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AshTate Hittin Yall wit a new one( I Wish)

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 20, 2005 6:56 pm    Post subject: AshTate Hittin Yall wit a new one( I Wish)

ay yall, i got mad luv for the people who read the passion and i know yall probably need new story even though i've read alot of good ones that have been on here since. this one will kee you on the edge of your seat, begging for the next peice. (At least i'll try) keep in mind that i am in college so i can't update it as often as others can, but i will update often. this one is called- I wish- the love and drama filled story.

After a long day Allen comes home to find that his wife is not there. he goes and takes a shower and sits in his den relaxing.

A- Where could she be?

Flustrated he calls his wifey to see whats up.

Meanwhile Tawanna was hanging out with her friend Marie who flew in from california at her hotel room.

T- i am so glad you came to see me.
M- don't get it twisted i came to see my god kids you came second. i knew Tiauras birthday was coming around and you know i can only afford to fly out once a year.
T- i know, that's why you need to move out here, they have some awesome condos nearby then you won't be far.
M- and leave the good weather of california and my good neighbors girl please.
T- well you're the one that's lonely.
M- no that sounds like you. you don't even get to see yo man but half the year, that;s why i ain't tied down, i can get pleasure from whomever i want.
T- yeah yeah, rub it in why don't you.

(Phone Rings)

T- hey baby
A- where are you
T- oh, i'm sorry i forgot to leace a note, MArie flew in i'm at her hotel room, i'll be home soon.
A- you know i'm flyng out tomorrow i thought we could get some quality time in while the kids are gone, Marie will still be here long after i'm gone.
T- but i miss her
A- and i miss you, what's more important?
A- you know tee dee i'm tired of having this argument with you about us spending time together so i have nothing to say have fun with marie, and after i'm gone make sure she's the one fuckin you cuz she's obviously more important
T- Allen, it ain't even like that
A- yes it is you always put that bitch before me
(Allen hangs up)

M- Allen?
T- yeah, he has to fly out tomorrow and he wanted to you know what before he left. he knows you only come once a year.
M- yeah but he got needs too, you better be trying to get home i'ma be here tomorrow
T- no f*** that marie he can wait, he ain't going no where
M- if that's what you want.
T- yeah that's what i want, now hurry up and get ready so we can pick the kids up and go to the mall.

Allen was pissed at how Tawanna was treating him. he had to find a way to calm down so he invited his friend sean over.

S- don't trip man
A- i know it's just that she don't want me to cheat but yet she want me to be cellubite.
S- you better lay down the law and tell her what's up then so that she know she need to wise up.
A- i know but i love her and i don't want her to think that's all i care about
S- she'll understand you just need to have a conversation. what i don't get is why a married woman needs to be bestfriends with a bitch that ain't got no man.
A- that's what i be sayin
S- you better watch that girl.
A- i know you right.

Tawanna didn't come home with the kids until 10:30 and the kids were all asleep in the car.

T- Allen?
A- fine time to come home after the kid's bedtime
T- don't start, besides they are sleepin in the car, help me bring them in.

After putting the kids to bed Tawanna was on her way back out the door.

A- What The hell tawanna, whare are you going now
T- Out with Marie, she ain't gonna be here that long you know and you're leaving tommorrow.
A- it's like that? she's gonna be here tomorrow i'm not but yet she still more important than me.
T- Alllen Grow up!

I'll finish more later, keep checkin on me.
Yall know me, i just keep it real!!!!
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Joined: Jan 23, 2004
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2005 6:44 pm    Post subject:

After walking out the door Tawana felt guilty but right at the same time. Allen needed to understand how hard it was to make good friends and how much marie meant to her, but at the same time she didn't want him to think she didn't love him either.
she decied to shrug it off and go have a couple drinks with her girl.

M- you know, i don't agree with spending my nightlife with you, you should be with allen we coulda did this tomorrow
T- no i wanna spend as much time as possible with you.
M- ok, i just want to make sure that's what you want
T- hell yeah, friends are forever
M- so where are we going
T- i was just gonna ask you that.
M- well i like going to Pure
T- isn't that a gay club
M- what's wrong with that. it's exciting and you'll enjoy it.
T- i don't want no gay bitch hittin on me!
M- i'll be your girl then
T- ok... well... lets go.

Mean while allen was pissed when Tawanna walked out on him. maybe he did need to grow up? but at the same time didn't he deserve to have time with his wife? he decided to just go up to his room and lie down and as soon as his body hit the bed the phone rang.

A- thank god for cordless phone
(answers phone)
A- speak
J- hey Allen this is Jodi
A- hey jodi, hows little man
J- RJ's doing fine.
A- what's up?
J- i just called to talk, i really miss richard and RJ's all i have left
A- i know, keep your head up shortie, he was my boy, anything you need i'm here for you
J- thanks, that makes me feel alot better. so whats up with you?
A- sittin up here mad at tawanna, she's right maybe i should grow up
J- what happened this time.
A- it's the same argument, everyone else in her life is more important, all i'm good for is shopping.
J- that's not true
A- i know but that's how she treats me.
J- just talk to her
A- i tried and she walked out on me and told me to grow up.
J- that's not good, maybe counseling will help
A- maybe a divorce will too.
J- Allen!
A- what! What am i supposed to do jack myself off, i'm a married man forced to be a virgin!
J- Allen, now you always made me work it out with Richie you need to work it out with teedee, we've all know each other too long.
A- thanks jodie. it means alot.
J- i'm always here just like you are for me.
A- i fly out tomorrow
J- what time
A- around 11:30 i have to meet the team.
J- how about an early breakfast over at that family restaraunt on washington.
A- sounds great. nless i can get a quicky from tawanna
J- well if she's up to it, just don't come. if you are coming though, ring me on my cell around 8 so i know.
A- cool
J- i'm not kidding allen, if i don't get a call at 8 i'm making breakfast here.
A- ok ok. i'll call
J- bye sweetie
A- bye

Jodie always knew what to say. she always new how to give allen the confidence he needed.
A- hopefully there won't be no breakfast and i can get some.

With that said allen drifted to sleep hoping for it to be a nap until his queen came home to awaken him.

Is allen gonna get his wish? what's up with Tawanna going to the gay bar? find out what's up next time!!!!
Yall know me, i just keep it real!!!!
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2005 9:30 pm    Post subject:

Tawanna started having second thoughts as they walked closer and closer to the entrance of the club.

T- maybe you are right. maybe i should be home with allen?
M- don't get soft on me now you had all that time before we left to make that decision

As they walked in Tawanna saw alot of gay partners dancing on the floor. she was begining to feel uncomfortable but everytime she tried to make a run for it Marie was right there to keep her stationary. they found a table nestled in the corner away from all the noise and ordered drinks.

T- i'm glad we are sitting over here
M- i know you dont plan on sitting all night do you
T- no... i mean, yeah i'm a married woman
M- not in here you aren't you're my girl and we're gonna have fun.

After three drinks Marie convinced Tawanna to get on the dance floor. when marie started running her hands up and down tawanna's thighs tawanna was ready to go she had enough.

T- no, uh uh i can't even do it girl i'm leavin you know this ain't my style.
M- i thought you was my girl
T- i am but i'm not gay and neither are you so why are we pretending
M- you don't know what i am
T- i know what i am and that is not staying here.

With that tawanna turned on her heels and walked to the car with marie following behind her closely. after getting in the car she noticed the very upset look on maries face.

T- what
M- what do you mean what, you walked out on me that's what
T- i told you i wasn't feelin it, i didn't want to come in the first place
M- but you did
T- and... we ain't gay we shouldn't be doing that
M- speak for yourself
T- what are you trying to say
M- i'm trying to say i'm bisexual
T- quit playin
M- i'm not playing, i am bisexual.
T- why didn't you ever tell me
M- because i was afraid you wouldn't except me
T- i do except you

Tawanna leaned in close to hug her dear friend and after recieving the hug marie kissed Tawanna. As bad as she wanted to slap her friend silly she felt like Marie needed that kiss to prove she excepted her so she kissed her and then stopped her politely

T- now i know i let you kiss me but don't ever do that again.
M- why not it's just a kiss
T- i only let Allen put his tounge in my mouth.
M- fine. just drop me off i'll see you whenever
T- are you mad at me
M- no it's just that now i know your uncomfortable and youre never gonna see me the same way again
T- you will always be my girl Marie, i'll see you tomorrow
M- breakfast
T- now you know i ain't gettin up it's already 2 in the morning
M- how about i bring breakfst to you around brunch time you knwo 11:30
T- sounds great, you know where the spare key is.

Tawanna pulled up in front of the hotel marie was staying in and dropped her off. as she drove home she started to feel guilty about the kiss.

T- we're just firends tha's all she ain't gonna get the wrong idea.

When Tawanna came in the house Allen Woke up to look at the clock. he was still ready for affection from his wifey. when she walked in the room he gave her his stare to let her know how he was feeling.

T- not tonight baby i'm tired.
A- too tired to get some of this
T- yeah it's 2 in the morning
A- i aint tell you to stay out that late, you got all day tomorrow to sleep in
T- actually i don't i told Marie she could bring me brunch and i wanna be ready before she gets here.
A- Tawanna, this is gettin really hard for me, i have needs you know, i satisfy you whenever you want me to
T- yeah so you can get somethin out of it
A- what about the other day, i licked that for almost an hour and i ain't get none so don't go sayin it's all about me.
T- whatever
A- that's how you always treat me, like whatever, do you know how much ass i could be gettin! but i pass it up to get none from you!! what kind of s*** is that. you don't appreciate what you got
T- i don't have time for this allen, i'm tipsy and i need some sleep.
A- go to sleep then. i'm sleeping in the guest room

As he left he turned toward Tawanna with a disgusted look on his face.

A- i swear some people don't know what they got till it's gone!
T- is that a threat allen
A- no, it's not a threat, you just remember what goes around comes around.
Yall know me, i just keep it real!!!!
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 22, 2005 9:12 am    Post subject: damn

dammmn,that was good,come back quick,i wanna see what happens next!!!
"They say i could'nt make it to the pro'z I said thankz for the challenge".
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 23, 2005 8:39 pm    Post subject:


I Am What I Am--If You Don't Like It, Kill Yo Self
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 24, 2005 4:07 pm    Post subject:

damn i got 2 good stories keep them up
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Sixth Man

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 24, 2005 10:29 pm    Post subject:

Ms. Ash, you doing ya thing with these stories!! Sounds like it's about to get freaky and queer up in here!! Laughing Add on soon! Wink
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2005 7:29 pm    Post subject:

Before going to sleep allen called Jodie to let her know they would be having that early breakfast on her answering machine. but she picked up and it surprised him a little.

J- Allen I didn't expct to be hearing from you
A- yeah, and i didn't expect to be callin you, see you for breakfast
J- Allen, it didn't work out?
A- naw J, she won't respect me, i told her what goes around comes around
J- i'll see you tommorrow, cheer up
A- i wish i could
J- poor baby, see you at the spot, remember early, i don't want you to miss your team meeting.
A- i'll be there.

The next morning Allen woke up bright and early and was actually happy to be going to breakfast.
after getting out of the shower and getting dressed he went to wake his wife and at least get a goodbye kiss.

A- baby, i'm gettin ready to go
T- bye
A- i can't get no kiss baby, i'm sorry i left like that last night i was just a little upset and you know...
T- can't you see that i'm tired, have a good trip
A- bye tawanna

Allen walked out and felt a few tears come down his face, he just couldn't understand why Tawanna would do this.

(At breakfast)
Allen sat alone waiting for jodi. when she walked in it seemed like she was walking in slow motion with her sundress flowing around her body. allen hadn't been able to admire a woman lately and jodie was definately feeding his senses.

A- down boy (He said to himself)

J- Hey stranger
A- hey jodie you look great, and you smeel good too
J- victoria Secret from head to toe, you know how i do
A- yeah i do, anyway, thanks for coming
J- i'm here for you and tawanna allen, i want yall to get that sauce simmering again.
A- it used to boil, i'd be happy for a little simmer every now and then.
J- i'm sorry, i know how much you love her
A- that's not even it, it's like i'm falling out of love like i can't be with her anymore but then theres the kids and our history, things would be different if she talked to me. she wouldn't even kiss me goodbye
J- damn that's deep, it's worse than i thought. lets not talk about it
A- you are right i don't need to be reminded.

Alllen sat and ate a wonderful breakfast with Jodie and talked about everything. even found out jodie was expecting a baby.

Meanwhile, back at the crib Tawanna finally woke up and teeok a shower. she was right on time and clohed by the time Marie came with Breakfast.

M- You look so beautiful this morning, wheres allen
T- he had to catch a plane
M- i thought that wasn't until 11
T- youre right he left here at like 7 in the morning, maybe he went for a run
M- did you give him some
T- girl i couldn't i was too tires, i'm sure he understands
M- girl he probably out fuckin as we speak.
T- maybe i should call him and wish him a good trip, whereever he is.

(On the phone)

A- Speak
T- Baby, hey, where are you
A- out eating breakfast, is marie there yet
T- yeah she just got here, i didn't know you were going to breakfast
A- we don't talk enough for you to ask
(Jodie giggles in the back groung)
T- who the f*** is that!
A- what are you talkin about
T- the bitch laughing in the background.
A- (Excuses himself from the table) Look i'm in a restaraunt for all you know it could be a perfect stranger but if you must know it is Jodie, she is having breakfast for mr
T- i'm sorry baby
A- if you was lettin me tap that ass you wouldn't have to worry about who i'm around
T- are you saying i have to worry now!
A- goodbye, i'll have a nice trip don't worry
(Hang up)

T- ain't that a bitch
M- he wit some bitch ain't he
T- no he's with our friend jodie
M- she look pretty
T- i don't know, but i do know she aint got nothin on me
M- how does allen know that he ain't been gettin none
T- he know
M- you got a picture of her
T- yeah in my wallet (Shows picture)
M- that girl is sexy
T- MArie!!!
M- don't MArie! me, she fine he probably is gonna have a nice trip
T- whatever i ain't worried
M- you shouldn't have to be, because even though she fine you are way sexier
T- and i know this... but um girl you got to go i'll see you later tonight ok
M- ok i'll see you later
T- bye girl.

Allen was furious that Tawanna called him just to question what he was doing.

J- is everything alright
A- yeah, tawnna just pissin me off
J- hey lets get you to your meeting
A- you coming to see me off
J- you don't want me too
A- the media
J- right, well at least you could walk a lady to her car
A- we can talk in your car for a little bit it's still early
J- i'd like that

Allen walked jodie to her car, staring at her curves the whole time, imagining what he could do to her then slapping himself for thinking those thoughts.

A- so what's this about you havin a baby
J- yeah clerence knocked me up
A- so things are getting serious
J- boy please he was a one night stand now he's no where to be found, i didn't expect him to be
A- i'll be there every step of the way.
J- thanks you mean alot to me allen
A- Jodie, you mean alot to me too, i'm startin to feel a little wierd to be honest thanks to Tawanna
J- what you mean
A- keepin it real i wanna f*** you silly, i can't stop starin at you and i dont' know what you had to tease me wearin that dress
J- i'm sorry allen i...
A- no apologies maybe it's like that because Tawanna ain't givin me none. i gotta go give me a hug
J- have a nice trip and i'll call you and tell you about the baby i have my first appointment on saturday.
A- hope to hear from you
J- you will, by sweetie (Kisses his cheek)

Allen jumped out of the car and walked as fast as he could to his. all the way to his meeting he kept thinking about her, her body , and what he wanted to do to it. but he was determined to stay faithful.

Jodie was a little more than upset with the way Tawanna was treating Allen but there was nothing she could do. she had to admit she was getting a little hot when allen said he wanted her but she wouldn't dream of breaking up his home, she loved him and she loved tawanna too. she was determined to get them through this.

After Marie left Tawanna was determined to find a way to keep her from trying to get into her panties. it was ok that she was gay but the sexual tension was getting to her. she kinda was a ttracted to marie when she kissed her leaving her more than uncomfortable which is why she had been actind strange to Allen. she didn't want to lose her friend but she didn' see any other way.

Marie knew she was getting to Tawanna. from the moment she laid eyes on her she knew she wanted her. but she had to still stay friendly before tawanna caught on. she baited her hook now it was time to catch her.
Yall know me, i just keep it real!!!!
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 26, 2005 12:04 am    Post subject:

oh LAWD...aint dat some ish

I Am What I Am--If You Don't Like It, Kill Yo Self
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 26, 2005 8:00 pm    Post subject:

After Making Sure Allen was well on his way, Jodie still was stuck in the parking lot thinking about his situation.

J- if it's to the point where he's starting to notice other women something has to be done.

Scared for the future of her friends Jodie decided to run over to the house and give Tawanna a talkin to, she just didn't know what she had and the affect it was having on allen was not nice. instead of going over there full of rage she decided to go home and relax for a while first.

Tawanna was very upset with allen but she was also a little upset with herself for letting things float to the wrong level with marie. deep inside she knew allen would never go astray which gave her alot of comfort, maybe too much. just then marie was in her kitchen when she came down the stairs.

T- what you doing here
M- you told me the access code and showed me where the spare key was and you told me to come back later
T- oh i forgot, you just caught me off gaurd.
M- i know i've been moving too fast and messing our friendship up, that won't happen anymore
T- good, cause i really need to rethink alot of things
M- i came here a little early as a friend, i wanted to tell you something i saw
T- what
M- well nevermind, i don't want to hurt you
T- tell me marie
M- i saw allen and he was well, kissing another woman
T- bull s***
M- i'm sorry
T- i knew he was too good to be true, he probably was kissin jodie, did you see the girl
M- not that good but she did look good
T_ marie!
M- girl don't worry, he wasn't toungin her down or nothin, it was a friendly kiss
T- oh, then why in't you say that
M- because i'm trying to teach you a lesson. and men shouldn't have "friends" like that.
T_ it was jodie, and i trust her, she ain't got nothin on me, allen ain't goin no where
M- i hope not.
T- i know not.
M- well i'll be back i promised the kids i'd pick them up and take them to the mall without you, i'll bring them and dinner back
T- good, and afterwords you can help me plan Tiaura's party
M- sounds like a plan
T- bye marie
M- bye

As Marie walked out Jodie was walking up.

M- who is you
J- my name is jodie, you must be marie
M- how you know me
J- allen showed me a picture, is tawanna home
M- yeah she in there
J- thanks

Marie eyed jodie as she walked in the house. it was the woman she saw allen kissing, she was ready to start her plan.

J- hey mamma
T- hey jodie, heard you was kissin my man
J- only on the cheek whos tellin my business
T- i have my sources
J- i wouldn't have to hardly see your man if you was handling him, he's a good man T, don't lose him
T- why is everybody saying i'm gonna lose him, i've had allen forever
J- just check yourself
T- jodie, no you check yourself and stay away from my man
J- all i got to say is make me
J- you heard me, i thought we was friends
T- correction i thought you were my friend, but you just trying to take allen from me
J- bitch please if that was the case i would have done it already, and to think, i came all the way over here trying to help you make your marriage work, the next time allen calls me talkin about divorcing you i'm gonna tell him he should

Jodie turned and walked out of Allens house and was furious. how could she say the things she was saying about me was all she could think about.
she knew one thing her and tawanna were no longer friends.

Tawanna was sure that jodie wanted allen, she liked him first in high school but she let Tawanna have him because she got with Richie, ALlens other friend. this was all her plan to get back at her, tawanna thought.
She decided to call marie for supporrt

T- i think she trying to take my man
M- i told you that, she look like a stank hoe
T- your the only friend i got Marie
M- i'll always be here, now lets keep an eye on miss thang. we can start by doing some detective work. where ever she is i will have people and my cousin got a phone scanner so if she call anybody she'll here the message ok
T- thanks for havin my back
M- like always
T- and to think i was gonna end our friendship
M- why Tee
T- because i thought you wanted me in an unnacceptable way, but that's all behind me now.
M- good because i want you to be happy.
T- thanks girl, well have fun with the kids, and take them to dinner please cause i think i'm just gonna go to sleep
M- ok i'll keep em out then until they sleep and i'll put them in the bed
T- your'e the best.

Alllen was happy he was on the road away from home and the drama with him and his wife and this triangle they seemed to be having with MArie. at the same time he was mad because Tawanna hadn't even called to make up, so he decided to make the first move

T- hello
A- baby I...
T- what's this s*** i hear about you kissin jodie
A- baby, she's our friend, i kissed her on the cheek
T- you want her
A- no
T- good cause if yo standards are that low you don't need me.
A- look i called to say i was sorry, where is this different person coming from, questioning me and s***.
T- you make me question you with you slick ass remarks
A- whatever, i don't have to take this
T- look i'm sorry too, i'll make it up to you everything i promise
A- ain't nothin to make up
T- why you already gve my dick away
A- if it was yours you'd be takin care of it, and no i didn't have sex with no other female i was saying that theres nothing to make up because you said you were sorry, but you know what, i'm not talking to you anymore, especially not while you still have that attitude, your'e on thin ice tawanna
T- really, and what am i gonna sink into
A- you're working on a seperation, and then a divorce
T- what

IT was too late Allen hung up the phone on her.

A- How dare she question me

(Calls Jodie)

J- hey allen
A- hey hon, i called because Tawanna and i are about to be over
J- normally i would say, "No allen, don't do it" but i can't She den done pissed me off too!!
A-what happened!
J- i went over there to give her a talkin to, remind her of where she came from and where yalls relationship might be headed if she didn't do anything about it, then the bitch accused me of trying to take you from her and a bunch of s***, now we're not even friends, i'm not even supposed to be talkin to you.
A- whatever, you know you can talk to me, anytime. i just tried to call her and apologize first even though i did nothing wrong and the bitch did the same thing to me, i told her we are head towards seperation and divorce if she don't get her s*** together.
J- I'm sorry i can't talk you out of it
A- so hows my baby doin
J- don't talk like that, and the baby is fine
A- i'll be back friday, but i'm gonna be at Tiauras birthday party, on saturday i'll spend the day with you and go to the doctors appointment and do a little shopping
J- fine by me, but i don't know how tawanna is gonna feel
A- f*** her, she didn't care how i felt when i was home, i'm not spending my time with people who aren't worth it.
J-well i appreciate it.
A- i even sent you something, it should be there tomorrow
J- thanks allen, you mean the world to me
A- well i know that Richies gone and i told him i'd take care of you
J- your'e doing a great job
A- you know i always wondered why he wanted me to take care of you and then i rememebered that i liked you first in high school but then tawanna told me you said i was ugly so i started dating her
J- i never said that, we both liked you and i just was trying to keep our friendship together
A- wow, if she wouldn't have lied things would have probably had been different
J- real different because i'd make love to you all the time, and take care of you, i just don't get her
A- me either, well i'll see you saturday at 8 at your house
J- i'll be ready
A- by
J- bye

After hanging up allen had to take a cold shower, her voice was even starting to turn him on, but he was serious about being faithful.

Jodie hung up the phone with a smile, somehow she knew that he rushed her off the phone because she got to him, she was determined to not steal him though, even though tawanna pissed her off they still went way back and she wouldn't dream of disrespecting allen no matter how bad she wanted him.

Kasandra taped the conversation and called up marie. she knew marie wanted the dirt. afte playing it back to marie, marie told her to take out alot of the recording and make a final copy for her to let tawanna hear tomorrow. allen would be back in two days, and that was long enough for her to do some serious damage.

