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PostPosted: Mon May 10, 2004 6:47 am    Post subject: Passion

wus up yall! This AshTate, always bringin the hott s***! This Story is my newest creation that came in a dream. sorry i've been away for so long.

The story starts in the locker room after practice. AI and his friend B are talking about Ai's problems and potential future plans.

B- how was practice
A- horrible as usual, man B, i'm really thinkin about talkin to my man about leavin this team
B- leavin, you mean like gettin traded
A- i mean, why should i try? Why should i stay? nobody appreciates me
B- what you mean?
A- i mean i'm startin to not like it out here, it's bad enough my coach is a bitch, now my team mates is tryin to act shady, Tawanna aint tryin to act right, i don't know what i wanna do.
B- relax man, lets go get a drink.

(In The CAr)

B- i'm tellin you man Philly is yo home
A- man B, i want it to be... but s*** is just startin to hit the fan, you feel me.
B- So what's up wit you and Tawanna?
A- we cool i mean, she a rider but even she startin to get a little off
B- what you mean
A- she like to cuss me out when i ain't in when the street lights come on, not givin me no ass, but she be out all hours of the night her damn self with those single bitches she cool wit
B- single bitches ain't nothin but trouble
A- i heard that s***, i try to tell her that but she don't listen, her friends tell her she should leave me and i'm triflin but i'm sayin they only say that s*** cause they want me.
B- you crazy come on nigga lets get a drink.

(At the Bar)

Waitress- hey how yall doin my name is traci i'll be takin care of you
A- let me get the regular
W- i got you, i'll be right back
B- ay girl how old are you, you don't even look old enough to be takin orders for alchohal
W- i guess i should take that as a compliment, i'm 23
B- still young as hell, hit me with the same thing

(Waitress leaves, they watch her walk away)

A- she's fine as hell
B- and thick then a mug
A- who says mug anymore, we gettin old man
B- f*** you, you gettin old
A- stop gawkin at her
B- s***, i wanna hit that
A- she ain't gon let you hit it
B- you just sayin that cause you wanna hit that, if you was single you'd be the same way
A- whatever man

W- there you go, if you need anything else just holler
A- thank you
B- yeah i really really appreciate it, ay girl, you payin yo way through college or somethin
W- actually i'm an actress, i'm just sartin out, gotta pay the bills some how
A- why you ain't in New York or LA then
W- i can't afford it, besides the commute isn't so bad
B- i'd take you where ever you needed to go
W- no thank you i make my own way, by the way, Allen, I'm a big fan
A- thank you
W- i just wish you had a better team that you could shine in
A- you and me both
W- it's good to know you here in philly though, you got loyal fans here, even if your team isn't
A- to be honest, that's all that's keepin me here
B- after we finish there drinks we're leavin so you can go ahead and write tha check
W- i'll be back

A- yo B you gon get her number or what
B- not interested anymore
A- why not
B- she want you man
A- what makes you think that
B- the way she looks at you
A- whatever man

W- heres the check
B- (Hands her a card) This should take care of it
W- thanks for comin back, hope to see you again sometime
A- we come here all the time why don't we ever see you
W-i just started las week
A- oh
W- nice meetin you

B- come on nigga, let me take yo bootleg ass home.
(Phone rings)
A- s*** i grabbed Tawanna's cell by accident, they can leave a voice mail
B- just pick it up, it might be her
A-(Picks up phone) Speak
Richard- hello
A- hello
R- hi is Tawanna available
A- naw this her husband, can i help you
R- naw, you can just let her know RC called
A- aiight holla

B- who was that dog
A- some nigga
B- you think she creepin, cause we can handle this
A- naw it's cool, i'm sure it's a misunderstanding, i shouldn't have been answering her phone in the first place
B- man whatever, you shoulda got traci's number, at least you woulda been justified
A- i know my baby ain't cheatin on me
B- don't go blind dog, i'll holla at you later
A- bye man

(In the house)

T- where you been today, i accidently got yo damn phone again
A- Tawanna don't blow my buzz i got a lot of s*** on my mind
T- anybody call my phone
A- did anyone call mine
T- just momma, she came and got the kids
A- so i can tap that tonight
T- you know why i don't let you get no pussy, that s*** right there, "You gon let me tap that tonight" i ain't yo hoe
A- baby, what am i supposed to say, you only give me real good pussy for my birthday you ain't cheatin are you
T- allen
A- is there somethin you gotta tell me
T- Allen!
A- okay, that's all i need t know, so you gon let me hit it, we haven't spent any real time together since last month
T- i promise we'll hook up, but not tonight i'm goin out with Tisha, it was already planned, i was gonna make it for later after the kids went to sleep but then your mom came
A- whatever Tawanna, i mean, maybe you is skippin out on my, don't tell me you aint got horny since last month
T- Allen i'm not tryin to here this s***
A- you know i love you right
T- yes baby, i love you too
A- i just hope you know you take me everywhere with you even when i'm not there, don't abuse that
T- like you abused me with Alica
A- i never fucked her tawanna but you can belive yo bitch ass friends if you want to
T- whatever i'm out, i'll be home soon, not too late
A- i et you make sure you come in late enough to not ive me no ass
T- bye allen
A- Tawanna
T- what!
A- if somethin is wrong between us i hope you don't wait until forever has gon by because it will come out, and all you would have had to do is talk to me
T- i love you
A- love you too, bye.

(Tawanna Leaves and accidently takes allens phone again)

(Cell rings)

A- speak
R- Tawanna i'm around the corner
A- this ain't tawanna
R- (s***) Can you let tawanna know that Lisa and i are waiting
A- wrong name
R- what
A- wrong name, she told me tisha tonight, have fun.. she's on her way

(Allen Sits on the couch with his head in his hands crying)

That's it for episode more, there will be more comin yo way, stay tuned and find out what happens next, believe me you won't wanna miss a thing.
Yall know me, i just keep it real!!!!
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Joined: Nov 22, 2003
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PostPosted: Tue May 11, 2004 5:21 am    Post subject:

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Joined: Nov 20, 2003
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PostPosted: Wed May 12, 2004 1:12 am    Post subject:

This story seems good so please don't stop adding on.
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PostPosted: Wed May 12, 2004 1:33 am    Post subject:

i like this keep it up

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Joined: Jan 23, 2004
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PostPosted: Wed May 12, 2004 7:09 pm    Post subject:

Tawanna comes home at four in the morning... Allen is waiting for her on the couch in the dark.

T- Thanks for takin me out
R- well you know, somebody's gotta be around when yo man ain't
T- i know but this is starting to get hard for me, i don't want him to catch me and leave me.
R- so what if he does, he ain't treatin you right, i'll take care of you
T- we have three kids, you don't understand
R- is that why your with him, for the kids?
T- to tell you the truth i don't even know anymore. bye, call me in a few days so we can maybe hook up again.
R- bye sweetie

Tawanna walks toward the sitting room to go up the stairs heading for bed, Allen meets her. determined to give her the benifit of the doubt he ignores the conversation he just heard and greets his wife from behind.

