...

Tonio kno a ex-cop who does dirty work fa bitches who scared to do it they self. (lets call him couldnt think of nothin)

C - yo man wat it is

A - well i already told u wat i wanted u to do so u tell me

C - iono man...that's kinda crazii wat u askin

A - so, u a crazii da price...

C - look who callin somebody crazii...................

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PostPosted: Sat May 21, 2005 12:50 am    Post subject:

Yo if ya'll is reading this story could u some how let me kno cuz if ain't nobody reading i'll stop postin it...thank ya Wink

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PostPosted: Sun May 22, 2005 4:30 pm    Post subject:

Sup Candace...JUst finished readin your story...its hella hot
add on soon...
note: Y'all better be readin ma gurls story Wink hehe
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PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2005 1:07 am    Post subject:

Al - Latoya i aint been exactly honest wit u about wat i do to get my money. I told u i was a "business man". and yes that's true but the business im runnin aint exactly legal.

T - U kno that doesnt surprise me the least lil bit...but wat exactly is it.. i would feel a lot better if i kno.

Al - Well, I'm a superior in a gang.. crip. Im also in the drug trafficking business... we organize the selling and buying of drugs and sometimes serve as hit men. Sellin everything from heroine to marijuanna (sp) and doin jobs from framing ppl in murders to murdering ppl ourselves.

T - Confused

Al - baby why u lookin at me like that

T - i mean u dont even seem like the type of person that would be doin that

Al - To you i dont becuz i will never mix work wit personal stuff.. i love u

T - i love u too but why didnt u tell me earlier

Al - i didnt want u to think i was going to put u in any type of danger. i was afraid that if i told u i would scare u away.

T - no u aint gotta worry bout me goin no where. i jus would have felt better knowing.

Al - Again im sorry i didnt tell u okay boo

T - okay

Jus then toya cell rings...its ke ke

T - wat it is

K - Hey.. wat u doin

T - chillin wit allen...why wassup

K - Me and shay was bout to go to the mall... u want to roll wit us??

T - oh fa sho!... and i got somethin to show yall so i'll drive ight...

Allen talkin to hisself - oh lawd
Toya hits him

K - Okay we both ova here

T - ight ima be dere in a lil bit

K - ight then

T - out

T - baby im bout to go to the mall wit ke ke and shay

Al - ight..who is shay??

T - u rememba...dats my gurl...the 1 i told u got shot...

Al - oooh yea.........well here

Allen reaches in his pocket and hands Toya all type of credit cards.

T - damn baby u aint gotta give me that...i can pay for it...

Al - Naw take it. U my girl so ima give u everything u want.

T - All i want and need is u baby

They kiss and have they lil moment

Then toya jump in her ride and head off to get Ke Ke and Toya so they can spend some of allen money

Toya on her way to get Ke Ke and Shya when she runs in to Felicia when she stops at the corner store

F - LaToya? Hey gurl

Toya thinkin like i KNO damn well this bitch aint gon talk to me like aint nothin happen

T - Ok ur reason for talkin to me?

F - Na I'm not tryin to start nothin I'm trynna help you out

T - wit wat

F - Tonio, he's crazy. We had hooked up after yall broke up and he was alwayz gettin mad at me basically becuz i aint you but he still says he wants to be wit me. He beats me constantly becuz I'm not LaToya The love of his life.

T - We've yet to get to the part bout him bein crazy....

F - The otha day i heard him on the phone plottin away to keep u and whoever ur with apart. He said if i cant have her nobody will. All im sayin is watch yo back ok.

T - shyt, well thanx fa da heads up... be cool

F - ight bye

she walks away

Toya thinkin bout wat Felicia said on the way to ke ke house
(talkin to herself)
T - she jus sayin that to scare me.....yea that's prolly it...she jus mad cuz we beat her hoeish ass...but then again tha nigga was a lil kinda scared now.... wat if she right and he try to kill allen or maybe even me?... damn man this some shyt

knockin on ke ke door
she open

K - heeeeey toya

T - heeeeey ke ke, SHYA!!! gurl where the hell u been, why u act like u cant answer a damn phone????

S - ay now it aint nothin like that, that situation a couple months ago kinda shook me up so i layed low for a while.

T - Yea i feel you on dat. but while we wastin time i need to go exceed some limits on this damn card...ima swipe a hole in dis muh fucka

S - Where yo ass get a credit card from???

T - My baby Allen gave it to me for us to shop wit

K - Damn, he mus got benjamins all out his ass...

T - *lol* sumthin like that, let's go!!

they leave and head to the mall...

Tonio talkin to Felicia
A - So did you tell her?

