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Allen Iverson Withdrawl

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Joined: Dec 25, 2003
Posts: 98
Location: United States

PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2004 12:15 am    Post subject: Allen Iverson Withdrawl

I know this sounds real silly, but is any1 else like in "Allen Iverson Withdrawl"??? I mean, we never even see the boy on tv no more cuz theres no more games, and hes not in the news or anything so I never get to see his pretty face. I always have to go to my video tapes where I recorded games or somethin... I even recorded that show with the "12 Days of Christmas NBA Style" that was pretty cool... I miss him so much though... And i dont have his DVD so im all sad but im done ramblin now... Holla @ me... Confused
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Joined: Nov 22, 2003
Posts: 131
Location: California

PostPosted: Tue Jun 15, 2004 9:10 pm    Post subject:

lol i feel u im on withdrawl too...i aint seen him since like in march and i saw sum pics of him at his b-day party and they werent 2 flatterin so i juss gotta keep him in my prayers and juss hopes he gets his act 2getha and come bacc next season ready 2 work Neutral d'oh!

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Joined: Jun 21, 2004
Posts: 5
Location: Sa-town, texas

PostPosted: Mon Jun 21, 2004 11:13 pm    Post subject:

I know exactly how ya'll feel... since the nba is ova for now i havta either watch espn classic to see if he's on there or jus look at the pics i have of him, i can't wait til the new season starts... i wonder if the 76ers are gonna try betta this year...
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Joined: Nov 20, 2003
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Location: makati philippines

PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, 2004 9:05 am    Post subject:

hiya peeps!!!

where can i get the latest pic of A.I. since the season is now over, i was wondering where he'b be chillin'?
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