A- (Kisses her kneck) Hey baby
T- (Jumps) how long have you been down here
A- long enough to catch my baby comin in and take her to bed with me
T- well i'm tired allen, me and trisha had fun today
A- you must be a little tipsy
T- no, i haven't drank anything
A- well then your mistaken, or you lied to me
T- about what
A- you said you was kickin it with tisha not trisha and even your friend RC thought you were with Lisa so who were you really with?
T- how do you know Richard
A- oh so Richard is his name he told me RC
T- Allen we need to talk
A- you damn right
T- baby, i just haven't been happy, and richard is a friend i met at the gym, we work out together on his luch break and sometimes we go out to dinner
A- that was a mighty long dinner, you left at ten and its four in the morning now.
T- Allen let me finish, your never here! i'm with the kids all the time, i get lonely too! so don't think for one second this is all my fault
A=- don't try to turn this s*** around, you knew my profession when you married me.
T- what you gonna do allen, leave me, you'll never leave me
A- and why is that
T- you love me too much and i love you, i promise i will stop seeing Richard
A- how can i believe you, how can i trust you now, i'm leaving
T- baby don't leave me
A- i'm goin to B's house, i holla at you tomorrow or whenever i decide to come back, until then you need to think about this marriage and what it means to you.
T- Allen, Allen don't do this
A- as far as i'm concerned it's done.

Allen went to B's house, where the party was still goin on but B decided to take time out for his friend and invited him into the studio.

B- what's goin on
A- she cheatin man
B- i know
A- how you know
B- aiight don't get mad at me but i noticed that she was flirtin with people alot while you were on the road but i ain't think nothin of it.
A- why you ain't tell me
B- cause i didn't have proof that she was cheatin so what woyld you have thought
A- yah you right man, i just don't know what to do
B- well people gon be partying for a little while longer so come on in besides that caramel honey Traci from the spot is here
A- how you invite her
B- saw her while i was kickin it, told her to stop by, she like you dog
A- how you know
B- i know man, just like i've always known

Allen and B went back into the party but allen wasn't interested in talkin to Traci. Two wrongs didn't make a right, besided there still could be room for him and Tawanna to mae up. so he just sat and drank with a few aquaintences that were there.
All of a sudden Traci walked over to him.

Tr- why you sulkin, you wanna dance
A- not really
Tr- come on
A- ok
(They get up to dance, the song goes slow all of a sudden)
Tr- uh oh now i can see what your really workin wit
A- can we wait until the song is a little faster
Tr- naw boy you better come on

They began to dance slow and close to "Don't take your love away" by Avant, evey beat of that song made him think of his wife but every moment with Traci seemed special, she had a pretty smile and she could dance her ass off, and she was fine he noticed that at the spot.

Tr- you knw why i came over to you Mr. Iverson
A-call me Allen, and Why
Tr- because you looked upset, what's wrong
A- i can't talk about it here
Tr-you wanna go in the other room and have a couple drinks
A- that sounds good

In the other room, Allen and Traci shared drinks and Allen starterdto open up to her because he was comfortable and beause he was a little drunk.

A- you really wanna know why i'm hurtin right now
Tr- yeah, you were a whole lot more chipper earlier
A- yeah i guess this look isn't so attractive
Tr- you're attractive all the time Allen
A- well my wife she's being unfaithful
Tr- why would a woman do that to you of all people
A- i don't know, i asked her that, she turned it around and blamed it on me and how i'm not around
Tr- but you've always been a basketball player
A- my problem is why did i have to catch her, why didn't she come to me, she doesn't even know why we're still together anymore.
Tr- that's horrible, i would never do that if i couldn't handle it i wouldn't marry you,
A- i just don't know what to do about it
Tr- go with your heart.
A- thank you
Tr- (Kisses his cheek) i didn't have fun until yu came
A- i didn't have fun either until i saw you
Tr- well i'll leave you alone for a little while

B walks in
B- well well what's goin on
Tr- i'll see you around
A- what's yo number, i like talkin to you
Tr- here's my card
A- (Looks at the card) you braid hair
Tr- i do it all
A- i'll definately be callin you then, i hate flyin out my girl from new york you right here in town
Tr- yeah, and i'll do it for free
A- i'll holla
Tr- bye

B- you gon get with her
A- it ain't like that, she just makes me comfortable
B- youknow you wanna hit that, she sexy
A- she is sexy but i'm married
B- and... yo girl cheatin on you too
A- i know and i'm gon deal with it but as of right now, i'm married
B- whatever man, don't let her slip away, i see you like her
A- whatever, i need to go home before i catch a hang over here
B- whatever, hide from her if you want to
A- hide from who
B- traci
A- whatever, bye.

On the way hom Allen took off his shirt because he was hott, probably from the drinks, when he smelled it he smelled Traci's scent. he couldn't get this girl out of his mind even though he relly didn't want a realationship with her, or did he?

(At home)

Allen walked into the house and went to the guest quarters, Tawanna didn't have to know he was home. but she caught him walkin past and decided to have the conversation sh wanted to have with him

T- we need to talk
A- Leave me alone Tawanna
T- Allen, I'm sorry
A- about what
T- i'm sorry about everything
A- whatever, i'm half drunk and i need to be alone
T- i love you allen
A- sure you don't mean RC, Richard whatever the bitches name is
T- Allen
A- good bye tawanna

That night for the first time Allen slept in a seperate bed than Tawanna. he didn't feel as bad as he thought he would feel, he kept thinkin about Traci's smile. he decided to call her, after hearin her voice he hung up and tried to fall asleep even though he laid awake then his phone rang.

A- speak
Tr- hi allen you call me cause you miss me
A- ha ha, i called cause i wanted to hear your voice
Tr- and why is that
A- cause it makes the best out of my bad situation
Tr- what you doin tomorrow, i wanna show you somethin
A- nothin now, i was going to take my wife out but she needs to be put on hold for a while
tr- well meet me at my job around 2 oclock, i'll be off by then
A- see you then
Tr- sweet dreams Allen
A- bye Traci.

What happens tomorrow? Find out soon! Holla
Yall know me, i just keep it real!!!!
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PostPosted: Wed May 12, 2004 11:39 pm    Post subject:

awwww that was cute..tawanna a lil bitch man he need 2 drop her and get wit traci...and im luvin how wheneva the phone ring they say 'speak' that is so cute!! kepp it up ma

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PostPosted: Thu May 13, 2004 2:16 am    Post subject:

That was good and Traci seems like a nice person so Allen needs to leave Tawanna and get with her.ADD ON SOON PEASE!!!!!!
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PostPosted: Thu May 13, 2004 4:54 am    Post subject:

After Waking up the next morning, Allen Took a long shower, longer than usual. after getting out of the shower he went back into the guest bedroom to get dressed. Tawanna met him in the guest room.

T- Where you goin
A- did i say i was goin somewhere
T- well, since youre not goin anywhere (Moves Closer) maybe we can have that talk now.
A- i'm not really in the mood to talk, especially not to you.

Just As tawanna was making her dissapointed face as she was beginning to leave the room Allen's cell rang, and Allen unusually awnsered rather quickly.

A- speak
Tr- hey cutie with the corn rows
A- hey you, what's up

T- (Interrupting) all you can say is hay you? She ain't got a name

A- (Ignoring Tawanna) excuse tha background noise
Tr- if i'm interrupting something i'll call back or you can call me
A- no need, it's just background noise
Tr- i was calling to let you know that i'm not goin to work today, my boss said i didn't have to come in so you can pick me up from my house
A- good i'm tryin to get out of here anyway
Tr- i live at 1528 west oak street, you know where that is
A- yeah, my guy stay around that corner

T- allen you ain't goin nowhere we need to talk
A- i have nothing to say to you

A- so uh i'll be there in about an hour and a half, you caught me in a towel
Tr- don't tease me, i'll see ya later
A- holla back
Tr- bye
(they hang up)

A- don't you ever interrupt me again while i'm on the phone, i don' do that s*** to you
T- i don't sit up and talk to no nigga in fron t of you either
A- right, you usually do the s*** behind my back, until you came in wit him talkin s***
T- allen we need to talk, this is about our marriage
A- oh trust me we'll talk but right now, i can't handle that conversation, i know it's killin you to know that i know but deal with it, that's what you get for goin out on me
T- Allen
A- get out, i'm gettin dressed i'll holla at you latter.