F - Yea i told her

A - ight good, since that faggot nigga charlie wouldnt do it we gon have to do this ourself...the next time u tell her where i am and tell her im planin to do somethin terrible to her lil man. she'll get scared and tell him, he'll come lookin for me and that's when the real fun starts

F - Ight coo but r u sure this nigga rich and if we cap him im gon get paid?

A - yea im positive. iont even want her no more...i jus want revenge, this bitch gotta pay...

S - Ay yall lets go in footlocker real quick...we all can use some new j's
(lookin down at her j's that look like they've barely been touched)
they all laugh

T - u kno it aint half bad havin a rich man...

K - shyt it aint half bad havin a friend wit a rich man eitha...


all - durrty K-S-T...we all we got!!!!!! (LMAO, nice touch right??)


Toya and nem all went back to her house (her and allen house)
when he saw them bringin all the bags and stuff in he wasnt even suprised

Al - damn yall aint hurt yall self did it??

T - No of course not, we pros wit this

K - Fa sho!!...thanx allen!!

S - Yea iono u that well but im Shavone a.k.a LaShay a.k.a. ta meet ya!! thanx fa da stuff!!

Al - lol yall too much...but i kno Miss Toya aint comin up in here and didnt buy her baby nothin

T - uuuh...wat?

Al - ....nvm....

T - aww baby u kno i got u somethin...gimme kiss

Al -

Toya showed him wat she bought for him...

T - the rest u get tonite when the lil kids go home

K&S - -uuuggggghhhhhh

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PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2005 11:38 am    Post subject:

that was good
add on soon
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Then next morning Toya and Allen wake up and do their morning biz.
At breakfast Toya is thinkin bout wat Felicia told her, Allen is talkin a mile a minute
Al - Yea so im sayin................... (blah blah blah blah blah blah blah)

*Toya's POV(point of view): (daydreaming)

Al - Baby why u not listenin to me...did u hear wat i jus said

Allen is down on 1 knee but Toya was thinkin so hard she barely noticed wat he was doing

T - Oh my bad, why u down there, u drop somethin??

Al - Naw, its wat u thinkin about

T - Its jus the other day i saw Felicia on my way to ke ke house and she was talkin all this shyt bout how tonio be hittin her and mess.

Al - Wat that got to do wit u

T - That's wat i was sayin..but then she started tellin me she heard him plotting a way to get rid of u.... she said that he said if he cant have me then nobody can. Then she told me to watch my back. And i was thinkin so hard becuz i'm worried and i dont want anything to happen to u or to US...

*Allen's POV: this sum shyt, i said i wasnt gon mess wit that faggot nigga but i see he jus trynna start sum'n wit me.. its a DD now fa sho

*DD = done deal

Al - Baby look, dont even worry bout that, i gotchu. If anything happen to anybody its gon be him okay believe that.

T - Alright baby

They finish eating and go into the den to watch tv for a while

T - Allen, u kno when i wasnt listenin to u talkin...wat were u saying???

Al - Nothing i changed my mind, i'm tell u at a better time ok.

T - okay

*Toya POV: i wonder wat that was, and why he was on the floor...maybe he gon ask me to........naww dat couldnt be it....

Later that night Allen tells Toya he bout to run by his boyz house to pick somethin up real quick

T - Ight be safe

Al - u aint got to worry, i'm jus goin to go round there and pick that up and jus see wat my niggaz been up to lately..thats it