K- alright i'll make those changes for you baby
M- thank you, and rememebr you my cousin when we around Tawanna
K- is you cheatin on me with her
M- naw baby, why would i do that, i just want her to break up with allen so that we can have fun with her
K_ ok, what ever you want
M- you are all i want.
K- bye
M- bye sexy

Tawanna finished eating her left over salad and went to sleep, she knew marie would bring the kids and they would discuss Tiauras party and set it up tomorrow the day before like she knew it would end up happening. she was still mad at jodie and Allen she knew she had nothing to worry about but marie was right she had to keep them on their toes.
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2005 2:43 pm    Post subject:

Tawanna needs to drop Marie real quick cause real friends don't try to hit on you and don't try to break you up from your husband. Her gay, horny ass needs to sit down somewhere!!
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2005 7:35 pm    Post subject: Thursday, Thirsday, Thirsty (Like my title) !!!

Marie Came over to drop the bomb on Tawana and plan Tiaura's birthday party but she wanted to make sure she did it in the right order.

M- hey ms. Thang, did you sleep well
T- yeah i did, it took alot of stress off
M- good, the kids had a good time with me anyway.
T- great, well lets get down to business.

After they got done planning the party and setting it up in the basement, Marie felt like it was time. she was about to break tawanna's heart and be right there to help her put it back together again.

M- can we talk
T- yeah sure what's up
M- you need to sit down for this
T- ok

Just then Tawannas phone rang, allen was calling. she put him through to voicemail promising herself to call him back and apologize for her rude behavior.

T- it's allen. i'm gonna talk to him after we talk, i need to apologize to him
M- what happened now sweetie
T- this has just been like the worst time in our relationship, i told him he couldn't hang around jodie and he got real upset. i know i was wrong, i trust him and her, and i shouldn't have gone off on her either, we go way back and i know she wouldn't have done anything to hurt me.
M- you spoke to soon
T- huh?
M- here's what i wanted you to hear

MArie played the tape. with all of her corrections made it looked like allen was having a full blown affair and a baby with jodie. Tawanna's heart sank deeper thanit ever had before. after all they had been through she never felt so betrayed.

M- I'm sorry, my cousin sent it to me
T- i should've known. and to think i was going to apologize to him and that bitch.
M- it's ok
T- thank you for being here marie
M- that's what i'm here for
T- your'e always here when i need you most
M- and i always will be, niggas come and go, that's why i'm gay
T- tony did you wrong
M- yeah girl he slept with my sister, but what goes around comes around and i started sleeping with his sister
T- damn that's deep
M- we should get back at allen
T- how?

Marie gave Tawanna a smile that set everything off. Maries plan was to sleep with Tawanna and record it and leave the tape for him to find with the divorce papers. Tawanna didn't want to file for divorce but she agreed to make the tape to teach allen a lesson.

Meanwhile jodie was at home thinking about her friendship. she wanted to patch things up with tawanna no matter what it took. so she decided to go to the house and straighten everything out.

When jodie got to the house she decided to use the spare key and just walk in, they were still friends after all. but when she went looking for it it wasn't in the normal spot.

J- alright either she already had a guest or she moved it to another spot.

convincing herself that the key had not been moved due to their friendship she reached for the door. she sighed because she knew tawanna hadn't changed up the locks on her. she walked up to the master bedroom where she knew tawanna had to have been sleeping or resting and gently knocked. she heard voices so she decided to walk in and her jaw dropped when she saw what she saw.

Tawanna saw jodie walk in and she was embarassed at first but Marie was making her feel real good and in a way she was getting back at jodie too.

Jodie was going to just leave but her anger wouldn't let her. so she let them finish before she finished them.

J- you bitch, how could you do this to allen
M- shut the f*** up
J- no itch you shut the f*** up and get out
M- don't talk to me like that
T- Marie baby, you can go, i can handle this i'll call you later so we can have a round two.
M- bye baby (Kissed Tawanna)

Marie walked out on her way home to her real lady. her work here was done.

T- who told you to come in
J- i thought we were friends
T- not when you fuckin my husband we aint'
J- i'm not fuckin allen that's bull s***
T- yes you are i heard you conversation you had last night, by the way how's the baby doing
J- just fine Tee dee, just fine, too bad it's not allens
T- damn how many people have you been sleeping with
J- i could be asking you the same thing, this baby is not Allen's i never had allen, i gave him to you in highschool rememeber! i thought we was girls! i sacrificed so much for you!
T- Jodie
J- fuk you bitch you don't even know me, i'll be here for Tiaura's party because she deserves for me to be there, and i'm not telling allen about what i saw because it's not my business, i expect you too, i'm sure he'll find out anyway.
T- i was planning on leaving him a tape of the action, if he can have sex with you i can with marie
J- you are so gone Tawanna, lettin that dyke fill up yo head, i'm so through, maybe i will tell allen, he deserves to know.

Jodie walked out more mad then she was when she saw tawanna having sex with Marie. she felt like Tawanna had crossed so many lines, she knew they would never be friends again. under alot of stress she went home to lay down.

Tawanna still believed that allen and Jodie had something going on, but Jodie did look sincere. her voice said otherwise on the tape but her eyes said she was innocent. she decided to call Allen back and confront him.

A- hey Tawanna, hows the party planning coming
T-it's all done, i can't wait for you to see everything marie and i did
A- that's good, ok well i gotta go
T_ you don't want to talk to me
A_ why should i, did you forget what you said to me last night! how could you accuse me of cheating on you, and with your friend and my friend, that s*** hurt real bad, it was real foul T. and then i called Jodie and she told me you accused her too, who is filling your head up with all of this nonesense.
T_ Allen i know what you said to jodie on the phone lst night, a friend of mine taped it, so don't play stupid with me, i know you are having sex with her and i know you have a child with her on the way.
A- well whoever rcorded that, did some fuckin up because the baby isn't mine and i never had sex with her, but i'll tell you what since you can't trust me, it's over.
T_ what
A_ take it like this, we are officially seperated, when i said you were on thin ice i meant it. you need to get your s*** together.
T- but what about our family
A- you know how i am about my kids, i'll be there for them. i'll be there for Tiaura's party, and you can even stay in the house until we get a divorvce
T- so you';re not gonna try and work it out
A- i want to, i'm saying that it's going down like this, i'm gonna have somebody get over there and clear all of my s*** out in about 30 min. they are gonna take my s*** to Jodies until i come home, and when i get there friday and pick up the gift i bought for tiaura i'll be there.
T_- just for the party
A- yeah, and when it's over i'm going back to jodies until i find an apartment
T_ allen
A- bye.

Tawanna's heart sank.
T- well at least it isn't over i can patch this up
Tawanna went to get the tape she made with marie and noticed it wasn't there. she called marie to see what was up.
M- hello
T_- wheres the tape we made
M- i recorded myself a copy i'll bring yours back tonight
T_ - ok
M- where are you gonna leave it for allen to find it
T- i'm gonna leave it on the bed of course but not until after the party
M- aww then i'll be gone, you have to call me and tell me what happend
T_ you know i will
M- ok i'll bring it by tonight
T_ ok bye
M- bye

Tawanna started feeling weird about the whole situation. she planned on getting that tape and destroying it. she didn't mind marie having a copy, she was way in cali and she might want some entertainment, but their time would be kept from Allen. she called the only other person who knew to make sure the silence would happen.

J- hello
T- jodie, listen, i'm sorry, and even if you did sleep with allen i still wanna be friends
J- we can never be friends
T_ well allen and i talked and we think it's best if we separate
J- you told him
T- yeah i was woman enough, he needed to know
J- you must have broken his heart
T- yeah we decided to separate until i can get my head strait and he's gonna stay with you when he comes home until he gets an apartment, his stuff is leaving as we speak
J- thanks for telling me, allen should have called
T- he probably will later you know his schedule
J- well i'm glad you told him, now i don't have too
T- that;s right and i will be getting him back, he's just on loan to you for now, please take care of him
J- news flash i've been taking care of him, comforting him,telling him to hold on to you even though youve been dooing this to him, i feel so giulty and wrong for that. but youre right i will take care of him and help him throgh this difficult time because that's what FRIENDS are for! good bye Tawanna, don't ever call me again.

Tawanna sighed she knew Jodie wouldn't say nothing and she could finally get her man back, it was just a matter of time. as she monitered the moving people taking allens things she began to cry, she felt like thier marriage had failed. she had failed.

Jodie didn't believe a word tawanna said with all of that urgency in her voice. then allen called her.

J- hey allen
A- why you sound like that
J- it's a sad day
A- not for me im liberated i talked to tawanna and we're seperating
J- i'm surprised youre not divorcing
A- it's not that bad yet you always told me to hold on
J- i feel so sorry that i did
A- yeah but one little argument, and accusation shouldn't keep us apart don't you think
J_ is that all she said, that lyin tramp
A_ okay, now i'm confused
J- she slept with Marie i saw her
A- she What!!!
J- she told me that she told you and you said that you were just gonna seperate for now and get back together later
A- she think she slick, i'll play her game.
J- huh
A- were getting a divorce, just not right away i want her to think i don't know, then i'm gonna just leave.
J- allen don't be like her
A- no, i'm gonna handle this one my way, see ya tomorrow at tiaura's party, is my stuff there yet?
J- most of it, i got my cousin over here setting up my guest room for it, you don't mind if he unpacks do you
A- naw it's alright if he does, but i need to go and rest up for my big day tomorrow, my plane leaves real early and i have to go and pick up Tiaur'a's iced out belt and necklace i had made.
J- she's a lucky little girl
A- so hows the baby
J_ i hate to tell you this but i bled a little bit when i got home, the doctor said it was probably from the stress of the situation and to stay in bed as much as i can
A- is everything going to be okay
J- it's gonna be ok no matter what happens the doctor said i can go to Tiaura's party but no dancing just sitting and that when i come home to get right in the bed.
A- okay well you get some rest i'll see ya tomorrow
J_ bye.

Later that night Marie was bringing Tawanna the tape they made, she made a copy to send t allen just in case she punked out.

T_- hey
M- why you look so sad
T_ because Allen and i are seprerated
M- ain't that what you wanted
T- i thought so, no i miss him
M- even though he is having a baby with that girl
T- yeah, but it's only temporary, we'll be back together
M- i knew you was gonna punk out
T- i'm not punkin out, i'm losin my husband
M- news flash he's been lost
T- i'm gonna get him back because he doesn't know about us and he won't know
M- yes he will
T_ no he won't because this tape doesn't exist (breaking the tape)
M- don't do this to yourself
T- do what be happy, i miss him,
M- you just miss him now it will go away
T- well i still don't want him to know
M- siut yourself, but what is done in the dark always comes to the light, he will know.

Marie walked out furious. how could she just leave the plan? she didn't care she got what she wanted now allen would see his bride on tape, as soon as posssible and she had just the way to do it.

Tawanna was furious with Marie, why couldn't she just help her to be happy? or did she lose motivation because of the sex? she knew one thing with that tape destroyed and her leaving after the party and Jodie's silence, this was one secret that was going to be kept.

Allen found himself praying more for the health og Jodie's baby than his marriage. he knew it was over he just had to finda way to make sure tawanna knew that. it was gonna be a long road but change was about to come, in a way he never expected.

Jodie gave her belly a slight rub and fell asleep. she didn't want to lose her baby but at the same time she knew she had a son. RJ was her life and that's all she needed.
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2005 8:01 pm    Post subject: PARTYYYY!!!

After getting off the plane allen was ready to see his babies. he went to the jewler to pick up his baby girls gifts. she was growing up so fast.

Jewler- here you are sir
A- thank you they look real good
Jewler- she's going to be real happy
A- i know thanks

Allen knew he still had some time before the party started so he went and had a cup of coffe at starbucks. after enjoying his fresh brew he headed for the party.

As soon as he walked in the basement it was girl zone, all of Tiaura's friends and family were there and he knew that this was gonna be a good time, for Tiaura even if it wasn't for him.

Tiaura- Daddy!!!
A- hey baby, i got you some gifts
Tiaura- oooh can i open them now
A- sure (adressing everybody) every one Tiaura is gonna open gifts now
Tiaura- i'm gonna save yours for last cause i know it's the best
A_ thanks baby

Tiaura opened her gifts one after another smiling and screaming with excitement. she screamed the most after opening Allens gift.. she ran and jumped on her dad.

Tiaura- oh Thank you thank you thank you thank yoiu
A_ youre welcome baby
Tiaura soon because preoccupied with dancing so allen went to go and find Jodie, she was sitting on the couch smiling at tiaura

A- hey you
J- what's up
A_ how's it goin in there
J- not to good i'm still bleeding a little
A_ lets go tothe hospital
J- i went before i cam here, he gave me some medicine and told me that he'll tell me my fate at the apointment tomorrow
A- good

Marie walked over with a "special" gift for allen.

M- Allen
A_ marie
M- i brought you a welcome home gift Tawanna and i thought you would enjoy
A- thanks
M- really... the PLEASURE was all mine

Chuckiling she walked away

J- what is it
A- i don't know but i bet tawanna doesn't want me to have it, she has a real dirty look on her face, we'll see when we get to your house.
J- ok well lets go it's time to cut the cake

After singing happy birthday and eaing cake and ice cream Allen kissed his little princess and gathered his things toleave. Jodie went home early and told allen to just come on in when he got there. she took the special gift with her in case something jumped off, allens orders.

T_ leaving so soon
A_ yeah, i told you...
T- shh.... i know what you said but i have the red one on under this dress, why don't you let me welcome you home baby
A- no need, i gotta go
T_ fine go be with yo baby momma
A_ it isn'tmy child for the 20th time, i'll see you bye

Allen walked out pissed off. after everything she did she was still accusing him. he decided to run to the arms of someone who truly cares, if he ever needed a friend it was right now.

Tawanna was pissed at Allen's remarks but she kept on a good face for the people at the party.

Ann- where's my son going
T_ he's just goijg out for a breather you know him being ot of town took alot out of him, he'll be home tonight
Ann- i should hope so.

After all of the guests left and she put the kids away Tawanna went to lay in the bed and hug her pillow wishing it was allen. then she got some phone calls she would never forget.

T- hello
M- i gave allen the tape
T_ you what!!!
M- he deserves to know, then that tramp Jodie took it with her when she left she probably threw it away
T- you bitch why don't you want us together
M- becuase i never wanted you with him, i wanted you
T- that doesn't make you right
M- it sure as hell doesn't make me wrong, i did what i had to to get what i wanted
T- so the whole tape thing
M- it was the real conversation, i only changed a little
T_ why marie
M- because i wanted you
T_ i should have known never to put my trust in you
M- bitch please i didn't make you do anything you didn't want to
(Tawanna hangs up)

When Allen got to Jodie's place Jodie was sitting in the living room

A- where's RJ
J_ he's staying with grandma until next school year
A_ damn, thats a long way away
J- i know but i needed to know about this baby, i'm having problems and he wants to be there for a while, not forever
A_ ok, well what was the gift
J_ a video tape
A_ did you watch it
J- yes. it's what i saw that day between her and tawanna
A_ i need to see this
J_ no you don't it will make it worse
A_ no it won't it will help me heal, i need to see this Jay
J- fine

Jodie pressed play. Allen sat there watching the whole tape and cried as the tears flowed he felt like his heart stopped. Jodie was holding him the whole timesaying sorry like it was her fault. after the tape was finished Allen layed in Jodie's lap, crying out.

J- i knew you shouldn't have seen it
A_ no Jodie i had to see it to believe it
J- i'm sorry
A- me too, i'm sorry i never just got with you
J- that was the past you had awesome years with tee dee
A- that don't mean s*** now, she was never what you are to me
J- what's that
A- a true friend
J- some on let me tuck you into bed, we have to go to the doctor tomorrow
A- your'ee right
J- i love you allen you mean alot to me
A- i love you too

If you think it's over, you crazy!!!! stay tuned.
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 28, 2005 5:09 am    Post subject:

Damn, that's fucked up!! First, Tawanan loses her real best friend, then her man, now her fake best friend (although, that isn't realy a loss). I hope things work out for the best for her.
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 28, 2005 8:30 pm    Post subject: When The Funk hits the fan

Allen woke up early, earlier thn Jodie which never happens. he didn't even remember sleeping. he decided to put himself to good use and make breakfast.

Jodie always slept in the nude. something told her to put clothes on while allen was there but since they have seperate rooms she didn't mind. she always woke up before him anyway. today she felt pain in her stomach so she decided to rest a while longer.

Allen made pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, and toast with orange jucie to help boost Jodies spirits. when he walked in the room and saw her naked body sprawled across the bed his body immediately responded.

A- jodie
J- oh, s*** allen, don't you believe in knocking (covering herself up)
A- i was being nice, thought you might like some breakfast.
J- thanks

With nothing but a sheet wrapped afound her they enjoyed breakfast. Allen left as soon as they were done with dishes so that she wouldn't see his soldier standing at attention. she was definately alot better looking than he imagined.

Jodie felt embarrased, like her crush just saw her naked. she quicky hopped up and got in the shower before anymore mishaps came about.

Allen heard the water running and imagined it all over her naked body, feeling embarrased he quickly dismissed his thoughts and ran to his cell that was rining off the hook.

A- speak
T- allen (Crying)
A- What's up
T- i know you saw the tape, it's not what you think
A- you don't know what the f*** i'm thinking
T- i'm sorry, she.... she tricked me
A- tricked you into fucking her, and you sure looked like you were enjoying it.
T- look i don't wanna lose you
A- too bad, Tawanna you lost me when you were accusing me of sleeping with Jodie
T- i can explain, you see Marie....
A- i don't care if marie made a tape of jodie and i having sex, you go way back with her you've known Marie for how long, and since when did you start questioning my integrity
T- look, i can't focus on the past, all i can say is that i'm willing to make it work
A- well i think it will work better if we are apart
T- so we're calling it quits, after all of these years
A- game over Tawanna, i will always love you, you are the mother of my children, but i just can't trust or be with you anymore
T- can we be friends
A- of course, we'll always have a relationship, but you have to work for the friendship, i'll give you a clean slate, you can start over
T- after what i did that's all i can ask for
A- well look i gotta go, i have to take Jodie to the doctor she might be losing her baby
T- tell her i'm sorry for everything
A- you can tell her yourself
T- i''ll try, godbye allen
A- bye

Allen felt like he handled the situation well. he normally would have yelled and let all of his emotions flow but Jodie took that off of him last night, he was still trying to find a way to thank her.

After getting out of the shower and getting dressed, jodie and allen wereoff to see the doctor.

D- is this the baby's father
A- yes
J- no, well godfather yes
D- alright, well the thing is jodie, you've lost the baby, it will eventually pass within a matter of hours like a really big blood clot or we can have it removed safely here
J- remove it
A- is there a chance for it
D- i'm afraid not
J- just remove it
A- i'm sorry sweetie
J- me too

After having the baby removed the doctor ordered jodie to go home and be on bedrest for the rest of the day. crying all the way home she barely talked and Allen felt every ounce of her pain. when they pulled up at the house allen, walked around to Jodies door and opened it. treating her like a princess he picked her up out of her seat like a baby and walked her into the house and layed her in her bed.

J- (chuckling)
A- what's so funny
J- i always wanted you to do that
A- do what
J- carry me to bed (smile)
A- really, you like me alot huh
J- a whole lot, i used to tell tawanna like that all the time, she told me she asked you and you said you thought i was cute but that you liked her more. i was so used to being second best with her so i told her she could have you.
A- she lied to you. i told her i wanted to get with you and she told me that you thought i was ugly and that richie was fine.
J- some friend huh
A- she still loves you
J- but i can't be the same way with her, when i saw her cheating it felt like she cheated on me. it was ok that she took you, because i got richie, after richie died it was ok that she still had you, i coped with it but it was not ok for her to treat you the was she was and cheating on you was a big problem with me.
A- yeah, but it was all for the best
J- i'm glad you see it that way
A- you looked so sexy when i saw you in your bed
J_ i was so embarrased
A- you shouldn't be
J-(Smiled, blushing) stop allen
A- i was just saying....
J- i know, don't worry you won't see that again, i'll be wearing pjs
A- you don't have to... i've seen you now.
J- i'm so tired
A- the doctor said you'd feel that way. let me help you get undressed so you can go to sleep, i'm gonna go to the store and get some goceries, go see my kids, have a talk with Tawanna and i'll be backto cook you some dinner
J- okay, sounds good, what you makin me
A- a surprise
J- alright now.

Allen helped Jodie out of her clothes, slowly, and seductively, she was turning him on and he was definately turning her on. once she was in the nude he leaned over her and planted a kiss on her cheek.

A- we can't keep doing this, i'm glad i don't have to help you no more
J- why
A- this is why (Showing his pants)
J- i see your point
A- bye Jodie
J- bye

Allen left and went to the grocery store, brought the groceries back and put them away before heading to His home. He was greeted by his children at the door and talked with them like he always does.

T- yall know you have chores to do get to it

The kids reluctantly went off to so their chores

A- hey
T- hey
A- the kids ould have stayed a little longer i'm not gonna be here long you know, maybe i'll just pick them up tomorrow
T- works for me but while they are here they are on a schedule
A- yes mam

Tawanna knew she did herself up right, she wore the small tight black dress allen bought her with her hair in an updo she knew he'd want some, unless he was with jodie.

Allen knew the game tawanna was playing. he wasn't fazed by it at all, especially not after seeing jodie this moring who had the most beatiful physique he ever seen. if he could handle that he could handle anything.

T- so daddy, want some dinner
A- daddy? where is this coming from?
T- i'm still your wife allen (Walking closer) and i know you have needs
A- really, you sure didn't know that when....
T- (kissing him) shh... baby don't bring up the past
A- i just came to see the kids and have a talk with you
T- well then lets talk in the den

Allen followed Tawanna to the den, she was swaying her hips in a fashion he would normally enjoy but after seeing jodie's hers came second.
As he sat down on the couch he gave her an i mean business face and pused her away from him.

T- what happened to us allen
A- i dont know i guess we grew apart
T- i miss you
A- i miss the woman i married
T- is everything okay with jodie
A- no, she lost the baby
T- so sad, i feel really bad allen
A- me too, even though she was scared about having another one she felt bad to know she wasn't going to be having it anymore.
T- i want you to know that i don't want a nasty divorce allen
A- me either
T- we'll split the custody of the kids and as long as we get enough support every month to live on i'm fine
A- i was thinking about buying that house across town next to mommas and giving it to you for you and the kids
T- good idea
A- and i'll pay the bills and the house note, i'll still fund the kids and their allowances, but not you, ou need to get a job to take care of yourself
T- fine
A- if you can't find a job just let me know i know some people
T- allen do we really need a divorce
A- what else do ou expect us to do
T- just be apart, so that unless you change your mind...
A- i'm not changing my mind
T- why you got somebody else that fast, is it jodie
A- see here you go, i'll talk to you aain when you grow up

Allen left the house and went back to jodie's. when he walked in he started making her favorite, lasagna. they had so much in common it wasnt' funny. after fixing her food he walked into her room and served her.