After getting dressed and squirting two extra squirts of calogne Allen was on his way out the door before getting stopped by Tawanna

T- why you gettin all cute for that bitch
A- love you too bye sweetie

(At Traci's house)

Allen knocked on the door and adjusted his stance at the same time, as he peeked throuhg the screen door he saw Traci walking down her stairs toward him, underneath his breath he said, "Damn She Fine". Then he reminded himself that she's just a friend that wants to show him something, but he couldn't help but have dirty thoughts as to what exacly she wanted to show him.

Tr- hey cutie, thanks for comin
A- hey sexy, what you wanna show me
Tr- get in the car i'll give you directions, And my name is Traci not sexy ok.
A- gotcha

After riding for about an hour Traci Took Allen To a secured garden With a small man made river going trough it. beside a tree in the garden she had a blanket spread out.

Tr- this, Allen, is my sacred place.
A- it's beautiful
Tr- yeah i know, that's why i work at the spot, that's my job on the side i use it to maintain this, i come here to think
A- i guess that's your thinking blanket
Tr- yeah, i knew you were going through some things, that's why i brought you here

They went to sit on the blanket. After sitting down Alle couldn't control himself, he started to cry

Tr- what's wrong did i do something
A- i mean it's just that i'm trying to stay strong and come up with the best solution for my marriage, i don't know what to do
Tr- have you ever cheated on your wife
A- not since we've been married, i have never laid a hand on another woman in a provacative way
Tr- i bet it hurts more knowing that you have never cheated
A- yeah it does
Tr- allen i'm gonna tell you somethin, i have had many buyfriends in my life, then i had one fiance. his name was James, he was so sweet and perfect to me. Then i caught him cheating and guess with who? my own sister! the man i thought was good enough to marry was cheating on me, and with my own sister.
A- hopw could someone do somethin so wrong to you
Tr- that's what i asked about your wife, but anyway i wasn't finished, after i caught him sleeping with my sister, i forgave my sister because blood is thicker than water, and i was forced with the decision to forgive James or not. i decided not to fogive him but i forced myself to because i was pregnat. all was well, he was still cheatin and i was still accepting it. but when i told him i was pregnat he wanted me to get rid of it, he even insinuated that my baby wasn't his. Then i lost the baby. i was the hardest day of my life, that's when i started coming out here. since i wasn't pregnat anymore, i dumped him, but he kept harassing me. then he raped me. i'll never forget that even though i was strong enough to forget it. i think i got that stregnth from here, i'm sure you can make he proper decision.
A- i'm sorry about all of that. i mean i know what i wanna do, but i don't know if i'm right.
Tr- what you talkin about
A- I mean i wanna do so many things but i don't know what's right or what
Tr- well tell me.
A- i wanna divorce my wife.
Tr- so
A- i don't wanna hurt my family
Tr-don't say with her for the children, it will hurt them more
A- i know but believe it or not i still care for Tawanna, but for some reason i don't feel love like i did for her now
Tr- go with your heart.
A- theres another thing i want to do right now
Tr- what's that
A- want to kiss you and see if your lips are as soft as they are in my dreams
Tr- you dream about me
A- all the time
Tr- i'm flattered
A- (Kisses her) they are even softer than i imagined
Tr- we shouldn't be doin this
A- you right why don't you use my car get us some dinner and give me time to think
Tr- sure i'll go grab something quick

After Traci left in the car, Allen's cell rang

A- speak
B- ayyo wus up homie
A- hey b
B- what you on, come on through
A- i can't i'm kickin it with my new friend today
B- yeah right you know youwanna hit that
A- i don't wanna hit it, hittin it lasts for one night, i wanna do more than that
B- dang, ypou tryin to seriously pull that, what about teedee
A- tawanna don't want me, she wantas RC, i'm gettin a divorce
B- a divorce, she gon take half
A- half of nothin we got a prenup the most she gwettin support for my babies
B- well you got it made
A- naw not really i don't feel like a winner
B- well i'ma let you go so that you can win with Traci
A- holla man

After a while Traci came back with food for them to eat.

A- Traci, i like you i ain't even gon front. i sat here and thought about everything when you were gon and i came to a conclusion that i would be the happiest man if i had met you first.
Tr- Allen, i like you too, but i barely know you, i would love to hang with you and be there for you because i know it's gonna be a tough road for you.
A- let's play truth or dare
Tr- sure, dare me
A- i dare you to call my house and ask for me
Tr- ok
Traci picked up the phone and called tawanna dn performer her dare digusing her voice.
T- hello
Tr- yeah is Allen there
T- know he's not
Tr- ok will you tell him Krista called
T- who are you to him
Tr- don't worry about all of that, who are you anyway the maid
T- naw i ain't the fuckin maid, i'm his wife
Tr- oh, well tell him i called bye
T- whatever

After hanging up Traci and Alln laughed together.
A- she's gonna be pissed
Tr- it was your dare. now it's my turn, truth or dare
A- dare
Tr- i dare you to run around the tree three times with your pants down without falling

after performing the dare Allen and Traci laughed and kissed each other.
A- it's my turn, Truth or dare
tr- truth
A- tell how ou really truly feel about me right now
Tr- i feel alot of things abouit you, i think you are very atractive and i feel like there is some chemistry between us i have never felt before. i'm scared because i don't know why i'm feeling this way and i don't want to move so fast and i feel wired cause your still married burt i also feel so good when i'm with you, is that enough.
A- let me take you home
Tr- are you comin with me
A- what you mean
Tr- i was thinkin maybe we could sit up and watch movies, have some drinks
A- you know i don't drive drunk
Tr- well then you'd have to spend the night, i have a guest room
A- i'l think about it on the way.

IT's Gettin Hott in HERRE!!! Pep me out next time and find out if Allen Spends the night!
Yall know me, i just keep it real!!!!
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PostPosted: Thu May 13, 2004 8:23 pm    Post subject:

Thyat was good keep doin ya thang girl.
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PostPosted: Fri May 14, 2004 6:49 pm    Post subject:

When Allen andTraci arrived at her house, Allen had every intention on going home. not because he didn't want to spend the night, but because he and his wife needed to have that talk.

(In the house)

Tr- go ahead make yourself athome
A- you got a comfortable couch
Tr- my bed is even more comfortable
A- hey, hey you better stop
Tr- naw you better start!
(They laughed)
A- how you get so thick
Tr- eatin my cornbread and veggies
A- i'm getting a divorce
Tr- what brought you to that conclusion
A- i just know i can't trust her anymore and i won't be happy with her, i don't want to put that on my kids or the rest of my family.
Tr- you need a hug
A- Traci, i really like you, i think we should date more, you know, get to know each other better.
Tr- i have no problem with that.
A- so what you doin saturday
Tr- saturday is no good i have an audition and then i was gonna go by my brothers studio and lay down another track
A- you a singer
Tr- yeah. i'm a triple threat, a singer, dancer, and a hell of an actress, at least that's what my agent tells me
A- so what kind of stuff you wanna do
Tr- i wanna do it all, movies, broadway, whatever i can get my hands on
A- i would love to get my hands on you

Allen moved in closer and began kissing traci deeply and just when they were both a bout to give in his phone rang

A- excuse me
Tr- no problem

A- speak
T- where you at
A- what you want, i'm busy
T- you comin home tonight
A- yes
T- when
A- when i walk in the door that's when
T- you know what, fuk you, what about the kids, you thought about them
A- i'm one step ahead of you, i called momma and i told her to keep them until futher notice, that way we can have time to talk and s***
T- we can't talk if you keep avoiding me Allen
A- see ya soon
(Hangs up)