T - ight love u

Al - love u too

*they kiss

In the car....Allen feelin bad cuz he know he just lied to his gurl..but he jus didnt want her to worry....he was really on his way to find Tonio. He found out a long time ago where he hang out so it was jus a matter of findin him there.

~~~~~props to my homie on dis part~~~~~

When Allen get there Tonio is right where he expected him to be.
but right when he walked up in that joint...he was trapped...they had set him up...


Tonio standin there wit a lil 9

T - haha muh fucka i told u i was gon get ya ass

*Allen's POV: this nigga really think holdin that nine gon scare me, he kno he scared to buss

A - thats what u think...u aint gon do s*** and if u try u gon get hurt

T - no im not...who's gon tell?

(sumthin tells tonio not to tell him bout the heat on his waist *the gun* )

A - so u dont think my gurl gon worry bout me?

T - nah cuz she gon be taken care of right after you

A - aww hell naw aint gon touch her...

T - yes i will...right baby (talkin 2 Felicia)

F - uh huh...

T - come out here

F - okay

Felicia comes in with two cops

Cops - put the weapon down and put ur hands above ur head
They put Tonio in handcuffs
Cops - U have the right to remain silent......

Tonio lookin like he bout to pee on his self.. he aint nothin but a lil bytch at heart...them niggaz gon eat him alive in jail

After goin down to the station to answer some questions, Allen is headed home. He walks in and Toya is playin madden 05

She looks up at Allen

Al - Hey baby

T - Hi, so tha cops got 'em right.....

Al - Yea...hol u kno???

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PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2005 1:28 am    Post subject: first ur story reminded me a bit of mine....but after readin on it don't anymore, cuz mine wont come up wth features like gangs n drug dealing.

keep goin girl
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PostPosted: Thu May 26, 2005 1:33 am    Post subject:

lol, yea the gang stuff aint gon be too much relavent, but that is wat he does and remember that might b a factor later in the story...thanx for reading Very Happy

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 20, 2005 3:12 am    Post subject:

T - How I kno wat

Al - How did you know that I was somewhere that had something to do with Felicia

T - Baby I know when you're lying..Cuz u don't look at me...AND after you left I got worried so I looked up Felicia number...I was bout to go off on her ass but she explained everything about the set up

Al - Damn baby. I'm sorry I lied to you but I didnt want you to be here stressin bout that

T - It's coo I'm jus glad u okay. C'mere

Toya reaches for Allen and he comes and lays in her arms

T - I love you so much

Al - I love you too...We have a very bright future ahead of us

T - Agreed

They have they lil moment Razz

T - So baby I been thinkin bout college. I'ma be a senior next year and everything so I think it's bout time to be sendin in applications. I did a couple during the school year but I really been thinking about some places down souf.. (they live in NY my home town!!)

Toya was nervous about telling him this becuz she didnt know how he would take it. she didnt want him to think she was trying to leave him..

Allen sat quiet for a min.....


Shay at ke ke house doin nothing when her cell ring

S - Speak ta me

D - Hey, Shay? this Day Day

S - Oh hey wassup?

D - Nuthin, jus seein wat a beautiful girl like urself was up to today

S - Me and my gurl ke ke ova here talkin and stuff..

D - Oh fa real that's coo. so u got any plans for tonite?

S - Nope, wat u got in mind

D - Maybe we can hit da club tonite.. ur friend too

S - Ight that sounds like a plan. You can pick us up at 9?

D - Bet dat babygirl..I'll see you then

S - Ight bye

D - bye

K - Wat was that all about

S - Oh, u kno Day Day, that fine piece of creation I told u bout

K - lol yea wat bout him

S - He gon pick us up tonite.. we goin to the club. call Toya and see if she wanna go


T - Allen why u not saying anything

Al - I was jus thinkin bout wat u sayin... so wat college do you want to go to?

T - I was thinkin somethin in Alabama

Al - Alabama?!? baby not tryin to be mean or nothin but wat the hell is in Alabama?

T - My.... My um...

Al - Ur what baby?

Jus then Toya's cell rung

T - holla at me

K - Yo me and shay goin to da club tonite.. u rollin??

T - Fa sho wat time

K - 11

T - Ight i'll see u then

T - Baby we goin to the club tonite.. u comin right

Al - Yea, aint like ima let u go wit out me

*Toya thinking.... Let me?!?

T - Um wateva...

Lata that night everybody meet up at the club..It was packed but Allen got them in VIP..

K - Damn Toya yo man is jus hooked all the way up aint it

T - Yea i guess u could say that

K - I kno he got that killa dick right??

T - and u kno this....

Both - lol

Day Day and Shay get up in there dancin like some lil freaks

Toya Allen and Ke ke up in VIP...Allen and Toya tonguin each otha down. Then this lil cutie walk up to Ke ke..

C - Hey ma, how you doing

K - I'm fine

C - I see...WatS ur name?

K - Keisha

C - Oh i'm Calvin, u wanna dance?