J- wow allen you sure know how to treat a lady, how could tawanna...
A- i don't wanna talk about her
J- ok
A- i'm sorry if i came off wrong it's just that...
J- i understand, don't explain yourself
A- thanks
J- this is soo good, how did you know it was my favorite
A- you told me last year at the christmas party
J- you rememebered?
A- yeah, it's my favorite too
J- oh, now i remember
A- you have a beautiful smile
J- thank you
A- i'm so sexually flustrated
J- i'm sorry
A- tawanna tried to seduce me
J- and you didn't fall for it, i'm surprised that youre not back with her.
A- i had to be strong, for my own respect, i don't let sex rule me, besides she didn't make my body respond like someone else
J- allen what are you saying
A- nothing i gotta go

After washing the dishes allen went into the guest room he was staying in and was amazed. there were candles every where andit smelled so sweet. he was about to throw himself on the bed until he saw a note next to the chocolate covered strawberries. the note said "strip" and he did what he was told.

Jodie didn't know why he was doing this but she was doing it. she was going to take care of allen. he deserved it. now that she had her stregnth back she knew it was ok.

She walked up behind allen's body and kissed the back of his neck softly.
her lips quivered against his skin, she was scared that he would reject her but at the same time she was fufilling her dream fantasy to be with him.

A- jodie. ..
J- shh.... allen look at me

He looked at her and fell in love instantly. without looking at her body without looking at her as a whole, all he looked into was her face and he fell in love. her eyes were so sincere and real, something that he was missing.

A- i love you Jodie
J- i love you too, i want you to know you don't have to be with me all i want to do is...
A- stop putting yourself second.... i missed out on you before, i don't want to have to miss you ever again
J- so what are you saiying
A- i'm saying, lets not difine our relationship, all i know is that we have something special
J- come get me

Meanwhile Tawanna was back at home wit the kids, after putting them to bed she started to think about what her life had become. she decided to call jodie and tell her how sorry she was. when she called there was no answer and she didn't believe in messages so she just hung up and went to answer the door because the doorbell was ringing off the hook.

T- can i help you
K- my name is Kasandra, you had sex with my woman
T- marie
K- yeah, but i ain't mad at cha
T- it was the biggest mistake of my life
K- i came to talk because i'm tired of livin like this
T- come in, please
K- she told me to change the tape, Allen didn't really cheat on you with oh girl
T- i kinda figured that out
K- you still with marie
T- no were not even friends anymore
K- good, cause i don't want you talkin to her no mo
T- i don't have a reason to.
K- thank you for your time

After Kasandra left Tawanna put on some sweats, locked up the house and ran around the block, when she got back Allens team mate chris was at the door.

T- Allen ain't here
C- i came by to drop off this for the baby
T- huh
C- Tawanna, the DNA Test came back
T- the one i had you take for isaiah
C- hell yeah, read it and weep, i told you to stay away with that s*** and just stay with allen. what happened between us was a drunken fling you didn't have to have the s*** sent to my house, my wife read it and now we ain't together anymore
T- (reading the results) Oh s***, Youre the Father!!!!!!
C- bitch you knew i was the father, you did that to break me up with Casie, and the s*** worked! now i owe this Bitch all my damn money!!!
T- i'm sorry
C- you damn right you are
T- Allen and i aren't together anymore
C- did he find out?
T- no i never told him
C- goof cause he got a son to raise
T- it's your son
C- if you was still with allen you wouldn't be saying that
T- look chris i wanna do what's right
C- then you shouldn't have sent that s*** to my house

After Chris started to walk away Tawanna Screamed louder than she ever had before, her world was crumbling around her, then she fell to the ground in agony. Chris Ran to her side, even though they were just a fling he did care about her.

C- i'm sorry ok, just breathe
T- i.... i ...
C- shh... breathe baby, is the kids in there
T- (nodds)
C-I'll call your mom in law to come get em, you comin to my house ok
T- ok

Mean While, After havng the best love making of his life Allen felt high and tired. with Jodie laying next to him. then he got a call from momma.

A- Speak
Ann- Allen, where are you
A- at jodie's
Ann- you should be with your wife, Chris called me and said the girl havin a nervous breakdown, she at home with chris now, i got the kids and i'm keepin em until yall get yalls act together
A- yes ma'am
Ann- and don't be layin up under that woman until you know what you gonna do for sure, you hear me!!!
A- yes
Ann- now go make sure she hasn't killed herself

Allen had no intention of leaving jodie alone especially not after the last two hours they just had. instead he called, and chris answered.

C- hello
A- what's up with Tawanna
C- she tellin me her life story and trying to breathe, she breakin down man
A- she was fine when i left
C- well she just recieved some more bad news and she couldn't handle it.
A- can i speak with her
C- yeah she calm now

T- hey
A- you ok
T- yeah thanks for the concern
A- what's the bad news, if its bad to you i know it's bad for me
T- are you sitting down
A- yeha
T - Marie isn't the only one i cheated with
A- What!
T- let me finish, Allen, i cheated with Chris and Isaiah is his
A- you bitch!!!
T- but allen it was...

Allen hung up the phone and screamed and cried. Jodie was shaken by his actions and she slowly cradled him. After he told her the gut wrenching story, she was more furious with Tawanna than she had ever been. She took allens pain a different way. she let him f*** her and release himself.

Allen put a new meaning to the word rough as he made love to Jodie again. careful to not hurt her he relaeased all of his pain. the pain of naming isaiah and finding out he wasn't his, the pain of knowing that the father is chris, and the pain of knowing that he had to start all the way over again.

Tawanna Cried her eyes out after Allen hung up on her.

C- you hurt him pretty bad huh
T- yeah, but he needed to know
C- want me to try calling him back
T- no that would just piss him off more, i'll call him later and set up a meeting for tomorrow so that we can talk about the kids and what we're gonna do, i hope you come
C- i'll be here
T- great, bye
C- bye

As Chris Walked out Tawanna Felt the urge to thank him

T- oh and chris...
C- yeah
T- thanks for being here when i needed you most
C- yeah

Tawanna went to her room and layed across her bed putting everything that happened over the last week into perspective. tomorrow they would have that meeting so that she could lay her side out on the table and see where they would go.

A- i love you Jodie
J- i love you too... i'm sorry about everything
A- it's fine, really
J- i'm always here allen, whenever you need a friend... some one to...
A- why do you see yourself in that way, you've been more to me than Tawanna ever has, i realize that now because i can look at it differently, you always tried to help me and you were always there for me.
J- that's what frie...
A- no... that's what a person that Loves you is for, and i love you jodie, and i want you to be my girl
J- but what about Tawanna
A- that's over

Just Then Allen's cell rang again

A- what Tawanna
T- come to my house tomorrow
A- for what
T- a meeting, so i can see what's going to be happening
J- ( in the back ground) you want some more wine baby
A- no thank you
T- obviously we have alot to talk about
A- what are you talkin about Tawanna
T- i hear that bitch that was supposed tobe my friend callin you baby
A- Tawanna
T- you know what i shouldn't feel giulty obviously you been doing you too
A- don't try to turn this around on me
T- f*** you allen
A- when's the meeting
T- tomorrow, at 3
A- i'll be there

After hanging up again he gave jodie a stare
J- what... what i do
A- you know what you did
J- all i did was call you baby, you are my baby aren't you
A- yeah but you know i gotta get you for that
J- if you can catch me
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Okay, now she lost my sympathy. How she gon cheat on Chuck and expect him not to cheat?? She stupid as hell. Keep it comin, Ms. Ash. Wink
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*~*U CANT f*** WIT ME

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this story is da happs....keep it comin ma!!!!


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PostPosted: Mon Jan 31, 2005 7:11 pm    Post subject: In the Boardroom

After Allen Woke up the next morning he smelled a breakfast brewing so he quickly got up and got ready to eat with his new woman.

J- i made you some eggs and some sausage, and pancakes, you like?
A- i really like
J- so what's up with this meeting
A- well we are supposed to have a civilized meeting so that we know what's gonna happen next in my life and i really want you to be there
J- haven't i always been there
A- point taken

After getting ready and riding over to the house allen was ready for what was about to come. when he walked into the house his mother, Chris, and Tawanna were sitting around in his great room.

A- hey everybody
Ann- don't you hay everybody like ain't nothin gone on sit yo ass down

After Sitting down and taking Jodie hand Allen noticed that Tawanna was furious and she was the first to say her peice.

T- i think that we should work out our relationship allen we both have made some mistakes and i am willing to look past yours like i have all of our time together. chris and i are not together but isaiah is his and he is going to take full responsibilit for him

A- let me tell you something Tawanna, Jodie isn't now nor has she ever been a mistake, i did what i did with her because we are together and i chose to share myself with her in that way, as for the kids i think that momma should have rights to them so that we can both see them when we get a chance without having to argue about it, if she is willing to take on that responsibility

Ann- responsibility, that is something that neither of you has shown, i will take the kids because they need to be in a stable environment. allen i told you not to be layin up with no woman until you knew what was ging on between you an T, now why!

A- i did know that it was over between me and tawanna momma and i love jodie dearly

T- oh, you love her now, you don't just fall in love allen how long has this been going on and what kind of friend are you Jodie

J- (Stops Allen) i got this baby, look here bitch, you are the one that cheated on allen twice so don't try to make it look like you ain't did nothin and i have been there for allen everysince you came about and i will still be there for him no matter if he wanted to get back with you or not because i love him!

C- what's gonna happen with Isaiah, i mean i really want custody

Ann- and take him from the only family he knows boy please

C- well he sure as hell doesn't need to be around you crazy motherfuckers, he's my son you know

T- news flash he's my son and he is gonna be with me

C- we'll see about that

A- look at us, doing all of this arguing, Tawanna this was about me and you and our family, why is momma here? why are you always pointing the finger at me? why? answer that!!!

T- Allen...
A- you know what don't answer it, Jodie, let's go home, The house is mine, i bought it, the kids are staying with momma, and i'll help you get a job and buy that house around the corner from momma, that's how it's gonna be, anything else is minor and will be discussed by our lawyers.
Ann- don't you walk out that door allen i'm not finished, you need to be with your wife.
A- you might not be finished but i am momma, i'm not trying to disrespect you but i am finished with Tawanna and her s***! she has 3 months to be moved out into that house i'm buying this week and that's final.
Ann- but what about...
A- it doesn't matter momma, i love my kids and i will always be here for them but i can't do this arguing and bickering that we have been doing it's just not fair to me or jodie.

Allen walked out proud of himself. he stood up to everyone in that room and laid down the law.

J- thanks for standing up for me
A- you my lady what you expect
J- i'm proud of you
A- so am i

When Jodie and Allen got home the chilled in front of the TV and watched their favorite movies.

Tawanna was pissed at the way Allen treated her in front of everyone and she still wanted him back. After Ann left she decided to talk more to Chris about Isaiah.

T- you really think i'm crazy
C- hell yeah and if you think you are keeping isaiah you got another one coming, i will be contacting my lawyers.
T- you can have him then
C- what?
T- i said you can have him then, everything else is being taken away from me.
C- Tawanna i didn't mean it like...
T- yes you did
C- well i'm sorry
T- goodbye chris
C- i will be back to talk more about isaiah
T- fine, call before you come
C- i will bye

After Chris left she got this crazy idea that would win allen back, it was only a matter of time.

3 months later

Allen was happy to have his house back. jodie loved the house which was why he wasn't giving it up. and since they were finally settled in he was ready to propose, he was going to pick up the ring from Tiffanys.

Jodie was planning a dinner with a theme, she had something to tell allen and didn't know how. so she thought he might guess it with the food she was making. she was making baby carrots, baby back ribbs, and her famouse rock the baby cake. she was already a month late and she knew it was his, maybe it was time to start a family of their own things were beginning to get serious.

Tawanna was ready to put her plan into action to win allen back at whatever cost it was going to take but as soon as she picked up her phone to make the call her doorbell rang.

T- what's up
C- can i come in, where's my son
T- he's asleep come back for dinner
C- it's cool can we talk
T- sure
C- look we need to talk about what's best for him
T- what you mean
C- i think we should be together
T- no no no no no!!!!!
C- Tawanna we have been having sex every since your divorce papers were signed, i think we should take it to the next level
T- and whats that
C- me moving you into my mansion and giving you the keys to any of my cars you want
T- i don't want to live that lifestyle again, then you'll stop coming home, and stop answering my phone calls
C- i'm a bench player not a franchise like your ex
T- he still makes time for jodie
C- you resent that, well let me make time for you
T-you can't i'm trying to get him back
C- face it baby that's over, it's time for a new sheriff
T- i said no damn it!!!! (crying)
C-(holding her) come on Tee, let me love you like you deserve it
T- i don't want to be hurt
C- you won't be
T- how do i know that
C- you have to trust me

Allen had the ring and the words all he had to do was make it home to his lady to propose, his friend sean said he was moving too fast but allen thought that she shoulda been his all along, thats when a car ran a red light and crashed into his car knocking him unconsious.

Jodie began to get worried all of her themed food was cold and allen was never late. she called ann to see if maybe he went to see the kids.

Ann- hello
J- hey Ann, is allen there
Ann- no sweetie he went to get something special for you a long time ago i thought he'd be there by now
J- me too, i'm getting kind of worried
Ann- if you don't hear anything in fifteen minutes call me back so we can go searchin'
J- yes ma'am

After hanging up the phone tears began streaming down her eyes. then the phone rang again.

J- hello
Doctor- yes is this Jodie...
J- yeah yeah that's me
Doctor- my name is doctor Frank Mintuzo and we have Allen in Intensive care
J- what happend
Doctor- well if you let me finish, he was in an accident, he can't move his neck and he's still unconsious, we think he'll come to soon, so you should get here as fast as....

It was too late jodie was out the door, when she got on the road she slapped herself for not waiting to hear what hospital he was at, she went to the nearest one and luckily he was there. she rushed in and went strait to his side.

Doctor- are you Jodie..
J- yes i am
Doctor- we're afraid that if he doesn't wake up soon that he'll drift into coma state
J- can he hear me
Doctor- yes he can
J- here's a list of people, can you call them and leave me alone with him.
Doctor- sure

After the doctor left Jodie had alot to say to allen since she knew he could hear her.

J- Allen baby, i love you, and i really need you to wake up sweetie. there is so much we have to do. theres so much left. you're my heart allen. don't go away from me. first richie and now you. Allen, i need you, i can't carry this baby without you. yes i said baby, Allen i'm pregnat(whisper) (tears). you're gonna be a daddy again. RJ would be lost without you. please baby, just squeeze my hand if you're gonna be okay. give me a sign.

With that, she took her hand and put it in his. waiting for his response.

*will he squeeze her hand, Will he survive???? Find out next time!!!!!!
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u wrong as hell fa leavin me hangin like dat.....

look at me gettin mad hahaha

but anyway, come back soon!!!!

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Tawanna planted a kiss on Chris and agreed to be with him as long as he agreed to take it slow with her. then all of a sudden she recieved a phone call from the doctor telling her about allen's accident.

T- oh my god, Chris we have to go to the hospital
C- what's going on
T- it's Allen.... he was in a car accident
C- let's go, get in the car i'll get lil man

Still in shock Tawanna did what she was told.

Ann almost had a heart attack after talking to doctor frank. she got the kids and rushed to the hospital.

Meanwhile thirty minutes had gone by and there was still no sign from allen.
J- baby....
Just before she could have a nervous breakdown allen squeezed her hand lightlyand hius eyes traveled to hers.
J- thank you baby.... i knew you'd be ok

Just then The doctor walked in

D- is everything ok
J- just fine, his eyes are open and he squeezed my hand
D- that's great progress, the family is outside and they want to come in
J- sure

Just then allen started to cough and the doctor took the breathing tube out of his mouth and asked him to speak

A- hey everybody
D- try not to talk too much ok
A- okay doc

Tawanna rushed to his side almost bumping jodie out of the way, being the bigger person jodie stood up and walked to the side.

T- i'm so sorry for everything i did wrong allen
A- it's okay, stop apologizing

Ann asked Jodie if she wouldn't mind helping chris watch the kids while she visited with Allen and jodie decided to help out and said yes.

Ann- baby, i was so worried
A- i'm fine
Ann- did you get the ring before or after
A- before
T- what ring
Ann- a ring for jodie
T- oh, it's getting pretty serious huh
A- yeah, and i think i heard her say she's pregnat
Ann- no, really?
A- yeah, go ahead and let the kids in, now that they took the tubes out i don't look so bad
T- ok

out in the hall Jodie talked to Chris about her and allen

J- i just love him so much
C- he loves you too
J- and this baby...
C- you pregnat
J- yeah
C- allen is gonna flip when he hears that

T- he did hear it
J- he really heard me
T- yeah, he in there talking about it now, he wants yall to come in with the kids

When they all walked in the kids seemed unfazed, their dad seemed to be alright.

A- wheres my baby girl and my little man

Kids- right here daddy
A- i just want you to know that daddy is alright and i'll be out of here soon

The kids nodded and sat in the chairs the doctor provided for them. then the doctor came in.

D- Allen, we have good news for you, you can go home since you woke up but you will have to stay in the wheel chair with your neck brace until next week.

A- i'd rather stay here
J- and i'll stay here with you

D- that will be fine we'll just move you into a private room and get you really comfortable
A- thanks

Ann and tawanna decided to go and pick upsome dinner for every body and chris went home with all of the kids and and jodie helped the doctors get allen comfortable in his new quiet private room. Allen even had the doctor slip him the engagement ring he got since he could finally be alone with her.

A- i have something to tell you
J- what's that
A- i have the deepest love in the world for you, and i believe i woke up because i heard your voice. i'd be nothing without you. will you marry me
J- ohh..... Allen.... I....I... I don't know what to say
A- say what you feel... i hope you'll say yes
J- oh.... yes allen... it's a dream come true!!!!
A- you like the ring
J- it's perfect
A- just like you
J- thank you
A- no... baby thank you for always being there for me. baby, i know we're having a little one, and i would love to spend te rest of my life making babies with you
J- alllen i love you
A- i love you too

Ann got real light headed due to the stress and her blood pressure problems so she went home instead of going back to the hospital to get some rest. Tawanna, with the food in hand went to the hospital. when she walked into the room she was about to throw up because she saw the size of jodies ring. she didn't even remember hers being so beautiful, it just became another example of allens love for jodie being deeper than the love they once shared.

J- thanks for getting the food, i wanted to show ann my ring
T- she wasn't feeling good, but i'm sure she can see it from her bed
J- i know, it's beautiful isn't it!
T- it sure is, can i have a minute with allen, alone?
J- sure.

When jodie walked out she went into the hallway and just smiled at her ring. she just knew allen loved her with all of his heart. she finally didn't feel like she was second best.

Tawanna had some final words to say.

T- allen, did you love me
A- you know i did
T- then how could you move on so suddenly
A- let me ask you this, did you love me
T- yeah
A- then how could you cheat on me
T- it was a mistake, so is this a mistake?
A- never, i love Jodie with all of my heart
T- well mr. Iverson, you used to love this

Tawanna took her shirt and bra off and climed onto allens bed careful not to hurt him and kissed him softly, allen tried to push her off but he didn't have much strength, then jodie walked in.

J- allen, what's this
T-(Tawanna Smiled and gets up) i'll just leave you two alone, call me if you need me
A- Tawanna
J- Tawanna??? That's all you could say???? for once i thought i was your number one, i thought i was on top, but you can't even get over a bitch who cheated on you with a woman and a man
A- baby
J- baby!!!! i ain't yo baby!!! but me and yo baby are out of here mister and i will be out of your house before you come home
A- i didn't do anything
J- that's my point allen!! how could you let her be all over you like that
A- i'm sorry i tried to push her off of me, i can't i have no strenght
J- i guess i still come second.... i don't want to settle for that anymore... goodbye allen
A- jodie... jodie!!!! please don't leave me i need you!!!

Jodie took off the ring allen gave her and set it on the table next to him with tears running down her face.
J- next time when you give it to someone, make sure it's what you want
A_ you are all i want baby, i would never hurt you
J- you just did

In the hallway at first Tawanna was happy to have broken them up. but when she saw her longtime ex friend walk out of the room with tears streaming everywhere she felt bad. it was bad enough that she was with chris and she did what she did but she never meant to hurt Jodie this bad.

T- jodie, can we talk
J- what now Tawanna
T- i did it, allen couldn't stop me, i was just jealous of the ring and i wanted you to be unhappy
J- well you succeeeded
T- no because now i want you to be back with him and be happy
J- that's not gonna happen
T- i want you to know you were never second best, Allen was always way more into you than me, i was always second and i had to work twice as hard to keep myself at first when i was with him, i didn't know what love really was until i saw him with you, please don't do this

Jodie turned around and ran into the room and saw allen crying not being able to move and she quickly embraced him

J- i'm so sorry baby
A-me too
J- i want you forever
A_ me too, please put that ring back on and never take it off again
J- i won't, i love you
A- i love you too

Tawanna went back home after accepting that Chris is what's best for her. when she walked in chris had a bouquet of roses and slow music playing.

T- what's this for
C- for you, i know you've been through alot you need to wiond down
T_ thank you
C- no thank you, i really care about you tawanna and i never want to see you hurt
T- thats so sweet
C- not as sweet as you

* like i said it ain't over until the fat lady sings!!!!!
Yall know me, i just keep it real!!!!
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dat was tight gurl....

wheneva u get the time in yo college life (hopefully a.s.a.p.) up ight...~1~

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 04, 2005 9:22 pm    Post subject: six months later

After a great recovery and having Jodi on his side allen made his way back into normal life and back on the court. with jodie pregnat things were changing for the better nd their wedding was going to be in six more months after the baby is born giving jodie time to slim back down to that hour glass figure allen loved. With RJ being there Allen could see his friend that he mourned every time he got home and it was begining to bring back memories. which is why Allen wasn't in a hurry to get home to take Jodie out to dinner with RJ.

Jodi couldn't wait for allen to get home. it was going to be their first real classy family outing. she always did want RJ to have a father figure and the way he clinged to allen made it a sure fit. she didn't want to pressure allen but it was something he was going to have to either take control of or talk to her about becase no matter what anyone else saw she knew they were a family.

When Allen pulled in 30 minutes late and changed reservations he wasn't surprised when he walked in the door and saw an angry jodie. she even looked beautiful angry and pregnat.

J- Allen...
A- i know baby i know... i'm sorry i went for a drive and i lost track of...
J- you are late because you went for a drive... damnit Allen!!!
A- i'm sorry... chill out you'll upset my shortie you carrying
J- Allen RJ was begining to get upset
A- lets go then
J- (calling out) RJ!

RJ rushed down the stairs and put his coat on.

RJ- it's time to go
A- yeah come on boy

When they got to the restaraunt jodie couldn't help but notice that allen wasn't as happy about her family vision as she was when she told him. why didn't he want to adopt RJ??? and Why didn't he want to be a real family. they had some talking to do when she got home

Allen was a little more than upset with Jodie for planning their lives without him. He loved to adopt RJ but he'd feel like he was his father and that's not what he wanted to be to him. he wanted to stay uncle Allen he didn't want to take his best friends place with or without him there. i was bad enought that ony RJ and the new baby would be living with him. he just wanted some understanding.

When they got home Jodie went and put RJ to bed and walked into the bedroom she and allen shared and got ready to hit the sack herself. Allen wanted to talk and she knew it was coming so she put on her robe and went to him.