A- anyway where were we.
Tr- you were puttiong your hands on me
A- i will definately get bak to that, but i just thought about us and i want this to be right
Tr- what you mean
A- i want us to be right, i'm not gonna sleep with you until i talk to my wife and get to the bottom of our situation
Tr- you know what it was fun while it lasted
A- why you say that
Tr- you know your way out
A- Traci, talk to me
Tr- i don't want you using me
A- i'm not, i'm trying to make it right for us, i want to just be yours and right now no matter what happens i'm still linked to my wife, i have to handle that.
Tr- ok
A- but i am gonna leave you're right, i'm not gonna use you, i'm gonna handle this today, i'll see you soon and i'll be ready for you
Tr- and when is that gonna be
A- Traci i want it to be today but ive me until this weekend to at least put the divorce papers in. see me saturday
Tr- i told you i have an audition and a session in my broher's studio
A- i have a studio, do it at my house
Tr- fine, just make sure your wife doesn't try to fight me
A- that's not gonna happen
Tr- see you then
A- bye

What happens when Allen gets home, i'll hit you soon Holla!!!
Yall know me, i just keep it real!!!!
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That was good and I wonder what gonna happen when she come to his studio.
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Mrz.Iverson wrote:
That was good and I wonder what gonna happen when she come to his studio0.

im already ahead of u Wink .. they gonna do it on top of the piano like that movie wit wesley snipes and sanaa lathan. Laughing Laughing .naw im juss playin keep it up mama Wink

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When Allen got home Tawanna was no where in sight. then he saw a note on the couch. he picked it up and read it. it said, " You didn't have time when i had time so i'll see ya when i see ya!" The letter pissed him off, he took time away from Traci for this. he was prepared to wait all night though.

Then his Cell phone rang

A- speak
t- you home
A- why do you care
T- cause i'm on my way
A- yeah i'm home
T- im pulli up right now

After she hung up the phone the nervousness was starting to get to Allen's belly. he was getting his words together in his head but when she walked in his mind went blank, the only thing he had to hold on too was Traci, and her sweet words.

T- are you ready to talk or do you gotta run off with yo bitch Krista again?

Allen busted out laughing remembering the day he spent with traci and the prank call she made. Tawanna was furious.

T- Two wrongs don't make a right Allen, i say we're even you cheated i cheated, it's over all we have is this relationship
A- wrong, that's all you have, and you're right, two rongs don't make a right, that's why i haven't cheated on you, it was a joke.
T- well it wasn't funny
A- maybe you know how it feels now
T- Allen i Love you, i have always loved you.
A- as much as you love RC
T- this has nothing to do with him
A- it has everything to do with him, he's the one that's bonin you, or is there someone else.
T- no there is no one else, and i'm leavin him
A- no need, i'm leavin you
T- allen no! what about our kids (Crying)
A- i've taken them into consideration, we'll split custody
T- oh no we won't i will not have them bouncin from house to house like they ain't got nobody, i'll keep them
A- f*** that, no you ain't then i'll never see them, Mom can keep them, she practically does all the time anyway we can visit them, with my schedule that's all i will be able to do anyway, you agree with that
T- you can't take my babies away
A- no ones taking them away, mamma can keep them because you know she ain't takin sides,and we can bot see them when we want to, it won't be any different than it is now.
T- fine, but what about me
A- what about you, i'll throw you a little change to take care of yourself until you get on your feet, other than that, love don't live here no mo
T- it's like that
A- you made it like that
T- after all we've beent through
A- don't try to turn this s*** around, you cheated on me
T- so it's over
A- yeah
T- when do i have to be out
A- The beginning of june, the first week to be exact, that gives you 30 days
T-why allen
A- because i can't trust you, i can't feel love for you like i did before, it's not gonna work
T- i'm sorry allen, i love you
A- you'll always have a place in my heart, excuse me

Allen went to the room he shared with his wife and took out all of his things and moved them into the guest room. he decided that the room he and his ex-wife shared would be the new guest room, he was starting out new, a new beginning for traci, he was making it right for her.
after moving all of his things and setting up his new room, he closed the door and called traci to let her know it was over.

Tr- this i traci
A- hey baby
Tr- you talk to Tawanna
A- that's history
Tr- i'm so proud of you, i thought for sure you wouldn't go through with it
A- naw i just thought about you
Tr- i'm flattered
A- everything is going to be right i promise
Tr- so where is she staying
A- here until the beginning of next month, then she's out, i wrote her a check already
Tr- really, what if she blows it and needs more money
A-she'll have to go see her pimp
Tr- that's funny, can i come see you tonight, single man
A- sure, my code is 6647 put that in and the gate will open
Tr- i'm movin on up, i get a key
A- you ain't got a key, you got the code
Tr- you so crazy, see you in a few
A- call me when you get in
Tr- i will

Traci drove faster thn usual, she wanted to see if the coast was really clear, she also wanted to finish what she started with allen. when she pulled up to the gate she entered the code and called allen to let her know she was in. like clockwork he was waiting at the door for her arrival.

Tr- wheres your room mate
A- somewhere around here, you two need to meet. (Hollers out) Tawanna

Tawanna walked in from the den to see Allen With another woman, just like she thought. he found someone else and that's why he wouldn't forgive her.

T- what allen
A- this is Traci
T- and
A- since we're room mates for the month i thought you needed to know who may be comin over sometimes, i'm trying to be considerate
T- of all the things you could think of tho call me why room mate, don' answer that question, hi Traci, how long have you been seeing allen
Tr- well i'm not "Seeing" him, we are just friends, i came to see his studio, he sighned me up for a session this saturday, even though i would love to be more to him, sorry to dissapoint you but we're not.
T- Really
A- before the claws come out come with me Trac so that you can see the studio
T- i'm leaving, see ya sometime Allen
A- whatever, come on Traci

Tawanna was pissed she left and wentr to B's house, where she met RC. she wanted him to unmake whatever was between Allen and Traci.

B- Wasup homie
T- He won't come back to me, it's all your fault
B- no it's not, you cheated
T- yeah well you know where i met Richard at, here!
B- i don't even know him and i didn't hook you up, just because you a hoe...
Tawanna slapped him clear across his face
T- i am far from a hoe, i was lonely
B- bitch if you ever put our hand up to me again i'll f*** you up
T- i met his bitch, i bet you introduced them
B- i haven't introducd him to nobody
T- then who's traci
B- oh i was with him when he met her, we went to the spot, saw her there
they just friends.
T- sure
B- positive, he told me he would never cheat on you, he'd leave you first
T- he called it quits today
B- damn he must really want to hit that after all
T- bye b
B- where you goin
T- don't worry about it.

Tawanna walked away steamin mad, she wanted her man back. but how?

I'll hit yall later, this s*** is gettin deep!! Holla
Yall know me, i just keep it real!!!!
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This story is getting hot keep doin ya thang.
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AfterTawanna Left Allen gave Traci the grand tour and then he showesd her his studio.

Tr- beats my brothers broken down thing
A- sweetie you gotta have the best when you record, you know to get good quality
Tr- my voice is the only quality on my demos.
A- well i'm gonna change that, you can do a demo here tonight
Tr- thanks

Traci quickly walked into the booth and allen threw on a beat he was working on, traci began to sing like she wrote the song years ago aboutalover who did her wrong. allen didn't stop her to check pitches because she sounded perfect, he was intoxicated with her voice.