K - Sure......Toya i'm bout to go dance...

Toya jus throws up 2 fingaz...still got her tongue halfway down Allen throat. They bout ready for tha bed...jus feelin all ova each otha..she all of a sudden realized she had to pee..

Breakin away from the kiss
T – Hold on baby I got to use the restroom

Al – Ight don’t be talking to no niggaz

T – shut up punk…

Toya goes to the bathroom. When she comes out some dude walks up to her.

Dude – Hey shawty how you doing?

T - …

Dude – Shawty I know you hear me. Don’t play no games.

Toya get all in his face.
T – Look nigga I don’t want to talk to you I gotta man so be gone.

Allen sees the dude talking to her so he gets up and walks to where they are. Just as Toya is turning to walk away Allen steps up.

Al – ay man don’t mess wit my gurl ight, that causes problems fa sho

Dude – Yea man wateva… yo girl was watchin me so I think that’s yo problem

Allen walks up and is about to throw some bows when the dude recognizes him.

Dude – Hold up you Allen… Allen Iverson…Man my bad dawg, I was tryin to holla at yo girl, no disrespect tho I aint know she was with you.

Al – Bytch ass nigga… wateva… I suspect we wont be havin this problem no mo’

Dude – Na man na…

Allen jump at the dude as if he gone hit him. The dude bout jump out his skin like a lil bytch. By then a lot of people had crowded around and they was laughin. Allen, Toya and everybody else got ready to go.

K – Damn Allen, you mean, scarin that po lil boy like that lol

Al – Na I aint mean. I’m jus not gone let nobody get at my girl and get away with it. Nope not goin down like that.

D – Yea I feel you man. I woulda did the same thing if he was talking to my girl. (Putting his arm around Shay waist)

S – Since when am I yo girl??

D – Since now… (He kisses her)

All – UH OH!!!! Lol

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On the way home it seem like Allen kinda mad about the incident at the club

T – Baby wats wrong with you

Al – Nothing

T – Yea hunh… Cuz you blinkin too much… that mean you eitha mad or irritated

Al – Na I’m jus still thinking bout wat happened

T – Ohh… Baby don’t worry bout that you know I’m your girl and that’s not going to change… You got to trust me

Al – Yea I know. I trust you. It’s the niggaz I don’t trust

T – Yea I hear what you saying but don’t even worry bout that

A couple minutes pass. Finally, as there pulling into the garage, Allen speaks up.

Al – I have something for you

T – Damn baby you always have something for me *smile *

Al – Tru…but you can’t get it til Saturday. Go head and invite everybody ova here for a bar b q

T – What’s the occasion?

Al – You’ll see… it’s a surprise

*They goin in the house*

T – Baby I want to know now

Al – Speakin of wanting to know stuff… WHATS IN ALABAMA BABY???????

T - *yawns* Man I’m so tired

Al – Baby stop playin…tell me

T – I don’t wanna

Al – How come

T - *getting emotional* I jus don’t now leave me alone!!

That night Allen and Toya sleep in the same bed but don’t even acknowledge each other

Toya starts dreaming

She goes back to when she was about 12 yrs old
TM – Baby there’s something we have to tell you

T – Yea mom?

TM - *starts to cry* baby u were adopted…..

Toya's dream continues with her throwing a "fit"...

T - *yelling and crying* NO NO NO NO NOOO ... how could u lie to me for 12 yrs.. i hate u!

She's kicking and screaming
Allen's wakes up and grabs her and holds her til she calms down
Al - Baby wats wrong??

T - Nothing, jus a bad dream

Al - When are you going to tell me wat the matter. I dont want u keepin nothin from me okay

Toya decides to tell him about her being adopted.

Al - Damn baby I never woulda guessed.. U actually look a lot like your mother.. (the 1 in the story ppl)

T - ......

Al - Does this have anything to do with Alabama??

T - *starts to cry*

Al - It's okay.. tell me when u're ready

After a few minutes Toya gets her mind right and starts to tell Allen the whole story

T - After mom told me that i almost stopped talkin to her. I started searching for my birth mother. For a while it was hopeless. Recently I found out that the last place she lived was in Alabama. That's why I wanted to go down there and finally meet her and see wat excuse she must have for giving me up the way she did.

Tears came to Allen's eyes. He could feel the pain inside her.

Al - Well u know im here and i'll do wateva i can to help you. If you wanna go to Alabama, i'll get you there. And if you get there and decide you want to stay then ima be right there by ur side baby.

T - I'm so glad you said that cuz there's no way i can face that alone.

Al - That's wat i'm here for

Allen started to sing.. Toya lookin like ....he stops

Al - What baby

T - I had no clue u could sing

Al - Oh, well now u know

He continues wit his song, Toya slowly falls to sleep

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 03, 2005 5:31 am    Post subject:

damn this a good story. i never read these but this sh1ts good. make a book outta this or somethin. lol keep writin
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2005 1:42 am    Post subject:

philafan11 wrote:
damn this a good story. i never read these but this sh1ts good. make a book outta this or somethin. lol keep writin

thank u...if ya'll are really readin it then i'll post more often so yall let me kno suttin

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2005 2:43 am    Post subject:

post more often
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With only 3 more weeks left in the summer Toya decided to tell Allen she was ready to go to Alabama and try to find her birthmom. Toya's 18th birthday was coming up and she thought maybe the time was right.

Al - Our flight leaves at 3 so we got a couple hrs. wat u wanna do

T - Let's go see momma

Al - ight

When they got to her mom's house, she wasnt there. Toya hadnt seen her mom in a long time..but she figured maybe she was jus busy lately

Toya and Allen went by Shay house to say bye. Ke ke was there too

K - Be strong girl, i bet you gonna love her when u meet her

T - how can i love some1 that did me like that...i jus wanna kno why

Tears filled her eyes...Allen put is arm around her

S - Awww it's gon be okay girl.. u a solja.. be strong ight

T - Ight .. i'll call yall when we get there

They went and got something to eat and got to the airport with time left. When their plane was called Toya wanted to turn back

T - I cant do this

Al - So you dont want to go

T - no...i cant

Al - Alright, but when we get back home u gonna wish u had went...u might as well go while u got the chance or you'll alwayz wonder 'wat if...?'

T - Yea you right...let's go

As they were getting on the plane Toya knew she was doing tha right thing.

After about 3 or so hrs they landed in ATL and got a rental car (aint no direct flights from NY to Bama)

After a couple more hours they were in Da Gump (Montgomery Alabama)
they pulled up to the embassy suites and got their room
It was late so they decided they would start their search in the morning....

Toya couldnt sleep too well that night becuz her mind was on so much. She got up and did her morning biz. Allen was still asleep so she decided not to bother him. She went to her purse and found the number the social worker had given her.

ight toya this is it.. u gotta do this for urself or u'll regret it for eva.....

She picks up the phone and dials the number...A male picks up..

? - Hello

T - Umm, this the Jones residence?

? - Yea, may i ask who's calling..

T - My name is Latoya Thomas, may i speak with ms. Keliedra Jones plz...

after a few seconds a woman comes to the phone

K - Yes?

T - Hi my name is LaToya, u don't kno me but i was wondering if maybe i could come by and speak with you?

Keliedra *thinkin* now i kno i shouldnt be invitin stragers in my house but.... latoya, that sounds so familiar..

K - umm......yes that's fine, let me give u my address

As toya is writing down the address she feels relieved and afraid at the same time, she doesnt kno wat to expect.

T - Thanx, i'll see u around 12..

K - Okay see u then


By this time Allen was awake and listening. Toya looks at him...

Al - dat was her????

T - Yea i got her address and we're going by around 12.. wat am i supposed to say to her? I can't jus walk up in there and say 'hi im the daughter u gave away'...

Al - Yes u can, that's the truth

T - I kno but still.......anywayz, im hungry

Al - ight let me wash up then we can go get something to eat..


Back in NY Toya's mom returns from her lil "trip" and is wondering where her and Allen are. She calls Toya's cell

T - speak

TM - Hey, where u at

T - and Allen are bout to go get some breakfast

Toya purposely skipped over tha fact that there getting breakfast in another state, she doesnt want her mom to kno wat she's doing.

TM - Oh, well I wanted to talk to you bout something but i'll jus wait til another time. Yall come by here when yall get a chance

T - ok by mama

As she hangs up she gets a bad feeling about it. She starts thinkin wat if she meets her birth mother and she hates her. Maybe they should jus go back......

Al - ight u ready?

T - Yea let's go...

They go to tha Waffle House and get somethin to eat. After that they still got a couple hours to get to where they need to be.

Al - Let's go site seein....gotta be a site somewhere round here worth seein

T - ummm...sure

Al - Wats wrong wit u..

T - Nothin

They drive thru downtown alabama and look at the capital and everything. They visit the RSA building and the Alabama River...

T - hmm..that was nice.. but i guess we should head on over there..

Al - Yea, u drive, u seem to kno where ur going.

T - Yea, the internet has this site called mapquest..and it gives u these things called MAPS and DIRECTIONS..

Al - shut up

They get on the interstate and head to the West Side

T - *reading the sign* Smiley Court Housing Projects....i guess this is it

After they found the right apartment complex they park and stare at it..

Al - Baby it dont do much good to sit in the car and stare at the door. C'mon...

They walk up...Allen knocks becuz Toya's hands are shaking...A man that appears to be in his early 20's comes to the door. Allen has a crazi look on his face becuz he notices how much he and toya look alike.