A- baby, it's not that i don't love you i just...
J- don't worry allen i completely understand... you don't want RJ to be your son
A- you do understand....(sigh) i thought you thought i was trying to act like i didn't care about him.
J- obviously you don't but that's ok i can just continue to raise him alone like i've been doing and let him see you treat the new baby, Tiaura, and Deuce different.
A- you got it all wrong
J- explain it to me then allen? explain to me how it can be 6 months until our wedding and you still visit tawanna? your kids don't live there! explain to me why you don't want to be there for RJ like you was when we were just friends? all i'm asking you to do is sign a peice of paper!!!
A- that's not all you're doing you're trying to get me to sign a peice of paper saying i'm gonna be his dad, and i can't be that Jodie you know that, RIchie is gone!! RJ has to accept that not fill his place with me! and i visit Tawanna because she is my friend, i was with her for a long as time and just like she couldn't stop me from talkin to you you can't stop me from talkin to her, if you wasn't so jealous of her you wouldn't worry about me talkin to her, i keep tell in you to stop putting yourself second
J- well, i guess that the end of this conversaton because i am not about to take your s***, unlike tawanna i have a career, i owned a home without you paying for it, and i don't need you like she did. she wan't your friend when she was sleeping with other people, now you are all of a sudden more fond of her, i got to go
A- where you going
J- to sleep near my son, at least i know he'll always have the same love for me!
A- what are you trying to say
J- Allen sometimes i wish i would hav left when i caught that bitch on top of you in the hospital

With tears in her eyes Jodie made her way into her sons room. as she slept next to him singing him a lulaby, she sang herself to sleep to stop herself from crying.

Allen knew the conversation went too far, but he felt right about alot of stuff he said to her. he didn't want to be RJ's father, Tawanna was his friend, and he loved Jodie more than anything. determined to see her walk back in the room allen layed awake. when she didn't come he knew they both had some serious talking to do, for the sake of their relationship.

Tawanna was tired after a long day at work but she was definatley happy for the flowers Chris sent to her office. they had been fighting like cats and dogs it was geat to know he cared about her. she was begining to get scared of him in some of thier fights, sometimes he'd even swing at her, but after talking to Allen she decided to have a tlk with chris, the abuse stops now.

C- hey baby
T- hey, wheres isaiah
C- he's in his bed and his name is chris JR
T- we havent' changed it so it's Isaiah and we need tot alk
C- about
T- about us, i want you to knw that i don't need you, and if you ever threaten me like you did before or swing at me i'm walkin, and i'm moving back into my old house, allen still owns it and he told me i can move back in if i needed to.
C- i said i was sorry, didn't you get the flowers
T_ thank you
C- what's the s*** about allen telling you that you could move back in, why have you been talking to him, huh, what do you possibly have left to say! it's over isn't it!!!!
T- you know it's over, stop yelling! i was just talkin to him as a friend trying to put the past in the past and i was telling him about how ive been feeling and he told me that
C_ not only have you been talkin to him you been tellin him my business
T- i just told him that...
C- tawanna that is our business, don't go snitchin to other people all the time s***
T- you just remeber what i said
C- you ain't goin no where bitch, unless you fuckin him, are you?
T- hell no, you know i'm wit you or i wouldn't be here
C- yeah right, you fucked me when you was with him
T- stop bringing up the past
C_ quit talkin to him then
T- or else what
C- you don't wanna know

*** AHHH s*** somebody better call the cops*** Check me out next time.
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oh lawd have mercy!!!!!! Shocked

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*~*U CANT f*** WIT ME

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 07, 2005 7:03 pm    Post subject: BRING EM OUT BRING EM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next day allen had every intention on setting things strait with Jodie, so he sent RJ to his moms house to play board games with the other kids. he knew that they might end up saying things he didn't need to hear.

Jodie knew something was up when Allen sent RJ to his moms. she was more than a little upset because she couldn't understand why he does so much for RJ but is so scared to be his father.

A- Jodie can we have a talk baby
J- i guess so, if that's what you want, or do you want to half ass that too.
A- please...Jodie
J- ok
A- look, i love you more than I have ever loved a woman, and i love RJ as if he were my own son, but i'm scared baby.... I....
J- scared of what allen
A- I'm scared that i'm replacing Richie, he was my boy you know
J- i am not asking you to be him allen
A- i know, it's just .... you don't understand
J- no allen.. i do understand and that is not what i expect from you, i don't expect you to be him i expect you to just be there for him, give him someone because all he has is me, and i'm sure richie is looking down here saying thank you for looking out for me and RJ and giving us the happiness you provide.
A- i never thought of it like that, i'd be proud to do that for richie.
J- oooh.... Thank You Allen (kisses his cheek)
A- another thing ... Tawanna is going through some things so don't tell me not to talk to her anymore
J- i didn't really mean it when i said it, but i am jealous, i wish you could seperate yourself from her completely
A- i wish i could too but right now she needs someone to look out for her
J- what's going on
A- that i can't tell you, just trust me ok baby?
J- i trust you.
A-ok, so is there anything else bothering you
J- no, just this baby kiscking every where
A- i can't wait for the baby to come out
J- i told the doctor i didn't want to know the sex
A- that's a girl all the way
J- how do you know
A- i don't know i just have a gut feeling

Tawanna decided to devote a whole day to isaiah. with everything going on he was definately getting ignored more thn he should. as she watched him smile and giggle at her she realized how much she loved her son more than anything. then her cell phone rang

T- hello
A- hey just callin to check up on you
T- everythings great right now, i'm just playin with the baby
A- i bet he's so smart
T- he sure is.
A- how did things go last night with the talk you were supposed to have
T- i said everything
A- good, now all you have to do is put it into action
T- you're right.
A- alright i'm gonna go, but i will be checkin up on you.
T- ok bye now.

After getting off of the phone with allen she remembered how much she loved to hear his voice. especially when he was happy. then chris came home.

C- Tawanna, where are you baby i got you something
T- i'm right here with the baby
C- oh i didn't see you
T- well hear i am
C- here (Bracelet) it's a peace offering, i know i have been wong baby but i'm gonna do better for you
T- thank you baby
C- i'm gonna go and take a shower and meet the guys
T- thought you'd want to stay home tonight, i'm making your favorite
C- no thanks
T- ok

Chris set his keys, Phone, and wallet on the table andd went upstairs for a shower. then his cell phone rang. it always was ringing and most of the time it was his agent Jerry calling with more endorsements and Tawanna usually got rid of them for Chris. he always appreciated that because most of the time he didn't want the deal anyway, this time she was surprised when she picked up the phone.

T- hello
S- hello my name is sheila is Chris around
T- is this an endorsement deal or something because he's not interested
S- no i don't work for chris i just was calling to cancel our plans for tonight, tell him my friends in town and i can't give him the whole package he wants
T- i sure will
S- yeah and since your his secretary, just in case he doesn't get it cause sometimes he's a little off, tell him that my friend is my period.
T- i am not his secretary.

After hangfing up the phone twanna was in tears. why was she working so hard for this poor treatment.

Chris just knew he was hittin big booty sheila tonight, man was she looking good. he sprayed on his cologne thinking about her and as soon as he got to the bottom of his stairs he saw an angry Twanna, he knew he had to leave fast before they argued.

C- see ya later baby
T- don't bother... I'm leaving, and don't think your getting lucky with Shiela either, she's on her period
C- what are you talking about
T- nigga don't play dumb with me!

With that Tawanna threw the bracelte at chris hitting him hard across the face and she went to grab her things and the baby when Chris grabbed her and slammed her against the wall.

C- didn't i say you ain't goin no where
T- leave me alone chris you've been cheating on me
C- can you prove it, some skank ho calls here and you believe every word she say
T- f*** you Chris i'm leaving
C- you think you bold, i'm gonna let you go, but you just try to walk out that door and you'll be lucky if you can walk again.

Chris let tawanna go, she slid down the wall crying loudly and then realized that it was time to go, but how? she grabed Isaiah and her bags and went for the door. Chris yanked Isaish out of her arms and put him in hs play pen and then he dragged Tawanna up the stairs

C- you think you bold bitch, you think you got somewhere to go, don't nobody want yo ugly ass

when they reached the room he pinned tawanna to the bed and instructed her not to move. after he went and got the baby and put him in his room with his toys he came back in the room.

T- i thought you cared about me
C- no body cares about you, you don't even care about yourself you stupid bitch, you just try leaving here again, you hear me bitch!!! Just try!
I'm going out but i will have you watched!@!!!!

After chris left Tawanna Cried her eyes out, there wasn't no way he was putting his hands on her again.
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somebody need to cok back and unload on his dumb ass

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Bamagrl3 wrote:
somebody need to cok back and unload on his dumb ass

*~*U CANT f*** WIT ME

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flawda_thicky wrote:
Bamagrl3 wrote:
somebody need to cok back and unload on his dumb ass


ya gots ta feel me ... Wink

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Allen didn' expect to be awakened in the middle of the night by two women and forced to make a choice. Jodie woke him up because she was feeling early contractions and Tawanna called his cell just as he started to console jodie. she gave him a look that was so deadly he saw it clearly in the dark, the look told him that if he picked up that phone she was gonna be pissed. so he didn't the first time but when tawanna called for the second time he knew it was urgent.

A- baby i gotta take this
J- is it yo momma?
A- no
J- is it your brother mister?
A- no
J- any of your sisters?
A- no but...
J- then who could it be that's more important than you helping me through this
A- nobody but baby it's an emergency
J- what's her name, tawanna, that's an emergency, me having contractions isn't huh?
A- Jodie it's not like that, these are normal, i'm trying to tell you that they will pass
J- f*** yo allen now i don't want your help
A- don't be so stressed then you will go into labor
J- like i said allen, fuk you, go help that bitch then, fall into her trap, i don't need you

With that Jodie got up and walked into the master bath locking the door behind her. she was crying her eyes out because allen was wrong for making her feel like she came second to tawanna especially while she was having pains. she sat on the floor practicing her lamaze classes, maybe she didn't want him adopting RJ and maybe she didn't want to be with him anymore, he seemed to be real preoccupied with his past, evn when there was no reason to and it made her even more mad that she was getting the short end of the stick while she was carring his baby.

Allen picked up the phone because he had a feelieng things were going terribly wrong and even though isaiah wasn't his baby he raised him like his own and believe it or not he still had love for tawanna, he didn't want her getting beat on or anything.

A- what's going on
T- i need you to help me allen
A- what happened
T- he's got me trapped in the house, he say he got people watching me, i packed my bags but he won't let me leave
A- you didn't call the police
T- then he would have tried to kill me!!! look allen come over ok
A- i thought you said he got people watchin you
T_ he's bluffing, i need you to come over and take me to the house, then i'll call the police and let them watch my house for a few weeks until things go over
A- i don't know about it being that easy T
T- it will if you help me, please
A- ok well let me tell jodie..
T- f*** her, i don't want her in my business this is between me and you, she aint got no part in it
A- but she's having contractions and ...
T- those are normal
A- i know but it still doesn't change the fact that she's having them and wants me to be there for her
T- is her life threatened?
A- no
T- is she gonna have that baby today
A- probably not
T- well then i suggest you get over here, i need you allen
A- but she's my ...
T- your'e little fling, your girl friend, i used to be your wife and my life is in danger
A- look i don't want to leave her
T-why not, what's the worst that can happen to her
A- Tawanna
T- f*** it, if you don't want to help me than fine i'll find my own way at least you'll know who to tell on when the cops are drawing chalk around my dead body

Tawanna hung up on Allen. how dae he take that bitch over me? she was very unhappy with allens decision even though she was sure he'd be there soon. he was a good man and she had to admit she was wanting him back in amajor way.

Allen sat on his bed with his head in his hands. he had the biggest decision of his life ahead of him. he just wished both of them had a little more understanding. he loved jodie and he wanted to be with her for life and he did promise that he would be there ever step of the wa yin her pregnacy, he hadn't missed an apointment or anything . but why couldn't she let him miss one night. Tawanna was his ex wife and he did hate her sometimes but when he thought about thier relationship he remebers when she was everything to him and to have her lose her life would be the most hurtful thing to happen to him. especially since he knows what's going down, but why couldn't her little plan wait until morning after he comforted Jodie why were they constantly fighting for his affection.

A- (yells to himself) What do they want from me!!!!!!
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o grl..diz is gud..cant wait 4 more Very Happy
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 14, 2005 4:28 pm    Post subject: Lawd Help us!!!!!!!

Allen decided to tell jodie what was going on against tawanna's wishes and maybe she would have a different opinion on things.

Jodie knew that the Contractions were a normal thing but she still needed allen. she hated it when he did things like this to her and she hated tawanna more for always coming between them.

When Jodie walked out of the bathroom Allen got nervous. he didn't know how to tell his woman that he needed to go and help his ex wife without telling her the whole situation. especially Jodie she wanted to know what was going on anyway.

A- Jodie, I'm sorry sweetie, i know i told you i'd be here every step of the way and i have been stepping out on that.
J- it's fine Allen, i know that tawanna must mean more than me and that's fine, just forget about me and the baby and adopting RJ
A- it ain't even like that
J- yes it is allen, if we are going to be together forever why are you keeping secrets?
A- it's not that i'm keeping a secret it's that.... well...
J- good bye allen, get dressed and go help that bitch
A- Jodie...
J- i heard you in the bathroom, you said what do they want from me, well i'll tell you what i want, i want to have a family with you allen, i want you to be honest with me, and i don't want you to be leaving me in pain to go help out someone you are no longer with.
A- But jodie she's....
J- your ex allen, what am i to you allen! you know what just leave go help her that's what your good at.

Allen just turned and walked out Jodie would never understand what is going on. he called Tawanna to let her know he was on his way.

Twanna was definately surprised when her caller id said that Allen was calling.
T- hello
A- i'm on my way
T- i hate to say this but i'm surprised
A- for what i'm just being there for you
T- yeah but i thought Jodie was gone whip yo ass back in to shape
A- i ain't whipped and this is the only time i'm doing this then you better not call me anymore.
T- fine with me
A- fine

Allen pulled up into chris' driveway and picked up tawanna, lil man, and there things. he made sure she had everything so that she wouldn't have no reason to come back. seeing the red choke marks around her neck brought tears to his eyes, he was man enough to let them fall as he drove to the house.

Jodie was severely pissed off. she packed a weeks worth of clothes and got some of RJ's things together. no one was living in the house allen still owned so she planned to stay there for a few days.

When allen pulled into the house he helped Tawanna get settled and realized it was time to get back to his woman.

Tawanna saw Allen crying everytime he looked at her neck. she knew he still loved her, Jodie would always be second to her, it just killed her inside that he was such a good man. so when he asked to use the batch room she took it as an opportunity. she ran to her room and put on her nightie- the sexy red one she knew allen loved and ran out to tell him good bye

A- this is innapropriate
T- i still love you allen
A- i told you Tawanna i'll always love you but i have a woman and i'm happy and we're gonna be a family.
T- so you just throw away all of the years we had. remeber the Prom, it was me and you, richie and Jodie, if you died and could come back would you be happy to know richie was fuckin me

Allen had to think about that one. he did feel kinda wrong, that's why he didn't want to adopt RJ, but the defense Jodie put up worked for him, but he couldn't rememebr what she said to save his life.

T- this is just one night baby, i saw you checkin up behind me making sure you wouldn't have to ever help me again. if you want me out of your life fine, but all i want is some goodbye dick.
A- that ain't right Jodie means....
T- she don't mean s*** compared to me or you wouldn't be here

With that tawanna pushed Allen down into her chair and kissed him passionately.

Allen was beginning to respond to her in ways he hadn't every since he got with Jodie. Was she right? was what he and jodie had only a fling? he had to leave before something happened he couldn't take back. then he heard the front door open.

When jodie walked in to house she saw tawanna on her knees unzipping allen's pants and allen was trying to get away from her. she felt angry, flustrated, upset, dissapointed, and hurt all in one emotion. she was ready to do so many things at once. then she fell to the floor.
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Jodie couldn't believe it when she opened her eyes and saw Tawanna standing over her in a teddy. she felt like killing her, after all they had been through in friendship she always tried to take what she had. she knew she was going into labor, or at least she felt like it, but she couldn't help but cry about what she saw.

When Tawanna saw Jodie fall to the floor she felt guilty immediately. she knew she was wrong for wanting to take allen back but she never meant to hurt her, maybe that's why she rushed to her side like she did.

allen was stunned. he sat in the chair with his pants half way unzipped and let tears fall down his cheeks, he knew that nothing good could come out of this situation.

T- are you okay
J- i'm fine. it's just the contractions
T- are they steady like you're in labor?
J- no but they hurt like hell
T- those are normal thank goodness your not havin the baby early.
J-i wan to go home, where's allen
T- shhh... girl you ain't going no where in yo condition. come on and get on the couch to rest.

After getting jodie on the couch to rest Tawanna went in the room to change her clothes.

Allen finally came back to reality, he rushed to his soon to be bride's side.

A- baby
J- allen
A- i am so sorry, but it's not what it looks like
J- it looked like you and tawanna were about to have sex
A- we were not, Tawanna was about to get thrown off of me
J- i love you allen, but it's over
A- but... Jodie... I love you
J- i know you do, but this constant competition is hurting me allen, i don't think you are ready for a relationship
A- i promise there won't be any more of this, i...
J- then show me allen, without being with me, then we can talk about it, until then here is your ring back
A- are we still friends
J- you know i love you and i will always be there for you and we have a baby together
A- your right
J- look i'm tired i'm going to sleep please thank tawanna for me.

Allen sat next to jodie as she fell asleep, tears streamed down his face as he thought about his life. then he whispered thank you to Jodie. he was telling her thank you because she helped him to realize that he wasnt ready and he jumped into this relationship too fast. s he got up to walk out of the door, tawanna called him to her room.

A- what tawanna i'm leaving
T- i just wanted to say thank you and i'm sorry
A- you're always sorry
T- i know allen, i'm sorry for messing things up between you and my best friend, hell i'm sorry for messing things up between me and my best friend, but allen i still love you and i thought you felt the same. i'm sorry for everything. thank you for helping me get away from Chris and being there for me
A- youre welcome and youre forgiven, i have to go bye

Allen lleft to go home. he felt like his life had ended and began again. all he wanted was to be with jodie, take cae of her, make love to her, and just make her happy, so why did he let Tawanna get in the way? why didn't he warn tawanna about chris?

mean while tawanna needed to take care of Jodie. it was her fault for the breakdown anyway. she wanted her friend back more than she wanted allen back and if letting go of allen was a stipulation she was ready to do it.

T- jodie, sweetie you awake
J- i haven't slept
T- we need to talk
J- look T you can have Allen, i gave him back his ring
T- i don't want allen, especially since i know he doesn't want me
J- he was sure getting ready to have you before i came in
T- no he wasn't i did that
J- he shouldn't have put himself in this position, i was home having contractions while he frolicks around with you
T- he didn't want to
J- what?
T- he didn't want to, but here let me turn the light on

Jodie saw the bruises on Tawanna and began to cry with her.

J- what happened
T- Chris was beating on me
J- so allen helped you...
T- escape and come here. the police are staking out the premises so that he doesnt come looking for me
J-- i'm so sorry tawanna, i've been so selfish
T- no you haven't i've been selfish you've done nothing but stand behind allen, even when i was fuckin up you still tried to be there for me and him, you deserve him
J- i told allen he needs to wait before he gets into another relationship
T- you're right. but when he does get into another one, i hope it's with you.
J- me too.

the girls giggled and played catch up, Tawanna had so much to tell.

Allen was heading up to his house with his head hanging low when he saw Chris.

C- where's my bitch allen
A- she ain't yo bitch or anybody's bitch, she's a grown woman and she's at her house
C- is she fuckin you
A- no she aint', what makes you think i would do that to you
C- i fucked her while she was with you
A- that don't mean i'm as dirty as you are
C- man f*** you, she got my son
A- he's in a better place, you shouldn't have been hitting on her
C- f*** you
A- no thank you

Chris heard enough so he swung at allen and missed and they began to fight. allen saw a gun in chris' belt so he grabbed it and pointed it at him. then the police came as he held the gun.

Police Officer- put the gun down sir

allen dropped the gun as he was instructed.
PO- do you mind telling me what's going on over her ein my car, and you (points at craig) you go into officer jackson's car and tell him your side.

Allen and craig did what they were told and the police took both of them into custody, they took them both in for fighting but they also took craig in for having a gun that was not registered.

Sitting in jail allen wondered about his life and what it came to. he had t call someone to get him out so he called his friend sean.

S- hello
A- come get me from jail man
S- how yo ass get in jail nigga
A- just come get me , they letting me out in about fifteen minutes

After allen got out of jail he told sean everything that happened and that chris had to do thirty days and was no longer alowed on his property including the house he bought for tawanna.

s- that's good man, but at the same time you shoulda been with yo girl
A- yeah i know that now man
S- so what's next
A- i'm going bak to being a batchelor until i can get all my s*** together
S_ that's what i was gonna suggest.
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Two and a half months Later

Allen got woke up in the morning by two women once again but this time it was because his babywas being brought into the world. he was so happy that Tawanna and Jodie became friends again, in a way his life seemed to be getting back to normal. he still wasn't back with jodie but they did start dating agin, they decided to take things slowly this time.

When Jodie's water broke the first person she called was Tawanna and then she called allen on three way to tell him. she had moved into a condo allen found for her. she felt good that she could afford it on her own without his support even though he offered it. she knew she loved him still and that she wanted to be a family with him, just not until he's ready. they already decided that she would live with him until the baby was six months old since the nurseery was already set up.

A- alright well i'll be right over, don't be in a hurry to go to the hospital remember the doctor said wait until they are five minutes apart
T- she knows she has a while to wait allen, Jodie i'll be there in a minute
J- ok just hurry i don't want RJ to think somethings wrong
T- whos gonna watch him
J- Ann is, she is coming to pick him up now
T_ ok bye hon
J- bye, see ya soon T
A- i'll talk to you until i get there ok sweetie, i told you i'll be there every step of the way
J- thanks allen
A- i love you
J- i love you too
A- i have never appreciated you as much as i do now
J- thank you allen

Once allen got to the door and off the phone with Jodie, tawanna answered the door.
T- hey allen, redy to be a daddy again
A- i sure am where's my baby momma at
J- allen what i tell you about callin me yo baby momma
A- how about i just call you my baby then
J- that sounds better

Allen and tawanna spent time with Jodie keeping her comfortable and happy, then it was time to go to the hospital.

At the hospital, Allen learned quickly that Jodie didn't take pain well, after the epidural he could hold her hand again without feeling like she was gonna break his hand. when there baby girl was born it was a surprise to both of them, they were told they were having a boy.

Doctor- it's a girl
J- yay!!! Thank you lord i got my baby girl
T- i thought it was a boy
A- yeah me too
doctor- sometimes you never can tell

Just then Jodie began to feel weird like she wasn't finihed pushing so she pused some more and the doctor saw another head. she was having TWINS!!!!

Doctor- what a surprise, keep pushing Jodie
A- Twins, oh my word
T- i'm so happy for you guys
Doctor- wow he was a big one
A- he? it's a boy!!!!! theat's myboy!!!!!

Allen kissed jodie and told herhow proud he was of her. after cuting the embilical cord, Allen, Jodie and Tawanna went to recovery. Allen went in the hall to call Ann and tell her the good news while Jodie and Tawanna comforted the babies.