A- you gotta get on the label i'm startin
Tr- i was good, i thought i sounded a little shaby
A- shaby, girl please, you sounded terrific
Tr- i feel even better
A- really
Tr- did you get that recorded
A- yeah, three fisks will copy by tomorrow
Tr- thanks for giving me the grand tour
A- what's your favorite part of my house
Tr- well my favorite part os the house itself, it could use some new decorating but the shape and celings are great
A- what's your favorite room
Tr- well this is a close second but your bedroom is my favorite
A- good then we'll go there to talk

Allen walked with Traci to his room, he decided to see where he stood with her tonight.

Tawanna sped home, she was so pissed at B but even more pissed at Allen. how could b let him get involved with this Traci bitch anyway, was it because of all the times she flirted with other people includidng him? That wasn't important, what was important was getting her man back and she decided to talk to him tonight after his heifer left.

In the room Traci and allen got comfortable on the bed. Traci noticed a scrap book bigger than the bible and decided to flip through the pages

Tr- where did this come from
A- i was making it
Tr- really i didn't know you were the artistic type
A- that's me
Tr- so is this of your relationship with Tawanna
A- no it's my life, starting from when i was a baby, my mom did it until i was eighteen, you must have ran past the picture i took with Tawanna while we were dating when i was younger.
Tr- she sure is pretty
A- she was the most gorgeous girl in school, i had to have her
Tr- so she was your trophy
A- no she was my heart
Tr- i'm sorry
A- it's cool that part of my life is over now. look in the back i started a new page
Tr- why did you do this
A- that's our wedding picture split in two because we are broken, then there is the picture of the two of us at B's party and at the top it says a new beginning.
Tr- allen that's sweet
A- your sweet
Tr- maybe i should get goin, your room mate will be comin home shortly
A- your my guest, you don't ever have to leave
Tr- i don't
A- i hope you won't leave before i give you your gift
Tr- what's that
A- i got this for you (Hands her a box)
Tr- a crystal music box! how did you know i liked...
A- i didn't, i just knew that the biggest gift i ever got was the trip to your garden
Tr- you didn't have to...
A- yes i did, it's for you.

Allen started kissing Traci and laid her head down on his pillow and pushed his scrap book to the side. he slid his hands up her skirt and got excitedas he felt her shaking. he felt like man making love to his wife for the first time, only he didn't get that far, Tawanna came storming in.

T- Allen we need to talk i don't think...
A- I'm sorry Traci

Allen quickly covered her up and went toward the door where Tawanna was standing with a shocked look on her face. The tears welled up in her eyes.

T- i guess whatever i wanted can wait
A- Tawanna

Tawanna waved him off with her hand and ran into the room they once shared.

A- I'm so sorry Traci
Tr- it's cool i knew i should have left, i feel so bad now
A- it isn't your fault.
Tr- i think i should go now
A- Stay with me Traci, i need you more than ever right now.
Tr- i wish i could but i don't feel comfrtable with that
A- ok,(Kisses her cheek) i'll walk you out
Tr- no need you gave me the Grand Tour remember, i know my way

Right before she got to the door, Allen Following close behind, Traci Turned looked him square in the eye with embarassment.

Tr- you know there is a lock on your door, you promised me youd make it right, next time, do that.

Alle sat on his bed and began looking through the scrapbook he had made,how was he gonna make it right?

Traci walked out of the room and shut the door firmly, she had never been so humiliated in her entire life. Tawanna came out and stopped her,

T- Traci isn't it?
Tr- yes, i'm Sorry for what you walked in on
T- no need for your apology, that's Allen's problem, do you need to be walked out
Tr- no i'll let myself out
T- good and don't come back, Allen is just on break from me, he loves me and we will be back together. so don't waste your time honey.
Tr- i don't plan on coming back until Allen invites me back, and judging from what just happened between us, i'm the one that's taking the break. don't waste your time.

Traci walked off with confidence. she couldn't wait until Allen made it right. was shje wasting her time like Tawanna said? when she walked in he looked like it was his mother.

Tawanna walked back into her room, she and allen had to lay down some grown rules, number one being that he can't sleep with anyone while she's there. when she got back intot he room she threw herself on the bed and cried, maybe it really was over. the words traci said sounded so true. but she wasn't going down easy, she had one more plan in mind to get her baby back.

I know i got yall hooked!!!! Stay tuned, there is a twist you aint never heard of.
Yall know me, i just keep it real!!!!
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That was sad.This is good girl so keep adding on.
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Allen woke up the next morning feeling heavy. he dragged himself to the shower to wake himself up. he knew Traci was embarrassed, he was determined to make her feel better tonight. after taking a long hot shower and getting dressed he called traci to see if she was going to be busy.

Tr- This is traci
A- hey
Tr- hey
A- you busy, come over
Tr- no can do i have dance class, in order to stay a triple threat i have to keep up you know.
A- tonight?
Tr- i don't know
A- you mad at me, i'm sorry, i promise i'm gonna make it up to you tonight
Tr- you can make it up to me by locking your door next time
A-come over girl
Tr- okay, i'll call when i get there.

Tawanna woke up and took a shower. she was going to have that talk with allen today, and hopefully her plan to keep him would work later on tonight.

After getting off the phone with traci, Allen felt lighter thhan ever before. his burden of shame was lifted off and thrown away. the happiness was getting better until Tawanna walked into his room.

T- can i have a minute
A- what
T- we have to lay down some rules, number one you can't have sex with that bitch in here while i'm here
A- hold up, we are no longer together, i can have sex with who i damn well please, two i can invite her over if i want to this is my god damn house, finally, don't you ever run up on me again.
T- allen
A- the conversation is over

Allen brushed passed his ex wife and went to his basketball court, she always knew how to piss him off.

Tawanna fet her eyes welling up with tears. He had never treated her like this before. she had to get B on her side, even if it came down to her telling the horrible secret they shared. if she was goin down he was goin down with her.

(At B's HOuse)

B- what you doin here
T- we need to talk
B- about
T- we need to talk
B- Come in
T- i need Allen
B- so
T- so i need you to get this Traci Bitch out of the picture
B- he like her too much, i wouldn't be a good friend if...
T- you wasn't a good friend when you was waxin that ass either was you?B- we both know i didn't even know what was goin on until i woke up the next morning with a hangover
T- yeah but allen doesn't know that, he also thinks Isaiah is his child, when really he's yours
B- bitch please i strapped upand the dates don't match that baby is either Allen's or Chris'
T- i was two weeks pregnant before Allen even came home
B- then it's chris'
T- that's not what i'm gonna tell Allen
B- you wouldn't
T- oh yes the hell i would, eiher take this bitch out or i'm gonna take you out.

Tawanna lef him there stunned. she was gonna get her way, she knew she was. she haded over to Richards for some sexual healing. if Allen didn't want her she knew RC always would.

R- hey baby why you ain't home beggin yo husband
T- I'm givin up on him
R- good now i can take you like i want you.
T- take me then

After Tawanna Had sex with richard she decided to stay with him for the night, or at least until early morning, she wanted to get the attention she know she wasn't gonna get from Allen tonight.

B was furious when Tawanna left, he knew she was gonna lie. Allen did need to know the truth though. then he could make his own decision. he called his childhood friend.

A- Talk to me
B- i ain't no bitch don't answer the phone like that to me.
A- shuit up nigga i though you was my baby Traci
B- you really love her don't you
A- yeah man, i just wish Tawanna could see that, nothin she can say is gonna make me leave Traci
B- i got somethin to tell you man, i'll be there in a minute
A- i'm on the court
B- aiight, see ya

When Allen Saw B Walkin up to him he knew this was business. B look too damn serious.