D - Hey you must be Latoya, I'm Ladarius...nice to meet u

T - Nice to meet you too. This is my boyfriend Allen..

A - sup

D - Ya'll come in

They go in a sit down. The house looks pretty nice to be in the projects
When Keliedra (toya's birth mother) walks in, her and toya have the same expression on there faces....
Without a word they run to each other and hug. Keliedra immediately knew who toya was.

K - I cant believe this...after all these years...

D - *thikin* wat years?

Al - *thinkin* this is beautiful

T - I cant believe this either. I'm so glad to finally meet u

K - We have a lot of catching up to do...we gotta go to......

Darius clears his throat like damn tell me somethin

K - Oh, Toya this is ur brother, Darius....

D & T - damn for real!

everyone - *lol*

T - I alwayz wanted a older brother...

D - i alwayz wanted a lil sister too...

T - Keliedra, this is my boyfriend Allen

K - oooo u got good taste

Allen still cheesin Very Happy

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 16, 2005 6:47 pm    Post subject:

They decided to just sit and talk.. They had a looooooooooooooooooot of catchin up to do.

K - So where have you been living?

T - Bronx, NY

D - Oh word, i've alwayz wanted to go to NYC

T - Yea, jus let us kno when, we'll be glad to show ya'll around

D - bet dat, so ur 17 right?

T - Yep

K - Her birthday is coming up

T - Wow, u still remember that

K - How could i forget

Darius saw he should let them be alone to talk for a minute

D - Allen u wanna play Madden???

Al - oh fa sho...

D - ight

They go upstairs...

T - I dont want to sound rude but why did you give me away?

Keliedra lowered her head, she began to cry. She knew that question would come up sooner or later.

K - I was a young mother, and Darius was already 4 yrs old. When i got pregnant with you I didn't want to jeaopordize either 1 of you. I knew I didn't have enough money to take care of you both so I decided instead of takin a risk of u both bein taken from me I would give you up for adoption. You were such a beautiful baby and I wanted you to have the best and from what I can see, Ms. Thomas has raised a wonderful young lady.

T - Yes, she has. But it was heartbreaking to find out after so many years that tha person I called mommy all my life wasnt my mother.

K - I know it was very heartbreaking and I'm sorry to have put u thru that but....

Toya reached out and embraced her finally hit her...she wanted to get to kno her better and spend more time with her.

K - *halfway talkin to herself* my gurl, my baby gurl

Allen and Darius in tha back playin madden

A - aaaahh nigga i got u...look at dat... return fa a TD

D - Yea but who winnin??........THAT'S WAT I THOUGHT

both - *lol*

Toya decided to go check on them.

T - Damn Allen u gon take my brotha from me

A - Na baby nothin like that. I can't be brothers wit him no way, he cheatin

D - *lol* Yea, and he a sore loser

T - Ya'll both some punks so jus hush

Darius threw a pillow @ her

A - U shouldnt have done that man

T - Oh, naw it's on now

They all got a pillow and started goin crazy, nothin like a Project Pillow Fight


Back in NY Day Day and Shay gettin along well. He decides to call her...

S - Lo?

DD - Hey baby, u sleep?

S - uh huh

DD - Oh i'm sorry to wake u but i was wonderin if we could chill today

S - Umm.. yea.. u can come ova here, i'll unlock tha door but i'm gon be in tha bed

DD - ight

A few minutes later Day Day get's to Shay's house and let's himself in. He walks around for a minute then when he realizes Shay not gettin up he decides to go check on her.

In her room...
DD - *sits on bed beside her* whats tha matta

S - I got a cold and the medication is making me drowsy.

DD - Oh i'm sorry to hear that. C'mere let me hold u

Shay get's up and slides into Day Day's arms, they both fall asleep.


Meanwhile Ke Ke and Calvin aren't getting a long as well but they are still together. Its something they feel for each otha that keeps eitha 1 from leavin.
He at her house like alwayz...

C - Keshia c'mere

K - I'm busy

C - I said c'mere

K - *sarcastically* oooh i care

C - U kno wat, i'm tired of yo s***

K - U pack a load ya self u kno

C - *under his breath* stupid broad

Keshia in the bathroom lookin in tha mirror like hold da hell up...She walks to where he is...

K - wat was that??

C - Nothin calm ya nerves

K - I really don't kno why i take this from u

C - Cuz u love me girl...see if u woulda came to see wat i wanted i could have shown u how much i love you too...

He walked over to her and put his arms around her and softly kissed her neck
Calvin alwayz had a way of gettin her to smile even when she was pissed at him. He also knew exactly where her spot was so of course she gave in...ya'll kno wat happened..they did tha nasty...(iono if yall wanted details or not but oh well )


Al - So what cha'll wanna do tonite?

D - Yo today saturday right? Cuz Dirty Boyz and Small Tyme s'posed to be at tha club tonite

T - oh fa real...iono if Allen need to go to any mo clubs.. he be actin crazii

Al - i was jus lookin out fa you gurl u kno dat

