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I love this man..

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 16, 2006 3:28 am    Post subject: I love this man..

I am the bigges AI fan ever.I have supported and him and will continue in everything he wants to do.I am so drawn to his attractiveness and talent.I think of him constantly.If there was only one celebrity I could meet, it would be him. I have been his fan since the day he was drafted in 1996.I live in Memphis and he re-injured his ankle right before halftime during the Grizzlies game. I wanted to run down and be there for him as if it was possible.I had on all of my AI gear and he got hurt.I could have cried like a baby. He was the reason I even attended.Once he was hurt,my spirits dropped but I was glad they still won without him, with Chris Webber shooting 31 points that game.I wish he could know that I would love to meet him.It would be a wish come true. He is all around.. in my truck,in my room, on my desktop at work and home. I love this man.He is the best.I wear only reebok to support him..ONLY..not to mention we are the same age..30 but he will be 31 June 7th..(right AI).If anyone knows a fan club address where he actualyy reads the letters...let me know. I will write daily until I meet him.Tangela aka Black Girl. Very Happy
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