T- they are so beautiful
J- They have my demples
T- and allens eye, your little boy is gonna be a heartbreaker
J- we only have one crib, we didn't know this is gonna hppen i...
T- don't worry, i'll rder some up, by the time you leave here is will be fixed ok
J- thanks T
T- your welcome, so when are you gonna suck it up and move back in with allen
J- i'm not, he wants to be single
T- no he doesn't that's just a front, he doesnt want to seem whipped
J- he told me himself that he wants us to just be friends, so that's what we'll be until he's ready
T- well look, i'm gonna go and get some tea, will you be ok
J- i'll be fine the baby's are sleep

Allen heard everything Jodie said, he had been making her feel like he didn't want her. he knew by the look on tawannas face that she had something to say

T- Allen
A- what now
T- come with me to get some Tea
A- no i think i wanna look at my kids
T- they are sleep, come on boy

While they were sitting down drinking tea, tawanna laid it all out

T- you need to marry jodie
A- i don't want to get married yet
T- why, who do you want to be with
A- no body
T- well then
A- it's not that simple
T- you llove her, face it, you want to be with her
A- but she doesn't...
T- yes she does allen, she's waiting on you to make a move
A- maybe i'm not ready
T- well you better get ready, and you better do it before she gets her figure back and finds someone else
A_ she has a figure now
T- you know what i mean allen, she's yours, go get her
A- i want to.... i just don't want to mess anything up
T- you wont
A- i need to know that for myself

With that allen got up and walked back to Jodies room, he needed to tell her how he felt.

A- jodie?

When he realized that jodie was sleep he decided to talk to her since she couldn't respond.

A- baby, i'm so sorry for everything i put you through. i'm sorry for not getting with you in highschool. i know you were the woman that was made for me, and i want to spend the rest of my life making it up to you. i know you probably don't want to hear it which is why i'm saying it now.

Allen picked up his newborn son and rocked him back to sleeep because he woke up during his speech to jodie. then he layed his head on jodies thigh and rested like his newborn kids were.

Jodie never fell completely to sleep. she heard everything allen said. she knew he was sorry nd that he never really did anything wrong but she was afriad of losing him. she rubbed his head gently as he rested on her to let him know that she heard what he said and that she understood.

Tawanna walked into jodies room and saw a hallmark moment. as jodie, allen and the kids rested, Tawanna snapped a picture and wrnt to the guest chair and rested herself, she knew everthing would be alright for everyone.
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2005 10:26 pm    Post subject:

*~*U CANT f*** WIT ME

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2005 10:52 pm    Post subject:

dats glad T and Jodie settled their differences. and YAAAAY the babies are here!!!

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2005 8:10 pm    Post subject:

After coming home from the hospital with the twins Jodie was glad Tawanna and Ann was there to help. Ann took RJ, Tiaura, Deauce, and Isaiah every weekend and Tawanna took The twins so that allen adn Jodie could rest. Tawanna was also there during the week every day to help with the babies. life was getting better for everone.

Allen came home from a busy day to peace and quiet which was really a surprise. even though he made that speech to Jodie they still weren't back together because he didn't make it official and neither did she. so he decided to go into his den and relax.

Jodie had it all worked out. today was the day she would know where she stood with allen, she cooked him some lasagna and put on a nice free flowing gown she got from dolce gabana( for those who don't know, that's some expensive s***). when she walked into the den, Allens eyes were definately on her, she had her body back and she was showing it off.

A- damn girl
J- allen, i made dinner for us
A- what's going on
J- the kids are with Tawanna and Ann and we have some alone time to talk so get in here.
A- ok
After having the best dinner he ever had allen followed Jodie up to the master bedroom and sat on the throw rug in front of the fireplace so that they could talk and drink champagne.

A- you look amazing
J- thank you baby
A- look, i feel kind of rejected
J- why you say that
A- because i poured my heart out to you in the hospital and we still don't have a resolition
J- that's because you did it in a cowardly way, now that we are both awake and healthy, i want to say my part to your face, Allen i'm in love with you and i want to be with you for the long haul. i know we are gonna make mistakes and say things we don't really mean sometimes but i'm always gonna be here for you, the way you worked to keep you and tawanna alive is the same way i'm gonna work to keep us alive, i only ask that you give me that same respect.
A- you got it baby, and you know how i feel about you, i am so sorru for everything i put you through. i will make it up to you i promise
J- this calls for a celebration
A- what kind of celebration
J- well first lets toast, then lets dance to our song

After toasting the champagne, Allen and jodie danced to their favorite song "For you i will" by monica.

meanwhile tawanna was with the twins and RJ was helping out back at her house. then there was a knock at her door. when she looked through the peep hole and saw that it was chris and a police officer she opend the door.

Police officer- Tawanna?
T- that's me and i have a restraining order
PO- we are here to see if we can't resolve the conflict you have with chris, he wants to see his child
T- the judge oredered to have supervised visits at the center
C- but tawanna you and i both know thats not fair, i want to see my kid here, or at my house
T_ well if you hadn't threatened my life maybe it would be different
PO- look ma'am, i'm not even supposed to be here with Chis but he had a point and i'm a father myself, what i was thinking, and this is against policy so if you say no you will never see me again, i was thinking that i could talk to the chief and see if i could supervise the visits.
T- that's fine but you can't supervise them here, we can meet somewhere for a few hours or someting but i need to be garunteed my life and the life of my child
PO- well sure ma'am i won't let anything happen we will have a squad on staff at all times. but why can't we meet here this is your home isn't it?
T- actually it's my ex husbands home and he has a seperate jugement against chris and he's not even supposed to be on the property
PO- ok well we'll be going then, i'll see what the cheif says and then i'll call you and work out a deal, i promise ma'am you won't see Chris without an officer present
T- i should hope not

Then Chris walked away with the officer and tawanna closed the door. she felt scared but for no reason. she knew she wasn't making a deal no matter what, she didn't want Isaiah growing up to be like his father, but the way chris looked at her made her feel like she didn't have a choice.
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oh LAWD...why did chris have to come back! wwwwhhhhyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Crying or Very sad

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 8:52 pm    Post subject:

Jodie knew something was going on, but tawanna wouldn't tell her. she knew she would have to get this one out of her the hard way.

Tawanna knew she should have called Jodie over the phone to tell her she couldn't keep the twins today but she felt guilty now she feels even worse because she knows that the reason she can't keep the twins is because Isaiah was going to visit his father at the park.

J- so why can't you keep the twins
T- because i need a break, besides i promised isaiah i'd take him to the park and i hve some running around to do
J- is that so, you did that last week and you still took the twins, what's going on
T- ok i'll tell you, but you have to promise you're not gonna turn into my momma or tell allen
J- i promise
T- Chris wants to see Isaiah so i'm meeting him in the park
J- Tawanna, that's dangerous
T- i know but there will be a police officer there
J- that's a releif but girl why doesn't he just get his visits at the center
T- because it's so impersonal, and he thinks it's unfair
J- sounds a little tricky to me, who's the cop
T- his name is Carl Winters
J- uh huh
T- look Isaiah needs a father, and not just anybody, he needs his real dad
J- i agree but that's why there is a center to ensure the safety of you and your child
T- i knew you were gonna get like this
J- don't worry i'm not getting like nothing, if you think it's safe and you want to do it go ahead, i have my own kids to worry about, i just think you shouldn't
T- ok well i'm going
J- good luck
T- what you mean
J- well i know you didn't get all dressed up for nothin
T- jodie
J- goodbye Tawanna
T bye

Tawanna was glad that jodie didn't insist on her point because then she would have been debating all the way there and she didnt need the stress. she did get dressed up but only so that chris could know what he's missing.

Jodie called her friedn Tommy at the police deparment to check up on this officer winters, she used to date tommy and she never met an officer winters and she knows she met the whole police department, something was going down.

T- hello officer richardson speaking
J- Tommy this is Jodie
T- hey Jo Jo what's up
J_ look i'm worried about my friend
T- what's going on
J- is there an officer Carl Winters on staff
T- we used to have an officer carl winters but he went to jail for assult on an innocent bystander. he's the only officer that failed to turn in his uniform. hold up, is your friend involved with him
J- sort of, he tricked her, see he came to her house with her childs father trying to set up more personal visits and he said that he'd be there to ensure her safety.
T- we don't do that here, we can't get involved with the family curts, she got really tricked
J- well don't just sit there do something
T_ what do you want me to do
J- have somebody go and check it out so that she doesn't get hurt
T- we can't do it f there hasn't been a disturbance
J- look Tommy, you know me i wouldnt send you off, you have a cop who went to jail for assult and her childs father who threatened her life. they tricked her and now she's going to be at a park all alone with them, what more do you need
T- evidence
J- god damn it, you police aren't good for anything
T- look, when something happens call us

Jodie hung up on tommy, he didn't understand hw serious she was. she was gonna have to call tawanna and do this herself.

Tawanna was minutes away from the park and her stomach dropped to the floor. her stomach only did this when danger was around. she pulled into the restaraunt next door. then her cell rang.

T- hello
J- look you have to come home
T why is something wrong
J_ Tawanna, you got tricked by Chris and the fake officer
T- fake officer what are you talking about
J- the officer, winters
T- yeah
J- he's no officer, i called tommy to check on him he went to jail for assult and they fired him
T- that's not true why does he still have his badge and gun
J- Tawanna listen to me, he's not a cop!!!! come home now!!!
T- i know youre looking out for me but i can handle myself
J- it's a set up tawanna, i wouldn't be calling you for nothing
T- you know what, you should be happy that my baby's father wants to be in his life
J- look i'm on my way, stay where you are
T- don't come out here
J- i can't let something happen to you

Tawanna hung up on Jodie, she was upset that Jodie was treating her like a child. and what kind of police officer woulnd't turn in his stuff after being fired.

Jodie was glad that she was already at the police station when she called tawanna. she ran in to Tommys office to set him strait.

J- tommy
T- come on Jo, this is not right, i'm at work
J- tommy, Tawanna doesn't belive me that Winters is a fake call her and tell her for me
T- no she obviously feels safe with him
J- what is wrong with you
T- nothing is wrong with me but you need to calm down
J- what if he kills her, huh
T- alright i'll call her

Tommy tried to call tawanna three times but there was no response. thinking this was all one of Jodie's ways of getting his attention. he actually thought she wanted him back, he had heard she got pregnat and had twins but the body he was looking at diddn't look like it owned a stretchmark.

Tawanna didnt' want Jodie talking her out of what she wanted to do so she didn't answer the phone, she ordered herself some food because she had to wait a half of an hour before chris would be there

T- there was no answer Jodie
J- she knows my number call her from yours she's mad at me
T- i would be to you are jumoing to conclusions
J- no i'm not
T- if you wanted to get back with me all you have to do is ask i wouldn't mind tappin that
J- in your fuckin dreams, you will never feel me. i'm engaged and i have twins at home
T- where's your ring
J- my firance allen is geetting it sized today
T_ whatever
J- look are you gonna help me or not
T- not
J- please tommy, come with me, we'll stake it out and if it's nothing we'll leave
T- fine Jodie, but you are sure that somethings going on
J- positive
T_ willing to bet on it
J- definately
T_ ok well then lets bet, if nothing is going on, you owe me, dinner, and an orgasm
J- fine, i agree
T- damn you must be sure, or you must want me
J- it's because i'm sure trust me
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 10:21 pm    Post subject:

oh lawd

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 25, 2005 7:18 pm    Post subject:

Tommy and Jodie hopped in the squad car and went to the park where tawanna was planning to meet chris. as they rode up they saw tawanna and isaiah innocently eating lunch in the restaraunt tnext door.

J- good we got here just in time. she hasn't gone over to the park yet
T- so the action is supposed to happen at the park
J- yeah
T- ok well i'll just sit here and wait then

Tawanna looked at her phone and saw that Jodie had called her phone 4 times. she must have been really serious because she never begged tawanna to do anything. she still believed everything would be fine so she got isaiah cleaned up and they headed for the park

As Tawanna played with isaiah Jodie started to loose breath she was so worried about them then Chris and the fake cop showed up. after breifly shaking hands chirs bent down and snatched isaiah up and headed for his car.

T- why Chris!!! Why are you taking my baby
C- he's my baby tooo, and don't worry because you're coming too
T- aren't you gonna do something
PO WINTERS- why should i, i told you lady i have kids too and this man paid me for this they gotta get fed

Back in the car Jodie was furious. every time she tried to get out of the car tommy stopped her.

J- aren't you gonna do something
T- Your not making any since jo it's one of me and two of them and they are armed. what we're gonna do is follow them and i'll have back up help me with the situation
J- you know what f*** you Tommy, that's why you never got none from me, because you're a punk. i'm going to help my girl you can call back up all you want

Jodie forced her way out of the car and headed toward Tawanna.
Tawanna was happy to see her friend but scared for her life at the same time.

J- why are you doing this Chris
C- i wouldn't be if you would have stayed out of my business
J- you were abusing her
C- i said i was sorry it was her fault anyway if she knew how to watch her mouth i wouldn't have to swell it up for her
J- you're a bitch you know that
C- what, what the f*** did you just call me
J- you heard me
C- well i guess you need some help watching your mouth too, Carl get both of them we goin back to my house for a little party

Carl did as he was instruted and but the two ladies in his trucks back seat.

Tawanna cried and screamed her way into her seat. she wanted to be with her baby and she wanted to go home, she knew she shoulda listened to Jodie.

Jodie cooperated because she knew she had someone watching the whole thing. she knew tommy would follow and save the day, even if he was just trying to get some from her. but just in case she didn't she managed to slip in a long text message to Allen Telling him everything and where they were going. one of them were gonna come to save the day she just knew it.
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*~*U CANT f*** WIT ME

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 25, 2005 10:26 pm    Post subject:

oh my god....why dat fool aint listen to jodie?? I bet she feel so CRUNCHY right about now!!!


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PostPosted: Sun Feb 27, 2005 7:50 pm    Post subject:

Allen Lost his Two way and couldn't find it, then His Friend Eric gave it to him because it fell on the floor in the weight room.

E- here man you need to keep up with this
A- i was wondering what happened to it.
E- it fell while we were working out, i wouldn't have fouind it if it hadn't gone off
A- i got a text
E- yeah man, look i gotta go
A- aiight E, Take it easy

Allen read all about the horrible thing that was going on. almost in tears he pulled himself together to tell his mom to keep the kids a little longer. his baby momma and his woman were in trouble, he wasn't letting it slide this time. Chris started too much s*** with him so he was gonna have some problems. Allen got his things together and went to get big money Mike, his friend and in highschool, his partner in crime.

A- Mike man, you gon' help me or what
M- i don't know if you want that nephew
A- why wouldn't i
M- cause i'll kill them for fuckin with baby girl( In other words JOdie)
A- i need you to help me get my woman and my baby momma and Iaah out safelyt, i dont care what you do with them, but be careful the police might roll up
M- self defense
A- as long as you got yo s*** together come on

Allen and Big Mike headed for Chris' House where he was keeping Tawanna, Jodie, and ISaiah, they were on a mission and it was personal.

Tommy felt like a bitch becaus ehe didn't get out and Jodie did, after watching her get dragged off he knew this was big, and it also meant a big bonus for them. he followed Chris and PO Winters to Chris' house and sat there. When he noticed that Chris knew he was following him he knew he had to save the day it was now or never

T- get your hands up
C- man f*** you , Carl blaze this fool

Carl did as he was told and let his gun go off multiple times until he saw Tommy fall to the ground.

Jodie fell to the floor in tears, she had known tommy all her life now noone would be there to call the police. as she watched Chris put him back in his squad car she cried out loud, until carl put the gun to her throat then she went silent.

POWin- shut up bitch, we wouldn't want any more of your friends coming around would we
T- there are only somany bullets that come in a gun Carl you are out of them
POWIN- so what i don't need a gun to handle you bitches
C- you are out of bullets for real
POWIN- yeah man i didn't know i was gonna have to really kill to many people
C- it's cool we gon have our fun with these two and if they wanna act out i have a whole lotta knives in my kitchen
POWIN- cool
C- s*** we might have to use them anyway, i don't want my son knowing who his mother is.

Chris and Officer Winters carried the girls inside and locked them in one room and chris held isaiah until he fell asleep and put him in the playpen down stairs.

Tommy was happy that he had on a bran new bullt proof vest on and Carl wasn't man enough to shoot him in the head. as he bent down to request back up he cahnged his mind. he wanted to kill them.
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YAY Chris ain't dead...he still a lil bytch tho!

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Tommy took his time and peeled the bullets out of his bullet proof vest. even though he didn't die the impat of the bullets did cause him alot of pain. just as he was getting his plan together to kill chris and his fake officer friend, Allen and Mike pulled up, now he had another situation to control.

Allen took this as being more than personal, just like his friend big mike, but he just wanted everyone to be safe, Mike wanted to kill up some people. as they were rolling up they saw Tommy, so they knew they had to keep their cool.

A- looks like you aint killin nobody today
M- i'll kill his ass too
A- Mike
M- aiight man,i'll be cool

Tommy walked up to the car to talk to Allen and Mike and warn them about the dangers inside.

T- allen, Mike what are you guys doing here
A- my fiance and my baby momma are in there and i want to gt them out
T- Chris is armed they shot me up
M- so are we
T- well maybe we can all work something out

Chris told Officer winters to watch Isaiah while he had a little talk with Tawanna and Jodie.

POW- i'll stay with lil man
C- when he fall asleep get up here so i can have Tawanna Alone

As chris walked up the stairs he knew he made it home free, with no witnesses

C- Tawanna, come here
When tawanna didn't move he dragged her across the room.
T- this is not necessary
C- shut up! i'll tell you what's necessary, you though you were so smart huh, letting allen come save you from me
J- please don't hurt her chris
C- if you would stayed out of my fuckin business you wouldn't be here
T- chris
C- didn't i say shut up, do it! all i wanted was to be a family, you wanted to f*** it all up didn't you...

Chris was interrupted when Officer Winters called him down because he spotted Allen and Mike outside

C- s*** (under breath) don't worry, i'll catch yall bitches in a minute

After he left to walk downstairs and handle his business tawanna and Jodie made an escape plan

T- look i know this house very well, the bastard was too stupid to tie me back up. i'm gonna untie you and we're gonna go out the back way.
J- what about lil man
T- his playpen is in the sun room area in the back we'll grab him on the way out
J- ok let's go

Chris walked down stairs and told Officer Winters to get his unloaded gun and head outside to scare allen off.

Tommy told Allen and Mike the rules, as far as he was concerned he was knocked out from the bullet wounds and any deaths would go un reported. he let them know that officer winters had no more bullets so shooting them would be best.

Tawanna and jodie hurried to Isaiah who was now crying. they grabnbed him and went out the back door. once they ran around the yard they hid nextto the house where they couldn't be seen to make sure the coast was clear.

C- what you bitches doing here huh, allen, mike, don't you got a restraining order against me
A- i ain't come here for all that, you just let me get my family out of there and i'm through
C- it ain't gonna be that eaasy
POW- hell naw, because you'll end up like that stupid ass cop that tried me
A- i don't think the cop was as stupis as you are

Tawanna peeked far enough around the corner so that allen could see her. afeter making eye contact and know the coast was clear she ran with isaiah and jodie to the truck mike and allen came in.

POW- them bitches escaped.
A- i'm through i got me family and i'm gone
C- try to leave if you want to see if my man don't put some heat to ya spine

Knowing there were no bullets Allen turned anyway and ran to the car to console his fiance, baby momma, and isaiah. Mike wasn't so forgiving. he let his gun go off and shot Officer Winters in his chest. Chris fell to the ground because he was scared and Mike walked up to him.

M- you f*** with my people you f*** with me
C- i'm sorry man, i'm sorry
M- you aint' even worth the bullet.

With that mike turned and started to walk to the truck. Chris did have a loaded gun though and he waited until Mike turned around to pull it out. as he aimed it at him Allen and tawanna screamed for him to look out.

A- Mike Mike!!!!!
T- Look Out

Before Chris' gun could go off Tommy shot him in the head and called for back up, his plan went right after all.

Mike hurried and got into the truck and they drove off leaving Tommy to explain everything.

A- Today was a real fucked up day
M- yes sir
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 01, 2005 10:14 pm    Post subject:

yaaaaay!!! Applause Dancing

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 04, 2005 6:52 pm    Post subject:

Allen felt like after everything that went down, he needed to go on a vacation with Jodie, Tawanna and Mike. ann agreed to keep the kids so they all decided to go to Hawii. When they got to the mansion they rented for the week they all felt relaxed.

T- thank you so much for taking me here
A- no problem, we all need some rest
J- i still don't feel right leaving the twins
A- they'll be fine my momma is the best baby sitter ain't that right Tawanna
J- i know but they are so young
T- yeah and you ain't gettin no younger you need this girl so shut up
J- you right
T- maybe i'll find me some island man to get my groove back
A- you dont need to look for no one, you got a bad taste in men
M- i know that s*** is right
T- f*** both of yall.
A- let's get in the hot tub

While they were all in the hot tub relaxing it started to look like a double date.

The qustion is What was going down??? Check me out next time.
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Allen was sensing some sexual tension so he told jodie to get out of the hot tub and go to their private hut on the island. when they left things just got heavier between Tawanna and Mike.

Mike was sure he was starting to like Tawanna but allen was his friend, he'd never betray him, not for nobody.

Tawanna had never seen mike bare chested before and she was kinda liking it, she knew it would be hard to reel him in since he was allens friend but since allen wasn't there to see anything she knew she had at least three hours before he would even think of coming out of his room with Jodie, that was just how allen got down. knowing this she knew she had plenty of time to do some convincing. it was time to play a game, she only hoped Mike would play with her.

Allen knew what was going down, and since he was completly over tawanna and happy with jodie he didn't care. besides allen knew that when you are on an island you just feel like you gotta do something wild. so he decided it was time to see jodie's wild side. he missed it, after having the twins she couldn't do to much for him in that area, it was good to know she could now.

Jodie was up on what allen was saying and in all honesty she wanted Tawanna to get some, she needed to relax her mind especially after what happened with chris, she was shaken up about it. besides she wasn't about to make allen wait another day, she had to wait too and living with allen it was hard to not do anything for so long, it was time to get down to business.

Tawanna decided to proposse her game to Mike, but she didn't want him to feel bad about agreeing to it, so she eased it on him.

T- so wanna play a game
M- what kind of game is that
T- i don't know, how about truth or dare
M- i love that game
T- me too, but to make it interesting you can only say ruth once before you take a dare
M- agreed
T- i'll start you off, truth or dare
M- truth
T- do you think i'm looking good to you right about now
M- most definately... now it's your turn truth or dare?
T- Truth
M- do you think i would be steppin out on my boy if i got wit you right now
T- no... allen and i are over each other and we both have moved on with our lives, he doesn't own what i got.

Mike smiled, this looked like it was gonna heat up.

Jodie decided to do a little dance for allen while she stripped off her clothes she hadn't done it in so long because they couldn't do anything and she wanted to get her figure back, she was letting it all hang out now and allen was loving it.

A- you look so beautiful i can't take it
J- well get ready to take me

Jodie jumped on allen and they both smiled at each other, it was time to get down to business, but allen wasn't gonna rush anything, that wasn't how he got down and she knew it.

Mike steared at Tawannas body admiring it, he wanted her and he wanted her bad, he was even to the point where he wasnt really mad at himself for wanting her. Tawanna decided to knock him out of his daze.

T- Mike.... Truth or dare
M- i guess i gotta pick dare
T- okay.... i dare you to... kiss me in three different places not on my face
M- damn shorty
T- it's your dare

Mike kissed Tawanna's hand, neck, and back. he knew where this was leading and he decided not to fight it anymore, game over he was gettin some in the hot tub.