T - suuuure... but anyway, yea we can do that but before i leave i wanna spend some quality time wit my big brotha

D - ight bet dat baby girl

Al - Sad

T - aww c'mere baby Smile

Ke ke and Calvin were fast asleep. Keshia woke up with a feeling that they had forgotten something but she was so gone that she couldn’t remember for nothing in tha world. She just rolled over and fell back asleep

Shay still wasn’t feeling to good. Day Day suggested that she should go to the doctor because it could be more serious than she thought.

D – Fa real, I’ll take u come on.

S – No, I don’t like doctors, last time I saw a doctor I almost died

He finally persuaded her to go. When they got there he had to hold her hand thru the whole check-up.

Dr. – Umm

S – Umm...what does umm mean

Dr. – We’re going to have to run a few extra tests to be sure, it’ll take few hours.

Shay is nervous as hell not knowing what to expect. After she takes the tests the doctor tells her to go home.

D – But what were the results?

Dr. – They haven’t come back yet. We’ll inform you when we find something out

Shay and Day Day waited for hours. They finally received a call back from the doctor.

(On phone)
Dr. – I hate to inconvenience you but can you come back to the office. I have some things to discuss with you.

S - *sigh* ok

When they got back to the office they were directed to a private room. Shay was so anxious to see what was wrong with her. Day Day sat holding her hand, waiting for the doctor to speak.

Dr. – The tests we ran were for different diseases and viruses. Since you were having symptoms of the flu we ran tests for AIDS…

S – Oh my god!

Dr. – …I’m happy to inform you that they came back negative. But we also ran a test for other things such as fibroids and tumors and we found something of that regard. You have a tumor in your abdomen area and it could possibly be cancerous. And fibroids, of rather large size, that should be removed promptly

Shay broke down into tears. As Day Day tried to console her the doctor also reminded her of different treatments that they had and that all tumors weren’t necessarily cancerous.

Ke ke and Calvin finally woke up. They did they morning stuff and when Cal came out Ke Ke asked…

K – Baby, did u strap last nite?

C – Uhh, u know what… I can’t even remember. I’m sure I did though becuz I know you be wanting me to.

K – Oh. Well I just don’t remember you doing it. All I know is u started rubbin on my neck then we did it, next thing I know I’m waking up. But whateva happened jus make sure u strap NEXT time fa real cuz iont want none of your big headed kids runnin round here that’s fa sho.

C – Whateva, I’m bout to go I’ll be back later, like tomorrow

K – Where you runnin off to

C – Ion’t think that’s yo business

With that said he walked out the house.

This went on for another week. 1 day Calvin came home drunk and smelling like marijuana. He had been out partying, leaving Keshia worrying about him.

K - Where da hell u been

C - Bitch shut up


C - *gettin up in her face* i'm talkin TO YOU! aint nobody else in here.

K - U betta be glad yo ass is drunk, *under her breath* when u pass out i'ma beat tha shyt outta u...

C - U gon do what?

K - Nothin baby
she said this while puttin on a fake smile

K - U should lay down and rest a bit

The next morning Calvin woke up wit a major headache and bruises all over his face.

C - Damn what tha hell...

K - oooh u came in drunk and u had fell

C - Mad

K - Wat

All of a sudden Calvin charged at her knocking her to the ground. He started to beat her

K - Calvin stop it!! please!

C - na u shoulda thought about tha consequences

This went on til he got tired. He left her laying on the floor unconscious...

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D – Ay lil sis I’ll be right back okay, then we can go to da park and see wats poppin….holla yall

A&T – ok

T – Allen

A – Yea boo

T – Wat do you think about them?

A – I mean dey ight, dey cool or wateva

T – Yea, do you see anything weird about my mother? She seems kinda strange to me. Wat you think?

A – I aint want to tell u but ya mother is a lesbian…

T – I knew it was somethin but damn a lesbian? How can u tell?

A – Baby I jus know, I can spot a lesbian when I see 1 believe dat. But other than that she okay and I can tell she’s happy she got a chance to meet u

T – Yea I guess so. But since me and D gon chill where u gon go?

A – iono I’ll do something

T – Oh, u sure u gon be ight

A – Yea ima be cool I’ll get atcha’ll lata *walkin out*

T - *thinking* damn cant even get a kiss

When D comes back they go out to meet some of his friends, and they go to the courts to play ball. When they get there girls is already hatin.

Gurl 1 – look at her walkin ova here like she da shyt..

Gurl 2 – I kno right, all on my man like she crazy.. *yellin out to D* why u hangin wit dat trick

D – Yo mouf was hangin on my ballz da ova day but I aint ask u kno questions

Everybody – ooohhh lol

Toya getting mad but she couldn’t do nothing but laugh

Gurl 2 - Yea wateva. She aint s***.

Toya walkin ova to da grl like da G she is

T – Wat?

Gurl 2 – You aint..