B- sit down man

Allen sits down

A- what's goin on
B- i'm a tell you but don't interrupt me at all ok
A- cool
B- you my dog and i love you. i'm bein as real as it comes right now. when you was gone Tawanna started comin to my parties sayin she was bored and lonely, the first couple of times i watched and made sure nobody hollered at her or nothin, then i stopped i figured she knew how to handle herslf. then one nght i got real real drunk and you know how i am when i get drunk, imagine that times ten, i was horny as hell bu i didn't even know where i was, this girl threw me the ass and i caught it, i hit it like she stole somethin from my momma, the next morning that girl was Tawanna. i strapped up though but i felt like s*** anyway, we decided it was a misunderstanding and we wasn't gonna talk about it anymore. i'm sorry for that. i told her to not come back to anymore of my parties after she came back the next weekend and let my boy chris hit it, and he didn't strap up. she never came back since. she claim she met that RC nigga at my house but i doubt that s***. anyway she found out she was two weeks pregnat before you even came home, Isaiah is Chris' baby. that's why she hurried up and let you hit when she got home to pin i on you. i'm sorry for not tellin you all of this but i didn't want to lose you as my nigga. that's it, i put it to you real.

A- i respect that man. i ain't happy about all of it but i'm glad you told me. i knew isaiah wasn't mine. i could tell, i just raised him as mine, you know bein blind. the thing that hurts the most is that you ain't tell me she slept with chris man. but it's cool i've moved on to Traci, i can't live in the past. you'll always be my dog man

B- i promise i'm gon regain that trust i lost nigga
A- no need i trust you, you came forh and told me, i didn't need to catch you or hear it from someplace else like tawanna
B- i probably would have never told you to tell you the truth but Tawanna came to my house today tryin to bribe me. she wants me to break you and Traci up so yall can get back together.
A- not gonna happen
B- i told her i would never do that so she said she was gonna tell you what happened between us and say Isaiah is mine
A- it's cool man don't trip, i don't need anymre negativity, my baby comin
B- aiight i'll let you get bak to that then, call me and let me know how it turns out
A- i'll holla at you
B- dog
A- what up
B- i love you man, like a brother
A- you know you my nigga fo life

B left and still felt a little ashamed but a litltle better at the same time. at least he had gotten it off of his chest and he didn't have to do the foul s*** Tawanna wanted him to do.

After B left Allen didn't let what he said faze him. it only made it more clear to him the Tawanna wasa history. then his baby called. he was so glad she made it.

A- ay come on in
Tr- ok

When Traci got in allen wasted no time rushing to her. he picked her up like the princess shhe was and kissed her softly as he carried her to his room that he prepared for her.

Tr- the room looks great.
A- thanks i did it all for you

He sat her down softly making her feel wieghtless and then went to the door and locked it. no mistakes this time.

He got on top of he and lifted her as they removed each others clothes. then they stood befre each other naked in the purest form. he laid her back down and kissed every part of her. from her toes to her forhead makind each part shake and shrivel. then he opened her lgs and entered her. she felt unlike anything he had ever even imagined of. over and over again he made love to her. as she screamd his name he kept thinkin about their future marriage. after they finished they looked each other square in the eye.

A- i love you
Tr- you read my mind, i love you too
A- i don't know how i could fall in love with smeone else so fastbut i feel it.
Tr- there is no time limit on love
A- i see that now.

They slept next to each other planting sweet kisses when ever one moved. this was the bliss Allen was wanting in his life.

Tawanna decided to leave early and see if B did what she said. she was gonna get he man back even if she had to beat the s*** out of traci. when she pulled up she saw her car, she was gonna level this bitch right were she stood, even if it meant her car.

Will she really mess up the car or is she gonna go in lookin for her, place your bets, Youre not gonna believe what she does!!!
Yall know me, i just keep it real!!!!
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Is she going to jack up Traci's car? I think she will. I don't like Tawanna. She a lil skank and is no good. Mad She sleeping with Allen's best friend and then not using protection with other people. What goes around comes around and I hope she gets what she deserves in the end. HAHAHA!!! I'm acting like this is real life. Keep it up girl. Very Happy Applause
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I'm lovin this story!This is a great story girl!I would love to know what happens next.My ass was here laughing at every word.This story is great!Can't wait until the next part! Razz
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Tawanna is really trippen in this story I think she gonna jack up Traci car too.
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Tawanna stared at traci's car no knowing what to do. she wanted to pick up a brick and level Traci's car the way she leveled her heart. but agfter being with Richard Tawanna realized that she needed to be better than she was making herself out to be. she was still messing with richard so what did she have to prove, she thought to herslf. even though she decided not to level her car she still had this uncontrollable hate for Traci because she was stealing allen for the long haul. she had to try to get her man back, she hadn't gotten the divorce papers yet so she still had time.

She walked into the house and didn't see them anywhere in sight. she walked into the studio... the court.. still no sighn of them, the thought of them having sex infuriated her, she called out to Allen.

T- Allen!!!

Allen was shaken awake by the sound of tawanna's call. he got out of bed careful to not wake up his sleeping beauty. he slid out the door and walked down the stairs to the place where Tawanna was standing.

A- don't yell like that! what did you want!?
T- to Talk Allen, there is some things i gotta tell you
A- about
T- A secret i've been keeping

They walked to the couch and sat down. Tawanna tried to take his hand but he pulled away

A- spit it out, i have company

Traci woke up when Allen did but felt too heavy to budge. she got up and put on one of his robes and glided toward the stairs. she saw Alle sit down next to a woman but couldn't make out who she was until she heard the beginnings f their conversation. she sat at the top of the stairs, she didn't want to go downstairs but she didn't want to go back into the room alone.

T- Why are you with her
A- i care about her
T- are you sleeping with her
A- none of your business
T- yeah you fuckin her! but it's ok i'll be just fine
A- i'm sure you will be, by the way, the papers will be here tomorrow, as well as the custod papers.
T- yeah, hand me a pen i'll be glad to sign you out of my life.(Tears well up in her eyes)
A- Teedee
T- (Crying) i just feel like i'm trying so hard to love you and fix this. i've done everyhing with you in mind
A- was i on yo mind when you fucked Richard, how about when you fucked my boy Chris and my boy B.
T- how you know about that
A- to tell you the truth there isn't much i don't know Tawanna
T- That was my secret. well not all of it.
A- well finish it so i can go
T- Isaiah may not be yours
A- i know he ain't mine
T- he's B's
A- no he ain't
T- yes he is, i didn't want to have sex with him, i had cheated with chris and he saw me. he threated to tell you about it unless i had sex with him so i did and he didn't wear a condom
A- how dumb do you think i am. your only telling me this because B ain't do what you asked him to do earlier, now you gon lie in my face, you more of a flake ass bitch then i thought you was
T- i did everything i did for us
A- whatever, i'm not trying to hear your bullshit. i'm through with you. until tonight i still had feelings and love for you. not like before but i still had it. now i'm startin to hate you.
T- what are we gonna do about Isaiah when we get divorced
A- since he ain't mine i guess he gotta stay with you. that's fucked up because his sister and brother won't be around him anymore.
T- don't take this out on him
A- i can't have something that isn't mine. that's why you can't have me.
T- but you named him after....
A- (The anger rushd out) Stop Fuckin Talkin To ME@!!!!!! Tawanna i'm goin to my room don't say another motherfuckin word.
T- aLLen

Allen Swung at Tawanna and missed. then he threw himself to the floor. it had finally hit him. all the pain he was feeling was coming down on him.

Traci had to go to him. hearing him cry loud and uncontrolably was horrible to hear. she absorbed the pain Allen felt. it was ulike any other connecton she sared with other people.when she rushed down the stairs she saw Tawanna trying to hold him and Allen trying to fight her off.