M- my turn... Truth or dare
T- dare... double dare
M- ohhh, you feeling froggy huh
T- yup
M- well i dare you to jump on this and let me make love to you right here
T- that's exactly what i had in mind
M- great minds think alike

Allen slowly made love to Jodie the best way he knew how, after he finished and took a relaxing bath with her she was off to sleep. he could have went a few more rounds but he knew she needed her rest. he looked at the clock to do a time check... they had been going at it for about three hours, longer than he expected. he decided he needed his sleep too, they had a big day tomorrow.

After Tawanna and mike made love in the hot tub Mike carried Tawanna to her Private hut.

T- you coming in right
M- i don't know i don't want allen to wake up and i'm in here...
T- what did i tell you outside, besided you put enough marks on my neck to be real obvious
M- ok... i guess it ain't no turning back now

Tawanna resented that remark, she wanted him to want to be with her. she had to confront him and if he just did what he did because he was horny she was booting his ass back to his room.

T- Mike, was what we did special or just protocal
M- special
T- because you said... there ain't no turning back... what you mean
M- i mean, we're gonna have to tell Allen we're a couple and if he don't like it there is no turning back... i don't want him to think this was just a one night thing... was it
T- no Mike!!! at least i dont want it to be
M- great minds think alike
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great minds think glad they do...

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The next morning allen decided to play a joke on Mike. He wanted him to think he was mad about him and tawanna, to see if he would be a punk or stand up for his feelings, he didn't want Tawanna getting hurt. so once he sent jodie and tawanna away with his credit card he knew he had alot of time to be alone with mike, he was wondering who was gonna bring it up first.

M- you know you shouldn't have given them the black credit card, your gonna owe so much money
A- i know that's why i gave it to them, they need to have fun
M- look man i need to talk to you
A- about what
M- about last night
A- and what happened last night, i know you not fuckin my ex are you
M- look man, don't be mad at me for saying this but i did have sex with tawanna. but she's single, attractive, and well, she aint with you so what's the problem, doesn't she deserve to be happy. you know i ain't gonna do her wrong...
A- ay man, i'm just playin it's cool.
M- for real man
A- yeah i just wanted to make sure you was up about it
M- you know i keep it real. i did alot of thinkin before i ever put i move on her. i knew you'd understand
A- and if i didn't
M- i guess we just wouldn't be friends then
A- over a girl
M- man she deserves to be happy. if you woulda gotten mad at me over her i was gonna make her happy anyways
A- that's what i wanted to hear. so did you like it
M- man thats' a little innapropriate
A- no it's not you tell me about all of your other girls
M- yeah but...
A- but nothin' did you like it
M- hell yeah i liked it
A- good... cause she the only woman you gon have you understand me
M- man you know...
A- Mike, i don't care what you think i know, you need to know this... i still love Tawanna, and i always will, she's a great friend and she deserves to be treated right, you f*** with her youget erased
M- allen... i feel that way about her too what makes you think i would do anything.
A- it's not about what you would do, i meant my vows when i said them Mike, she had a problem keeping hers that's why we're not together but i will protect her until i can't no more, understand
M- yeah man
A- i surre miss my kids, my twins... Tiaura... deuce
M- i know that's right, i wish i would have some kids
A- don't rush to it. sometimes i wish we woulda waited so i could have been home more you know
M- you had em at the right time, they adore you
A- i know but sometimes i feel like i'm failing them
M- your'e the best dad i've ever met
A- thanks man
M- i'm so glad yall let us be alone
A- well i felt it gettin a little hot in the hot tub... and it looked like tawanna was really sweatin you. she needed to get some
M- i'm glad i wa sthe one to give it to her, man, allen doesn't this feel weired
A- what
M- talking about tawanna to you
A- no it doesnt because i moved on
M- Jodie must be better than tawanna
A- at some things but not everything, there somethings no other woman can do quite like T
M- do you think about that when you are with Jodie
A- naw because Jodie does Alot of things Tawanna wouldn't beable to dream of doing like her
M- like what
A- man i ain't tellin you my bedroom secrets
M- you tell me yours i tell you mine, i know i taught tawanna some thangs last night, maybe i can teach her some other things she don't know
A- ok but i ain't goin into detail
M- i don't need the details
A- first of all Jodie is very flexible, you aren't gonna get that out of tawanna and the way Jodie dances for me, she knows how to make my soldier say attention!!!
M- well tawanna does this thing with her back
A- aww man not the thing with her back, that was my favorite move
M- i guess it's my favorite too... can jodie do that
A- she ain't gon do it like T so i don't want her to try, i'll let her stick to what she knows.
M- you a trip.

In the end of their conversation they heard the girls giggling and walking to the door with their bags.

A- damn i said get yourselves some things yall went on a shopping spree
J- don't i deserve it baby (pouting)
A- yeah you deserve it but Mike you puttin half up for tawannas stuff
M- well than she can put half her s*** back
T- mikey....
A- Mikey??? i know you ain't goin out like that
M- take it out my account
A- you whipped
J- and so are you
T- she told you
J- don't you boys got something to do me and tawanna wanna work on something we learned today
A- is is beneficial to me
J- yeah and mike too
M- aiight we leavin we can find somethin to do
A- come on

after the boys left Tawanna and jodie practiced the belly dancing they learned at the bedroom secrets boutique. they practiced their routine until they got it perfect to the arabian music ther bought. then they set up the room with pillows and candles all around and made dinner for the boys.

Allen and Mike went out and caught a movie before doing some shopping of ther own. they were gonna go to the bar and have a drink but changed their minds when allen saw his old Ashley he dated before he even started dating Tawanna. he broke up with her because Tawanna wanted him, she was the beauty queen of the school and had a more shaply body. Ashley was definately filled out now. he wasn't sure if it was her but if it wasn't she had to have a twin noone else had that baby face. Mike called out for her before getting hit in the back of the head by allen to see if it was her. when she looked their way it was her... it was Ashley.

M- Ashley!!!! hey girl come here

Ashley smiled and tossed her hair over her shoulder as she started to walk toward mike.

A- she looks so freakin beautiful
M- not like that All state basketball player we knew huh?
A- damn, why'd you have to call her
M- what you thought you would never see her again... get real

That's exactly what allen thought. he didn't even have the balls to break up with Ashley in her face. he broke up with her in a letter ignored her phone calls and walked past her when he saw her at school. deep down he knew that if he talked to her faced to face he couldn't resist those pretty big brown eyes she had, he really liked her. but that was then and this was now. allen didn't need anymore drama in his life.

Mike on the other hand always kept in touch with Ashley and cheered her on through highschool and college while she played ball. he didn't tell Allen about how fine she was getting because he was with tawanna now he had to see her for herself.

Ash- Mike!! hey man i knew that was you give me a hug!!!
M- come here girl

As they hugged allen couldn't help but feel jealous. would she be like he was and ignore him??? he prayed she wouldn't but he also prayed she wouldn't hug him forcing him to touch her athletic but thick figure.

Ash- Allen??? what a surprise.
A- hey Ashley, how you been
Ash- good, i've been modeling and acting for about a year now
A- that's good... you look great
Ash- i know... and it's all natural
M- we were heading back to our hut
Ash- i'm actually doing a shoot, if you guys got a minute you can come
M- ok

allen cut his eyes at Mike who had no business taking the invite. he was kind of jealous that ashley didn't hug him but happy she at least adressed him. when they got to the photo shoot, they noticed all of the swinsuits ashley had to try on and pose in. allen felt like he couldn't control himself so he started to think lovely thoughts about Jodie and his kids as he watched her pose. After ashley finished her 2 hour shoot she came over to tell her guests goodbye. normally her shoots last 3-5 hours but she hit the best poses ever because she wanted allen who was right by the camera man to see all of her curves and everything he left behind when he left her for tawanna, who was only with him because of his name in the school and not who he really was.

By the end of the shoot, Allen's soldier was definatly at attention. just as he got it to calm down he had to think about jodie again because ashley was walking toward him and her hips were moving in slow motion to his eyes.

Ash- thanks for coming
M- no problem you looked great
Ash- thanks
A- yeah you looked real great jo... i mean taw... i mean Ashley! God damn
Ash- can't keep up with your girls allen
A- Ashley....
Ash- what
A- i'm sorry for that.. it's just hat so much has happpened to me that you don't know about and my mind gets cluttered
M- she knows everything man, i told you i keep up with all the cool peoples
A- you sure didn't tell me you kept up with Ashley
M- that's because she told me not to
Ash- i sure did, too much drama for my blood, besides you left me remember i wasn't shaped right for you... don't front like you want something to do with me now.
A- that was a long time ago... i'm... so.... sorry
Ash- whatever, look i gotta go, call me sometime MIKe you know my number

As Ashley walked away Allen felt bad knowing that he had hurt her so bad. but what was done was done, he decided to go home to his wife.

When they got home allen was easily able to put ashley behind him after he saw jodie open the door looking like a goddess. Jodie and Tawanna had allen and Mike sit down and fed them food and did a belly dancing routine out of this world. then they played couples games and laughed the night away. then mike left with tawanna to take care of his business so Allen decided to take care of his.

Jodie was the bomb that night but as she danced for him he couldn't help but think of the poses ashley made at her photo shoot. she had the perfect flawless body. then he jumped back into reality when Jodie smaked him.

A- what was that for
J- who the f*** is ashley

Allen knew he fucked up this time

A- huh
J- you heard me allen, who is ashley... who is she
A- somebody i knew a long time ago that i bumpe into today
J- well go ask her to f*** you
A- she means nothing
J- oh yes she does when i asked you do you love me you said yeah ashley i really do
A- it was a mistake
J- well i think i'm gonna make a mistake and go to sleep
A- this ain't right, i'm going to the hot tub

When allen left jodie was stunned she quickly called tawanna and told her the news, so tawanna kicked mike out and went to see about Jodie and help her feel better. if it was one thing she knew it was that allen would never do anything like that on perpose and knowing who ashley was she understood why it went down like that, she knew how allen felt about her and she also knew how good ashley was looking lately. she knew that if Allen seen her like that he was definately gonna start to reminise.

Mike was pissed Tawanna kicked him out over what allen did righ before he got to thrid base, allen was aboutt o get apeice of his mind.

M- man what's up
A- nothin
M- why!!! Why you trippin over ashley!!!
A- i ain't man, i just said that on accident
M- well you need to get it together before Jodie walks out of you life, you can't go around callin people other people name. how would you like it if she called you tommy's name.
A- i wouldn't and i don't expect her to like me calling her Ashley's name, she just popped into my mind
M- you miss her
A- she doesn't mean anything
M- you can tell yourself that all you want but we both kno the truth
A- ok man maybe i miss her a little, but i can't dwell on that
M- maybe something is trying to tell you to talk to her so that you can be over her
A- yeah right she don't wanna talk to me
M- don't give her a choice. look man here's her number i'll put it in yo phone. when we get home, give her a call meet her someplace and bury what happened between yall so you can be happy with Jodie
A- good idea man
M- damn right it's a good idea, but until we get home stop thinking about it you got a woma to plase and so do i... i don't need you cuttin in on my cutty buddy time.
A- sorry man
M- it's cool
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oh lawd... PLEASE dont let him put tha numba in tha phone allen.. Shocked

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Ashley had a great time during her stay in Hawii for her photo shoot. seeing Allen didn't phase her at all. She resented the way he treated her and he was not about to get away with it. when she got back to philly where she was staying she couldn't stop herself from thinking about him. especially since she heard their song playing ont he radio when she walked into the apartment she shared with her friend Niecy. the song was "Nobody" by keith sweat. as she heard the lyrics she remmebered their first dance. they were in the 7th grade and Allen took her to the sweethearts dance. as they grooved to the song he whispered in her ear that they'd always be together because nobody could love him better. well he lied. obviously Tawanna was better suited for him. she never got over allen because he was to chicken to talk to her and give her the closure she needed. maybe that was why she couldn't hold a relationship longer than three months. she always broke up with guys before they could end the relationship. she loved the control.

After telling niecy about seeing Allen Neicy put her nosy face on... she wanted to know everything.

N- so... When are you gonna see him again
Ash- Hopefully never
N- you don't mean that
Ash- yes i do.... he hurt me girl
N- i know that Ashley, I was there remember??? It just looks like fate thats all
Ash- fate??? He has twins with his second wife
N- oh
Ash- he didn't even apologize
N- that's bogus
Ash- not really i was kinda mean and cold too, look, Mike invited us to his Welcome back party, i need to look better than I ever have, you my stylist, hook me up
N- ok girl, but what if allen and his wifey is there
Ash- then they are there, i don't care Mike has alot of cuter friends, and i need some attention
N- ok girl let's shop.

Allen managed to make up with jodie and stop calling her Ashley's name. they had a good trip after that. he told jodie all about what happened between him and ashley so she wouldn't be mad at him anymore. he was happy to be home and see his girls so much that he actually forgot about the whole Ashley situation. he decided to not even call to apologize what was done was done and he was happy with his family. just as he got settled into his home with Jodie and the kids he got a call from Mike.

A- Speak
M- ay, i'm havin a welcome back party, you comin
A- fasho
M- you can bring jodie
A- she's not really into that, but thanks for the invite when you want me there
M- come around 10 aiight
A- cool, i'll be there

After hanging up he kissed Jodie and held her face in his hands. she was still so beautiful to him.

J- i love you allen, have fun at the party.
A- i love you too baby

After Allen left he went to pick up sean and headed to Mikes party.

S- i heard you saw Ashley with her fine ass
A- yeah, she fine as ever. but i'm happy with Jodie
S- good, so i can holler at her
A- be my guest.... hold up, she gon be at the party
S- you know it, her and Mike are so tight it aint rven funny
A- i think i better drop you off and leave then
S- why you ain't over her
A- i am it's just...
S- you ain't over her, that's why you can't face her, you never could
A- i'll prove it to you, where my hat at?
S- next to ya cane pimpin'

The party was packed. Ashley Parted the crowed when she came in lookin like tina knowles did her outfit. niecy did her thing making ashley stand out in her silky short sassy dress. everyone notied her as she walked toward mike. when she saw allen she almost fainted. he was wearing a red and black suit lookin so good you could just eat him. but what made her so crazy was that her red dress matched him perfectly. she didn't care though she was there for mike.

M- God damn girl, i ain't know you was comin like that
Ash- i know you didn't expect nothing less
M- girl can't nobody go home to they girl now
Ash- hey allen
A- Hey girl
Ash- look mike, welcome home, i know we were in the same place but i only saw you once how was your time
M- it was off the heezy, we got some catchin up to do
Ash- i got time
M- lets go in private i don't want everybondy in my business

Mike walked ashley to the back room. Allen wanted to follow but made himself stay and have fun with his friends.

Ash- so what went down
M- I go with Tawanna now
Ash- quit playin!!! And Allen is still your friend
M- yeah he got Jodie now
Ash- that don't meanhe approved
M- i talked to him about it
Ash- to think he left me for that hoe
M- don't talk about her that way
Ash- that's what she was when she was with him, sleepin all over, even with people from his team. i felt so bad for him but at the same time he deserved it.
M- he got in trouble over you
Ash- what i do
M- he called jodie your name
Ash- stop playin; why would he do that
M- i think he was lookin a little to hard at you at the photo shoot... ain't no tellin what he gon say when he go home tonight with you dressed like this
Ash- nothin cause i'm gonna avoid his ass
M- that might not be possible.

Allen didn't want to have the same prolem he had in hawii, he was gonna have to talk to ashley and get closure. he decided to walk in the back room and interrupt her and mike's conversation.

A- hey mike, can i talk to Ashley for a minute
M- you sure
A- yeah man
Ash- i'll be out in about ten minutes mike
M- aiight shorty, you still owe me that dance
Ash- you got it

A- Ashley
Ash- what Allen
A- I just wanted to apologize, i was so stupid back then
Ash- you damn right
A- i'm sorry, can we be friends
Ash- i guess so... but it's gonna take some time
A- i guess i hurt you pretty bad
Ash- yeah you did
A- i'll make it up to you, how about lunch tomorrow
Ash- great
A- you can meet my twins, Tiaura, Daeuce, and my new Wife Jodie
Ash- good, i hope she's better than tawanna was to you
A- how do you know how...
Ash- Mike told me
A- i'm sure he did, with his big mouth
Ash- i thought you deserved it, you shouldn't have left me for her.... to think you left me because she had more body than me, but now she wished she was shaped like me
A- hey, give her some credit she had three kids
Ash- i had three kids two, they just died when they were born because they got beaten out of me....(Crying)

Ashley never told anyone about this. not even mike. after the break up with Allen she started talking to a drug dealer named cedric who promised to go legit. everytime she got 7 months pregnat he made her lose the baby. it took her three pregnacys to leave.

A- Damn... I'm sorry... I
Ash- don't worrry about it
A- here's some tissue
Ash- i need to fix myself up, i guess i'll see you tomorrow
A- no i'm staying with you till you are all fixed up

Ashley cried as she told Allen what happened in her life and how she never got over him. Allen wated to tell her he never got over her but he knew that would just start something that he wasn't sure if he was strong enough to let go of.

Ash- Thanks for sitting with me
A- anything you need

Just then Mike played their song... he didn't do it on purpose, he just found a girl to dance with and it was her favorite song.
Ashley started reminicing in her mind with allen.

A- i rememeber this song
Ash- i do too, all too well
A- wanna dance
Ash- ok

As Ashley headed to the door to go out on the dance floor with everyone else Allen pulled her back inside.

A- i wanna dance back here
Ash- allen... I don't think we...
A- come here girl

Allen sang the words softly as he danced with Ashley... he was doing it to cheer her up and make her feel special but it was starting to take over him. he couldn't wait for the song to end.

Ash- Thanks for dancing with me, i feel so much better
A- good... look tell Mike i'm leaving early, if i stay here and look into your eyes one more time, i don't know what i'd do
Ash- bye allen.... see you tomorrow??
A- yeah, definately.
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yaaay Applause

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After The party Allen rode home in silence. he was dissapointed in himself even though he did nothing wrong. he was even more mad with himself because he never intended to let ashley feel any pain and just knowing what she went through caused the tears to fall from his eyes. if he would have followed his heart he would have been with her... then maybe he would have only gotten married once. but at the same time he was happy with the life he led he had Jodie and The kids and he never had a friend better than Jodie. he wanted to tell her about ashley so bad but he didn't want her to think anything.

A- That's what's wrong when you marry your best friend

After allen said that to himself he thought about his life. maybe he should have just stayed friends with Jodie. he loved her with all of his being but when they were just friends he could tell her about anything now when he needs to talk to someone most he can't.

As he pulled up to his house he reminded himself that he was with Jodie and that he was gonna have to make it wok. he was definately not going to leave her.

J- Why you back so early..... something wrong.
A- no i just got into a situation and i knew it was better for me to be home with you than to deal with it and f*** everything up

After saying that he knew he just opened a can of worms. he was gonna have to tell jodie everything... or she would assume the worst.

Ashley Smiled and sang her and allen's song to herself as she entered her apartment. she left right after allen did. she just couldn't stay there any longer knowing she would be thinking about him all night. she didn't want allen to lose his family, she definately wasn't a homerecker but it did feel good being in his arms again. she was happy they decided to be friends. now she could fully move on with her life, knowing that he moved on and there was nothing there. she couldn't wait to meet the family and continue to be friends with him.

N- so how was the party..... off the hook huh???
Ash- yeah girl it was
N- you saw allen
Ash- yeah, and i forgave him like you told me to. we danced and we're going out for lunch tomorrow
N- alone... i thought he had a girl
Ash- we decided to be friends, i'm meeting his family.
N- like you really wanna be friends
Ash- i do. i want allen to be happy
N- you want allen to be happy with you
Ash- but that's not gonna happen is it? i'm just gonna be what i know we can be and continue to communicate with him. i didn't notice how much i missed talking to him
N- i bet he missed you too
Ash- only time will tell that... i wonder how that Jodie girl looks...
N- definately not as good as you
Ash- mike said she got a body like angela basset.... i used to be shaped like that, but allen didn't like that
N- girl you grew into a woman, beyonce wished she had curves like you
Ash- i am thick like her ain't i, well, it doesn't matter allen is taken. it's not like she's his girlfriend she's his wife... you know i don't get down like that

Jodie turned her head and looked at allen, she wanted to help him with whatever he was going through. they used to be friends he could always talk to her so why was he keeping secrets?

J- what kind of situation allen
A- i saw ashley
J- damn boy!!! you must not be over her beacause evvery time you see her i got to bring you back to reality
A- it's not that i just seen her, i talked to her, apologized for how i treated her
J- and
A- just let me finish ok
J- ok
A- some really rough s*** happened in the relationships she had after me, i feel responsible. and after i danced with her, she felt... look this ain't right
J- She felt like what allen
A- i don't want to talk about it.
J- oh yes the hell you do, or i'm leaving
A- i knew i shouldn't have brought it up
J- what's wrong with us allen, we used to always be able to talk
A- yeah well you weren't my wife then
J- well maybe i should stop being your wife then so you will talk to me.... i miss our friendship Allen!!!
A- fine you want the truth so bad well i hope you can handle it.... She felt like heaven... the same way she felt in the 7th grade when i danced with her, all of my problems, all of my life is erased when i look into her eyes, all i see is her, all i see is this bond that we've always had, sor of like a joke nobody gets

J- and what did you feel about me
A- i felt like i owe you.... i love you... i have a family with you.. and that joke is over
J- but you don't know if it really is huh?
A- no not really... but it has to be because i want you in my life
J- allen you'll always have me, no matter what i am to you
A- but you deserve to be what you are to me, and that's the past. I decided that Ashley and i should be friends, she wants to meet you and the kids tomorrow at lunch
J- that sounds great allen
A- good.

as allen walked away toward the room he shared with jodie he realized she didn't follow him.

A- baby??? you comin
J- yeah im comin

When they got in the room Jodie motioned for him to sit down next to her.

A- what's wrong?
J- nothing allen... I just want you to know, that i love you... and if your soulmate is Ashley... then i want a divorce, so i can be the friend i used to be. so i can help you stay strong.
A- but...
J- i know you don't have the answers right now, and i know we meant our vows when we said the but this whole ashley thing wasa somthing that was unexpected. you've been through too much allen... too much to not be where you need to be. so promise me that when you do know you'll tell me... and you won't cheat on me to findout.
A- i promise baby if i think i'm meant to be with ashley... i'll tell you but i can't see that happening when i love you so much.
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Ashley was smiling and singing to herself as she got ready for lunch with allen and his family. she was happy to resolve everything aith allen but at the same time she wished she would have never seen him again. seeing him brought back alot of feelings and thoughts she threw away years ago, maybe it would be different if they were getting back together the way she dreamed it would be. but it wasn't that way at all, she had to learn to love allen as a brother and not like she wanted to.

Allen was happy to be going out to lunch and letting his family meet Ashley. she was important to him even though they weren't together. Jodie was starting to piss him off when she kept asking his advice on what to wear, he could tell she was trying to compete with ashley which was making it harder on him. as bad as he tried not to he looked at the outfits and kept saying no because seeing ashley in them would blow jodie out of his mind.

A- why can't you just pick something
J- because you haven't liked anything
A- i like the red dress you wear with the sling backs
J- that old thing, i want to make an impression honey
A- what kind of impression, we're just going to lunch
J- just lunch... is that what you think this is... just lunch... well let me tell you something, any woman that makes you forget my name is more than lunch, so i wanna look good enough to eat when we get there
A- you look like that now
J- allen!
A- why are you competing with her, she doesn't have a ring... you do. she never had my baby... you had my twins
J- but
A- no buts, now wear the red one, it will make an impression, and i'll love it too.