Tha girl get’s cut off by Toya’s right hook…yup ol’ girl got laid out

Everybody - Dammnnnnnnnnnnn u got knocked da f*** out…lol

Allen jus ridin round down looking, he finds his self on the wrong side but he jus doesn’t kno it yet. He stops and a bar and orders a drink. He drinks a couple too many and dis leads to other stupid behavior.

Junky – Ay man try dis try dis..

He passes da pipe… 1 hit..and he hooked…

A couple days lata Allen doesn’t come home until real late. The bell boy has to bring him to the hotel room becuz Allen doesn’t kno wats going on.

T – Wat the hell is wrong with u

A – huh

T – Allen!

A – Wat! Damn gurl sit cho ass down somewhere

T – Where da hell u been? I was a mamma house waitin on u to get back from da store and u neva showed up. And why da f*** is u looking such a mess? Wats been wrong wit u lately?

A – iono watchu talking bout… u got a dolla and 17 cent on u?

T – Wat do u want wit such an odd amount of money… *toya thinking* he actin like a damn crack head…maybe he…naaaa dat couldn’t be it…

Allen sees that he settin his self up for disaster but he cant possibly stop, that 1st hit got him, he’s in too deep.

The next week they get ready to leave and go back to NY.


Shay getting ready to go when her phone rings

S – Hello

K – Hey dis K eke

S – sup

K – yo can you come get me

S – Where are you? Did u let that nigga beat u again?

K – I’m at home he took my keys and locked me in the house I cant get out.. and he changed the code on the alarm so if I break a window it’ll go off and he’ll kno im not here but jus come over here and I’ll break out…u gotta be my get away ok?

S – oh god, u need to stop messin wit him he a foo but im comin gurl

Toya and allen go back to there mother's house to say there last goodbye's. She goes in Darius room to talk.

D - Yo I saw my nigga Shayon talkin to ya. Wat was that all about

T - oh he real nice he was jus askin me bout my self and stuff...jus talkin...

D - oh well i was jus wonderin.. dont wanna make allen mad u kno

T - Shut up

D - i was playin witchu babygirl, wats wrong tho?

T - somethin wrong wit allen he been actin mad wierd lately

D - watchu think it is

T - iono but he went ridin round that day and every since then he go out at odd times sayin he gotta get somethin then come back real late..he actin like a crack head or somethin

D - damn, do u kno where he be goin?

T - nope dont have a clue but im tellin u if he keep actin like this he gon be by his damn self.

I Am What I Am--If You Don't Like It, Kill Yo Self
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2005 5:39 am    Post subject:

Cool Add on, sister, add on.
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2005 9:43 pm    Post subject:

When Ke ke get to shay house she's throwing up blood and her stomach is killin her.

S - i tell u wat, i gotta doctor's appointment i think u should come and get checked out too..

K - *still throwin up* k

Shay let's Ke ke go first. The doctor had shocking news for the both of them.


Ke Ke started having really bad pains and was going into premature labor.

Shay was so torn up all she could do was cry. She called Day-day and he came as quick as he could.

DD - Hey baby, c'mere. It's gon be okay.

S - *crying* i hope she's okay, God plz dont take her away from us


Toya and Allen are back in NY now and she's coming outta the shower. She looks around and doesn't see Allen. But when she does find him she can't believe her eyes.

T - Allen wat the f*** are u doin to yourself

A - bitch shut up

T - get out

A - c'mon baby u dont mean that...

T - get out!

A - ight ight im gon but u gon be beggin me tah come back

Allen is gone for hours..he was so high he didnt even remember that it was his house....


After a long fight the doctor comes out with good news and bad news.

Dr. - I'm happy to say that the baby is fine. It's a boy and he's a 4 months premature but with the proper treatment he should be fine. On the other hand it was a hard fight for Keshia, and...*deep breath* i'm afraid she might not live thru tonite...


***i didnt kno which way i should take this story...but...i hope ya'll like we go... :ermm: ***

Shay get's in touch with everyone and they all meet at the hospital

S - Toya where allen?

T - dats a long story..i'll tell u's she doin

Shay starts to tear up.. - they dont think she gon make it

Toya breaks down in tears...Ke Ke is her best friend...she feels like she let her down the past couple of months becuz she hasnt been there...

Day day is trying to console both of them..but when the doctor comes in with the news all hell breaks loose.

Dr. - I'm sorry Sad , we lost her

Shay and Toya - nooooo!!!!!!! :crying:
They both fall to the floor in tears.. day day cant think of anything to say..his eyes are also watering.. he wants to tell them it'll be alright..but right now, he doesnt even believe that his self.

I Am What I Am--If You Don't Like It, Kill Yo Self
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 4:35 pm    Post subject:

Bama you need to move forward. Girl dis is gr8 you need to type sum more. Wink
Neva lose his love
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