Tr- step away from him bitch
A- Traci you don't have to...
Tr- i'm fightin this one Allen
T- Bitch this is my husband
Tr- in the eyes of god yalls relationship has been over for quite some time.
T- f*** you
Tr-(Knelt down near Allen) Baby are you ok, i'm sorry. why don't you go back up to the room and let it out
A- i'll be ok
Tr- let's go back to the
T- bitch get the f*** away from him
Tr- go back to the room Allen cause yo hoe got me fucked up
A- stop that fighting s***
T&Tr-Go to The ROOM ALLEN!!!
A- damn i'm outnumbered

Allen didn't go back to the room. he went back toward the stairs instead.

Tr- i can't believe there is still scum like you in the world
t- welcome to the world bitch
Tr- you really shouldn't have nothin against me, you should be ashamed of what you did
T- i am ashamed of what i did, but i have a whole lot of reason to be pissed at you. you trying to ruin my family
Tr- wrong bitch you ruined your family

Traci punched Tawanna in the mouth and tawanna grabbed Traci's hair. Traci kicked Tawanna to the floor and began stomping her uncontrollably allen Pulled her off. he felt like he was going have anervous breakdown seeing them fight. it made him yell louder than he had ever yelled before.

A- Stop This Bullshit!~!!! Look i need to get evrything off of my chest. Tawanna I don't want you and it isn't because of traci, it's because you Fucked this relationship up. Traci you my Ace boo but right now i really need you to go upstirs so yall don't fight no more. i'll be in the room in a minute. Tawanna (Digs in his pockt) here is some money go and get a hotel for the rest of the week, call me and let me know where you at so i can get the papers for you. you can't stay here no more. give me your set of keys. (Snatches the keys) you ain't worth these anymore!! Now Get The f*** OutOF MY SIght.

Tawanna Walked away letting Allen Have the last word. it was over. she wasn't gonna fight no more. but Traci and her had a wedge between them that was more than personal. How dare she tell me i ruined my family, i'm not the one moving in on someone else's husband, she said to herself. she drove to the nearest hotel and obeyed her husbands command.

Traci Walked into the room furious as ever. she couldn't believe Allen made her go upstairs before she did some real damage. the s*** between her and Tawanna was more than personal because not only was she talking about her she was criticizing someone she cared about. she sat on the bed and losed her eyes to calm herself.

Allen Walked into the room and Saw Traci's eyes closed.

A- Thats not gonna get rid of your anger
T- you walking away didn't ge rid of your hurt,i still feel your energy
A- i know what will
T- what
A- making love to you. it takes all of my pain away, does it take your anger away
T- i don't know lets find out.

Allen Hit it harder than he ever had to any woman. Traci took his pain and released her anger. After they finished they fell asleep in each others arms, both of their minds set free.

Yall keep readin ya hear!!!!!
Yall know me, i just keep it real!!!!
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PostPosted: Wed May 19, 2004 12:02 am    Post subject:

I'm bout to start crying. Crying or Very sad
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Damn that was deep Sad
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Sixth Man

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PostPosted: Fri May 21, 2004 2:24 am    Post subject: DANG

Dang girl you got a way with words I wish I could do that!!!! If you like writing alot and u eva get the chance would you consider writin me an e-mail with a short story bout me and AI. That would like make my day! GOOD STORY, nice job!!!
<--- The HOTTEST guy in the world!
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PostPosted: Fri May 21, 2004 10:59 pm    Post subject:

The next morning Allen woke up and fought back tears. last night was a dramtic night and Traci shouldn't have had to go through that with Tawanna. he couldn't fight them back no longer. he got up and went to the shower and cried.

Traci woke up and looked for allen. she quietly got out of the bed and walked into the bathroom. tears came streaming down her eyes when she saw allen in the shower croutched down crying his eyes out. how could tawanna do this to him she thought. she didn't want to stop allen from letting out his emotions so she went back to the bed.

Tawanna woke up to a cold hotel room. even though Richard was there and he gave her a heated night, she was shivering. it hurt the most because she knew that she really didn't love allen. it was time for her to step down and let someone love him. he deserved it. he pt up with her and never ran around because he loved her. then it hit her about how much she really hurt him. she called him to apologze and let him know that she finally understands what he feels. Traci picked up allen's phone and it pissed Tawanna off, of all the time she had been with Allen that was one thing he never let her do.

Tr- hello
T- Traci can you put allen on the phone please
Tr- he can't come to the phone right now, can i take a message?
T- it's really important, what is he doing
Tr- he's in the bathroom crying his eyes out that's what he's doing
T- look you ain't his momma ask him does he want to speak to me
Tr- well if he calls you back you'll know he wanted to speak to you.

The nerve of that bitch Traci thought. why she call tryin to act all sweet and innocent after last night. traci got out of he bed and looked in the dwar Allen let her have for her belongings and picked out and outfit to wear. When allen walked out of the bathroom she kissed him lightly and walked into th bathroom.

A- hey sweetie
Tr- yes allen
A- who was on the phone
Tr- it was Tawanna i told her you would call her back
A- ok thanks

Allen picked up his phone and called Tawanna to figure out what gave her the audacity to want to here his voice ever again. when she picked up the phone she was whispering, then he heard a door close she had to have been leaving the room.

T- allen i'm sorry i left the room
A- i sent you to a hotel, who did you leave
T- i was here wih a friend
A- Richard i bet. you two have fun
T- Allen
A- i don't want to here it Tee, you hurt me beyond belief. i trusted you with everything, including my heart, and you broke that trust. when we were at that alter in front of god, our family, and a bunch of people we barely knew, i pledged my life to you. you did me so wrong Tee, i loved you but it didn't mean anything.
T- Allen, when i woke up today, it all seeped in. i know things now that i thought for sure were wrong, but that's just what i've been telling myself these years weve been together. i never loved you. that was our problem. every since highschool i liked you alot but i never fell in love, i was with you because you were the ideal person to be with. i know i'm wrong but hear me out. in high school not only were you the finest guy in the school, you were the bomb in basketball and football, you were a dream. then you went to the NBA... i was like i'll be damned if another woman gets what i built. i'm telling you this because i was wrong. i love you now because i want you to be happy. i want to be happy. i want our kids to be happy. and if that means divorce, tell me where to sighn.
A- Thanks Tee, for once you being strait up. i know now i could have never fell in love with the real you. i fell in love with your facade. come over today and get your stuff i'll have it all packed up by 3 and sighn the papers before you go.
T- i'll be there
A- bye Tawanna, thanks for helping me let you go
T- bye

Allen went into the room he used to share with his wife and started packing. he didn't want anything left to remind him of the lie his marriage was.

Traci heard everything. she didn't understand what was going on and didn't care. after she got out of the shower and put on her clothes she wrote a note to allen letting him know that she went to work. hopefully tonght if he came to the spot they could talk a little bit.

Tawanna hung up the phone with allen and went back to Richard. when she wlked in she saw the angry face he put on.

R- where did you go i was worried sick
T- i had to make a call i didn't want to wake you
R- call who, allen don't want you, he want that thick sexy girl Traci. i should steal her and tap that ass too
T- Richard!
R- oh, you thought i had feelings, well i didn't. B set it up. after you fucked chris, he was pissed off, he wanted you ou of allens life.
T- so he paid you to do this.
R- no actually i thought up the assignment myself. it was mor between chris and me. chris said that his dick was written all over yo body, even claimed you was havin his shorty. he said you wouldn't love nobody more than him.
T- that's a lie
R- face it i got that ass bitch, you wish i wanted to be with you don't you? but the truth is you aint' nothin but a sorry ass h....

Tawanna punched Richard so hard he fell strait to that floor. she grabbed her things and went to the spot. this place she used to go on dates with allen at.