Jodie knew it was wrong to compete but she wanted allen to want her more than ashley... was that so bad? she was gonna wear the red one alright... she dug into the back of her closet and pulled out a red dress she bought from dolche and gabana while she was in new york a few years before she got with allen. she never wore it but now it was time to pull out the big guns.

When allen saw jodie walk out in the backless speghetti strapped red dress he'd never seen before he was brethless. her toned sexy body looked so good... if she was trying to make an impression she sure did. all of a sudden he got sick to his stomach... it looked alot like the red dress Ashley wore to the party only ashley's was a little longer. damn, no matter what that girl always creeped up in his mind. he focused on his wife and how beautiful she looked, he knew he was going to have to hold that in his mind the whole day. then his cell rang. allen hoped it was ashley calling to cancel but it was ann instead.

Ann- baby Tiaura and deauce can't come today... i forgot that they wanted to go to the museum for their extra credit assignment.. i can take the twins too if you want they have a real good kiddie area.

A- i don't want to put too much on you
Ann- non sense drop them off so you can have an adult lunch, i think it's for the best.

Allen swallowed hard. the last thing he needed was to be alone with two women who could be competing for his heart. but arguing with his momma wasn't gonna happen. he did as he was told.

Ashley made sure she was late to lunch. she was gonna bring neicy for moral support but she had to fit beyonce for a gown to wear to the oscars. she knew she had to make an entrance and with the summerry white dress neicy made her she knew she'd do just that. she knew she couldn't have allen but she was definately gonna keep his Angela basset bodieed wife on her toes.

When Ashley walked in Allens breath was taken away. she looked so beautiful in her form fitting white dress and she had such a sweet smell bouncing off of her body. she looked like a glowing jennifwer lopez in beyonce's body... what was he gonnha do with himself. he knew he was staring too hard for Jodies comfort so he hurried to stand up and hug ashley so that he could introduce them.

A- hey girl
Ash- hey allen
A- you smell great
Ash- thanks, it's a gift i got from my firend neicy i can't wait until you meet her
A- this is my wife, Jodie, Jodie this is Ashley
J- well well, she is so beautiful allen
Ash- thank you so much... you have an awesome sculpted body
J- well thanks, i work out alot
Ash- it showes, and you have twins too... you go girl

J- so... ashley what do you do?
Ash- i'm a model and i dabble a little in acting, but i also own my own business on the side
J- really what do you sell
Ash- well i help design clothing and accessories, hair products, and anything else used to pamper a woman, my partner Neicy is better at saying what we really do though.
J- oh, maybe i should check you guys out
Ash- actually this dress is one of our origionals, what we do is we design and make gowns, sometimes for stars... we also have a massage parlor, jacuzzi, we do hair... we do everything.
J- wow!

Allen heard what ahsley was saying but he was glad he was sitting next to Jodie so that she wouldn't see him staring at Jodie's breasts and lips, damn this girl was beautiful and if she bounced up and down one more time he was about to lose control,he was pulled out of his trance when Ashley asked him a question.

Ash- allen??? did you hear me???
A- no what did you say
Ash- i asked if you would mind if Jodie came by the shop and had some treatments
A- sure charge it to my account
Ash- silly it's for free... we have a mens section too, you can come
J- oh, baby that would be wonderful we can both get pampered.
A- sounds great.
Ash- that's why it's so hard to explain because i actually work on the mens side with the suits and massages and stuff like that and neicy usually does the womens side, of course we have people that work for us too so we don't do it all.
J- whens a good time
ASh- well, i actually have a worker there now doing the womens side covering for neicy but i closed the mens side down today cause my other lady called in and i had to be here.
A- well we can sut this short and go now if you want.. then you can help the other girl with my wife... i don't need any...
J- no baby, i want to go together then we can get a make over and go out afterward... how's next week
ASh- sounds great
J- good, look excuse me you guys i have to go to the ladies room.

After Jodie left Allen was beginning to feel nauseous. just thinking about Ashley's hands touching him made him ge excited. he stared out the window to calm himself down.

Ash- allen... i really like your wife, she's nice
A- she sure is
Ash- and she's strong too, she has to be to be with you
A- she is...
Ash- why can't you look at me
A- Ashley...
Ash- do i look bad or something, i better go
A- Ashley... don't leave, i can't look at you because... well... my... i'm a little excited
Ash- oooohh, i bet your wife will like that, she is workin that dress
A- yeah she would, but she's not the one who excited me. you did
Ash- really.... how could i when...
A- i don't want to talk about it, i gotta get myself together

After Jodie got back the table was very silent. then Ashley's cell phone went off.

ASh- hello
N- hey girl look i'm back in town early, i need to get something from home and head upstate
Ash- i'm not home, remember
N- can allen take you back and you let me get the car... it's important, Beyonce needs these pearls i left home, she's nice enough to meet me upstate, this is our big break
ASh- i'm sure it will be fine or i'll leave when you get here
N- thanks girl

After getting off the phone, Ashley looked at Allen and he knew sdhe was about to ask for something.

Ash- allen, can you take me home, Neicy needs to take my car to get some pearls and meet beyonce upstate
J- sure he will
A- yeah i'll take you after i drop Jodie off, or before whatever you want baby
J- you can drop me off before so i can wait for the kids to get back from the museum
Ash- here jodie, it's a gift from the spa, i have to give you something for your gratitude
J- what is it
Ash- it's called, i don't need a man relaxer, if you put this in your bathwater, trust me you won't need allen when he gets back, it sends waves of sensation through the water, you'll love it
J- thanks... don't hurry back then allen
A- oh really
J- i'm just kidding, we're having pizza tonight though i don't feel like cooking
A- fine with me

After they finished eating Allen dropped Jodie off at home and when he walked back out of the door he saw Ashley bending over to puck up her purse and got excited again.

A- this s*** has to stop
Ash- what you say allen
A- nothing you ready
Ash- yeah, i had to get my purse i dropped it
A- ok
Ash- i had fun today
A- me too
Ash- you really love your wife
A- she was my best friend before we got together, i klinda wish we could go back
ASh- why
A- because i'm going thrugh alot that i can't talk to her about
Ash- you can talk to me
A- no i can't
Ash- why... What are we friends for if we cant talk?
A- we cant because it's about you
Ash- yes we can, now when we get to my house you're gonna come in and we're gonna talk this out, we're gonna do what we have to do to see what's going on with you
A- ok

When they got back to ashley's house allen was scared out of his mind. ashley was so sexy and captivating. he felt like he should leave but something inside his heart said stay and he always followed his heart.

Ash- have a seat, want anything to drink
A- no thanks i gotta drive home
Ash- ok, so what's up
A- everysince i saw you in hawii i can't stop looking at you, you're just so beautiful. i can throw that out though because my wife it beautiful too. but i can't get out of my mind what could have been if i hadn't been so stupid in highschool and i feel responsible for you even though i shouldn't and i really just want to kiss you right now and make love to you and never go home, but i don't know if what i feel is real or if i just want to make up what i fucked up so long ago.
Ash- kiss me allen
A- Ashley... but...
Ash- kiss me so that you can know that there is nothing left between us, i think we both need this
A- i can't do that
Ash- then we can't be friends
A- is this a threat
Ash- no it is what it is, until you can come here and kiss me the way you did when we were in 8th grade and i was at my grandmas house
A- the one when we didn't stop kissing for like twenty minutes
Ash- yeah that one, if you can do that to me and not feel anything and i feel the same way, then we can be friends
A- and what if we feel something
Ash- then we can deal with it as it comes, you'll need to think about some things
A- but i don't want any drama
Ash- but that's exactly what's gonna happe if we try to make us be something else.
A- well then i want nothing to do with you cause i can't do that to jodie
Ash- when you think about me when you are with her you are doing something worse allen
A- goodbye ashley

Allen left thinking about what ashely said and until he could do what she said she was right he didn't need to be around her.
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uh oh Shocked

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damn this story is good ash Wink
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(Three Months Later)

Three months had gone by and allen was happy. he and jodie were back how they were before and he hadn't talked to Ashley since the day he walked out on her. he cared for her but he convinced himself that she was the past. he just had to get on with his life. he was cooking his baby some dinner so that when she came back from the spa they could relax together.

Jodie was a regular at Ashley and Neicy's shop. Neicy did her hair and nails and Ashley hooked her up with a massage. she went every week to unwind and they gave her free products all the time. she was upset that Allen would never go with her, everysince that lunch they all had he never wanted to talk to ashley or be around her again. she accepted it even though she didn't like it, besides he spent more time on her and stopped calling her the wrong name so maybe it was his way of saving their marriage. deep down jodie did want answers, she wanted to know what made Ashley Miss. perfect before.

Ash- you look great Jodie
J- thanks, you guys are a god send
Ash- it's the least we can do you've bought three gowns from us and you come and get treatments every week
N- we really appreciate you, here goes some more of that bubble bath you love
J- you guys are right, after taking a bath with this i feel so satisfied i just go to sleep when allen comes home
N- well i guess we'll see you next week
J- definately... hey Ashley, wanna go to dinner with me
Ash- right now
J- i can wait until you close up shop
ASh- sure i'd love to

Jodie knew she had to call allen and let him know so that he wouldn't wait for her to come home.

A- hello
J- hey baby
A- oh hey... you're calling me from the shop instead of your phone i wasn't expecting the number
J- look, i'm just calling to let you know i'm going out to dinner with ashley tonight
A- why are you guys so buddy budddy
J- because she's my girl, i'll be home in a few hours
A- alright, i guess the lasagna i made will have to just be for tomorrow
J- i knew you'd understand bye.

Allen was pissed he made the food so that he could have romantic night with his wife. he really needed a friend, he called up tawanna who had moved in with Mike.

M- hello
A- hey Mike what's up
M- nothin
A- i called to speak to Tawanna
M- aiight hold up

T- hello
A- hey girl
T- what's up
A- nothin.. you know what i told you about the whole ashley situation
T- yeah, i though you stopped talkin to her
A- i did but i can't get Jodie not to and she's startin to spend more time there then with me
T- well she wouldn't if you told her what went down
A- but i don't want her to thinki i should have kissed her or something
T- well you need to talk to your wife about this or deal with your situation with Ashley because until you do you'll always have a problem with them hanging out.. you'll just be afriad she'll tell Jodie s***
A- you're right... i gott handle this, thanks for talking to me
T- your welcome, bye allen
A- bye

Ashley wasn't prepared to go out to dinner and she definately wasn't prepared to handle having a relationship with her ex boyfriends wife. these last three months have ben really hard on her. it was hard looking at Jodie and not having allen there too, she thought they could at least be friends. Jodie turned out to be a really nice person.. not to mention the amount of money she spent in the spa, she didn't mind hanging with her.

At dinner Jodie knew she was gonna have to slide in her questions about allen.

J- so whens the last time you spoke to allen
Ash- when he dropped me off that day after lunch
J- really what happend, he was so happy you guys decided to be friends
Ash- i was to, and to tell you the truth i don't know what happened.
J- oh, all he told me was that he wanted our marriage to work and that you guys decided it was best if you not even talk anymore, that's why he never came to the spa
Ash- oh is that what he told you? that we decided that?? well that's not true, we didn't decide anything... he did. he loves you and he wants to make that work.
J- it's so good to hear that.

After eating Jodie went home to talk to allen only to find that he wasn't there. she called to find out where he went.

A- speak
J- where are you
A- i'm going to handle something i should have handled a long time ago
J- and what is that
A- i can't tell you right now but when i come home we are gonna have a long conversation

Jodie knew allen was going the Ashley's... she knew it in her gut. she only hoped it was to salvage the friendship they started and not end up together.

When ashley got home she walked in and tears just started streaming down her face. she couldn't belive allen never though about her, probably because she thought about him all the time. it's not that she wanted allen to leave his family and be with her, she just wanted to be friends at least. she was happy neicy was out on a date with her boyfriend. that girl was too nosy and it would only make her worse, then she heard a knock on her door.

Ash- who is it
A- it's allen
Ash- ( opening the door) hey
A- hey
ASh- what are you...
A- i came to handle my business. you were right i did need to kiss you, so that i know where we stand. the only reason why i didnt want to do it is because i didn't want to feel something that wasn't real. i'm ready now. i'm not running anymore.
Ash- allen...
A- what
Ash- why did you tell Jodie that we decided it was best that we never see each other again
A- i din't wanna hurt her, but i never wanted it to be that way... i wanted to be friends
Ash- but you have feelings for me that you won't admit allen
A- that's what i came here for i came to prove to myself nothing is between us or help myslef to know how much i love you
Ash- well then... kiss me

Allen Grabbed Ashley around the waist and kisses her like a pastor just said you may now kiss the bride. he kissed her for about thirty minutes and when he broke the kiss he looked into her eyes and.....( to be continuted)
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Ashley felt like a princess... she was on cloud nine. at the same time she wanted allen to tell her how he felt. he just sat there and stared at her like he was contemplating something.

Allen knew he was in love with Ashley after kisssing her. but he cared about Jodie and he refused to fail at another re4lationship... his only alternative was to lie and keep pulling off this lie forever.

Ash- so...
A- i felt .... nothing
Ash- nothing
A- y... yeah nnn.. nothing
Ash- then why are you studdering
A- III... I didn't want to hurt you
Ash- if you really feel nothing then i guess we can be friends
A- no... I mean... I Want to it's just that i'll remember this and i don't want it to interfere with me and J... J
Ash- Jodie?
A- yeah, i gotta go
Ash- allen
A- yeah
Ash- i know how you really feel... i've known you forever, all i got to say is that I love you too.
A- how...
Ash- i know because i know you. i knmow you wanna make this work with Jodie and to be honest i like her, she's a nice girl, we've grown quite close. you just make sure you know what you're doing and stick to it because Jodie isn't the type to sit around.
A- i know. i just had to know...
Ash- and now you know, we love each other allen. that's what you wanted to find out and now you know... what you do with that information depends on you. i think you need to have a talk with your wife

Allen Walked out not saying a word. he knew that this thing between him and Ashley was only gonna cause drama he didn't need. at the same time he had to know what he wanted to do about jodie before he decided to end anything. only time was going to tell that. until he knew he was keeping his mouth shut.

Jodie called Ashley... she knew allen was over there and she wanted answers. she was not about to play house with allen while he secretly wanted ashley.

Ash- hello
J- hey girl
Ash- hey Jodie
J- is my man there
Ash- no actually he just left
J- do you mind telling me what he went over there for
Ash- i can't do that, he has to tell you that
J- fine, but tell me this... did he do something that can ruin us
Ash- let me just say this... Allen is determined to make you two work
J- thanks... that's what i needed to hear
Ash- i know, bye
J- bye

As she hung up the phone Allen came in. she decided to test him and see if he really was over Ashley.

J- hey baby
A- hey
J- i made us reservations at the spa, you promised me you would go so we're going
A- ok
J- cool
A- look i'm tired i need to get to bed
J- ok, look the reservations are for tomorrow
A- ok... fine
J- ok

Ashley knew she was gonna see Allen again and that they would just have to be friends. she knew it would be this way, she was never good enough for him and now that she finally was he was married. allen was never the type to cheat and she definately wasn't the type to be the woman on the side.

When allen walked into the shop he noticed only Ashley and Neicy were working. he thought there would be other people so that he could avoid ashley... no such luck. he was gonna have to turn on the acting skills and fast.

Jodie selected that Neicy work for her on purpose. she like her services but she wanted Ashley and Allen to be around each other alot, just to seee if he can handle it.. this was his ultimate test.

Ash- well first up, we have the facials and massages then the steam room. Allen you are coming with me down this hall in The mens wing and Jodie you'll be with Neicy like you wanted.

J- thanks.. allen you are gonna be so relaxed. i think you need this
A- i hope so

Allen knew he'd have to be alone with Ashley but this whole massage thing was a little much.

Ashley acted professionally with allen even though she notices he was staring at her and undressing her with his eyes while she did his facial, she didn't know how she was gonna pull off this massage in silence. she had to talk to him.

Ash- so how does that feel
A- great, i should come here more often
Ash- should i have you signed up for the weekly plan Jodie is on
A- but i don't want to come here with her all the time sometimes i want to be calmed down alone
Ash- well we can set you up on a different schedule and i do private sessions if you tell me in advance. i stay open late for Jlo some times when she's in town.
A- i'm sorry
Ash- about what
A- about yesterday... we both know how i feel but i don't know how to tell Jodie that. and then That will be another wife, who has children by me that i will have to be without.
Ash- look allen, this is about you ok. not me and you. if you are happy where you are at i'm behind you. if you go through a divorce, i'm behind you. whatever you do im there
A- but i want to do you
Ash- well thats not gonna happen
A- why not
Ash- because allen
A- why
Ash- because you're still with her
A- i know, i gotta figure this out, until then you still my friend
Ash- you know i am

After getting his massage Allen felt on top of the world none of his mucles ached. while Ashley was setting up the steam room allen watched as she bent down to turn on the steam and set towels on the bench. he was so glad that he would be in here alone and that Jodie would be ont he other side so that she wouldn't see how much he wanted Ashley.

Ash- it should be ready for you
A- ok
Ash-go ahead and sit down i'll be out of here in a minute i just hae to wait until it's at the right temperature and them me and neicy are going to get your completmentary gifts together
A- come here ashley
Ash- you need something
A- yeah this

Allen grabbed ashley and kissed her passionately. she tried to pull away but slowly gave in.

Ash- i told you allen.. i'm not gonna be the other woman
A- sorry

Ashley hurried out of the steamer and left allen alone, she was glad he kissed her she had been wanting to do that all day. she never did want to be the other woman but maybe she would make and exception for him.

Allen knew he was wrong but deep down he knew she liked every minute of it and so did he. he never cheated before and he didn't plan to, that just got out of control. he planned on talking to jodie tonight.. if he could find the courage.

Jodie had a wonderful time with Neicy and when she saw allen she knew he had a wonderful time for the first time he looked relaxed. she was happy to see him this way.

Ash- here are your gifts for today, I got the lotion and oil you liked in your bag allen and of course the bubble bath you love jodie.
A- sign me up for those private weeklys ashley, the ones after your closed down
Ash- sure
J- i'm so happy you're doing this allen, you'll feel so much better and you won't have to always come with me.
Ash- yeah cause Jodie is a morning person
A- yeah, well i'll see ya next week
Ash- bye allen, and Jodie
N- bye you two

Allen knew he was gonna be in trouble but everytime he got ready to bring up the situation he saw his twins and he knew he had to be a good father to them.

Jodie knew something was up but allen did pass her test. she knew he probably had feelings for ashley but he cared to much for his family to let them go... and she planned on using the kids to her advantage to keep him with her.
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awww.. this is getting a lil sad.. yet good

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Allen Made his decision... He was gonna be a family man. he wasn't gonna walk out on another family. it just wasn't happening. he didn't like the fact that he had to do this to his heart but his kids came first. he did miss jodie. she was still at the shop and she was over an hour late coming home normally she would call or something.

Jodie was talking Ashley... they were growing quite close behind Allens back and she was lovin it. at least now she could keep tabs on him without seeming insecure. she wasn't expecting the conversation they were having today.

J- you know i really like having you for a friend
Ash- i don't think it's so bad myself
J- but i know there is something going on between you and Allen that i don't know. i'm not asking you to sell him out but i don't want to stay with him if i don't need to
Ash- Jodie Allen loves you more than anything. and he really loves his kids
J- i know that. but he feels something for you
Ash- i feel something for allen too but He wants to be with you i can't help that
J- what did you just say.
Ash- i said that allen and i both have some sort of feelings for each other but we decided not to act on it because he wants to be with you.
J- and when did this all come about
Ash- look allen and i go way back and it's a long story... Allen should have never left me for tawanna and he would have never gotten cheated on and he'd be happy and with me... but he decided to listen to his friends and he left me and all of the drama he has been through happened. he finally felt happy with you but then he ran into me in hawii and he never got a chance to close what we had
J- didn't he close it when you guys broke up
Ash- Jodie you are missing the point... allen and i were in love... he made a mistake and left me... thinking he'd never see me again. then he fell in love with you and just when everything was going right i popped back up because he never dealt with how he felt about me.
J- i see. so why won't he ask for a divorce
Ash- and leave you??? please??? since tawanna you're the best thing that has ever happened to him and he loves his family... he dosn't want to hurt you
J- so you guys are in love but putting it all to the side for me?
Ash- i just want allen to be happy... allen said he's happy with you, so whatever me and him thought we had is over and done with because he has to move on
J- i see
Ash- i hope you don't hate me now
J- no i don't hate anyone i understrand everything. it's just that allen and i were such close friends and he used to be able to tell me everything. that's how come i fell in love with him. now he keeps things away because i'm his WIFE.
Ash- well once you enter the wife world you're no longer a friend
J- well then maybe i should have never said yes when he proposed
Ash- maybe you should talk to him then. i don't want him to be mad at me because i told you...
J- don't worry i'm gonna handle everything
Ash- but
J- no buts i have to do this, when this is over everyone in the whole situation will be happy
Ash- well i just want you to know that i am only happy with what makes Allen and You happy
J- i know and i love you for that. i think you are a strong woman to tell me all of this.
Ash- okay well here are your free gifts, see you next week?
J- hell yeah girl, i love this place. and i want you to continue to be my friend.
Ash- i will
J- good, i'll see ya soon

Jodie knew it all along. she was sad, angry, confused, and scared all at once. she loved allen but she missed not knowing. not being his firend was killing there relationship already and to find out this new info from ashley she wanted to know if it was all true and if it was she knew exactly what she was gonna do about it.

Whe Jodie walked in the door allen was glad he had already put the kids to sleep and had dinner prepared. she looked furious but at the same time scared. he knew something went real wrong at the spa, and he knew he had either ashley or neicy to thank for it all.

J- we need to talk
A- ok just calm down
J- i am calm allen... i'm just... dissapointed
A- dissapointed?
J- yes allen... i'm dissapointed in us
A- ok what did they tell you
J- nothing but what i suspected all along.... i told you if you loved her i wanted a divorce
A- i want to be with you
J- but you love her allen
A- Jodie... Baby we have a family... i love you
J- i know allen but you are IN LOVE with her... you haven't denied it yet
A- you want the truth
J- yeah allen that's what i want
A- truth is i shouldn't have ever broken up with her... Hell yeah i love her... but i never expected her to enter my life ever again and then i met you and i have a family and that's what i want
J- why didn't you tell me
A- because i didn't want you to leave me... i love you jodie i want us to be together and grow old and take care of the twins. you know if we get a divorce that will be my second failed marriage... i don't want to be like JLO
J- Allen is that what you are afraid of? failure? because you fail your heart everyday you stay with me and you secretly are in love with another woman! i'd rather you fail at marriage that you fail yourself
A- so is this over
J- i don't know... do you want it to be
A- i don't know
J- well i'm sleeping in the guest room, so we can both think... we will talk about this tomorrow.
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lol at his not wanting to be like jlo. thanks for adding.
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The Next Morning Jodie woke up bright and early and decided to go for a run. to her surprise RJ was awake so she wasn't going to be able to leave without making sure he was gonna be ok alone since allen was still sleep.

RJ- mom
J- yeah
RJ- weren't you getting ready to run
J- yeah but i don't want you sittin up here alone
RJ- well then can we walk together like we used to
J- sure get your stuff

Jodie knew RJ was gonna bring something up, he changed so much once she married allen that she could have sworn he resented it a little, especially since she had the twins. she didn't need him to bring up anything right now though, especially not when she had a lot onher mind already.