Traci spotted Tawanna, that bitch she thought to herself. after eeing the look on Tawannas face she didn't resent her as much. she headed over to her to take her order. when she spoke no outsider would have guseed what they'd been through with allen just last night.

Tr- hello welcome, my name is Traci i'll be takin care of you what would you like.
T- a drink, something strong, anything.
Tr- i'll be right back

When traci went to get the drink her boss put her on break. she grabbed a light drink for herself and sat in front of tawanna.

Tr- here you go
T- why are you sill here
Tr- because i was gonna be a person for you to talk to, you look like you need it, but if you are tht evil, i'll step off, no harm no foul.

Tawanna watched Traci walk away. she accidently said what she thought out loud.

T- Allen deserves a girl like you

Traci slowed turned around and sat down after tawanna waved for her to sit.

T- i told allen to move on because i realized that i never loved him. but what goes around comes around, now the man i thought cared about me just told me the same thing i told allen, he got with me for revenge.
Tr- revenge for who
T- for allen because he knew i cheated and he wanted allen to catch me so that we'd get a divorce
Tr- that' s horrible. but you shouldn't have...
T- i know, spare me will you. look, i'm sorry for all the drama i put you and allen through, you are a really good person, i know that because you treated me like decent human being even though we fought just last night.
Tr- when i saw the pain you were causing him i couldn't control myself. it wasn't about having him, it was about loving him.
T- i wouldn't know anything about that, i never showed it
Tr- don't beat yourself up, don't you have to be at allen's in a half hour
T- i'm to drunk to drive, oh wait, Richard was my ride (Crying).
Tr- well if you can wait until my shift is over i'll drive you.
T- you will
Tr- nothing is gonna stop you from signing those papers
T- oh so this is about getting out of his life
Tr- you shouldn't have been in it
T- if i didn't know better i would be pissed that you said that to me
Tr- just chill here i'll be back when my shifts over

Allen waited and wated still no tawanna. he figured she'd come sooner or later. the only problem was he didn't have time. he usually met up with traci after she got off t the spot. he didnt want her to think something happend. he went to the spot, only to see tawanna and traci walking out togeher laughing.

A- what the hell, Traci(yelled)

Traci looked up and saw allen.

T- go get yo man girl
Tr- hey allen come here

Allen walked over to traci's car.

T- he allen, i'm ready to sign
A- the papers are at my house
Tr- she's drunk, i'm gonna drive her in my car
A- ok, yall gettin along or did you drug her
Tr- lets just say we have an undrstanding

Once they got back to allen's house they all talked about the future. after tawanna left. allen called his mom and told her the news.

Ann- boy i should kick yo ass for keepin this for so long
A- momma, i was gonna tell you but i had to make sure everything was settled, i didn' want the kids in the middle of everythig
Ann- well i told you about that, that...
A- momma i know now, that's all that matters
Ann- so you gon be with this traci girl
A- forever if i can

Traci's eyes filled with tears of joy after she heard that
Ann- well you know i don't mind keeping them, mister likes playing with them.
A- tell my brother mister that he the man of the house now and he gotta take care of yall
Ann- he know he know you tell him enough.
A- gotta go, love you momma
Ann- love you too baby

After allen got off the phonehe looked at traci and took her into his arms.

A- Traci
Tr- yes sweetie
A- is it to early to say i love you
Tr- i love you too
A- and i want to spend the rest of my life showing you, i'm not gonna ask you to marry me yet if your uncmfortable
Tr- i'm not uncomfortable, we connect, and that's all that matters. i really love you, if you really love me i don't know what's stopping you, besides i'ce been keeping something from you
A- what's that
Tr- i'm pregnat
A- what!!!!
Tr- you gonna be a dad, i found out today, before i went to work
A- well i guess it isn't to sudden, will you marry me
Tr- only if i can keep being me
A- i wouldn't want it any other way.

Will there relationship last? draw your own conclusion! this story was hype wasn't it. it wasn't as long as i origionally planned it but i wanted to get to the point. i hope you guys enjoyed it as much as i did. hit me if you have any questions or suggestions for the next story.
Yall know me, i just keep it real!!!!

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Yeah.They should Smile
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2004 4:54 pm    Post subject: Tha Ending

I origionally was gonna let yall think of your own ending. but now i have decided to tell yall the official ending to this story. Allen And Traci got married and allen retired from basketball. Tawanna was still in the picture because after all they did share kids together. the last scene is christmas at the new iverson household. everyone's invited.

(At The Christmas Party)

Traci and Allen are still going strong and can't keep there hands off of each other. they had a baby girl who is now four years old named sanaa leeann and they spend christmas every year with the entire family.

(Tawanna comes with her fiancee)

T- hey everybody
(Traci hugs her, Allen hugs her)
Tr- hey Tawanna, merry christmas, is that Michael
M- you now it's me, what's up cuz, where my step kids at
A- in the playroom. wheres isaiah?
M- hiding behind my legs, come out here boy
I- hey allen
A- hey boy, didn't i tell you that you can still call me dad
I- ok.
A- go play

(Isaiah goes to play with his brother and two sisters and allen, traci, mike, and tawanna sit in the livingroom and catch up)

M- i made it official Tawanna and i are getting married
T- yup im gonna be mrs. michael Vick
Tr- let me see that ring girl
A- we're pregnat again
Tr- yeah, i hope this one is a boy
T- Allen, i know how much Isaiah's name meant to you so i'm changing it to michael JR.
A- how does he feel about it
T- he's fine we already call him mike at home, now if you have a boy you can use that name
A- thanks tee dee that means alot
Tr- yeah thanks
T- to be pregnat you sure arent showing
Tr- i will be, sooner than you think.
M- allen. how about a little one on one
A- come on lets' leave the ladies here.

(ON the court)
M- i'm getting my court built on my house as we speak
A- really, NBA Regulation
M- you knoiw it, so what you doing now that you're not balling
A- i'm still ballin, i'm in an adult league and i teach drawing at the highschool, i'm also head coach of the varsity team, i coulda been a pro coach but i decided not to.
M- i seen traci's movie, is she nominated again this year
A- yeah, for a grammy, best supporting actress
M- i hope she gets it, she was sexy in that movie
A- ay man
M- i'm just playin, you know, i'm a little scared to marry Tawanna
A- why?
M- because i don't want her to play me, she told me what went down between yall
A- that don't mean she'll do that to you, she loves you, she told me so
M- well i hope so, ay man you ain't offended that we changin lil man's name are you
A- not at all, see that was a very special name and i was very hurt that he wasn't mine, now if traci has a boy my son can have that name
M- cool.
A- alright i'm warmed up, lets go to 21

(Meanwhile, Traci and Tawanna are talking)

T- girl you and allen got 4 kids now
tr- not really, me and allen have 1 and a half, you and allen have two, i just love them like they mine
T- is my daughter bein good
Tr- yeah, she's a good shopping partner
T- i just feel bad, i don't want them to think i abandonded them
Tr- girl please they are so happy. and i think they are real happy because there dad is around all the time now.
T- i'm so glad Allen has you, i'm glad everything went down the way it did, it took someone loving him sincerely before i could see that i wasn't.
Tr- i feel you girl
T- now i think mike is scared to commit to me, ive told him time and time again that i don't feel the same way about him and that i truly love him, i just don't know if he believes me.
tr- just don't rush things
T- so you think you gonna get that best supporting actress award
Tr- i hope so
t- girl you supposed to say you know so.

They all just discussed their relationships and goals and then opened gifts.

So now you know Allen stayed happy with Traci, Traci made it as an actress, Allen became a coach and an art teacher. Tawanna got with Michael Vick and There relationship seems like it's on the right track even though they have some insecurities. that's what happened in the end of the story.
Yall know me, i just keep it real!!!!
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