RJ- mom
J- yeah
RJ- how come you stopped telling me stuff about daddy after you married allen
J- i don't know i guess we never brung it up
RJ- we never used to bring it up before and you talked about him, did allen tell you not to
J- no allen loved your dad like a brother he wouldn't have told me not to, i just thought that it was best
RJ- best if i forgot who my daddy was
J- no i just thought it would be best if we all became a family since your daddy is gone
RJ- well i miss how it used to be... allen used to be like my best friend and now he's like my dad and i don't want a dad anymore
RJ- i'm serious mom... i liked it when you were friends, now you guys don't care about me because you have your own little family
J- well alot of things are gonna change between allen and i
RJ- like what...he's still your husband
J- well he is for now... i was gonna talk to you about it later but we're probably gonna get a divorce
RJ- why
J- because we are better as friends... it just took me a little longer to figure that out
RJ- is he still gonna come around
J- of course and it will be like it was before if get divorced
RJ- but what if you don't
J- then we'll be how we are now, only i'll pay more attention to you and talk more about your daddy ok
RJ- ok

Allen woke up to the sounds of the twins. he figured that Jodie had left because she never let the twins run wild. after claming them down and feeding them allen thought about what was gonna happen. he felt like a kid just about to get a whoopin he didn't want. he was tempted to go back to sleep and never wake up but he had to face reality. he knew the truth and now so did jodie but he still wanted his family and he didn't want to lose her. when she walked in with RJ he knew it was time to talk. the look on her face said it all.

J- can we go outside and talk allen
A- sure
J- RJ watch the twins ok
RJ- ok mom

Allen walked outside and the warm breeze felt good until he saw jodies burning eyes.

J- allen
A- baby i love you ok
J- i know that but you are in love with another woman and i can't live like this
A- i'll do whatever it takes
J- are you sure you want this... i don't have to worry about you running away with her
A- never.. i would never run away from my family
J- well then will i have to worry about you creepin around with her on my... having to stay faitful to you while you share yourself with her
A- Jodie
J- don't answer that... you'll only be telling me a bullshit boldfaced lie.
A- Jodie
J- allen i love you and i wish this could work but you want her and face it i can't compete, she's every thing you like and more
A- i don't want you to compete but i do want you to be my wife
J- what are we gonna do allen
A- look we can just ake it one day at a time, when you don't have nothing to give and i can't control myself then we can file for divorce
J- i got a better idea, i'm moving back into my house, i haven't sold it yet anyway and i'll just stay there and you can stay here and we'll just be seperated until you get your act together
A- is that what you want
J- that's what's best for us allen, you can come see me and you can do whatever you want with Ashley... and if you can truly control yourself we'll get back together... and if you can't then we know what's next
A- so that's your decision
J- i want it to be our decision
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thanks for adding
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Allen fixed dinner for Jodie and ignored the fact that she was getting things together to pack up for tomorrow.

J- why re you making this so hard
A- i don't want you to go
J- but you know our situation
A- no this is your situation... why can't you just be with me, youre my wife.. ashley is nothing
J- but she is Allen and you know it.. you can't be faithful to me and love her in your mind... how fair is that
A- look i want our marriage to work
J- then get over her
A- can't you see that you are my wife, you are the one that needs to get over her
J- look allen i'm not gonna argue, and i know you have been cooking but i need to go see somebody and clear my head
A- i'll be here when you get back

Jodie left to clear her head, she knew the only person that could do that was neicy... she grew quite close to neicy and she noticed that neicy never judged anyone she gave her opinion without taking sides and she like that about her.

N- hey girl you early
J- i had to get out of that house
N- what's up
J- i told allen about what i told you about
N- the seperation... i know he didn't take that well
J- he sure didn't but he needed to hear it. i just hope i'm not messing myself over
N- do you love allen
J- yeah
N- and do you want him to be with you
J- you know i do
N- isn't he with you now
J- yeah
N- do you believe him when he says that he want's to be with you
J- yeah i do, what's your point
N- then you already have what you want... you have allen, he's with you, and he wants to stay with you even though you gave him a choice to leave
J- but he'll always love her
N- that doesn't matter,if i was you i would be happy with what i got... if you do this seperation thing it's just gonna drive you guys apart and then you won't be able to trust him if yall get back together
J- i thought youw as ashley's friend
N- i am, i love her to death
J- then why don't you want to see her and allen together
N- i do, but i beleive in what's right... the man has a family with you and Ashley told you herself that she wasn't gonna break that up
J- so i should fight to keep him
N- no you need to do what you feel is right... because you are right he will always love her
J- i gotta go

Allen talked to tawanna for an hour about the situation with ashley

T- do you lvoe ashley
A- yeah
T- do you love Jodie
A- yeah she's the mother of my children and...
T- i'm the mother of your children too allen does that mean you still love me
A- it sure does and i always will
T- don't play dumb... are you in love with Jodie
A- yeah, i mean, i thought i was, this whole ashley thing is messing with my mind
T- how do you feel in this moment right now
A- i feel like i'm in love with Ashley but i will sacrifice that to keep Jodie happy and to be the father i am supposed to be
T- listen to your heart allen... you've been in love with Ashley since you knew her and you knew her a hell of alot longer than youve known me or Teedee.
A- i know but my kids..
T- they'll always be here no one is keeping you from them
A- youre right

Jodie went to talk to ashley to finish getting her decision together... she wanted allen to be a family with her and she was gonna get it.

Ash- what brings you by
J- i just want you to know i'm gonna work things out with allen
Ash- fine
J- i just thought you should know... and he won't be coming by your shop getting his massages by you anymore
Ash- well that's up for allen to decide... i don't mix buisness with my personal life... allen has an appointment tomorrow and i don't have anyone else to do it... you are just gonna have to talk to him
J- but i don't want you arounds you mess up his mind
Ash- that's because he's in love with me and he knows i love him too, it messes up my mind when i have to see him too
J- why won't you just take him then
Ash- no... she i'm different than most women.... i'm very mature, i told allen, that i was in love with him and i meant it but when you are truly in love with someone you want them to be happy even when they aren't with you
J- so you'd rather be alone and miserable without him?
Ash- as long as he's happy
J- so you aren't gonna be his woman on the side
Ash- i ain't even gon' lie i thought about it but i respect allen too much to do that, more importantly i respect myself
J- well
Ash- well i guess that's the end of our conversation you and allen can have a nice life
J- but
Ash- but nothing, if you are happy and he's happy it's all that matters
J- sorry. i .... i ... i just want my family
Ash- i understand

Jodie left ashley feeling more confused than she did when she came. she was hoping allen would help her out with her decision. when she walked into the house allen had two of his freinds, Mike and Sean putting his things into a truck.

J- allen what's going on
A- i'm leaving, i understand what you mean now, and i am in love with Ashley
J- she loves you too but i just talked to her and she wants us to be happy that's good news right
A- yeah
J- so i told her we wanted our family together
A- that's what i thought i wanted but i realized that we don't have to be togehter for our family to be together... no matter what our family will always be together because we made this.
J- but
A- i know where you're coming from but we need the time apart...
J- so you're just gonna run off and marry her!!! is that all i'm worth!!!
A- i'm not marrying anyone until i'm sure. i was never sure with you jodie and i know it hurts but you need to know the truth... i was just going through so much with tawanna i rebounded on you, it was a happiness unlike any other until now and i realize that the woman i walked out on left the door open for me to walk back into her life, i can't pass that up without trying
J- so what about me
A- financially you know you're covered, you don't have to leave the house or nothing, i will still come over for dinners sometimes and spend time with you and the kids, we're still friends right
J- i don't know, you're ending everything else why don't you just end that too
A- it's not an endng it's a beginning... we both need this
J- what about us
A- i'll never forget us, the moments we shared, the good ones and the bad ones
J- do you still love me
A- of course i do, you're the mother of my children and don't forget you're still my wife, we're just taking a break
J- are we ever gonna get back together
A- i don't know, but what we had was great and i want you to always know that
J- if this is supposed to be so good why do i feel so sad
A- becase its hard to except everything thrown at us
J- i want you to be happy with ashley... she's a good woman
A- that's one relationship i am going to take super slow
J- good... don't go chasin waterfalls
A- i cant afford that, i already have two women and 4 kids to support
J- do you have to leave tonight
A- yeah so i can set up in that house i had... i never sold, but i will see you tomorrow for lunch, bring the kids
J- ok... be careful
A- i will
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After Allen left Jodie felt like a wreck. she wanted him to be happy but she wanted him to be with her. he was ready to do whatever to keep them together and then she opened her big mouth and just like that he threw her away. she had to make him realize that it was really her he was in love with. and as bad as she knows he's gonna want the kids at lunch tomorrow, she wasn't brining them because this was one lunch she hoped he would never forget.

Allen cried all the was to his new house. he was hoping that maybe this one could be a home. he wasn't planning on marrying anymore until he was absolutely positive. he was happy that jodie understood but it didn't make him feel any better about the situation. he knew he had to do what he had to do but he didn't want to hurt her.

Ashley decided to call allen and let him know that she was moving. she like the business she was getting from him but being around someone she is in love with that isn't with her was beginning to take a toll on her. she didn't have it set in stone that she was moving but if she could find a place to move her business she was gonna be gone.

A- speak
Ash- allen
A- hey
Ash- look i was just callin to tell you i'm movin
A- why
Ash- you need your family and i understand that but it's too hard for me to sit here and love you from the sidelines... i've done it for too long
A- Ashley
ASh- it doesn't matter what you say... Jodie wants you so stay there
A- we're not togehter anymore
Ash- what
A- i said we're not together anymore
Ash- why
A- because i told her i'm in love with you
Ash- really!!! you did that for me allen!!!
A- no. i did it for me, so is my appointment still scheduled for tomorrow night or are you still moving
Ash- it's still on
A- ok, well look i'm moving in to my new place so i'll talk to you after i have lunch with jodie and the kids tomorrow
Ash- where you havin lunch at i wanna come
A- we're gonna be at the usual spot and no you aren't invited this is a family thing maybe you can come next time
Ash- i understand... bye allen
A- bye

After hanging up with Allen Ashley knew she was gonna have to crash their little lunch party. she wasn't about to be played or be allens woman on the side. she trusted him but sometimes a woman has to see for herself.

(The next day)

Allen woke up bright and early and was proud of himself for the way he set up his new place in record time. he ate a light breakfast and decided to go out and get a gift for Ashley and a Gift for Jodie while he was shopping.

Jodie woke up early and went for a walk with RJ before dropping off all the kids at anns house so that she could have allen all to herself. when she got home she took a long relaxing shower. after getting out of the shower she heard loud banging noises on the door. she was releived when she heard Tommy's voice call out to her. instead of getting dressed she grabbed a beach towel and wrapped up she didn't want him waiting.

J- what do you want
T- i came to see allen and let him know that the whole thing is over about what happened. they've closed the case
J- ok well i'll let allen know, he aint here
T- he let you walk around the house like that when he ain't here?
J- tommy i said i'll tell him, goodbye
T- why you bein so mean
J- because if you must know i just got out o the shower and i gotta get dressed so that i can meet allen at the restaraunt for lunch
T- why you got to meet him, he don't live here no more
J- no he doesn't not that it's any of your business
T- i'm sorry to hear that, can i come in i want to talk to you for a minute you got any time
J- i got a few minutes, have a seat i'll be back out in a minute
T- why don't you just sit on me like that
J- quit playin
T- i ain't playin, if allen don't live here obviously youre not with him no more and i miss you
J- if you missed me so much you wouldn't have been like you were and maybe i'd be with you and not allen
T- come here girl

Tommy pulled jodie down on top of him and they kissed passionately while the door was still open. Jodie didn't mind because tommy was a good kisser, she was single, and she did have alot of history with him.

J- are you satisfied
T- no kiss me again

Affter kissing him again Jodie decided enough was enough, so she went to stant up and her towel fell to the floor. she quickly picked it up and ran to her room to change. she knew she was almost to her breaking point and she had to control herself.

Tommy followed jodie into her room. after grabbing her around her waist he began sucking on her neck leaving a passion mark.

J- you bitch, get out of my house
T- i didn't mean to i just..
J- you're just a hater! you knew i had to see allen
T- why should he care he gave you up
J- look i gotta fix my hair so he don't see this, you need to go
T- fine but i'm comin back over tonight... am i invited
J- yeah, you can come over

Allen couldn't belive what he saw when he rode past his house that jodie was living in on the way to the restaraunt. he thought he saw Jodie on top of another man half naked. he thought that maybe she was just sitting in the front room in her towel like she did often and forgot to close the door? he tried to black out that he saw tommy's car in the driveway. he knew she probably kissed him but she would never all out cheat on him after only one day. when he got to the restaraunt he waited patiently to see the twins, when Jodie walked in alone he was really upset. she wore her hair down and spiraled curled, which she never usually did, but this was another day.

J- hey Allen
A- hey, where's the kids
J- at Anns
A- why you take them to ma's house
J- cause i wanted to talk
A- we could have done that another time, i miss them, i guess i'll just go and see them when i go to mas
J- and you can keep them over night
A- fine with me, i'll bring them back in a few days
J- what's in the box
A- a little something i saw that i thought you'd might like
J- ( opens box) oooh Allen it's so beautiful, this necklace is off the chain
A- here let me help you put it on.

Ashley walked in the restaraunt and saw allen putting a necklace around Jodie's neck. she was definately pissed when she saw that. she was gonna try and be a lady and not let him know she was there but he lied to her when he said the kids would be there and to top it all off he is giving her a necklace! she thought he deserved a surprise. but when she walked up to him she saw him arguing with jodie

A- what the f*** is this
J- what
A- this damn hickey that's what!
J- i burned myself while i was curling my hair
A- really, were you burining yourself in the front room where i saw you naked with Tommy
J- i'm sorry allen, but it's not what you think
A- what do i think jodie?
J- i was just there and i had just gotten out of the shower and Tommy came over to tell me that the whole investagation was over and then he just grabbed me and did this
A- from what i saw you wasn't puttin up no fight
J- hi Ashley i wasn't expecting you! i guess we both get surprised huh allen i thought this was about me and you
A- wrong you told me you'd bring the kids and i didn't invite ashley, ashley why are you here?
Ash- i invited myself
A- well i'm glad you're hear, can you take me early for that appointment i just lost my appetite
Ash- sure
J- don't you dare walk away with my man! Allen Ezail Iverson I am talking to you!!!
A- Jodie, i'm leaving ok, trust me now is not a good time to talk about it

Jodie sat in silence but anger was rising. if he didn't invite Ashley how did she know where they were and how could he get mad over a stupid mark that she didn't even try to get and why did he walk out on her like she was nothing? all of the anger was stirring up and she couldn't take it any longer so she rushed outside to the parking lot to demand that Allen talk to her.

Allen scolded ashley as he walked her to her car. he did it quietly but he wanted her to know she was wrong for coming when he said it wasn't a good time. Ashley apologized in a sincere voice and allen had no choice but to forgive her hell he probably would have done the same thing. after getting her to her car he looked at ashley in her eyes and wanted to kiss her but she broke the silence with her sweet voice.

Ash- i'm really sorry allen
A- it's ok i know you ain't mean to
Ash- i really didn't i just wanted t see the kids
A- tell me about it, i was so pissed that she didn't bring them
Ash- maybe she has somthing to tell you
A- it doesn't matter she could have called or something. but she was so busy moving on to her ex she didn't think about that
Ash- isn't that what you want
A- you don't understand
Ash- look i'm sorry about how you feel but i'm not sorry that i came
A- i bought you this locket with our highschool pictures inside
Ash- it's beautiful
A- i got it because i want you and me to get back to that feeling. i know we're grown up now but that love we shared was special and if i can't get there with you then we'll jus thave to keep trying
Ash- i never lost the feeling

With that allen grabbed her tightly and held her in his arms. just as their lips werre about to connect jodie screamed at the top of her lungs.

J- get away from him!
A- calm down Jodie
J- No! you Listen to me!!! You will Talk to me
A- i will but not right now
J- yhou choose her over me, you can always see her, don't i mean anything
ASH- Allen
A- yeah
Ash- i'm going to the shop
A- i'm gonna be right behind you
Ash- ok
J- that's right, leave, you leave my husband alone!!!
A- Jodie, what is wrong with you
J- You left me!!! Why Allen!!!
A- that big ass hickey is why
J- you was just all up on her
A- bye jodie i don't have time for these games, we can talk tomorrow after we both cool down
J- i want to talk alone
A- fine
J- at the house
A- fine

Allen jumped into his car and headd for the spa.

Ashley was surprised that allen didn't stay and talk to Jodie. she felt important.

Ashley gave Allen the massage of his life she knew he needed to be relaxed after what went on. she was hoping that he'd want to talk to her afterward but the way he was getting his things together suggested that he wanted to just go home.

Ash- you leavin me
A- naw i'm inviting you to my new place but you gotta leave now because i gotta get my kids
Ash- Jodie's not getting them?
A- naw. There my kids too, besides i want to see how Tiaura and deauce are doing
Ash- so you're takin the twins to your new place, you got a room set up for them
A- yeah, i had some people doing that this morning
Ash- good, i just didn't want them to not have a place to be
A- come on

After hanging out with allen and his kids Ashley was begining to understand allen's delimma. he really loved his kids and they loved him too. she was happy when they got to see Allens mom ann on the way out the door with the twins

Ann- allen. where are you takin my babies
A- home with me
Ann- i thought Jodie was comin
A- naw she told me i should keep them a few days
Ann- this girl looks so familiar but i can't quite put my finger on it
ASh- It's Ashley
Ann- oh my! look how you have grown girl! give me a hug
Ash- i missed you Ms ann
Ann- i missed you too, allen was so wrong for taking my first daughter in law away from me.
Ash- you still call me that
Ann- child you bout the only one i ever callled that. when i'm with my friends i always call jodie and tawanna by their names because i never got as close to them and i didn't want to give them a title i already gave to you
Ash- but i was so young then
Ann- but love has no age child. i guess i'll be seeing more of you, and no matter what happens with allen you keep visiting ya hear
Ash- yes m' am

Allen was shocked at how his mother treated ashley. he didn't know they were so close. he always though Tawanna was her favorite and now he was proven wrong.

Ashley was so happy to spend time with allen and his family again it was like old times the only difference was the kids who she was falling in love with everytime she looked at them.

When they got back to allens house ashley helped allen put the twins to bed and they watched movied until the wee hours of the morning. after kissing and touching each other several times on the couch allen decided to stop. he didn't want to move to fast.

A- i can't belive how natural my kids are with you, they hate peopel they don't know
Ash- kids respond the way their parents do, they can tell that i have a positive affect on you so they like me.
A- that's something new. well i think we better get to sleep so we can go out and shop tomorrow with tiaura and deauce like i promised
Ash- yeah, and i'm so happy mister said he'll watch the twins again
A- he loves them. well you can sleep in the bed with me because the guest room isn't finished
Ash- good i like being next to you
A- i bet you do.
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hmmm, what's going to happen in the bed? Cool thanks for adding.
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i still find dat shyt funny as hell

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After having a shopping daw with Tiaura and Deuce Allen and Ashley were happy but exhausted. Allen never thought they would have so much fun especially with the kids. when he went to bring the kids home he was happy to see that his mother greeted them both with hugs.

Ann- I'm so happy you're here
ASh- really
Ann- yeah i bought you something
Ash- you know you didn't have to...
Ann- i know but i wanted too, look its a ankle bracelet
Ash- it's so beautiful
Ann- i just happned to see it and i liked it but it didnt fit me like i knew it would fit you
A- damn mom this must have cost alot of money
Ann- so what if it did
A- did Jodie come get the twins
Ann- naw Jodie in the living room waiting on you
A- for what
Ann- i don't know go see.

As Allen walked into the other room something told him to turn around and just walk away but he knew it wasn't possible.

J- why was my kids here alone with Mister
A- i went out and i had him baby sit because i had to take Tiaura and deuce shopping like i promised them
J- i ain't stupid ok allen
A- and i'm not gonna argue with you
Mister- why you so mad i watch them all the time
J- this ain't against you Mister it's against they daddy for not being here when i came to get them
Mister- why so he could see you wit that ugly, bill cosby lookin play cop named tommy
A- so thats what this is about
J- no it's not and don't you try and turn this around on me all i did was get a ride
A- whatever, i'm here now and it's your day so just take them and go
J- oh so now they don't mean s***
A- you know that ain't true, you only trippin cause you had to break your date with tommy.... i ain't stupid jodie i invited the game
J- whatever i'm gonna just take MY Kids and go
A- by

Jodie got up and left quickly. normally she would have a few more rounds of argument but she couldn't because he was right. she was only mad because she had to break her date with Tommy and she was even more mad because mister put her on blast. she was more embarassed than upset. she didn't want allen to know about her and tommy or about the fact that she made him watch the kids so she could get her groove on with him last night. she didn't feel bad because they were over but she knew allen could come back to her and she didn't want to mess that up.
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When Jodie got home she was happy that Mister took good care of the twins because they were sleepy and she needed some time to herself. too bad that wasn't gonna happen, she thought to herself as she opened her door to see who was knocking.

T- hey you
J- hey
T- i brought you something
J- what's that
T- this necklace
J- oh.... it's beautiful thank you
T- well, are you gonna invite me in
J- you see i would but my kids are here and...
T- so that was just a one night thing
J- Tommy don't put it like that
T- then let me in it's not like i'm gonna do anything you don't already want to
J- fine come in

Allen had a beautiful night with Ashley watching movies and playing cards. he forgot how much fun ashley was. they hadn't done anything beyond kissing and he felt closer to her than Tawanna or Jodie.

Ash- wanna play basketball
A- it's kind of late... i thought we'd play something else
Ash- i'm not ready for all of that allen, you still got some drama goin on
A- you're right
Ash- i would like to go home and get some stuff together if i'm gonna be staying over night
A- cool i'll drop you off at home and come back here and wait on you...
Ash- sounds good to me
A- lets go

Jodie knew she could't just sit and talk to Tommy one thing always led to another. she just didn't want the other thing to happen around her kids.

Allen dropped ashley off and headed back home. he knew that he needed to apologize to jodie though. he did accuse her of sleeping with tommy andhe saw that it made her feel bad. they had to get along for the sake of the kids. he knocked on the door the way he always did and he got no answer. he knew she was home and he knew he needed to talk to her. he figured that she was in the room and didn't hear him.
When he walked in he didn't see her no where. by the time he got to the room they both once shared he saw her and tommy on the bed making love.

A- Jodie?? is this for real

Jodie screamed and pulled herself away from Tommy full of shame. she felt like her whole world was crumbling and that there was no way she would be able to get back with him.

J- allen
A- just forget i ever came.

allen walked out feeling like it was definately over between him and jodie and he wanted to make their friendship be over too. he felt hurt but he knew he had to get it together if he was gonna have a good night with Ashley. if there was one thing he could say about Ashley is that she never turned her back on him or tried to hurt him it was too bad he couldn't say that about any other woman he was with and he had kids with them.

Jodie knew she had to clean this up and she knew Tawanna was the only person that did anything like what she did to allen and remained close to him. she had to know how to get out of this.
Yall know me, i just keep it real!!!!
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lawd this is a mess

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damn, jodie got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Shocked
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